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Preston, Connecticut Deeds
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Salmon Treat 89
Tracy, Jonathan 89,
1:89  Know all men by these presents that we Jonathan Tracy Senr, John Stanton, Thomas Stanton and William Billings of the Town of Preston ... to confirm the Deed unto Salmon Treat being now an ordained minister of the gospel in sd Preston ... 67A ... which Land Sarg. & Leut. Thomas & Jonathan Tracy gave a Deed of sale to Mr. Robart Hale and Mr. Robart Hale gave of Deed of sale of it to sd Preston ... 1697 ... bounded by Hugh Amos ... Signed:  Jonathan Tracy, Thomas Stanton, William Billings, John Stanton.  Wit: Caleb Fobes, Peter Branch.  Ack: 3 May 1700.  Recd: 25 Oct 1700.

95 [copy]
1:95  Nathaniel Parke of the Town of Preston in the County of new London with ye consent of Sarah my wife have for & in Consideration of a hundred acres of Land Lying at Patchaug River as also fifty acres adjoining it being bounded as is expressed in his Deed of sale to me bearing date with these presents as also for & in consideration of fifty pounds in provitions pay already payed or secured to be payed have bargined sould ... to my brother John Parke of ye Towne and County above mentioned to him ... certain farme of Land containing 100A together with an orchard & houses standing there upon ... land of Carry Lathan ... 12 Mar 1690.  Signed: Nathaniell Parke, the marke of Sarah Parke.  Wit:  James Bayley, Danniell Brewster, James Smith.  Ack: 23 Dec 1691.  Recd: 1 Jan 1691.

101 [copy]
1:101  Oanaco sachim of Mohegan doe for divers good causes and considerations me moveing ther unto doe grant allinate and pas over fully absolutely and clerly in feafe ... of Land Layed out by Caleb Fobes September 10th 1686 adjoyning to Joseph Morgan Land on the east ... unto Nathaniell Parke ... Signed: Oanaco his mark.  Wit:  John Morgan, John Parke.  Ack: 15 Mar 1687.  Recd: 7 Jan 1688/9/

Mikel Lambert
1:103  13 Jan 1689 Capt Standish Thomas Parks and Caleb Fobes in the behalf of the Town do covenant with Michkell Lambert to build the ministers house in consideration thereof wee doe ingage to pay or cause to be payed unto the sd Lambard two hundred acres of Land to be Laid out in the Town commons and all so to a---- the sd Lambert an equall proportion in the Town commons
Josiah Hains 100A ... promised to Mickell Lambert upon the account of the ministers house 18A lying Northward from Charles Williams his Land ... by Norwitch bounds ... and 11A lying northwardly from the Land of Nathaniel Parke at Pauchaug River near a pine swamp beginning at a stake standing in Norwitch Line and running by Norwitch Line ... to the Land of Nathaniel Parke at a crooks in Pachaug River where it comes to the south west corner of a hill ... Laid out by us Caleb Fobes, John Park.  9 Feb 1698/9

Thomas Park 105,
1:105  Thomas Parke June his deed from Thomas Parke Senr of the Town of Preston ... my Deare and well beloved son Thomas Parke Juner is Deceased and dyed intestine and had not obtained any Lagall convaighance of these Lands and improvements which my sayd son held in his Life time ... 24 Aug 1693 ... 150A where my Daughter in Law relict of Tho Parke Junr Now Liveth bounded as land of John Parks ... Thomas Averie ... Joseph ... Daniell Brester ... 50A bounded on Joseph Morgan ... 24 Aug 1693.  Signed:  Thomas Parke, Dorothy Parke.  Wit:  John Stanton, Jonathan Tracy.  Preston 22 Jan 1701/2.  Thomas Parke Senor appeard and ack.  Recd: 30 Jan 1701/2.

