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The USGenWeb Project Fairfield County, Connecticut

Greenwich, Fairfield Co., CT

BY SPENCER P. MEAD, L.L.B. Volume 10, 1748 - 1755. Page 238

Transcribed by Geri Ryerson K.

TUTLE, David, late of Norwalk, Jan. 16, 1752, letters of administratration on his estate granted to David Tutle and John Wareing, both of Norwalk, page 265. Inventory taken Jan. 21, 1752, by John Raymond and Joshua Raymond, and filed Feb. 18, 1752, page 293.

UFFOOT, Elijah, of Stratford, Feb. 21, 1754, Joseph Browne of Stratford appointed his guardian, page 503.

UFFOOT, Elijah, of Stratford, Apl. 17, 1754, Edmund Lewis of Stratford appointed his guardian, page 554.

UFFOOT, Joseph, late of Stratford, will dated Dec. 11, 1753, probated Jan. 23, 1754, mentioned his wife Ruth and Children Ruth, Joseph, and Elijah. Executors his wife Ruth and brother Thomas Uffoot. Witnesses Joan Harpin, Richard Coldwell and Samuel Uffoot, page 540. Inventory taken by Elnathan Peat, and John Benjamins, and filed Apl. 17, 1754, page 541.

UFFOOT, Ruth, of Stratford, Feb. 21, 1754, appointed guardian of Joseph and Ruth Uffoot, of Stratford, Page 552.

VIEW, Ann, and Christian View, May 7, 1752, had a sister Mary view on their father's side, who had bond of their guardian Abraham Savage increased, page 264.

VIEW, Ann, of Stratford, June 24, 1752, made choice of James Dunlop of Stratford to be her guardian, page 336.

VIEW (VIEU), Peter, late of Stratford, Nov. 18, 1761, letters of administration on his estate granted to Samuel Jones of Stratford, page 267.

VIEW, Sibel, of Stratford, Nov. 18, 1751, at the desirs of Meriam View of Stratford, Samuel Jones of Stratford was appointed guardian of Sibal, in place of said Merian View, page 217.

WAKEMAN, Ruth, widow, of Fairfield, July 2, 1752, Samuel Burr, and Joseph Wakeman, both of Fairfield, appointed to assist said widow in dividing part of ye long (continued on page 239)

Special thanks to Geri Ryerson K, for the untold hours and days transcribing the scanned pages in order to share with the CTGenWeb Project.

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