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Preston, Connecticut Deeds
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3:175 Laid out for Joseph Geer ... 38A ... 12A ... 8A ... 39A ... 10 Apr 1719

3:179 Jonathan Parke of Preston ... for five shillings ... to Jerediah Tracy ... interest in Common undevided Land in Preston ... 12 Dec 1718.  Signed: Jonathan Parke.  Ack: in Stonington 6 Feb 1718/9  Wit:  Thomas Woodward, Hezekiah Parke

3:183 Parke, Samll laid out two lots of land for his second Division 10 Feb 1718/19 ... Eleazar Parke

3:198 Thomas Parke to Jonathan Parke
Jonathan Parke of Preston ... for 4L 15s  paid by Thomas Parke of ye same town ... 10 Oct 1720.  Signed: Jonathan Parke.  Wit:  Thomas Woodward, Keziah Parke.  Ack: 23 Jan 1720/1.

3:199 John Morgan of New London to Stephen Gates ... 7 Jan 1706

3:200  John Meach Junr of Preston ... 16 Mar 1719/20 ... my father's abovesd deed ... father John Meach ... 12 Apr 1721 ...

Tracy, Jonathan, 200
3:200  Laid out to ye heirs of Liutt Jonathan Tracy Deceased and for Jonathan Tracy Junr an addition to make up their first division lotts which is bounded as followeth ... corner bounds of Sergtt Thomas Tracys lott ... Jonathan Tracy's first division lot ... bounds of Mr. Salmon ... Liut Jonathan Tracyes Land ... 11 Apr 1721.  Signed: Thomas Clark, Stephen Gates, William Billings.  Ent: 13 Apr 1721

Parrish, Benjamin, 201 [copy]
3:201 Laid out to Benjamin Parrish 50a ... Norwich Corner bounds of Nath. Tracy ... bounds of Lieut. Jonathan Tracy's first Division Lott ... Signed: Thomas Clark, Stephen Gates, William Billing.  Entred ye 13 of Aprill 1721.

3:201 [copy]
Laid out to Thomas Beman Nine acres of Land which was granted
to him by ye proprietors which is bounded as followeth beginning
black oake tree marked Standing Near ye Town Line from Thence run
ning Southwardly Eighty Rods bounded by ye Town Line to a heap of st
from thence running westwardly eighteen rods to a small Crooked Red
oake tree marked from Thence Runing Northwesterly to a walnut tree
marked Standing on ye South End of a Small Ridge hill from thence
Running Northeastwardly to ye bounds first mentioned
Aprill ye 24th Day 1719 Laid out by us
Thomas Clarke, Stephen Gates, Nathanall Tracy
This Survay Entred ye 5th of July 1721
Pr Me Samll Sterry Recorder

3:203  Proprietors to Benjamin Parish 50A ... Norwich line ... corner of William Richards ... corner of Jonathan Tracys land ... 16 Aug 1721

3:204  James Parke of Preston husbandman ... for 110 pounds paid by Benjamin Green of Warrick, Rhode Island ...
Signed James Parke, Deborah X Parke her mark

Film #5382  CT: New London: Preston CT Deeds Volume four
Hannah Cogswell 4:259
Edward Cogswell 4:341, 561, 679, 967
Samuel Cogswell 4:1071

Earthquake 4:336

John & Elizabeth Fobes 67, 69, 89,

Jonathan Geer 111, 113, 115, 225
Joseph Geer 103, 829
Daniel Geer 643
Benajah Geer 911
Christopher Geer 403 or 463

Jacob Lamb 209

John Parish 193
Isaac 193
Benjamin & Mary Parish 255, 257, 267, 289, 339, 817, 823, 841
Joseph Parish 841

James Parke 3
Samuel Parke 37, 313
Mary Parke 61, 1024
Isaac Parke 77, 461, 497, 791, 793, 813, 915, 957
William Parke 285
Ezekiel Parke 291
Eleaser Parke 979, 981
Thomas Parke 61, 981, 779, 983, 985
Hezekiah Parke 247, 317, 435, 449, 451, 413, 1018, 1019, 1079
Joseph Parke 105 or 145, 185
Joshua Parke 514
Josiah Parke 875, 979, 980, 981, 985, 1018
Robert Parke 451, 513
Daniel Parke 609,747
John Parke 547, 561, 563, 645, 793
Jonathan Parke 984