George Geer 139,[copy]
1:139  Oanacoe son of Oancos sachem of Mohegan doe sell unto Hugh Amos of Norwitch ... 130A of Land and unto George Geere I doe give 130A of Land the above sd tracts of Land Joyns together and Lie near Pabaquamsk ... Land that was Capt. Masons and upon the south with Land of Christopher Huntington ... 11 Dec 1683.  Signed: Aanico his mark.  Wit:  Samuell Mason, John Morgan.  Ack: Recd; 22 Jun 1691.

George Geer 141,
1:141  11 Dec 1691  Oanano Sacham of Mohegan doe sell unto Georg Geeres 50A ... one mile from the river called Pachayue River ... Signed by mark.  Wit:  Samuell Mason, John Morgan.  Deed was entered in Stonington Records  by John Stanton.  Deed entred 26 Jun 1691 pr me Jonathan Tracy Recorder.

George Geer 143,[copy]
1:143  Oanaco Sacham have sould unto Gorg Geres 100A of Land for a valuable Consideration all rady recved whare of fifty acres of this hundred as aforesaid was Layed out to Edward Citell formerly which now belongs to me the sd Geres which was Lyd out by Caleb Fobes by order from Oanaco buting on the west upon Land of Jonathan Geres: and to the east upon Land of Hugh Amos and this other fifty to make up the complement of one hundred as aforesd Layes to the Northwest of this fifty as aforesd this was Layd out by John Morgan also abuting upon Jonathan Geres to the west till it comes to a white oake tree ... Signed: the marke of Oanoco.  Witnes: Benjaman Brewester, Jonathan Brewester.  Aanaco Ack before Samuell Mason 26 Apr 1688.  Recd: 20 Sep 1691.

George Geer 145
1:145  These are to inform whom it may concern that I oanaco sacham have sould unto Gorg Geres a parcel of Land for a valluabell consideration all redy reseived being Layed out by John Morgin by my order as followeth ... Signed by the mark of oanaco.  Wit:  Benjamin Brewster, Jonathan Brewster.  Ack: before Samuell Mason Justice of the Peace Stonington 26 Apr 1688.  Recd:  20 Sep 1691.

Oanaco sacham of Mohagain to Thomas Rose a sartain tract of land to the north of the sd Rose his now dwelling house ... 2 Sep 1684.  Signed Owanaco his mark.  Wit:  John Stanton, Daniell Mason.

1:149 Oanaco deed to Isack Wheller
Oanco sacham of Mohagen for divers good considerations ... paid by me Isack Wheller of Stonington doe sell ... tract of Land ... 300A ... north side of Pahchog river on the Land of Joseph Morgin and Thomas Parke ... 16 Dec 1685.  Signed: Oanaco his mark.  Wit:  John Stanton, John Gallup.  Ack: before Samuell Mason assistant.  Ent: 14 Dec 1691.

Jonathan Park, 151
1:151 Jonathan Parke of Preston sells to John Patrag and Samuell Seabury both of Duxbrough in the county of Plimoth for 50L ...

Josiah Haines 1:161-163
Christopher Huntington Deceased in his Land will left some part of his estate to his wives dispose whome he made sole executrix and there being a certaine parcel of Land in Preston which he sequestred to be for mony &c ... Ruth Huntington of Norwitch in New London in New England Relict unto the sd Christopher Huntington deceased ... sold 250A in Preston ... to the Land formerly Major John Mason ... her right unto the abovesd Land & meadow unto Joseph Freeman of sudbr??ark in the County of Midlesex in New England to him his heirs & assignes forever and unto Joseah Hayns of the same towne and County ... Christopher Huntington, Thomas Huntington & John Huntington of Norwitch in the County of New London ... unto Joseph Freeman and Josiah Haynes to them their heirs ...Freeman and Haynes paid 40L 6s ... Signed: Ruth Huntington, Christopher Huntington, Thomas Huntington, John Huntington.  Wit:  Simon Huntington, John Baldwin, John Balcom.  Ack: Norwitch 5 May 1692.  Recd: 10 May 1692.

