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[27 January 2016] Greenwich Country and Yacht Clubs, 1929

Source: Greenwich in Pictures
The Greenwich Press, Greenwich, CT (1929)

[11 January 2016] More Greenwich Churches, 1929

  • St. Mary's R.C. Church, Greenwich
  • St. Savior's Mission, Sound Beach
  • First Congregational Church, Sound Beach
  • Community Presbyterian Church, Sound Beach
  • St. Paul's R.C. Church, Glenville
  • Source: Greenwich in Pictures
    The Greenwich Press, Greenwich, CT (1929)

  • [20 December 2015] Welcome New Darien TC, Amanda Goodman, who also works with the Darien Library as their webmaster. She replaces Karen Steel, who passed away in 2012. Thank you, Amanda!
  • [25 July 2014] Early Connecticut Marriages by Bailey. Book VI, Fairfield, Fairfield Co., CT. Pages 34-37.

    [2 June 2013] Selected headstones from Colonial Cemetery, Greens Farms, Westport, Fairfield, Connecticut. Photographed and generously contributed by S. Soltes, New Canaan Town Coordinator.

    [12 April 2013] Some Headstones from Assumption (Roman Catholic) Cemetery, Greens Farm, Westport, Connecticut. These photos have been generously contributed by New Canaan Town Coordinator, S. Soltes.

    [27 Dec 2012] Additional photos of cemetery headstones from the Old Sound Beach (Tomac Avenue) Cemetery in Greenwich, CT were added. Thanks to Mr. Edwin Paulson for the contribution of photos.

    [8 Dec 2012] Selected cemetery records (with tombstone images) of the cemetery adjoining Boothe Memorial Park, Stratford, Fairfield, CT. Thanks to New Canaan Town Coordinator S. Soltes, for photographing the headstones and contributing them to the CTGenWeb Project.

    [4 Dec 2012] Selected Cemetery Records (with tombstone images) of Union Cemetery, Milbank Ave., Greenwich Fairfield, CT. Many thanks to Cathy McCrory Saravia for sharing these records with us. The families include the TAYLOR and HAMILTON family members.

    [22 Feb 2010] Tom Pieragostini is Newtown's New Coordinator. In addition to Newtown, Tom is also the coordinator for the towns of Stratford and Trumbull. Thank you, Tom!

    [28 Jun 2010] The wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Axel Carlson of Georgetown, Fairfield, Connecticut. The wedding took place June 28, 1896.

    [26 Jan 2010] More photos of Greenwich homes. This collection is from a 1929 publication of photographs of the homes and buildings of Greenwich and includes the Truesdale and Townsend homes.

    • Indian Field, Residence of W. H. Truesdale, Bruce Park
    • The Ledges, Residence of Calvin Truesdale, Bruce Park
    • Horse Island, Residence of Geo. H. Townsend

    [2 NOV 2009] Thanks to Jim Smith. These are all childhood and youth photos of William F. CREED and his classmates/team members of New Canaan, CT. Jim is the former town Town Coordinator for Bridgeport, Monroe and Shelton, Fairfield, CT. Thanks for all your hard work, Jim!

    [16 JUNE 08] Jeff Gray contributes an image of his father, John W. Gray, and the entire 8th grade class of the Main Street School, Danbury, Connecticut. Jeff writes (regarding his father,) "He is found in the front row, 8th from the right. He would be 14 years old then. His name is John W. Gray and was born in Wilton, CT to Frederick Beebe Gray and Anna Eva Brown. Fred B. Gray was born in 1864 and did not marry until 1922. He died in 1927. . ."

    John W. Gray
    John W. Gray, 14 years old. 1938.

    Main Street School 1938

    To view the image, click here>. Thank you, Jeff!

    For more photos, check our photos index.

    [24 MAY 08] WELCOME Trumbull Town Coordinator, Tom Pieragostini.
    Thanks to former TC, Jim Smith, who served for many years. Jim is currently the TC for Bridgeport, Monroe and Shelton.

