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Parke, Joseph, 458
2:458  John Thomson of Preston ... for 19L paid by Joseph Parke ... with consent of Mary my wife ... 10A ... 6 Apr 1710 ... 27 Nov 1711.  Signed:  John Thomason, Mary M Thomson her mark.  Wit:  Jonathan Tracy, Ezekiell Parke.  Ack:  27 Nov 1711.  Ent:  28 Nov 1711.

Parke, Mary, 464 [copy]
2:464  To all people to whome these presents shall com Jonathan Tracy of Preston in the County of New London in the Coloney of Conectycut, Greeting Know ye that I the sd Jonathan Tracy for good cause and ... ye natural Love good will and fatherly affection yt I have and bare to my Truly and natural and well beloved sons David Tracy and Samuell Tracy of ye same Preston wherewith I am fully satisfied and content I do therefore acquit ... given, granted ... This Entr Feb 26:1712 Pr Nathanll Tracy Recorder.

These may signifie to any whome thes preasints may come that Samuell Parke of Preston have received of my hounoured mother Mary Parke ten hundred akers of Land lying in the town of Groton & one hundred akers in the township of Stonington and my fathers shear of all the common Land in the township of Preston and his sheare of the Volonteeres Plantation and a horse and saverall other things that I have received of my mother which things I say I doe except for the full of my portion that was allowed me by the distration the court made of my father's Estate therefore I say I doe acquit and discharge my Honoured Mother Mary Parke her heirs or assigns forever as witness my hand this twenty eight day of Febrary in the yeare of our Lord one thousand sevan hundred and six Witnesseth.  Signed:  Samuell Park.  Wit:  Thomas Rose, Daniall Tiler.  Pr Nathanall Tracy Town Clarke.

I Say Received of my Honored mother Mary Parke in Right of my wife Daborah Parke the full sume of her portion being fifty one pound ten shilling it being the Court allowed.  I Say Received by me as witness my hand March ye 17 178.  The mark of John Clark.
Pr Nathanall Tracy Town Clark

I Say Received of my honoured Mother Mary Parke my full portion which is allowed me by the courte in parte of my father's Lands which lieth att or neere a rever call Pachag as witness my hand.  Signed: Jonathan X Parke his mark.  February ye 23: 1699.  Thes entred Febuary 26: 1712.  Pr Nathanall Tracy Town Clark

2:465  Febuary 28: 1699  Received of my honoured Mother Mary Parke my portion in the halfe of the plaine and in the halfe of the house and barn and orchard one halfe the Land at home which is more than comes to my portion by Sixty Six pounds six shillings for the which I doe ingage to my sister Hannah Parke to have her portion which is fifty one pounds an is to be paid as the things was inventoried as wittness my   Thomas Parke.  Ent. February ye 26: 1712.  Pr Nathaniel Tracy Recorder.

Excepted of my Brother Thomas Parke for the payment of my portion by my mother Mary Parke hur order the sume of fifty one pounds which is the full sum of my portion as witness my hand.  Hannah Parke.  February ye 23: 1699.  Ent: February 26: 1712.  Pr Nathanall Tracy Town Clark

Tracy, David, 466, 467
2:466  David Tracy his Deed
To all people to whome these presents shall com Jonathan Tracy of Preston In the county of New Lond ... for good causes ... especially for ... Love good will & fatherly affection yt I have & bare to my Truly & naturall & well be Loved Sons David Tracy & Samuell Tracy of ye same Preston wherewith I am fully satisfied & contented doe therefore aquit Exhonorate and discharg them ye sd David Tracy & Samuell Tracy their heirs ... give ... with the consent of my wife Mary Tracy that att & after my decace all my housing and land both upland madow and Swamp Land within ye bounds of Preston Excepting what I have all redy disposed of & fifty acres over Pachaug River that is to say all that I all reddy Laid out I the sd Jonathan Tracy with the consent of Mary my wife for and in ye consideration aforesd have given ... as their portion of my estate except what is before excepted to gather with all ye Timber, --- wood underwood water ... that is to say that at ye day and date here of I the sd Jonathan Tracy am ye true and Lawfull owner and stand Lawfully seized to my own proper use in good & perfect estate of inheritance in fee simple of & in ye premises above mentioned ... and further more I the sd Jonathan Tracy do covenant grant & agree to warrant & defend ye within Given & Granted premices ... 29 Nov 1711.  Signed:  Jonathan Tracy, Mary Tracy.  Wit:  John Park, John Parish.  Preston, November 29, 1711  Ack before me John Parke Justis of peace.  This deed recorded in the second Book of Deeds 3 Jan 1711/12 Pr me. Nathanll Tracy Recd.