1: 167 Charles Williams of Preston to Thomas Gates 24 Jan 1699
Charles Williams of Preston carpenter for 5L 15s ... to Thomas Gates ... 23a ... near a place called pabaquanok ... part of a tract of land that I bought of Hugh Amos.  Signed:  Charles Williams.  Wit:  Hanna Williams my mark, the mark I of John Glover, the mark m of Mathew Coy.  Ack: 3 Feb ??? Benjaman Brewster.  Entred 18 Feb 1700.

Thomas Park 179, [copy]
Dority Park 179,
1:179  Thomas Parke Senr of the Towne of Preston ... for that father affection that I have & bare unto my son Nathaniell Parke do with ye full & free consent of Dorithe my wife give ... 100A be it more or Less within the bounds of Preston ... Land of Cary Lathan ... 10 Mar 1690.  Signed:  Thomas Parke, Dority Parke.  Wit:  James Smith, Samuell Parke.  Ack. Before Benjaman Brewster 23 Dec 1691.  Recd; 6 Mar 1693.

181 [copy]
1:181  John Parke of Preston for 100A of land do sell to my brother Nathaniell Parke ... 100A ... on both sides Pachog River ... sd land which I bought of the sd Nathaniell Parke ... 14 Dec 1691.  Signed: John Parke, the mark of Mary Parke.  Wit:  Thomas Parke Senr, Ebenezer Witter.  Recd: 7 Mar 1693.

Dority Park 183,
Thomas Park 183,
1:183  Thomas Parke Senr of Preston for affection I have to my son John Parke ... 100a on both sides of the River called Patchoag River ... 10 Mar 1690.  Signed: Thomas Parke, Dority Parke.  Wit:  James Bailey, James Smith, Samuell Parke.Ack:  18 Aug 1690.  Recd: 20 Apr 1693.

Major Mason (1693) 193
1:193  6 Nov 1693 At a metting it was voted and granted that that parcel of Land which was Layed out by sum of Norwitch to Major Mason and now falls with in th bounds of Preston shall belong to Major Mason and his heires and assigns forever.

Tracy, Jonathan 194,
Thos Tracy 194,
1:194  Whereas Caleb Fobes and the overseers of and unto the children of Jonathan Rood Deceased have made demand of an open highway on the southerly part of our Land by the Little pine swamp of us the subscribers all tho wee may say wee judge it cannot be forced of us and all things considered there may be little reason for it yet knowin at some times and in some cases this Christian duty to deny ourselves ... wee Thomas Tracy and Jonathan Tracy of Preston ... agree ... for the SW corner of Caleb Fobes Land ... Signed:  Thomas Tracy, Jonathan Tracy.  Wit:  Andrew Daves, Nathaniell Tracy.  Preston 4 Nov 1693 Ack.  Ent. 22 Feb 1693/4.

Thos Tracy 195,
Tracy, Jonathan 195,
1:195  By vertue of an agreemt made between Calib Fobes and the overseers of the children of Jonathan Rude on the one part and Sargt Thomas Tracy and Lieut Jonathan Tracy on the other part, respecting an open highway on the south side of their land ...

1:200  Thomas Bolles of New London for a valuable consideration passed over unto Robart Parke and James Smith both of Preston ... my right ... to a deed granted to me by Oanaco Sacham of the Moheags for 200A ... Signed: Thomas Bolles.  18 Nov 1687.  Wit:  Thomas Parke, William Parke.  Ack:  11 May 1694.  Ent:  14 May 194.  The boundaries of the Land in the above written Deed as it is Layed out to Robart Parke as his parte of the above written deed which is 100A of Land Layed out to him May 25: 1691 Laid out by me Caleb Fobes Liing at the North end of the Land of Ensn. John Parke Laid out at the same time beginning ... boundaries entered 14 May 1694.  Per me Jonathan Tracy Recorder.