    [06 MAY 08] Cemetery mystery photo with three ladies standing in front of the entrance. Can you identify this cemetery? If you happen to recognize the area, please contact Mark and Jana.

    [03 MAY 08] WELCOME Stratford Town Coordinator, Tom Pieragostini!

    [2 May 2008] Obituary of Mildred T. Montana, 91. Contributed by Mr. John B. King, January 2008.

    [29 APR 08] "Patty" the Italian Gardener of Gray Court, the estate of Major General and Mrs. Ivor Thord-Gray, Belle Haven, Greenwich, CT. Photo scanned and donated by Mr. James V. Gilles.

    View MORE photos from Fairfield! If you have any photos of persons or scenery of Fairfield Co., and it is free from copyright or you own the copyright, please send to Maureen Mead, CTFAIRFI CC.

    [09 JAN 08] WELCOME to the Fairfield TC, Patricia Charley!

    Thenk you, Keith M. Smith, for many years of service to the visitors of CTGenWeb, serving the towns of Fairfield and Stratford. We appreciate the time and information you shared.

    [28 SEP 07] SOME DEATHS IN GREENWICH 1850-1890. This collection of death and burial records was copied from ledgers at Greenwich, Connecticut Town Hall by researcher Margot Rome in June 2007. Thank you for your contribution, Margot!

    129: 1850-1852

    130: 1852-1854

    131: 1854-1856

    132: 1856-1858

    133: 1858-1860

    134: 1860-1861

    135: 1862-1863

    136: 1863-1867

    137: 1867-1869

    138: 1869-1871

    139: 1871-1872

    140: 1873-1874

    141: 1874-1876

    142: 1876-1879

    143: 1879-1880

    144: 1880-1882

    145: 1882-1883

    146: 1883-1886

    147: 1880-1890

    <more to come>

    [16 JUN 07] WEED CEMETERY 1 & 2, Darien, contributed by Stamford TC, Barbara Kay. Barbara. Be sure to check our ongoing collection of cemetery transcriptions at the Cemetery Transcription Project Index.

    [04 APR 07] BELL CEMETERY 1 & 2, Darien, contributed by Stamford TC, Barbara Kay. Barbara. Be sure to check our ongoing collection of cemetery transcriptions at the Cemetery Transcription Project Index.

    Thank you for volunteering, Justin! Welcome aboard.

    [22 SEP 06] MARRIAGE RECORDS. We are adding to the site, several records from "EARLY CONNECTICUT MARRIAGES AS FOUND ON ANCIENT CHURCH RECORDS PRIOR TO 1800," Edited by Frederick W. Bailey. New Haven, CT: Bureau of American Ancestry (1896). Watch for upcoming additions to the site.

    Marriage Index:

    GREENWICH, Book IV, page:


    88 - 89

    90 - 91

    92 - 93

    94 - 95

    NEWTOWN, Book II, pages:


    132 - 133

    134 - 135

    136 - 138


    S. L. Soltes, NEW CANAAN

    Sharon M., WILTON

    Thank you both for volunteering!

    [05 AUG 06] 1763 COURT SUMMONS. This record is a summons to Thomas MARSHALL filed on behalf of Amos MEAD, both of Greenwich, CT. The document is dated 7 October 1763, almost 243 years old!

    1844 RENT NOTICE TO SANFORD MEAD, Greenwich, CT, from Mr. Samuel Campbell, No. 4 Wall St., New York City.

    [14 Sep 05] "Gray Court," the home of Major General Ivor Thord-Gray, Belle Haven, Greenwich. Contributed by Prof. Stellan Bojerud, Stockholm, Sweden, who is writing a biography about MjGen Thord-Gray. He asks, "How come there are no traces of him?" . . ."Thord-Gray Memorial Fund sends one University Professor and ten University students from the USA to Scandinavia every year." Thank you, Stellan!








    STAMFORD 1850 1880

    Thanks go to CTFAIRFI Stamford TC, Barbara Kaye, for donating this data to the Fairfield County CTGenWeb Project! Thank you, also, Geri Ryerson K!