Parish, Benjamin 468-470
2:468  Jonathan Tracy of Preston ... with the consent of Mary my wife for good causes and sufitiant resons me moving ther unto and more especially for and in the consideration of Love and good will and fatherly affection that I have and bare unto my truly and Nattarall and well be Loved Daughter Mary Parish of Preston ... and to her husband Benjaman Parish where with I am fully satisfied and contented I do therefore acquit ... a sartain parcel of Land both upland and swamp and mado Land in estimation thirty and five acres be it more or be it les as it is buted and bounded ... and being in Preston where sd Benjaman Parish has ... and for part of their portion of my estate to have and to hould posses and injoy for ever with all the priviledges and appurtenancs there unto belonging unto them their heirs executors and assigns forever ... In witness hereof wee Jonathan Tracy & Mary Tracy have sett to ouer hands and affixed our seals this twenty ninth day of November one thousand seven hundred & eleven signed sealed and delivered in Preston as by us witnesses.  Signed: Jonathan Tracy, Mary Tracy.  Wit:  John Parke, John Parish.  Ack:  29 Nov 1711 before me John Parke Justis of peace.  This Deed entred January 14:1712 Pr me Nathanll Tracy, Recorder.

2:473  Mary Tracy of Preston ... having allredy recved of my honoured father John Richards what he hath bin pleased to give me of his estate which I doe thankfully accept of I have and by these presents Doe Remise release and quitt claim and by these presents for me ... unto my bother William Richards of the same Preston ... every of their Lands tenements given and granted to them by sd honored father ...ther count of my sd fathers estate wittnes my hand and seal. Sig: December the 3:1712  Mary Tracy.  Wit:  Daniell Brewster, Joseph Prenties.  Ack: 3 Dec 1712 before John Parke Justis of the peace.  Ent:  6 Dec 1712 Pr me Nathanall Tracy, Recorder

FHL Film #5381 CT: New London: Preston Deed books 1-3 (1687-1722)
Volume 3
Gears, Jonathan, 28
Geer, Joseph, 175
Hayns, Josiah, 46
No Larkin
Parke, James 57
Parke, Joseph, 50, 51
Parke, William, 114
Parke, Samll, 183, 103
Parke, Thomas, 198
Parke, Hezekiah, 10
Parrish, Benjamin, 138, 141, 200
Rose, Thomas Junr 29, 42
Tracy Christopher, 15,96,
Tracy, Frances,
Tracy, Jerediah, 149
Tracy, Jonathan, 200
Tracy, Thomas, 23
Tracy, Nathanall, 5, 147
[Mikel Lambert m. Peter Williams after 1711

3:5  Solomon Tracy of Norwich ... for 4L 5s and also 15s from the Town Clark of Preston By Nathanell Tracy of Preston ... quit claime unto the sd Nathaniell Tracy ... all such right ... all the Land within the bounds of Preston ... Signed:  Solomon Tracy.  Wit:  Joseph Bushnell, Benjah Bushnell.  Ack:  Norwich 10 Nov 1712.  Ent:  10 Dec 1712.  Pr me Nathanall Tracy Recorder

3:6 [copy]  Deed of gift baring Date 24 Aug 1693 ... Thomas Parke Seniour of ye town of Preston ... Love and Great affection which I bare unto my Loveing and Dutifull sons Robert Parke and William Parke ... tract of meadow to be equally devided between them ... meadow which I purchased of Joseph Morgan and is in estimation four acres ... north side of Sider Swamp ... Signed: Thomas Parke, Dorothy Parke.  Wit:  John Stanton, Jonathan Tracy.  Ack: 11 Jan 1695 before me Benjamin Bruster.  Ent:  22 Mar 1721/2.

3:6  Robart Parke of the Town of Preston ... do by these presents signe over unto Frances West now of Stoningtown the with written Deed ... 8 May 1701 it being for any in consideration of fiftie acres of Land which I have received of the abovesd Frances West by deed.  Signed:  Robart Park.  Wit:  Daniell Mason, John Mason.  Ack: before Samuell Mason, Stonington May the 8: 1701.  Ent:  12 Dec 1712 Pr Nathanall Tracy Recorder.