Thomas Rose, many

Tracy, Mary
Tracy, David, 65, 107, 175, 333, 335, 337, 495, 501

Book starts 1722

4:3  James Parke of Preston ... sum of 60L 10s ... paid by ye Inhabitants of ye North Society in Preston ... to Reverend Mr. Hezekiah Lord ... which said Inhabitants bought of me ye said James Parke ... as part of their Gift to him for a settlement amongst them ... by a Committee dated 28 Nov 1720 ... near to ye new meeting house ... near to ye house of Joseph Benjamin ... 65A ... 13 Jan 1721/2.  Signed:  James Parke.  Wit:  John Brown, John Cooke.  Ent:  28 Feb 1721/2.  Ent:  10 Jul 1722.

4:26  Edward Cogswells Lott
Laid out to Edward Cogswell 25A of Land Bounded as followeth Beginning at James Tylers Corner ... Signed:  Stephen Gates, Joseph Geer, Thomas Clark, Survayers.  Ent:  20 Oct 1720.

4:37  Hopestill Tyler Senr of Preston ... yeoman ... for 27L ... paid by Samuell Parke ... small parcel of land ... 3 Oct 1723 ... Signed: Hopestill X Tyler the mark of.  Wit:  Jon Brown, John Parke.  Ack: 3 Oct 1723.  Ent:  4 Oct 1723.

4:55  John Ames Jun of Preston ... quit claim unto Christopher Tracy of Preston ... to all that part of Land which his father John Ames of sd Preston sold to sd Tracy and is now in sd Tracyes possession ye whole being 60A and is Lying part in Preston and part in Stonington ... all my right and interest in or to ye same by vertue of a Deed by my Grandfather Hugh Ames Late of Preston Deseased ... 7 May 1723.  Signed:  John Ames.  Wit:  Richard Bushnell, Thos. Leffingwell.  Ack: Norwich 7 May 1723.  Ent: 18 May 1723.

4:61  Thomas Parke of Preston ... for 8L paid by Mary Parke of Groton ... tract of Land ... in Preston ... 4A ... corner of y Land which I ye abovesd Mary Parke bought of Jonathan Parke and from thence ... Land of Joseph Morgan ... 3 Jul 1723.  Signed:  Thomas Parke.  Wit:  Timoz Peirce, Joseph X Geer his mark.  Ack:  3 Jul 1723.  Ent: 12 Jul 1723.

4:65  Articles of Agreement indented and made and concluded and agreed upon between Thomas Tracy and David Tracy and Samuell Tracy all of Preston ... and Caleb Fobes of Preston ... Land Belonging to Caleb Fobes which Lyeth between Norwitch bounds and Seunkhunanuck brook bounden on ye South upon Land belonging to ye above sd Tracyes and ye bounds being uncertain and not known between ye sd Tracyes Land and ye sd Fobes Land ... 7 Feb 1722/3.  Signed:  Thomas Tracy, David Tracy, Samuell Tracy, Caleb Fobes.  Wit:  John Fobes, Archibald McDowell.  Ent: 12 Nov 1723.

4:77 Isaac Parke of Preston ... for 40L ... paid by Hopestill Tyler Junr of Preston ... one dwelling house and A cornmill and about 8A ... 1 Mar 1721/2.  Signed;  Isaac Parke.  Wit:  Samll Sterry, Hannah Sterry.  Ack:  4 Jul 1723.  Recd: 16 Oct 1723.

4:103  Joseph Geer of Preston ... for good causes ... a small tract of land ... to Stephen Gates of Preston ... 3 Feb 1718/9.  Signed:  Joseph X Geer his mark.  Wit:  Thomas Clark, Samuell Clark.  Ack  9 Jul 1722.  Ent:  30 Jan 1724.

