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Tracy, Nathaniell, 224,226, [copy]
Tracy, Jonathan Senr, 224, 226,
Tracy, Thomas,  224, 226,
2:224  To all Christian people unto whome these presents shall come I John Mason of Stoningtown in the county of New London in the colony of Conecticut in New England Gentleman sendeth Greeting.  Know ye that where as Sart Thomas Tracy and Leut Jonathan Tracy both of Preston in the county of New London in ye coloney aforesd hath many years sins made purchase lands and meadow now within ye Towne ship of Preston of which they have steadily possessed of and where as there my yet want som further Ratification and Confirmation of ye same I ye aforesd John Mason doe by these presents give grant alien confirme unto ye aforesd Thomas Tracy to him and his heirs and assigns forever unto ye aforesd Jonathan Tracy to him his heirs and assigns forever & sure all tracts parcels of uplands meadows pastures wood Lands commonage swamp timber stone watter and buildings orchards fences and ye appartenances and priveledges that doth or ever after may any wise belong or appertain that is to say of all and every part and sell of ye Lands madows and pastures butted lying and bounded as followeth that I say unto e aforesd Thomas Tracy his heirs and assigns forever and to ye abovesd Jonathan Tracy and to his heirs and assigns forever imprimas ye first parcel piece ye sd Tracys now dwells as it is Butted and bounded being in estimation two hundred acres bounded east upon ye Land of Caleb Fobes and North upon ye Land of sd Fobes west upon Norwich Town Line and south partly upon a pine swamp and partly on -of a hill to Norwich Line ye second parcel Lying on y east in Estimation seven---- acres which is bounded round by ye Land of Hugh Amos and ye above sd Fobes ... parcel Lying on ye North hill being in estimation eighty acres and is bounded south on ye on ye aforesd Fobes and west on a brook and North on ye Land --- Branch and east on Land of Mr. Salmon Treat and North on sd Treats and east on ye Land of John Rood ye fifth parcel Lying on ye great Brook in ---- about five acres bounded North on ye brook and south and west on ye Land of Caleb Fobes the sixth parcel is meadow Lying on ye hill in estimation three acres bounded on ye south on ye meadow of Caleb Fobes ye seventh parcel Lying on y North Pachoag river on a hill in estimation one hundred acres as it is bounded round ---- marked trees and all so one hundred and fifty acres of Land belonging to ye above ---- Acres of it Mr. Fitches and fifty acres of it Nathaniell Parkes and is bounded as followeth North westerly partly on ye Land of Mr. Salmon Treat and partly ---- land of Jonathan Tracy and easterly on ye Land Joseph Morgan and southerly on Land of Ebenezer Witter also one parcel of Land on ye west side of Quinz----in estimation one hundred and seventy acres and bounded east on ye ---- and south on ye land of Jonathan Tracy and west partly on y ---Jonathan Tracy and partly on the land of Josiah Reade and also unto ye abovesd Jonathan one parcel of Land Ninty two Acres Lying on ye west side of Quinebogge River and is be----east on sd river and North on ye Land of ye abovesd Thomas Tracy and ----st on ye hill and south on ye Land of Josiah Read also one hundred and forty acres of Land lying upon Pabaquampes hill and is bounded as followeth bounded easterly ----on ye rever and partly on ye Land of Thomas Tracy and all ye other sides bounded --- trees and another parcel Lying southward of y sd Jonathan Tracys Now dwelling --- hundred and forty acres bounded east on ye Land John Amos and North on ye sd Tracys Land and partly on common Land and west on a pine swamp and south easterly on ye Land of Thomas Tracy and partly on ye Land of Mr. Salmon Treat all so another parcel of Land --- west from Skonkhunganuk Hill in estimation forty Acres bounded east on a brook and Land of Caleb Fobes west on Norwich bounds North on ye Land of Nathaniell Tracy and also by these presents give grant and confirme unto Nathaniell Tracy one parcel of Land Lying on the west side of ye great boyis meadow in estimation one hundred and twenty acres bounded east on ye abovesd meadow and north upon Lana of Thomas Roode and south on the Land of Caleb Fobes and west partly upon Norwich Line and partly on ye Land of Fobes and east partly upon Norwich Line and partly on ye Land of Obid Rooke I ye sd Mason doe by these presents Remise Release and quit all my claime properlie and ---est in & unto all & every tract & parcel of Land above mentioned as thay are buted and ---ed I ye sd John Mason do by these presents alienate & pas over & confirme from me my executors administrators or assigns forever unto them ye abovesd Thomas Tracy & Jonathan Tracy & Nathaniell Tracy of their Heirs executors administrators & assigns forever & I ye sd John Mason doe by ---- presents promis & in Gage for myself my heirs & sucessors that Nitate me nor any o --- person or persons by any means shall molest ye abovesd Tracys in ye ?????????? of ye ---mentioned tract or parcels of Land by ye abovesd Tracys their heirs executors ad---- & assgns shall & may by force & vertue of these presents at all times hereafter ---py posses & in joy ye Demised premises with all ye appurtenances as a good perfect & ---estate of inheritance in fee simple free & clere from all ???? demands or ?????? ejec ---- molestations from me ye above sd John Mason my heirs executors or assigns or any ---- by any means act privity consent or procurement in wittness whereof I ye above --- mson have here unto sett my hand & affixed my seale this ye twelveth day of march -----and seven hundred and eight.  Signed:  John Mason.  Signed and Sealed in presence of us ---- Rose ---- Rose Junr.  Norwich January 6th Anna 1707/8 Capt. John Mason personally appered and acknowledged this Deed before me James Fitch Assist.  This Deed entred January 13 1708/9. Pr me Jonathan Tracy Recorder.