    193. Adams to Adams

    194. Adams to Avery

    195. Avis to Beach

    196. Beach to Bennitt

    197. Bennitt to Betts

    198. Bixby to Bradly

    199. Brinsmade to Buckly

    200. Bulkley to Burr

    201. Burr to Burr

    202. Burr to Burr

    203. Burret to Cable

    204. Cable to Cluckstone

    205. Cluckstone to Copp

    206. Couch to Crane

    207. Crane to Curtiss

    208. Curtiss to Edwards

    209. Edwards to Foot

    210. Foot to Goreham

    211. Gray to Gregory

    212. Gregory to Hanford

    213. Hanford to Hawley

    214. Hawley to Hawley

    215. Hawley to Holberton

    216. Holberton to Hull

    217. Hull to Hunn

    218. Hunn to Judd

    219. Judson to Keys

    220. Laborie to Lockwood

    221. Lockwood to Lord

    222. Lord to Marshall

    223. Marvin to Meaker

    224. Meaker to Morehouse

    225. Morehouse to Nickols

    226. Nickols to Ogden

    227. Ogden to Perry

    228. Pickett to Prynn

    229. Pulford to Redfield

    230. Redfield to Rogers

    231. Rowel to Salmon

    232. Salmon to Sears

    233. Sears to Sherman

    234. Sherman to Silliman

    235. Silliman to Stanard

    236. Street to Taylor

    237. Taylor to Turney

    238. Tutle to Wakeman

    239. Wakeman to Warren

    240. Weed to Wells

    241. Wheeler to Wheeler

    242. Wheeler to Whithead

    243. Whitney to Williams

    244. William to Youngs

    245. Youngs


    154. Allen to Banks

    155. Barlow to Beach

    156. Beach to Beardsly

    157. Beardslee to Benedict

    158. Benedict to Bennitt

    159. Betts to Bradley

    160. Bradley to Brooks

    161. Buchingham / Buckingham to Burr

    162. Burrit to Chauncey

    163. Clark to Crane

    164. Crane to Curtiss

    165. Curtiss to Daviss

    166. Daviss to Doolittle

    167. Edwards to Ferry

    168. Fitch to Goreham

    169. Goreham to Gray

    170. Grey to Hanford

    171. Hanford to Halley (Hawley)

    172. Hawley to Hickox

    173. Hickox to Jackson

    174. Jackson to Jennings

    175. Jenningst to Laborie

    176. Lees to Marvin

    177. Maverick to Mitchell

    178. Mourhouse to Nickolls

    179. Nickolls to Nouguier

    180. Odell to Patterson

    181. Perry to Prince

    182. Prince to Serivener (Seribner)

    183. Serivener (Seribner) to Sherwood

    184. Sherwood to Squire

    185. Squire to Sturgis

    186. Sturgis to Summers

    187. Taylor to Thompson

    188. Thompson to Tucker

    189. Tucker to Waklee (Wakley)

    190. Walker to Wells

    191. Wells to Whitne (Whitney)

    192. Wildman to Wright


    VOLUME 1 1648-1656

    VOLUME 2 1665-1675

    VOLUME 3 1675-1690

    VOLUME 4 1690-1702

    VOLUME 5 1702-1750

    VOLUME 6 1717-1735

    VOLUME 7 1721-1750

    VOLUME 8 1725 - 1740

    VOLUME 9, 1741 - 1748

    VOLUME 10 1748 - 1755

    VOLUME 11

    Many many thanks go to Geri Ryerson K for donating untold hours typing these abstracts.

    [5 Dec 03] DISPUTE REGARDING NEW PEW ASSIGNMENTS, 2ND CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, GREENWICH, CT. Newspaper clippings tucked into the 1902 Diary of Oliver D. Mead, Field Point Park, Greenwich, Connecticut.

    [05 Dec 03] 1885 DEED FOR BELLE HAVEN, GREENWICH, CT. From a side pocket, the 1885 diary of Oliver D. Mead, Greenwich, Connecticut.


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