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Gray Court, estate of Major General and Mrs. Ivor Thord-Gray, Belle Haven

Thanks go to Professor Stellan Bojerud of Stockholm, Sweden, who writes:

"Gray Court" owned by MjGen and Mrs Ivor Thord-Gray. The date of construction is not known, but MjGen Thord-Gray lived there, at least, 1929-1959.

MjGen Ivor Thord-Gray was born in Stockholm in 1878 as Thord Ivar Hallstrom. He changed his name to Gray in 1899 and Thord-Gray 1917. Joined Cape Mounted Rifles in South Africa as a Private in 1897. MjGen in Russian 'White' Army 1920 and Florida State Militia 1935. COS to Governor Scholz in Florida. Died Coral Gables, Florida, 1964."

"The house on North Street is perhaps extant today. It had 38 rooms and 8 bathrooms. Thord was a banker in Fifth Avenue NY. He was also double World´s Champion in archery, Plainfield NC, 1927.

In later years he had his winter home in Florida. He died in Coral Gables, Fla, 1964. His will included a large donation to the American-Scandinavian Association known as the Thord-Gray Memorial Fund.

In Greenwich he was 1925-1932 married to Josephine Toerge-Schaefer and 1933-1960 to Winnifred Ingersoll (of Ingersoll-Rand family).

". . .He had just four years in elementary school, but ended up Major-General in both Russia and USA, Dr. Phil. in Sweden, Author of "Gringo Rebel", Coral Gables 1961, and several other books.

He was a multi-millionaire. Double Major-General. Double World´s Champion in archery. Twice married in Greenwich."

Professor Bojerud asks, "How come there are no traces of him?" . . ."Thord-Gray Memorial Fund sends one University Professor and ten University students from the USA to Scandinavia every year."

Prof. Bojerud is writing a biography of Maj. Gen. Thord-Gray and welcomes additional information on this family.

new"Patty," the Italian gardener of Gray Court, whose photo was tucked inside a book purchased by James V. Gilles. Mr. Gilles donated the scan to the Fairfield County CTGenWeb Project.

Shown above: MjGen Thord-Gray with Mrs. Wenner-Gren and a Scottish SgtMajor,
11 Nov 1934, New York City in celebration of Armistice Day, 1918.

© 2005. Photos contributed by Prof. Stellan Bojerud, military historian.




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