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Preston, Connecticut Deeds
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Sallmon Treats Loot
Laid out to Mr. Salmon Treat minister of the gospile at Preston 11A which is part of his 50A

the subscribers the proprietors of the purchas of the native right of the township of Preston of owanaco that sacham of the Mohegan country for & in consideration of five pound Lawful moneys to us or to our order in hand well and truly payed by Stephen Gates at Preston ... a small tract or parcel of Land adjoining to his former purches where he now dweleth ... p Thomas Roses east corner ... joining upon Joseph Geers ... land of Leut John Morgan ... 8 Mar 1699.  Signed: James Fitch, William Billings, Joseph Morgan, Ebenezer Witter, Daniell Brewster, Thomas Parke sener, John Randalls, Robart Parke, Thomas Park, Jonathan Tracy, Peter Branch, John Rood, Thomas Tracy, William Parke, John Morgan, Hugh Amos, Charles Williams, James Smith, Josiah Hayns, Joseph Geere, Gorg Geare his C marke, Mils Standish, Josiah Standish, Thomas Rose.

Where as by deed made form Owanaco sacham of Mohegan baring date 1686/7 unto us the subscribers & in relation to ye commonage and unlayed out lands in the township of Preston ... we James Fitch, Thomas Parke, Thomas Tracy and Jonathan Tracy in the county of New London ... 22 Jan 1706/7.  Signed: James Fitch, Thomas Tracy, Jonathan Tracy.  Wit: Peter Branch, Miriam Tracy.
Preston 23 Jan 1707/8 Thomas Parke Senr ack he subscribed to the within deed before me James Fitch assit.  Preston 23 Jan 1707/8 Majrt James Fitch ack and signed before me Jonathan Tracy justice of peace.  Preston 23 Jan 1707/8 Sarjt Thomas Tracy and Leut Jonathan Tracy ack.  Ent. 24 Jan 1707/8.

Samuell Parke his Lot ... 120A   Surveyed Mar 1706.  Ent. 28 Jan 1706/7.

Land Laid out for Mikell Lambart. Layd out by John Park and Calleb Fobes in the Town commons ... North side of Pawchauge river about half a mile eastward from the Land of Isaack Wheler of Stonington ... Laid out by John Parke and Calleb Fobes Thes Bounds entred 6 Feb 1706/7.  Pr me Jonathan Tracy, Town Clark.  This hundred acres of Land is part of pay for bealding of the minesters house in Preston.

Thomas Tracy and Jonathan Tracy both of the town of Preston ... good will & respect which wee bare unto our good friend and Neiber John Ritchard ... 25A within the bounds of Preston ajoyning to Norwich ... 14 Jan 1705/6.  Signed:  Thomas Tracy, Jonathan Tracy.  Wit:  Miriam Tracy ?igell O Witter.  Preston 25 Jan 1707/8.  Ent: 7 Feb 1706/7.

? acres of Land Layd out to Leut Jonathan Tracy on the south side of the now ??ng hous of Benjaman Parrish ... 6 Dec 1707  Laid out by us. Caleb Fobes, John Park.  Ent: Jan 1708.  Jonathan Tracy Recorder

Capt. John Parke 22 May 1706 Land Laid out by us whose names are underwritten being a comity appointed for that work by the purchasers of the commons unto Capt. John Parke of Preston in estimation 50A it being a grant of Land granted to him by the purchasers of the Commons for an in consideration of 5L 12s ...land formerly belonging to Hugh Amos ... Signed: Caleb Fobes, Joseph X Geere his mark.  Ent: 27 Mar 1707 Pr me Jonathan Tracy Recorder.

We the subscribers being of the purchasers of a tract of land of Onanaco that is of all the undisposed lands in Preston as apers by deed to all whome it may consarne that wee do agree and testify that Stephen Gates shall have an equall proportion in the sd purches with the rest of the purches ... 22 Jan 1706/7. Witnes our hands the 24 of June 1707 signed James Fitch, Jonathan Tracy, Thomas Tracy.  Wit:  John Mason, Isaac Clark. Preston 24 Jun 1707 Majr James Fitch ack: the above before me Jonathan Tracy JP  Preston 24 Jun 1707 Sarjt. Thomas Tracy and Leut. Jonathan Tracy signed and ack. This instrument before me James Fitch Assit.  Ent: 30 Jun 1707.

Joseph Geare his survey.  27 Nov 1706.  Laid out to Joseph  Geare a track of Land in estimation 7A it being ... land layed out by us John Park and Joseph Geare.  Ent: 27 Jan 1709/10.  Pr me Jonathan Tracy Recorder

Nathaniell Tracy of the Town of Preston ... for 10L ... payed by Isaac Averill of the same town ... 7 Jul 1707.  Signed: Nathaniell Tracy.  Wit:  Jonathan Tracy, Mary Richards.  Ack: 9 Jul 1707.  Ent: 1 Oct 1707.

