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Josiah Haines 1:103, 161-163
Mikel Lambert 1:103
Salmon Treat 39, 41, 59, 89, 293
Samuel & Elizabeth Treat

Check Jacob Cady m. 1724 Lydia Webber m. 1770 Dorothy Lamb Morgan
Joseph Branch m. Zerviah Tracy 1714

FHL Film #5381 CT: New London: Preston Deedbooks 1-3 (1687-1722)
First Book of Records
No Larkin
Wit: Joseph Geare, Jonathan Geres, Thos. Tracy, Jonathan Tracy, Tho. Parks, Nathanl Parks, Robert Parks, William Parks, John Parks 5 [copy]
Thomas Park 11 (Jr.),
Thomas Park 21,
Branch, Peter 25
John Mason 27
Thos Tracy 27,
Thos Tracy 29,
Wit: Daniel Tracy 29
Tracy, Jonathan 31,
Thos Tracy 31,
Thos Tracy 33,
Tracy, Jonathan 33,
Tracy, Jonathan 35,
Thos Tracy 35,
Thos Tracy 37,
Tracy, Jonathan 37,
Tracy, Jonathan 45,
Thos Tracy 45,
Thos Tracy 61,
Tracy, Jonathan 61,
Thomas Park 73,
Thomas Park 75,
Thomas Park 77,
Thomas Park 79,
Thomas Park 81,
Thomas Park 83,
Abigail Beaman 83
Thomas Park 85,
Thomas Park 87,
Tracy, Jonathan 89,
Thomas Park 105,
George Geer 139,[copy]
George Geer 141,
George Geer 143,[copy]
George Geer 145
Jonathan Park, 151
Thomas Gates 162?,
Thomas Park 179,
Dority Park 179,
Dority Park 183,
Thomas Park 183,
Major Mason (1693) 193
Tracy, Jonathan 194,
Thos Tracy 194,
Thos Tracy 195,
Tracy, Jonathan 195,
Wit: Mary Tracy 219,
Wit: John Tracy 239
Thos Tracy 247,
Branch, Peter 251
Thomas Park 253,
Thomas Park 255,
Dority Park, 255,
Dority Park 257
Thomas Park 257,
Dority Park , 259,
Thomas Park 259,
Dority Park 265
Thomas Park 265
Stephen Gates 267,
Stephen Gates 269
Thomas Gates 287,
Wit: Mary Tracy 315
Wit: Miriam Tracy 315,
Thomas Gates 331
Wit: Miriam Tracy 331
Tracy, Jonathan 331,
Tracy, Jonathan 349
Thos Tracy 349
Benjamin Parish 376

1:5 [copy] Whereas wee whose names are hereunto subscribed by the holy providence of god whoe boundes all mens habitations and hath soe ordered that wee who Live and are settled: between the bounds of Norwitch and Stonington are at such a distance from either place that such are the hazards pains and trouble on the saboth that as in duty bound wee have aplyed ourselves unto the Generall Court that wee might be a plantation of and by ourselves that wee might have the mans amongst us but in that that is the case wee which are settled upon those Lands cannot carrie on of ourselves all publicke charges nor is there reason we should but that those whoe have Lands Laid out within the compass of our Township should bare a dew proportion as is verall in all new places not only thay whoe have Lands not yet improved have thar by opportunity to setle on them themselves but to setle theire children and much raise the price of thaire lands we doe therefore propose it unto all such as have lands within the Limitts Granted unto us and them for a Townshipe (viz) that wee that are or such as shall be settled in sume short time shall pay for seven yeres to all publick charges in our Township except County rates according to and by the List of our estate according to what the committee by thare discretion shall order with the major parte of those that are there that is Capt. Allyn, Capt. Fobes, Capt. Mason, Capt, Avery or any two of them and the rest of all publicke charges in our townshipe to be raised upon that Lands Lying and being within the foresd Grant to us that is all such Land all ready Laid out or shall be Laid out within the aforesd time or tearme of seven yeres from the time hereof the way and maner as fore afterward shall be as the major part of the then Township agree and that this is our full and firme agreement one with another both we whoe are cohabiting the place and we also whoe have Lands Lying within the bounds aforesd unto the truth & performance of the above written wee bind ourselves heirs assigns and minestraters executors as witness our hands this the 27th of December anno domi 1686      Signed: [1st column] James Fitch Jur, Samuell Mason, James Carey?, Josiah Standish, John Stanton Sa, Ephrim Miner, Joseph Minor, Christopher Huntington Sar, John Stanton Ju, Joseph Geare, John Ruud, James Smith, [2nd column] Tho. Parke Sa, Huge Amos, Thos. Tracy, Jonathan Tracy, Caleb Fobes, Peter Branch, Jonathan Rudd, Dannill Preaster, Jonathan Geres, Charls Williams, John Amos, [3rd column] Joseph Morgan, Tho. Parke ju, Nathanl Parks, Robert Parke, William Parke, John Parke, Miles Starkweather, Thomas [?]