3:10  an agreement Loveingly made the 13 July 1721 between us ye subscribers viz: John Rennalls of Preston and Hezekiah Parke of ye same town ... concerning ye deviding Line of Those Lands of ours ye which we bought of Frances West which Lands are in sd Preston and then having --- sum dissattesfaction about it Now for ye prevention of further Trouble we ye sd Jon Rennells and Ezekiah Parke do agree each of us for our selves and for each of our ... heirs ... that a line beginning ... between John Killon and Jonathan Parke ... land that Frances West being - of Thomas Avery ... Signed:  John Rennells, Hezekiah Parke.  Wit:  Frances West, Elnathan Minor.  Ack:  1 Aug 1721.  These Lines are to signify that I am fully satisfied and contented with ye within written agreement which John Rennells and my Son Hezekiah hath made In witness whereof I have hear unto set my hand.  Mary X Parke her mark.  Ent:  10 Oct 1723.

3:10-11 [copy]  Nathaniel Parke of Shelter Island in ye County of Suffolk within his Majesties province of New Yorke on ye Island of Nassaw Coopper for and in consideration of ye sume of fourty pounds to me in hand paid before the Ensealling hear of well and truly paid by David Mackerwithee of East Hamton in the County of Suffolke and province of New York ... parsall of Land lying and being in ye bounds of ye township of Preston In Connecticut Colony being by Estimation seventy acors ... by land of Ebenezer Williams ... I Sarah Parke ye wife of Nathaniell Parke doth by these presents fully and willingly yeald up and surrender her thirds of dowry in and unto ye above ... 30 Oct 1710.  Signed Nathaniell Parke
Wit:  Samuell Russell, Thomas Tallmage.
Nathaniell Parke ack before Josiah Hobart one of her majesties Justises of ye peas for ye County of Suffolk ... Ent. 5 Jan 1712/3.

3:12  Josiah Hains of Groton ... for 58L paid by Isaac Averill of Preston ... sell ... Pachauge River upon a hill comenly Called ye Chestnut hill it being tow lots both lying together ye first Containing 100A ... which was granted and recorded to Mikell Lambert of Groton by ye inhabitants of Preston  ... the other Lot containing 50A ... on ye east side of ye above mentioned land ye whole Length of ye Land ... bind myself ... to defend all ye above mentioned Land to ye above sd Isaac Averell ... from John Brown of Stonington ... 26 Jan 1712/13  It is to be understood that before Signing and Sealing that ye above sd Josiah Haynes did Except his part in ye undevided Common Land in Preston.  Signed:  Josiah Hayns. Wit: Nehemiah Smith, Lidyah Smith.  Ack: in Groton before Nehemiah Smith Justes of ye peas Groton, 27 Jan 1712/13.  Ent:  12 Feb 1712/13.

3:13  Josiah Hayns of Groton ... yeoman ... 3L paid by John Walton Late of Norwich but now of Preston .. sold ... all my right unto all ye Common Lands in ye township of Preston ... 16 Feb 1712/13.  Signed: Josiah Hayns.  Wit:  Andrew Kenicom, ye Mark of B Samuell Bill, ye Mark of G John Genkins.  Ack: at Groton before my Nehemiah Smith 16 Feb 1712/13.  Ent:  6 Apr 1713.

3:14  Whereas our Honered father Late of Stoningtown ... now Deseased in his Last will and testament did order that his Estate which was in Lands lying in Preston ... should be set out by us his Executors Isaac and William Wheeler ... to ye paying of Legacies ...  we Isaac and William Wheeler executors  to ye above sd will ... set out unto Jeremiah SealSir: of ye town of Southhapton in ye county of Suffold on Long Island in ye provance of New Yoark ... ye Legacy to his wife Anna Haley: ye one half of ye above sd estate in Lands ... part of a sartain tract of Land purchased by ye above sd Isaac Wheeler Deceased of owanecho Shachum of Mohegen as May appear by a Deed bareing date December ye 16: 16[blank] which part is ye southernmost part of sd Land ... ye half of ye fifty acres Devition adjoining to ye above sd Land ... ye abovesd executors Isaac and William Wheeler do set out to Joseph Gaite of Plainfield  ... as a part of his wifes Experience Coits legacie ... Halcies Land ... set over to ye abovesd Jeremiah Haley and Joseph Coite ... 10 Sep 1712.  Signed:  Isaac Wheeler, William Wheeler.  Wit:  Thomas Williams, Joshua Whitny.  Plainfield 10 Sep 1712.  Ack: before Thomas William Justice of ye Peace.  Ent: 7 Apr 1713.