Daniel Geare his survey of Land.  26 Dec 1708  Then layed out unto Daniell Geare a piece of Land which make up his 50A lot bounded as followeth ... corner tree of land that was Hugh Amoses ... Thomas Geats Lot ... Charls Williams ... Layed out by us Daniell C Gears his mark, William Billings, Joseph X Gear his mark.  This survey entred 27 Jan 1709/10.  Pre me Jonathan Tracy Recorder.

Parke, John, 154
2:154  John Mason of Stonington ... for valuable consideration paid by John Parke of Preston ... 100A ... partly in the township of Preston and part within the town of Plainfield ... 5 Dec 1707

Tracy, Jonathan Senr, 160,
2:160  John Mason of Stonington for a valuable consideration received by Jonathan Tracey of Preston ... quit my claime in and to severall tracts of land lying in Preston as may appeare by deeds in partenership with Thomas Tracy ... 4 Dec 1707.  Signed:  John Mason.  With:  Nathaniell Tracy, David Tracy.  Norwich 1 Dec 1707 Capt. John Mason ack. Before me Richard Bushnall justis of peace.  Ent:  15 Dec 1707

Parke, Ezekiel, 166,
2:166  Thomas Parke of Preston ... for divers causes moving ... love I bear to my grandson Ezekiell Parke ... 60A it being the wholle of my first divition of my sheare of the commons purchased of Oanaco ... 24 May 1706 .. Signed: Thomas Parke.  Wit:  Dorithy Parke, Jonathan Parke.  Thomas Parke Senr ack before me Jonathan Tracy justis of peace.  Ent. 18 Dec 1707.

Joseph Geare His Lot.  North by ye land of Isaac Wheeler ... east by ye Land of William Richard ... land of James Tiler ... lot laid out by us William Billings, Joseph X Geare his mark.

Grenfeild Laribe mentioned in witness and consideration whereof I have hereunto set to my hand and seal this seventh day of Aprill 1707 ... Ezekiell Parke.   Wit:  David Rude, Jonathan Rude.  15 Dec 1707 Ezekiell Parke apeared and ack.  Ent: 22 Dec 1707.
Land laid out unto Ezekiell Park in estimation sixti acres by the survaiers whose names are under written on the north side of Pachaoge ... laid out by us March 1706 ... Caleb Fobes, John Parke, William Billings.

Tracy, Jonathan Senr, 181,
2:181  Thartene acres and half of Land laid out to Leut Jonathan Tracy of Preston ... land of John Amos ... land formerly granted to sd Tracy ... Layed out by us Caleb Fobes, John Parke.  6 Dec 1707.  Ent: Jan 1708.

2:182  Jonathan Tracy his Loot and Jonathan Tracy Junr 100A of Land laid out by us the subscribes which is the 50A lot belonging to Leut Jonathan Tracy and the 50A lot belonging to Jonathan Tracy Junr deceased bounded as followeth: SW corner of Mr. Salmon Treats 50A Loot and from thence ..

Tracy, Thomas, 184-186,
2:184-186  Majr James Fitch of Canterbery in the county of New London Gentleman ... in consideration of 100A of land in Plainfield to me allredye ?harred by Thomas Tracy of Preston ... ack myself satisfied ... 100A ... west of Joseph Morgan his land ... Nathaniell Parke's corner tree ... 6 Dec 1705.  Signed:  James Fitch.  Wit:  Samuell Fitch John Mason.  Ack: 11 Feb 1705/6.  Ent: 26 Jan 1717/8/

Tracy, Thomas, 192 [copy]
2:192  Nathaniell Parke of Shelter Island in the province of New York in the county of Nassau do for divers good causes and considerations me moving there unto Do grant alienate and pas over absolutely and clearly ---of and confirme in Right state inheritance in fee simple of fifty acres of land Layed out by Caleb Fobes September 10th 1686 adjoining to Joseph Morgans Land o the east beginning at a whit oake tree marked N P being the south east corner and running North east fower score roods to an elme tree standing in a swamp marked with N P and from there running Northwest one hundred roods to a black oake tee marked N P and from thence Runing southeast fower --- roods running to a red oake tree standing in a drey swamp marked - and from thenc Runing to the tree first mentioned I the sd Nathaniell Parke do for divers good causes and considerations me moveing here unto having recaved full satisfaction for the sd Land above ---tified do here by ratify confirme and pas over unto Thomas Tracy - the colony of Conecticut in the county of New London to him and --- heires executors administrators and assigns forever to have and to --- possess and injoy quiatly and peacabley to injoy with out Let ----- of molestation or exception by me Nathaniell Parke my heirs ex--- administrators or assigns hereby ----ing up unto the sd Thomas Tracy all my naterall Right and intrest in the fore mentioned Land .  I do acknowledg myself to be the true propriator of the sd Land --- signing herof and shall defend the sd Tracy form any just --- from any party or parties whatsoever an shall be redy to give -er and ample Deed according to Law when desired and for the true performanc hereof sett to my hand and seale in the presents of us witnesses: ---nt Park, Jonathan Tracy.  Signed: Nathaniell Parke.  June 18th 1701 Nathaniell Parke acknowledged the above ritten to be his act and Deed before me Jonathan Tracy, Justis of peace.  This Deed entred February `0, 1707/8 Pr me Jonathan Tracy Recorder.