1:11 Thomas Park 11 (Jr.),
James Richardson of Stoningtowne for divers causes ... unto Thomas Parks Juner and Joseph Morgan both of the County aforesaid 200A part of the grant of 300A of up Land and Meddow as is granted to me by the generall Court at Hartford in the yeare 1664 ... 13 Nov 1680.  Signed: Amos Richardson.  Wit:  Thomas Harris, Prudence Richardson ... Ack: at Stonington 13 Nov 1680.  Recd:  19 Mar 1688
This 300 akers layed out to Thomas Parke Jun and Joseph Morgan upon pachage ... 23 May 1678 by Thomas Tracy and Thomas Leffingwell

1:21 Thomas Park 21,
Thomas Parke senior of Presson ... doe sell ... with my son in Law Joseph Morgan of the same Town 4A of up Land Lying and being in the great plaine which I purchased of Edward Stallion ... exchange for 4A of Medow which was given him by his father James Morgan deceased as pr his Deed of gift given him by his sd father appears which grant of sd fower acres was granted John Smith deceased the Towne of New London ... 14 Jul 1687  Signed:  Thomas Parke.  Wit:  Daniell Wetherell, Tom? Chester.  Ack: 14 Jul 1687.  Recd: 8 Sep 1688 by Jonathan Tracy Recorder

Robert Park of the Town of Presson make over unto Joseph Morgan of the same one parcel of upland being by estimation 7A Lying and being in that plain that my Father Thomas Parke bought of Edward Stallion and is part of the same it being of the same breadth of that 4A that my father sould unto the sd Morgan .... Unto my brother Thomas Parkes his Land and toward the north with my father Thomas Parke his Land ... 14 Jul 1687 Signed:  Robert Parke.  Wit:  Thomas Parke Senr., Sam? Chester

Branch, Peter 25
1:25 the deed belonging to Amos Tracys Rudd & branch.
Owanoe Sacham of Mohagin ... for valuable consideration from Hugh Amos, Jonathan Rude & Peter Branch, Thomas Tracy, Jonathan Tracy all of Norwitch ... sold small parsels of Land Lying among their Land the first parsell Lying upon Skonk Honganut Hill and is bounded as followeth southerly upon the Land of Thomas Tracy and Jonathan Tracy and easterly upon the Lands of John Morgan and northerly upon the Land of Hugh Amos ... Norwitch 14 Mar 1687.  Signed Owanaco his mark.  Wit:  Jaramiah Fitch, Joseph Morgan.  Ack and Recd: 6 Apr 1688

1:27 Thos Tracy 27,
Oncaneco sachem of Monkeag sold unto Thomas Tracy & Thomas Leffingwell of Norwitch 400A of Upland & madow according as was granted to the sd Thomas Tracy & Thomas Leffingwell at the Generall Court at Harford 10 Oct 1667 ... eastward from Shawatuckket River ... Signed: Owanaco his mark.  Wit:  John Mason, John Birchard.  Ack and Recd 29 March 1688

Thos Tracy 29,
Wit: Daniel Tracy 29 Confirmation of the Deed
1:29  28 Apr 1668 my deceased father Uncas Sachem of Moheagen and myselfe at ??? & sold unto Leut Thomas Tracy & Leut. Thomas Leffingwell  ... 400A lying between Norwitch & Stonington Bounds on Tract of Land 130A in Length one mile NE from a plain to a boggy meadow ... Owaneco Sacham of Moheagan son & heir unto Oncas whereas I did formerly with my father alienate the above mentioned Lands I doe by these presents ratify and confirme the same to all intents ... the heirs of Liut Thomas Tracy (viz) Thomas Tracy & Jonathan Tracy ... 5 Sept 1687 .  Owanaco his marke.  Wit:  Richard Bushnell, Danniel Tracy.