3:15  Peter Mason of Colchester in ye county of Hartford ... paid by Christopher Tracey late of Norwich ... 200A ... line of John Hobirt of Colchester ... Daniell Mason of Stoningtown ... by vertue of a deed obtained by My honored Grandfather Mg??? Mason deseased of and from Unkas &waywequay chief Schacham of Mohegan Indians baring date 1 Aug 1659 and by me ???ned of and from sum of ye heirs of sd Majr. John Mason ... 1 May 1710.  Signed: Peter Mason.  Wit:  George Denison, John Coit.  Ack:  28 Dec 1710.  Ent: 3 Jul 1713.

3:18  Capt. John Parke of Preston for 5: 10s paid by Daniell Woodward ... 50A ... land formerly belonging to Hugh Amos ... 23 Jan 1708/9.  Signed:  John Parke.  Wit:  John Smith, Eleazer Parke.  Groton 3 Mar 1713 Capt. John Parke ack?  Ent: 13 Aug 1713.

3:19 [copy] Articles of agreement between Capt. Standish, Mr. Thomas Parke Senr and Caleb Fobes on ye one Part in ye behalf of ye Town of Preston and Mikell Lambert Carpenter on ye other part Witnesseth as followeth: ye sd Mikell Doth covenant with ye abovesd Gentlemen to build a dwelling house for ye Minister at Preston ye Dementions whereof are as followeth: Nineteen foot wide and six and twenty foot in Length fourteen foot between Joynts wt a Leantow at ye end of ye house ten foot wide: viz: ye sd Lambert is to fell and hue ye timber; to frame and Raise ye same upon ye Land allotted for ye minister: to finish sd house by doing all ye work properly belonging to ye Carpenter as windows stairs doors and floors and sealing ye upper and lower rooms making convenient particions and is to Saw all ye Timber for ye Slitt work provided that ye above sd town is to provide bords nailes shingles and clabords sufficient for ye above sd work; for and in consideration we do Capt. Standish Mr. Thomas Parke and Caleb Fobes in ye behalf of ye town do covenant and promise to pay or cause to be paid unto ye sd Lambert: two hundred acres of Land out of ye town Commons and a proportionable privellege in ye Commons and also to alow ye sd Lambert Sufficient Diet washing and Lodging During ye time that he or they shall be about ye aforesd work ye sd Lambert is to Rais ye sd house by ye help of ye inhabitance at or before ye Last of May Next Ensueing ye Date hereof which will be in ye year 1689 and to be finished by ye Last of October next Ensueing and to make a Gable End at ye Far side of sd house and to put up pramides and flin boards and is Not to make Sale of ye Land to any Nonresidant person without ye Consent of ye Town.  This is a true full and Clear agreement as witness our hands January ye 3rd 1689:   Signed: Mikell Lambirt, Thomas Parke, Caleb Fobes.
Signed in presents of us.  Jonathan Tracy, Joseph Morgan
This above Covenant Entred on Reacord ye 23rd day of November 1722.  Pr Me Samll Sterry Recorder.

3:20 Be it know hereby that a dividing line is made between Serjt. Thomas Tracy and Salmon Treat both of Preston ... between ye land of sd Salmon Treat which is an lyeth southwest from his now dwelling house and ye land of said Thomas Tracy which is ... abuting on John Amos ... 8 May 1713.  Signed:  Salmon Treat, Thomas Tracy Senr.   Wit:  John Amos, Marah Fobes.

3:21 Thomas Tracy Senr of Preston ... for a certain tract of land  bounded by John Ames his land ... sold unto John Ames ... land of Salmon Treat ... 5 Oct 1713.  Signed:  Thomas X Tracy his mark.

Tracy, Thomas, 23
3:23 John Ames of Preston in consideration of a certain tract of land in Preston and bounded on land of Thomas Tracy ... sold unto Thomas Tracy Sen aforementioned ... westward from Salmon Treats hous from ... 5 Oct 1713.  Signed: John Ames.  Wit:  Thomas Tracy, Joseph Rose.  Ack: 5 Oct 1713.  Recd: 21 Oct 1713.