4:107  Thomas Tracy of Preston yeoman ... naturell Love good will and fatherly affection  that I have and bare toward my truly well beloved son Nathaniell Tracy of ye same Preston ... all my right ... upland and Meadow which is partly undevided and so Lyeth in partnership with others  and is Lying and being upon a hill known by Name of Skunkhongganuck Hill ... 120A ... on Land of Caleb Fobes and Easterly upon a brook Called John Rudes Brook & northwardly upon Ezekiell Parke his Land and westerly upon Norwich Line ... 18 Feb 1713/14.  Signed:  Thomas Tracy.  Wit;  John Parke, Martha Wheeler.  Ack: 18 Feb 1713/4.  Ent:  3 Feb 1723/4.

4:111  Jonathan Geer of Preston ... 20L ... paid by Charles Williams of Preston ... certain piece of land ... and is ye Land or farm that ye sd Charles Williams now Lives upon ... a Stonewall between ye now Dwelling house and barn of Ensn. Thomas Gates of Preston ... land of Daniel Geer ... by my own Land ... 6 Apr 1721.  Signed: Jonathan O Geer his mark.  Wit:  John Richards, Mark Williams.  Ack:  24 Feb 1723/4.  Ent:  26 Feb 1723/4.

4:113  Charles Williams of Preston ... 20L ... paid by Jonathan Geer ... ye Land or farm that ye sd Jonathan Geer now Lives upon and bounded as followeth:  Ensn. John Freeman ... to Norwich bounds ... by my own Land ... near a fence belonging to Daniell Geer ... 6 Apr ---- .  Signed: Charles Williams C his mark.  Wit:  John Richards, Mark Williams.  Ack:  24 Feb 1723/4.  Ent:  21 Apr 1724.

4:115  Jonathan Geer of Preston ... for 100L ... paid by Jonathan Geer Junr of sd Preston ... 100A ... bounds between Daniell Geer and Isaac Morgan and ye abovesd Jonathan Geer ... bounds between sd Jonathan Geer and John Freeman and Isaac Morgan ... a Little west from ye Now Dwelling house of Jonathan Geer Junr ... to Charles Williamses ... 20 Feb 1723.  Signed:  Jonathan O Geer his mark.  Wit:  John Richards, Caleb Hains.  Plainfield March ye 13 day 1723 Ack:  Eng: 21 Apr 1724.

4:165  John Richards Junr of Preston ... for 28L paid by Joseph Parke of Preston ... five pieces of Land all situate and lying and being within the township of Preston ... land of Samll Parke ... to Isaac Aurrills Land ... Mr. John Browns Land ... 21 Jan 1720/1.  Signed:  John Richards.  Wit:  Cyprian Whipple, John Brown.  Ack: 8 Mar 1720/2.  Ent:  4 Apr 1722.

4:173  David Tracy and Samll. Tracy both of Preston for Divers good causes ... quit claim ... Thomas Tracy and Jedadiah Tracy both of ye same town ... right to all those Lands ... In Preston ... by John Fobes ... 18 Jan 1724/5.  Signed:  David Tracy, Samll. Tracy.  Wit:  John Brown, the Mark of Stephen Kinni.  Ack:  18 Jan 1724/5.  Ent:  25 Jan 1724/5.

4:185  Joseph Parke for 29L ... paid by James Smith of Norwich ... several parcels in Preston ... Samuell Parkes .... bounded by Isaac Auerills Land ... John Richards Junr ... John Browns land ... Lazarus Tyler ... 4 Nov 1721.  Signed:  Joseph Parke.  Wit:  Ichabod Hall, Samuell Ames.  Ack:  30 May 1724.  Ent:  21 Feb 1724/5.

4:225  Anna Tracy of Stonington, Spinster ... for 85L paid by my Brother Jonathan Tracy of Preston ... all my right ... unto all ye Land in ye Township of Preston ... right from my honored father Mr. Jonathan Tracy or my Grandfather Mr. Jonathan Tracy both Late of sd Preston ... 29 Jan 1725/6.  Signed:  Anna AT Tracy hir mark.  Wit:  Thomas Palmer, John Palmer.  Ack:  31 Jan 1725/6.  Ent:  3 Feb 1725/6.