Geer, Joseph, 196 [copy]
2:196  To all Christian people Georg Geere sendeth greeting Know ye that I Georg Geere of New London in the coloney of Conecticut for divers good resons and mature considerations me moveing and more especially for the ferther incorrigment and comfortable settlement of my dutyfull and well beloved son Joseph Geere of Preston in the same colony aforesd do by this presence freely give grant alienat pas over enfofe and confirme clerly and absolutely fifty acres of Land Nere about one mile from pachoge River Bounded as followeth beginning at the east end at a white oak tree marked on foure sides and from thence running westerly by a swamp to a white oak tree ... I the sd Gorg Geere doth also give unto my above sd Joseph Geere fifty acres more of Land beginning at the Norwest corner of the other fifty acres which is at a whit oak ... which contains fifty acres within the sd boundaries this above mentioned Land being in the Bounds of Preston ... march fifteen one thousand six hundred Ninty and nine the within written Deed was signed sealed and delivered in presence of us wittneses: Jonathan Tracy, Thomas Clark.  Signed: Gorg G Geere his mark.  Preston February 17: 1707/8 Gorg Geers appered and acknowledged the within written Deed to be his free act and Deed before me Jonathan Tracy Justis of Peace.  This Deed entered February 19 1707/8 Pr me Jonathan Tracy Recorder.

Geer, Joseph, 198
2:198  Joseph Geare his Land 27 Nov 706 Laid out unto Joseph Geare of Preston a tract of land in estimation 7A it being  a grant of land granted to him by the purchesers of the town commons bounded as followeth ...

Geer, Daniell, 200, [copy]
2:200  Let it be known to all Christin people to whome this presents may come I Gorge Geare of Groton in the County of new London in the Colony of Conecticot New England Yeoman doe for many good considerations more espetialy that Love in speciall which I bare to my son Daniell Geare of Preston in the Collny county and cuntry above sd I say I doe by this presents fully and clerly give grant set over and confirm to my above sd son Daniell Geare all my right title intrest in the commons justly falling to me in the township of Preston with all of its priviledges and appurtenances that may there unto belong ---- that is to say I the abovesd Gorge Geare doe alienat set over and confirme from me my heirs executors administrators or assigns to have and to hould in fee simple with out Litt molestation disturbance oca-tion from by or under me from this time and at all times from all persons whatsoever to save harmless warrant and defend the premises according to the premises in testimony wher I have here unto sett my hand and seale in New London the 22 of febray 1706/7 signed sealed and delivered in prsence of Benjemen Steer, Grace Christophers.  Signed George G Geares his marke.  Georg Geare personally appered the 17the march 1706/7 and acknowledged the above instrument to be his act and Deed before me Richard Christophers Assist.  This Deed entered February 27 1707/8 Pr me Jonathan Tracy Recorder.

Geer, Daniell, 202,
2:202  Jonathan Geares of Preston and Mary his wife for divers good coses ... 4L 10s sell unto Daniell Geares of New London ... 10A ... 4 Apr 1694.  Signed:  Jonathan X Geare his mark, Mary MV Geare her mark.  Wit:  Thomas Williams, Samuell Nuten.  Ack:  befor Samuell Mason of New London 10 May 1697.  Ent: 2 Mar 1707/8.

Parke, John, 208
2:208  John Mason of Stoningtown ... for valuable consideration paid by Capt. John Parke of Preston quit claim 280A ... 11 Feb 1707/8.  Signed: John Mason.  Wit: ??? Morgan, ???ezer Witter.  Ack: 18 Mar 1708.  Recd: 10 Apr 1708.

Salmon Treat 217
2:217  John Mason of Stoningtown .. for valuable consideration recd of the Reverand Mr. Sallmon Treate of Preston ... 70 or 80A where the now dwelling house of ye aforesd Mr. Treate stands ... shall use occupie posses and enjoy the demised premises ... 11 Feb 1707/8.  Signed:  John Mason.  Wit:  John Morgan, John Parke.  Ack: 18 Mar 1708.  Ent: 19 May 1708.

Parke, Robart, 219
2:219  Jonathan Parke of Preston for 9L  paid by Mary Parke of Groton ... 50A of land which is part of that 100A of land that I bought of Frances West of Stoningtown which land was originally Mr. Thomas Minors of Stonington excepting that piece of it that is fenced by me which Liet at ye North corner of ye ... Land ... 9 Apr 1708.  Signed: Jonathan Parke.  Wit:  ???an Tracy, ??? Tracy.  Ack: 10 Apr 1708.  Ent: 12 Jul 1708.


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