3:23 Nathaniell Tracy of Norwich ... received of Benj. Clark Junr. Of Preston ... 4L ... 18A ... part of Joseph Kimballs second division ... corner of Jon Bennets land ... near James Tilers land ... 24 May 1721.  Signed:  Nathanell Tracy.  Wit:  Richard Bushnell, Elizabeth Bushnell.  Ack 26 May 1721 in Norwich.  Ent 1 Mar 1721/2.

3:28  George Gears of Groaton ... for Divers good causes ... love which I bare unto my well beloved Son Jonathan Gere where he now inhabiteth I do give a certain tract of land boundeth as followeth Norwich Bounds, west Christopher Huntington on ye South... Freeman bounded on ye East on Lane which was formerly the Indian Right ... on ye North on Land of Charles Williams ... 15 Sep 1720.  Signed: George Geer.  Wit:  Isaac Geer, Ezekiell Parke.  Groton 18 Feb 1712/3  Ack ... John Parke, Justice of ye peace.  Entrd: 10 Feb 1713/4.

Rose, Thomas Junr 29
3:29  Peter Mason of Coullchester in ye County of Hartford ... for 35L ... paid by Thomas Rose Junr. Of Preston ... Egunke Hill ... ye bounds of Mohegan native Contry as itt was Run by Captt: John Chandler and thence ... 1713.  Peter Mason.  Wit:  John Coliar, John Hill.  Ack: Preston 23 Feb 1713/14 Captt. Peter Mason appeared before John Parke Justice of peace.  Ent:  23 Feb 1713/14.

3:33  Thomas Rose Jun of Preston for 12L ... paid by Saml. Skerry of Preston ... certain tract of land I purchased of Capt. Peter Mason of Colchester by deed baring date 23 Feb 1713/4 ... formerly run by Capt. Chandler ... 11 Jun 1714.  Signed:  Thomas Rose Junr.  Wit:  Christopher Tracy, Thomas Averill.  Ent:  24 Jun 1714.

3:35  David Tracy of Preston ... for a certain parcel of land that was formerly laid out for a highway by Caleb Fobes, John Safford, William Billings and Peter Branch running southwardly on ye land of Caleb Fobes and Jonathan Rudd until it comes with a burying place and through ye sd Tracys Land ... road that was formerly laid out to Norwich ... by ye above persons I ye sd David Tracy ...  15 Mar 1714.  Signed: David Tracy.  Wit:  Daniell Brewster, John Bruster.  Ack:  recd: 15 Sep 1714.

3:39  23 Mar 1716.  Then laid out to Thomas Rose half a lott which ye sd Rose purchased of Josiah Standish and Samll. Standish ... laid our by us William Billings, Joseph Geer.  Ent: 27 Apr 1714

3:40  John Hill of Preston to Ebenezer Perkins.  27 Oct 1714.  Wit:  John Parke, Ezekiell Parke.

3:42  Ornicho Sacham of Mohegan for many kindnesses by me received of Thomas Rose Junr and for 3L besides ... with ye consent of Capt. Samuell Mason ... tract of land 100A ... lying sum miles westward of ye Great pond by ye Indians called Mashapauge  ... 1 Apr 1700.  Signed: Oanecho his mark.  Wit:  Samll Mason, John Mason.  Thee may certifi all persons yt I John Mason of Stonington as guardian and Trustee to Oanecho Do allow and approve of ye Disposition of ye above mentioned Tract of Land as witness my hand.  John Mason.  Ack: 12 Mar 1707/8.  Ent:  26 Feb 1714/5.