4:229  Jonathan Tracy of Preston ... yeoman ... for 19L ... paid by Daniell Harris of Ipswich, county of Essex, Massachusetts ... 50A ... corner of Ezekiell Parkes Lott of Land ... 3 Feb 1725/6.  Signed:  Jonathan Tracy.  Wit:  Thomas Clark, John Douglas.  Ack: In Plainfield 3 Feb 1725/6.  Ent:  4 Feb 1725/6.

4:235  Jedediah Tracy of Preston ... for 20L ... paid by John Fobes ... 5A ... John Ames ... 10 Dec 1724.  Signed: Jedidiah Tracy.  Wit:  Caleb Fobes, James Treat.  Ack:  21 Dec 1724.  Ent:  20 Apr 1725.

4:239  Jonathan Tracy of Preston ... for 58L ... to Samuell Branch of Preston ... tract of land in Preston 65A ... Thomas Tracy's corner ... 14 Apr 1726.  Signed:  Jonathan Tracy.  Wit:  Caleb Fobes, Jedidiah Tracy.  Ack:  14 Apr 1726.  Ent:  5 May 1726.

4:243  14 Apr 1726 Laid out to Thomas Rose Junr 28A upon ye right of Land that he bought of his father Gates ... upon Plainfield line ... Minors northwest corner ... Thomas Roses former corner ... Laid by us William Billings, Joseph X Geer his mark, Nathaniell Tracy, Survayers.  Survay entred 26 Apr 1726.

4:247  Hezekiah Pare of Preston for 12L paid by Hopestill Tyler Junr. ... 11A ... Stoningtown line ... William Parke's NE corner ... 7 Apr 1725.  Signed:  Hazkiah Parke.  Wit;  Thomas Woodward, Robert Parke.  Ack:  14 July 1726.  Ent:  16 July 1726.

4:255  Jonathan Tracy and Benjamin Parrish and Mary Parrish sd Benjamin Parrishes wife all of Preston ... for 52L 19s ... paid by Daniell Harris of Ipswich, Essex, MA ... sold ... 34A in Preston being part of ye 95A of Land formerly granted to Sargt. Thomas Tracy and Lieut. Jonathan Tracy In exchang for other Lands ... 3 Nov 1726.  Signed:  Jonathan Tracy, Benjamin Parrish, Mary Parrish.  Wit:  John Brown, Jonathan Phillips.  Ack:  5 Nov 1726.  Ent:  12 Nov 1726.

4:257  Frances Tracy of Preston ... for 14L ... paid by Benjamin Parrish of Preston ... 20A ... corner of my father his land ... 19 Nov 1725.  Signed:  Frances Tracy.  Wit:  John Brown, John Brown Junr.  Ack:  19 Nov 1725.  Ent:  1 Apr 1726.

4:259  Hannah Davison widow of Thomas Davison of Preston ... for 15s paid by Jonathan Tracy of Preston ... 18 Oct 1726.  Signed:  Hannah X Davison her mark.  Wit:  John Brown, Hannah Cogswell.  Ack:  18 Oct 1726.  Ent:  5 Nov 1726.

4:261  Nathaniell Tracy of Norwich for 36A  passed over and confirmed by Benjamin Parrish and Jonathan Tracy both of Preston ... 34A ... 2 Nov 1726.  Signed:  Nathaniell Tracy.  Wit:  Jonathan Phillips, John Hatch.

4:265  whereas ye Generall assembly  at Hartford in May Last past did Grant Liberty to Lydia Tracy of Preston ... administratrix on ye estate of Christopher Tracy Late of Preston Deseased together with Jedadiah Tracy of Preston ... in consideration of 2L 10s quit claimed unto Jonathan Tracy of sd Preston ... north end of Chestnut Hill over Pauchauge River and was Laid out to Thomas Tracy and Jonathan Tracy Late of Preston Deseast and a part of sd Land Lyeth undevided amongst ye heirs of sd Jonathan Tracy Deseast ...