Wit: Mary Tracy 219,
1:219  9 Nov 1694.  Whereas there hath ben sum diferance between Joseph Morgan & Mary Parke Relict to Thomas Parke Junr both of the towne of Preston respecting the devition of there Land at Pachage wee the sd Morgan and Parke doe make choice of Sart Freeman and good man Fobes to make an aquall Davition other by quantity of quality of the sd Land according to there best judgment ... Signed:  Joseph Morgan, Mary Parke X her marke.  Wit:  Jonathan Tracy, Mary Tracy.  Bond entered 14 Nov 1694.

Wit: John Tracy 239
1:239  Ephraim Minor and Joseph Minor senior both of Stonington ... sould 100A unto John Parke and Caleb Fobes of Preston ... land was layed out to our honoured father Thomas Minor  northward of Stoningtown bounded east by a swamp joining to Thomas Minor his former land  ... 25 Jun 1694.  Signed:  Ephraim Minor Sen., Joseph Minor Sen.  Wit:  Richard Christophers, John Tracy. Preston the 10 of Sept 1695.  Ack:  26 Jun 1694.  Ent: 3 Dec 1695.

Thos Tracy 247,
1: 247  100A lying to the northward of Stonington bounds the Length of it halfe a mile the breadth one hundred pole that is to say two acres of meadow lying neer to it by Kewoutaquak Rever two trees marked as the others above the one ... 250A ... 15 Nov 1667.  Signed: Thomas Tracy, Thomas Leffingwell.  Record 18 May 1669 Pr me John Allyn Secrete.  Ent: 13 Feb 1696 Pr me Jonathan Tracy.

Thomas Park 253,
1: 253  24 Aug 1693  Thomas Parke Senior of the Town of Preston ... love & affection ... son Robart Parke of the same Towne ... part of the land which I formerly purchased of Edward Stallion of New London 40A ... land of Joseph Morgan ... Land of John Parke ... excepting 14A which I the sd Thomas Parke reserve the use and improvement ... for the term of my natural life and during the term of the natural life of Dorothy my wife ... Signed: Thomas Parke, Dorithy Parke.  Wit:  John Stanton, Jonathan Tracy.  Ack: before me Benjaman Brewster 11 Jan 1695.  Ent: 19 Feb 1696.

Thomas Park 255, Dority Park, 255,
1:255  Deed of gift baring Date 24 Aug 1693 ... Thomas Parke senior of the towne of Preston ... love and affection which I bare unto my sons Robart Parke & William Parke ... tract of land to be equally divided ... land which I purchased of Edward Palmer of New London ... 200A ... east side Pachag River ... Signed: Thomas Parke, Dorithy Parke.  Wit:  John Stanton, Jonathan Tracy.  Ack: 11 Jan 1695 before me Benjaman Brewstar.  Ent:  21 Feb 1696.

Dority Park 257 Thomas Park 257,
1: 257  Deed of gift baring Date 24 Aug 1693 ... Thomas Parke senior of the towne of Preston ... love and affection which I bare unto my son Robart Parke ... tract of land this present deed of gift being part of that land granted to me by the Town of New London for shingled clabords for the town hous & it is in estamation 100A ... east side Pachag River ... Signed: Thomas Parke, Dorithy Parke.  Wit:  John Stanton, Jonathan Tracy.  Ack: 11 Jan 1695 before me Benjaman Brewstar.  Ent:  24 Feb 1696.

Dority Park , 259, Thomas Park 259,
1:259  Deed of gift baring Date 24 Aug 1693 ... Thomas Parke senior of the towne of Preston ... love and affection which I bare unto my son Robart Parke ... tract of land this present deed of gift being part of that land which I formerly purchased of Capt. James Avery of New London & it is in estamation 50A ... at the River ... above Goodman Morgans ... Signed: Thomas Parke, Dorithy Parke.  Wit:  John Stanton, Jonathan Tracy.  Ack: 11 Jan 1695 before me Benjaman Brewstar.  Ent:  24 Feb 1696.


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