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Before asking for help, please check the RESEARCH page to see if perhaps the information you are seeking is already online (there is a lot for New London County!).   Be very specific in your request in name(s), place(s) and dates, but limit it to one request at a time.  Please don't send an entire family tree unless you have cleared it with the County Coordinator.

Please note: These people are all volunteers who are donating their time to help the CTGenWeb project to make it easier to find your roots.  We all have lives that may interfere with prompt responses, so have patience.When you receive a response from your "Genealogical Angel" PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT TO SAY THANKS!

If you are researching, and find a bad e-mail address listed here, please notify me.  Also, if  would like to do lookups for fellow researchers, or if you have volunteered in the past but no longer want to be listed here, please contact   I regret to say that I do not have the ability or time to answer personal genealogy research questions, as I live and work full time in Atlanta, Ga.  My contribution to New London County genealogy is in hosting this web site.

Some of these listings date back years.   If you find a broken link, please let me know!

Thank you!


February 13, 2016
As time permits, I'll do lookups from "The Genealogical History of the Gallup Family in the United States," with biographical sketches of members of the family, by John D. Gallup, Agawam, Mass. Press of The Hartford Printing Company, 1893.
Pat Sabin

March 2007
Carolyn Smith   has created a web site listing her vast research materials for lookups.  Thank you, Carolyn!

March 1, 2005
As time permits, I'll do lookups from "A Modern History of New London County, Connecticut, Volume III," 1922, Editor in Chief, Benjamin Tinkham Marshall, A.M., D.D., President of Connecticut College, New London, published by Lewis Historical Publishing Co, NY.  This is a book of biographies  of local businessmen, educators, and ministers who were still living in 1922 at the time the book was published, so the DOB probably will be no earlier than the 1830's.  However, with each biography, there is a good bit of family history and in some cases,  a photograph.  There are a lot of repeats of the same surname, so please ask for a specific name.  
If I find your ancestor, I'll transcribe the biography to the New London County CTGenWeb (some have been transcribed on THIS PAGE.

Pat Sabin - newlondon AT patsabin.com  or patricia.sabin AT comcast.net   Please be sure to mention New London in the subject line.

April 11, 2004 - Hudgens Family . I would like to volunteer genealogy look-ups for the following books I have:  "Black Roots in Southeastern Connecticut 1650-1900" and "Tapestry: A Living History of the Black Family in Southeastern Connecticut." These two books have alot of valuable information that I would like to share and also contains some limited Indian information.

June 16, 2003 - Joseph H. Gardner .  Volunteer to do look-ups in:    Clara Gardner Miller, _Gardiner/Gardner Genealogy_ (Rutland, VT: Tuttle Publ. Co., 1937), which focuses on the Gardner and Lake families.

May 20, 2003 -  Connie Robinson.  I am a transplant from Groton, CT to Oregon. I have a copy of "The Antecedents and Descendants of Noah Whipple" of the Rogerene Community at Quakertown, CT., by Clara Hammond McGuigan. I will be happy to do lookups in the book.

April 24, 2003 - Chris Wannamaker will do lookups from The Ely Ancestry: The Lineage of Richard Ely.

June 30, 2002 - Larry Chesebro'  volunteers to do look ups in Anna Chesebrough Wildey’s, Genealogy of the Descendants of William Chesebrough,  (New York: Press of T. A. Wright 1903).  Her book contains 600+ pages of really good info up to 1902 with not only the Chesebrough family but so many others including most of the original Stonington families back to their immigrant ancestors.

May 7, 2002 -  Nancy Hauser has updated her look-up information:

I have the Descendants of James Morgan book.

On my web site at
http://www.mv.com/ipusers/pcsrus/Denison/denison_society.htm, I have two
books:  The Descendants of Isaac Denison, and Denison Genealogies by George
Burlingame Denison.  I have them all indexed with hyperlinks, so they are
easy to use, too.

And I have access to the Groton Avery Clan on Genealogy.com, and am willing
to look things up there.

Carolyn Smith  - I have a variety of materials I will be glad to search. To name a few, Genealogies:Groton Avery Clan Vol. 1 & index, Bill, Bolles, Gallup, Geer, Morgan, Spicer History of Stonington (indexed by me), Williams, Woodbridge. Books: Caulkins History of New London & Norwich. Local History: West Mystic, Poquonnock Bridge, Historic Ledyard Vol. 1 & 2 Includes geneaolgies I co-authored about various Groton & North Groton families, Sept. 6, 1781North Groton's Story (Ft. Griswold). Cemetery books: Groton, Ledyard and some Norwich. Barbour Collection (will be getting these as they are completed). New London City Directory 1918. I have extensive extracts of Groton & New London Land Records. I also have 4 vol Rev. Pension Rcords.

Update March 2007:  See Carolyn's new web page for a list of all her source material: http://www.newlondonct.info/

3/18/01- Carolyn has just added new material to her research  library and has kindly offered to do lookups:

03/09/03 - Carolyn has added this material to her reference library for lookups:
June 28, 2001.  Meg Smeal will do lookups from the "Joshua Hempstead Diaries - New London 1711-1758" which contains many New London County names.

June 13, 2001.  Henry McDonald.   I have a copy of Stillman Foster Kneeland's book, 'The Kneeland Genealogy'.  Kneeland's are indexed by first name.  Other names are indexed by surname.  Over 500 pages and covers many branches of Kneeland's.

May 26, 2001.  Tracey Fotiou    (ancestorswanted@snet.net) has offered to do lookups from the following book: "The Stonington Chronology 1649-1949 Being a Year-By-Year Record of the American Way of Life in a Connecticut Town", written by Williams HAYNES in 1949, The Pequot Press, 161-63 Water St., Stonington, CT.   Tracey was kind enough to mention the inscription inside the book, in case it is a close family member: Bertha Clarke PERRY July 1949.

May 22, 2001.  Charlotte Anne Kennedy will do lookups from the Barbour Collection for the towns of Norwich and New London.  Note that Charlotte Anne has a new e-mail address if you've contacted her previously. (Look up Volunteer)

April 16, 2001.  Kenneth Smith will provide information about the World War I  submarine, the  USS D2  which was out of New London.  Ken does not have access to an actual list of crew members.

February 19, 2001.  I have the book, "Connecticut Divorces, New London, Tolland, and Windham Cos. 1719-1910"  by Grace Louise Knox & Barbara B. Ferris.  I will be glad to do lookups for anyone interested.  Cathy Lauer

Larry Sugden  (LWSugden@myexcel.com)  is willing to do lookups in Thomas J. Goodwill's book, "Three Hundred Years In America - A History Of The Goodwill Family." The book focuses on the Goodwill families of Stonington, CT. It has many other surnames, history and anecdotes.

January 10, 2001.  Judy Drake will do lookups from George Porter's "Inscriptions From Gravestones in the Old Burying Ground, Norwich Town, Connecticut."

April 28, 2000.  Jon Aspinwall has volunteered to do look-ups in the following:
Keroack, Paul R. "Irish Emigrant Headstone Inscriptions from St. Mary Cemetery in Norwich, Connecticut." The Connecticut Nutmegger , volume 32: 1 & 2 (Jun & Sep 1999).

April 12, 2000.  Donna Campbell (dcamp48@hotmail.com) will do lookups from Everett Pendleton's book, Early New England Pendletons.  It has a great deal of information regarding the descendants of Brian Pendleton who lived in Stonington and the area beginning in 1745.   Feb. 2001 -Donna has also acquired a copy of Brian Pendleton and His Descendants, 1599-1910, by Everett Hall Pendleton.