4:267 was not filmed.

4:269  Isaac Clark of Norwich for 2L 10s ... paid by Nathaniell Tracy of ye same Norwich ... quit claim  ... Chestnut Hill which was formerly Granted unto Thomas Tracy and Jonathan Tracy ... .  Signed:  Isaac Clark.  Wit:  Jonathan Collins, Ebenezer Wood.  Ack:  31 May 1725.  Ent:  10 Nov 1726.

4:279  Lydia Tracy and Jedidiah Tracy Both of Preston ... admix. On the estate of Christopher Tracy Late of sd Preston Deseast ... Genll assembly held at Hartford in May Last ... 64L .... Paid by Elisha Willcocks of ye Town of Westerly in ye Colony to Rhode Island ... bounded by ye land of Daniell Tracy ... 10 Mar 1725/6.  Signed:  Lydia X Tracy, Jedidiah Tracy.  Wit:  John Brown, Nathaniell Brown.  Ack:  10 Mar 1725/6.  Ent:  10 Sep 1726.

4:281  David Tracy and Samll Tracy of Preston ... quit claim  unto Jonathan Tracy of Preston all our right ... tract of land ... 16 Mar 1725/6.  Signed:  David Tracy, Samuell Tracy.  Wit:  Ebenezer Williams, Nathaniell Brown.  Ack:  16 Mar 1725/6/  Ent:  Apr 1726.

4:283  David Tracy of Preston for 5L paid by Frances Tracy of Norwich ... 20A ... 12 Nov 1720.  Signed:  David Tracy.  Wit:  John Brown, John Brown Junr.  Ack:  19 Nov 1725.  Ent:  2 Dec 1725.

4:285  Preston 2 Jun `726 ... settle Bounds corner of sd Christopher Averey's Land ... William Park and Robert Parke both agree to leave a sizable and convenient cart road of a rod wide ... Signed:  William Parke, Ebenezer Avery, Robert Parke.  Wit:  Samll Prentice, Samll Fore, Thomas Woodward.  Ent:  25 Jun 1726.

4:289  Samuell Tracy of Preston for a tract of land about 8a ... confirmed by Benjamin Parish of Preston ... 39a in Preston ... Hammock Swamp ... land of Jedidiah Tracy ... 2 Nov 1726.  Signed:  Samuell Tracy.  Wit:  Nathaniell Tracy, Jonathan Tracy.  Ack:  2 Nov 1726.  Ent:  23 Dec 1726.

4:290  Greenfield Larabe of Norwich ... for 23L ... paid by Ezekiel Parke of Preston ... acquit ... sold ... 15 Dec 1718.  Signed:  Grenfield Larabe.  Wit:  Alice Larabe, Nathaniell Richards.  Ack:  11 Nov 1723.  Ent:  26 Apr 1726.

4:295  David Tracy, Jedidiah Tracy, Saml Tracy all of Preston ... for 4A passed over and confirmed by Isaac Clark of Norwich ... two small tracts of land in Preston and Norwich ... 18 Jan 1724/5.   Signed:  David Tracy, Jedidiah Tracy, Samuell Tracy.  Wit:  John Brown, the mark of Stephen S Kinni.  Ack:  18 Jan 1724/5.

4:307  Subscribers hereunto ... grant unto William Green ... right title and intrest in a certain tract ... land formerly belonging to Joseph Morgan  ... 10A ... 24 Feb 1718.
Signed:  Stephen Gates Junr, Hopestill Tyler, Thomas Rose, Joseph Geer, Samuell Partridg, Mark Williams, William Richards, Thomas Rose, Junr, Thomas Gates, Thomas Tracy, David Tracy, Thomas Clark, William Billings, William Parke, John Brown, Nathaniel Tracy, John Richards, John Ford, Joseph Freeman, John Safford, Hopestill Tyler, John Renalls, Benjamin Bruster, Benjamin Parrish, Jedidiah Tracy.