3:46-47  [copy]  To all Christian people to whom this present deed of sale shall come Greetings.  Knew ye that I Mikell Lambert of Groton in ye County of New London in her Majesties Colony of Conecticut in America for and in consideration of the sum of fifty pounds Good and Current Silver Money of New England to me my hand before ye Ensealing hereof I well and truly paid by my Honored father Mr. Josiah Haines of ye Town and county and Colony aforesd farmers y re----- whereof I doe hearby acknowledge and My Self therewith fully Sattesfied Contented and paid and thereof and of Every part and parcel thereof Do --------- acquit and Discharge ye sd Josiah Haines his heirs executors and Ad----- forever: by this preasent: I ye sd Mikel Lambert have Given Granted Bargained Sold Alenated Conveyed Confermed and by this Do freely and Absolutely Give grant bargain Sell alienate Convey and Confirm unto him sd Josiah Hains his hears and Assigns forever Several messuages or tracts: as a Reall Estate of Inheritance in fee Simple lying and being Situate in ye Township of Groton and Preston in ye County of New London and Colony ---mised and all and Singular ye Rites titles Claims interest and Demands yt I ye --- Mikell Lambert can Lawfully Make too any Lands or tenements before ye Date ---- this preasent I avouching my Self to be ye Soul heiress Lawfull to my --- sd fathers Estate Mikell Lambert deseased: Late of N. London in ye Colony aforesd as it was devised to me by his last will and testament as by record may appear be ye estimation of Acres more or less and particular being butted bounded as follows in ye Severall parts and parcels of them, this instrument being a more ample confirmation of what I have already given to sd father in law as by record may appear baring date 1709/10:  First of all I doe by his preasents Sell make over and Confirm unto ye sd Josiah Hains and his heirs and Assigns forever all that land that my father had in ye township of N. London on ye east side of N. London River at a place commonly called --- Seull? Plain being in estimation sixty acres be it more or less which my father had bought or purchased of Joseph Stanton of Naragansett in ye colony of Rhode Island on Kingsprince as by record may appear which was devised to me by will as aforesd which land was granted to Joseph Stanton by his father in Law Wm. Meeds of New London Deceased twenty acres of wch land was given by ye town of N. London to Wm. Meeds wch lyeth and is situate between ye twenty acre lots of Wm. Hough and Welmans as they were originally Wm. Welmans and lyeth to ye northward of Wm. Meeds: his twenty acres also twenty acres bought of George Tongue? Wm. Chapman and Thomas Croker and lyeth to ye northward of Wm. Meeds twenty acres all which three parcells containing sixty acres as abovesd and all so 150A of land in ye township of Preston in ye Colony and County abovesd which land my father bought of Sd town with ye commons whereunto belonging for work done by him ye sd Mikell Lambert for sd town wch as by Reacord may appear which land Lyeth and is Situate on ye East bounds of sd Tow att a place commonly known by ye name of Chestnut.  ... 13 Dec 1711.  Signed: Mikel M. Lambert her mark.  Wit:  Nehemiah Smith, Lidya Smith, Dorothy Smith.  Ack:  13 Dec 1711.  Ent:  8 Jul 1715.

Parke, Joseph, 50, 51
3:50  John Benjamin of Preston to Joseph Parke of Preston .... Line that was John Tomsons ... 11A ... 20 Jan 1713.   Signed:  John Benjaman.  Ack: 20 Jan 1713.  Wit:  John Parke, Mary Tracy.  Ent:  3 Jun 1715.

3:51  Joseph and John Benjamin of Preston to Joseph Parke of Preston .... 7A ... 20 Jan 1713.   Signed:  Joseph Benjaman, John Benjaman.  Ack: 31 Mar 1714.  Wit:  Ezekiell Parke, Joseph Rose.  Ent:  13 Jan 1715.

Parke, James 57
3:57  John Stanton and Thomas Stanton to James Parke ... Wit:  John Pray, Timothy Starkweather.  Ack: 19 Jan 1715/6.

3:61  James Parke of Preston ... for 15L paid by John ---ray late of Attlebrough by now of Preston ... west side of Pauchauge ... John Bennett ... 21 Nov 1715.  Signed:  James Parke.  Wit:  John Stanton, Timothy Starkweather, Thomas Stanton.  Ack: 16 --- & Recd:  20 Mar

3:74  Toney Negrow
I John Parke of Preston do hearby release Negro Toney who hath been sold to me: from my service and declare that he hath liberty to buy and sell and to pass along or Travill from place to place as he shall see good provided he shall deliver to me or my order fourty shillings a year ten years going which is to be kept for his use in case by reasen of any sickness lameness any malady whatsoever either by casultie or by age he shall have need of it.  ... 17 Oct 115.  Wit:  Salmon Treat, Sarah Chester.  Ent: 14 Jan 171/6/7.

3:77  deed of gift Thomas Rose Junr and Samll Sterry both of Preston  ... for kindnesses by William Billings ... place called Chaubannnunck ... brook called fishes brook ... 24 Apr 1716.  Signed:  Thomas Rose, Samll Sterry.  Wit:  Ezekiell Parke, Mark Williams.  Ent:  9 Feb 1716/7/  Ent 7 Feb 1716/7

3:88 Salmon Treat of Preston ... for 30L ... paid by John Meach of Preston ... from John Branch ... corner tree of Nathaniell Tracy on Jonathan Tracys land ... 1 Aug 1717.  Signed:  Salmon Treat.  Ent:  6 Aug


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