Tracy, Jonathan 31, Thos Tracy 31,
Deed belonging to Thomas Tracy & Jonathan Tracy
1:31  Owanaco ... the hammack in the swamp joining to the medow belonging to Thomas Tracy and Jonathan Tracy and a pese of rockey Land bounded with a popel swamp on the north side ... I say bargained sould and made over to Thomas Tracy Juner and Jonathan Tracy & their heirs to hould for ever my hole right and title to the Land above mentioned for forty shillings ... Signed: Owanaco his marke.  Wit:  Caleb Fobes, Jonathan Ruid.  Owned before me Thomas Tracy Commissioner 6 Jun 1681.
Whereas Owanaco Sacham in December 1680 for many Reasons made over all his Land on the east side of Norwitch bounds to me to dispose of & to Lay out to present trouble that might arise know all whome it doth concern that I doe approve of this Deed of sale & consent to the same that the sd Land Belong forever unto the sd Tracys & their heirs forever as witness my hand this the 6 Jun 1681  James Fitch Junr. Norwitch.  Entred in Norwitch Records May 27th 1682 in folo 3: by me Christopher Huntington Recorder This Deed entred Aprill 2, 1688.  Pr me Jonathan Tracy Recorder.

Thos Tracy 33, Tracy, Jonathan 33,
1:33  Owanaco sacham sonne of Uncas sacham of Monheag for good reasons ... received from Thomas

Tracy junior & Jonathan Tracy both of Norwich ... 40A Bounded on the west side of the land of the sd Thomas & Jonathan Tracy Bounded on the South side to the top of a great hill ... Signed Owanaco his marke.  Wit:  James Fitch, Jonathan Crane.  Wheras Ownaco Sacham in Desember 1680 for many Reasons made over all his Land on the east side Norwich bounds to me to dispose of & Lay out to prevent trouble that might arise ... 6 Jane 1681.  Entred in the book folo 3 May 26, 1682.

Tracy, Jonathan 35, Thos Tracy 35,
Boundaries of Land belonging to Thomas and Jonathan Tracy upon the account of the ministers Lott
1:35  Whareas Thomas & Jonathan Tracy exchanged a parcill of Land with the Towne for to build a house for the minister for which the Towne was to Lett them have eight acres in the commons which wee whose names are underwritten being Towne men have Laid out as followeth in four acres and half lying at the North end of the hammock joining to Land fermely Laid out to them beginning at a ... to the land of Richard Cuck: ... three acres and half more joining to their Land to the southward of their house beginning att a white oak which was the southwest corner of the Land formerly Laid out Left. Tract Left. Leffingwell from them ... I say Layed out by us June 14th 1693.  Caleb Fobes, John Parke. These bounds entred February 15 1693

Thos Tracy 37, Tracy, Jonathan 37,
1:37  Bounds of the Land belonging to Thomas and Jonathan Tracy upon the account of the ministers Land.  June: 1698 95A laied out to Sart. Thomas Tracy and Leut Jonathan Tracy of Preston by us the subscribers ... to lay out 120A ... which land was granted to them in consideration and by way of exchange for Land that belonged to the sd Tracys where the ministers house now stands which Ninety five acres is a part of the hundred and twenty acres above mentioned ... Layed out by us John Parks and Caleb Fobes.  These Bounderies entered August 24, 1699.  Jonathan Tracy Recorder.

1697 February 9 Wheras the Town granted unto Jonathan Tracy 20A of Land upon the account of Making a new record we whose names are under written have Layed out 16A of sd 20A unto the sd Tracy upon the hill to the south of the sd Tracys now dwelling house beginning at the southeast corner at a white oak tree marked IT ... 3 Jan 1700  Signed: Caleb Fobes, John Parke.  Entered 3 Jan 1700 Pr Jonathan Tracy Recorder.

Salmon Treat 39
1:39  Proposalls made to the Revarand Mr. Sallmon in order to his settlement in the work of the ministry among us and for his in corigment in the said ministariall work first wee doe reseve him as a Lawfull inhabitant into the Town and give him an aquall sheare with the purchesors in the commons that Lies undevided in our Town ...3)  we give him present improvement of the house that we bulte for the minister and the Land belonging to it which formerly belonged to Sargt Thomas Tracy and Jonathan Tracy being by estemation 70A  4)  we doe also ingag that hee shall have the use of the hundred acres of Land which we Bought of M. Ephreman & Joseph Minor Deuring his continuance with us ...
December 15, 1697 at a Town meeting these propositions was notted.
Whareas the inhabitants of the Town of Preston have manifested their desire of my continuance ... 4 Jul 1698



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