4:313  John Stanton for 17L ... sold ... to Samuell Parke ... 7A ... formerly ye noreast corner of Hopestill Tyler ... by Jedidiah Frink ... 4 Apr 1727.  Signed:  John Stanton.  Wit:   John Brown, William Billings.  Ack:  4 Apr 1727.  Ent:  4 Apr 1727.

4:327  Josiah Standish of Stonington and Samuell Standish of Preston have for a valuable sum of money by us all ready received paid by Thomas Rose Junr of Preston ... it being half of all of our rite of ye commonage of Lands and is now undevided and did belong to our Honrd father Deseased ... Signed: Josiah Standish, Samuell Standish.  Wit:  Thomas Gates T his mark, Abigail Standish, Robert Gates, Mercy Standish.  Ack: 20 July 1726 in Lebanon Josiah Standish.  Ack: 25 Apr 1727 in Preston Samuell Standish.  Ent:  1 May 1727.

4:329 Nicholas Ritch of Preston ... husbandman for 20L paid by Thomas Rose Junr of Preston ... 10A ... 3 May 1726.  Signed:  Nicholas N Ritch his mark.  Wit:  John Crery, Timo: Peirce.  Ack: Plainfield 3 May 1726.  Ent:  7 Mar 1726.

4:331 Samuell Ritch of Sutton in ye County of Suffolk, Massachusetts ... and David Ritch of Me---dam in ye county of Hartford and Timothy Param?? [or Gearam??] And Abigail his wife of Wallinford in ye county of N Haven in sd Conecticut and James Tylar and Sarah his wife of Provedance in ye colony of Rhode Island and Jonathan Ritch and John Green & Mary his wife of ye town of Preston ... 60L ... paid by Thomas Rose Junr of sd Preston .... 40A ... 14th Lott as it was Laid out to Mr. John Ames ... sd Roses Norwest corner ... 21 Oct 1726.  Signed;  Samuell Rich, David Ritch, James A Tyler his mark, Sarah S. Tyler her mark, John X Green his mark, Mary M Green her mark, Timothy Gearom?, Jonathan X Ritch his mark.  Ack: Plainfield 21 Oct 1726.  Ent:  7 Mar 1726/7.

4:333 Jedidiah Tracy of Preston for good causes ... quit claimed unto David Tracy and Samuell Tracy all rite I had to those lands and improvements in Preston where ye now dwelling house of David Tracy stands containing 23A and a half near ye now dwelling house of ye sd David Tracy ... near ye swamp called ye pine swamp ... near ye Hammuck Swamp ... a bound tree between Benjamin Parrish and Jedidiah Tracy ... together with four acres and an half of land which was formerly Laid out to Thomas Tracy and Jonathan Tracy butted and bounded as may appear by reacord... 18 Jan 1724/5.  Signed:  Jedidiah Tracy.  Wit:  John Brown, the mark of Stephen S Kinni.  Ack: Preston 18 Jan 1724/5.  Ent:  15 Aug 1727.

4:335  Jedidiah Tracy of Preston for good cause quit claimed unto David Tracy and Samll Tracy both of ye same town ... all such right ... to all those lands and improvements within ye bounds hear after mentioned two messuages tracts of Land situate in Preston where ye now dwelling house of David Tracy stands containing 23A and a half ...

4:336  Remarkable was ye Great Earth quake that happened on Sabbath Day Evening about nine or ten of ye clock on ye 29th of October 1727 ye Like when of was never known In our Dayes so that I think It well deserveth one Page in our Reacords.

4:337  David Tracy and Jonathan Tracy both of Preston for divers good causes quit claim unto Samuell Tracy of ye same Town ... all such right ... to all those Lands and improvements within ye bounds hearafter mentioned two messuages or tracts of land situate and being in Preston ... Hammuck Swamp also land ajoyning ... southwest corner of Caleb Fobes his Land ... boundaree between Benjamin Parrish and Jedidiah Tracy ... together with four & half acres of Land which was formerly laid out to Thomas Tracy & Jonathan Tracy ... 159A and an half ye other be a part of ye fifty acres Lott which was Laid out to Jonathan Tracy ... SW corner of Mr. Salmon Treats fifty acre Lott... 16 Mar 1725/6.  Signed:  David Tracy, Jonathan Tracy.  Wit:  Ebenezer Williams, Nathaniell Brown.  Ack: Preston 16 Mar 1725/6.  Ent:  15 Aug 1727.

4:339 Benjamin Parrish of Preston in consideration of a tract of Land of about 8A and three quarters to me passed over and confirmed by Samuell Tracy of Preston ... sold one small tract of land in estimation 8A and three quarters  in Preston ... southeast corner of land of Benjamin Fitch ... Land of Deacon Richards ... 2 Nov 1726.  Signed: Benjamin Parrish.  Wit:  Nathaniell Tracy, Jonathan Tracy.  Ack:  Preston 2 Nov 1726.  Ent: 15 Aug 1727.

4:347  Stephen Gates of Preston for 38L paid by Thomas Gates of Preston ... 19A ... 14 Jan 1725/6.  Signed: Stephen Gates.  Wit:  John Brown, Nathaniell Brown.  Ack: Preston 17 Jan 1725/6.  Ent:  2 Mar 1726.

4:395  Thomas Gates Senr of Preston for 6L  my loving son Thomas Rose Junr of ye same Preston ... all my right unto all my Devision of common Lands within ye township of Preston ... 27 Apr 1719.  Signed:  Thomas Gates.  Wit:  Thomas Rose Senr, Elisabeth Safford.  Ack: Groton 17 Apr 1721.  Ent: 15 Apr 1728.

4:403  Thomas Rose Junr of Preston yeoman ... for 60L paid by David Mackwether Junr of Preston .. sold... Sedar swamp ... 32A ... 22 Apr 1727.  Signed:  Thomas Rose Junr.  Wit: John Crery, William Parke.  Ack: Plainfield 22 Apr 1727.  Ent: 9 May 1728.

4:407  [copy]  John Parke of Preston ... for 70L from John Ayers of Stonington ... a certain tract partly in Preston and partly in Stonington Near ye Northeast corner of Preston It being a part of a tract of Land given me by my honored father deceased and is by estimation 14A ... Beginning at a white oake tree which is one of ye bounds of Land now in ye posesion of Thomas Woodward and Is ye Noreast Corner of sd Parkes Land from thence west to a heap of Stones and from thence South to Joshua Parke his Land and So Easterly by sd Land to sd Joshua Parke his Land Northeast corner and ---- South to Thomas Bemans Land and so Runing Esterly by sd Bemans Land to a white ash tree and from thence to ye first mentioned bounds to Gather with all ye rights ... 21 May 1728.  Signed: John Parke.  Wit:  James Morgan, James Morgan Junr.  Ack: in Groton 21 May 1728.  Ent: 13 Jun 1728.

4:413  Hezekiah Parke of Preston for 16L 6p paid by John Killom of ye same Town ... sold tract of Land ... 8a and a half ... 16 Jun 1725.  Signed:  Hezekiah Parke.  Wit:  Tho: Woodward, Robert Parke.  Ack: Preston 17 Jun 1725.  Ent: 8 Jun 1725.

4:431  Daniell Tracy Junr and Abigail wife to sd Tracy both of Norwich ... for 75L ... by Elisha Wilcocks of Westerly in Rhoad Island paid ... all that 40A of Land which our Honoured father Liffingwell bought of Israell Standish in Preston ... John Ames his sw corner of his 50a lott ... 1 May 1726.  Signed:  Daniel Tracy Junr.  Abigail Tracy.  Wit:  Joseph Beckus, Simon Tracy.  Ack: Norwich 25 Jul 1727.  Recd: 4 Jun 1728.

4:435  Jonathan Davison of Preston ... having received of my Brother in Law Hezekiah Parke of Preston ye sum of 24s ... quit claim ... right ...certain piece of land  ... 47a which land was laid out in ye second division of ye common or undevided land in sd Preston to Mr. Robert Parke of Groton Deseast ... and Keziah Davison ye now wife of ye sd Jonathan Davison is one of ye daughters of ye abovesaid Robert Parke ... 4 Oct 1728.  Signed;  Jonathan Davison, Keziah Davison.  Wit: William Billings, John Brown, Samll Sterry, John Brown.  Ack: Preston 4 Oct 1728.  Ent:  4 Oct 1728.

4:437 Elisha Wilcocks of Preston ... for 40L paid by Frances Tracy of Preston ... 20A ... part of that land which I bought of Lidia and Jedidiah Tracy ... corner of ye land which I bought of Danll Tracy ... make up ye 20A ... 29 Feb 1727/8.  Signed: Elisha Willcocks.  Wit:  Daniell Tracy Junr, Daniell Calkin.  Ack: Norwich 20 Feb 1727/8.  Ent: 12 Mar 1727/8.

4:441  Frances Tracy of Preston for 20L paid by Jonathan Renals of ye same town ... sold ... piece of boggy meadow lying and being in ye town .. which his honored father gave him by a deed of gift which meadow is known by ye upper meadow also all my right to a certain cart way which was allowed me by deed sd Renels Land ... 8 Sep 1728.  Signed:  Frances Tracy.  Wit:  Joseph Billings, Benjamin Bruster.  Ack: Preston 10 Sep 1728.  Ent: 20 Sep 1728.

4:443  Samuell Branch of Preston for 5L ... paid by Samuell Tracy of Preston ... 4L ... 5a ... bounding on land of Jedidiah Tracy , land of David Tracy ... Mr. Salmon Treat ... 30 Apr 1728.  Signed:  Samuell Branch.  Wit:  John Brown, David Tracy.  Ack: Preston 30 Apr 1728.  Ent:  9 Dec 1728.

Wit: Thomas Beman 449 [copy]
4:449  John Laribe of Norwich ... quit claimed ... unto Hezekiah Parke of Preston ... all my right ... interest that I have to a certain tract of Land lying and being in Preston which Land was Laid out in ye second division to ye estate of my father Robert Parke Deseased ... tenth day of March 1727 ... Signed: John Larabe.  Wit:  Tho: Woodward, Thomas Beman.  Norwich ye 31st day of march 1727 Ack: in Norwich by John Larabe.  Ent: 9 Jan 1728/9.

4:451  Robert Parke of Groton ... quit claimed ... unto Hezekiah Parke of Preston ... Right of ye sd Robert Park had or ought to have in or to all that hundred and fifty acres of Land which ye sd Hezekiah Parke now Lives on: ... and to a Common Lott Joyning to ye east side of ye abovesd hundred and fifty acres... 19 Jan 1727/8.  Signed:  Robert Parke.  Wit:   Thomas Woodward Moses Meach.  Ack: Preston 8 Mar 1727/8.  Ent:  9 Jan 1728/9.

4:461  Benajah Williams of Stonington ... for 31L ... paid by Isaac Parke of Preston ... one measage or tract of Land ... North End of sd town of Preston by Pauchauge River which tract of Land was Given to me ye sd Benajah Williams and to my wife Deborah Williams by our honored father William Parke in his Last will and testament ... 4 Jan 1728/9.  Signed: Benajah Williams, Deborah Williams.  Wit: John Sergent, Sarah Edwards.  Ack: in Stonington 4 Jan 1728/9.  Ent: 27 Feb 1728/9.

4:463  Daniell Geer of Preston ... for Parentall Love and affection that I have and do bare toward my well beloved Son Christopher Geer of Preston ... all my right unto a certain piece or parcel of Land ... 90A ... bounded by Jacob Rude ... Samuell Partridge ... Moses Belcher ... 14 Mar 1729.  Signed:  Daniell X Geer his mar.  Wit:  Mark Williams, Jedidiah X Williams his mark.  Ack: Preston 14 Mar 1728/9.  Ent: 14 Mar 1728/9.


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