Rose, Thomas, 232, 234
2:232  Oanaco Sacham of Moheagan with the free and full consent of Capt. Samuell Mason have sold a sartain tract of land 200A for a valuable consideration  ... to Thomas Rose Senr of Preston ... West side of the River known by the name of ye Deep River ... 14 May 1693.  Signed: the mark of Oanaco.  Wit: ???niell Mason, ???hn Mason.  Ack:  Ent: 16 Feb1708/9.

Tracy, Jonathan Senr, 236, [copy]
Tracy, Thomas,  236
2:236  Articals of Agreement between Hugh Amos and Caleb Fobes and Thomas Tracy and Jonathan Tracy with respect to dividing of sum swamps which was oridganly ---- Leffingwells and Thomas Tracy boath of Norwich now wee who are above Named are the proprietors of sd swamps and have divided them as followeth Hugh Amos hath four acres in the east end of the pine swamp and Nine Acres in the Swamp by sd Fobes his house called the Cranbary Swamp.
Caleb Fobes his part of the swamp.
----the swamp above the Bridg which is fourteen Acres which is one Acre --- are then his proportion upon which account Thomas Tracy hath a Rod and half width of upland by the swamp all the Length of sd Fobes his Land below the bridge & three quarters of an acre of madow by the swamp on the North side of the -ime and a pece of upland the width of sd swamp to the Rock at the west end of sd swamp and all the sd swamp belongeth to sd Thomas Tracy it being five acres - all the swamp below the Bridg it being foure acres and half and three acres in the - swamp joining easterly upon sd Amos is swamp and westerly upon the swamp Jonathan Tracy and is bound with a pine tree marked on the North side of the swamp a maple tree on the south sid of ye swamp marked with IT on ye west sd and --- them two trees marked ET.  Signed:  Jonathan Tracy
for to the west end of the swamp Belonges all to Jonathan Tracy being thirteen Acres.
Thomas Tracy
-- bounds of Thomas Tracys pece of upland at ye west end of ye swamp on ye North side of ye Plaine is as followeth beginning at ye North east corner - a white oak stadle marked TT and ye Northwest corner a walnut stadle ten rods and a ---un foot and from ye walnut stadle sow west to ye brook eight rood - ye above sd Hugh Amos doth ingage that ye sd Thomas Tracy shall --- Liberty to make a dame at ye Lower end of ye swamp be Low ye bridg --- How ye swamp without molestation from me ye sd Amos or my heirs --- ye sd Tracy doth ingage not to Let out ye water at ani time so as to dam --- ye sd Amos also Caleb Fobes doth ingage to a Low sd Thomas Tracy a --- way upon his Land to go with a cart to his part of ye pine swamp.  Signed:  Thomas Tracy, Caleb Fobes, Jonathan Tracy, John Amos.  Ye above written Davision entred Pr me Jonathan Tracy Recorder.

Tracy, Thomas,  238,
2:238  Articles of Agreement between Peter Branch and John Amos and Thomas Tracy and Jonathan Rood conserning the divition of a tract of land mentioned in a deed baring date 14 Mar 1687 ... north end of scunkun---nuck hill ... now in partnership between ye above mentioned persons ... 45A.  Signed: Peter Branch, John Amos, Jonathan Rodd.

Tracy, Thomas,  240
2:240  A sartan parcel of madow contained in the deed in partenership between the Tracyes Branch Amos and Rudd now belongs to Peter Branch and Nathaniell Tracy and Jonathan Rudd and is bounded as follow westerly upon Norwich line and east ... Signed: John Amos.

Tracy, Nathaniell, 246, 247
2:246  Jonathan Rudd of Windham in the county of Hartford ... for sume of 6L 10s ... paid by Nathaniel Tracy of Preston ... three parcels of land ... which land is my part in a deed bareing date 14 Mar 1687 which deed is in partnership between Rudd, Amos, Branch and Tracys ... 38A ... land of Ezekell Parke ... 16 Mar 1709.  Signed: Jonathan Rudd, Wit:  Richard Bushnell, Thomas Harris.  Ack 30 Mar 1709 in Norwich.  Ent: 1 Jul 1709.

Nathanaell Tracy of Preston for 13L paid by John Amos ... 33A ... on ye land of Ezecell Park ... 30 Jun 1709.  it is all so further to be understood ..takes in all ye sd Tracys part of ye abovesd people madow.  Signed: Nathanael Tracy.  Wit:  Han Tracy, ???? Tracy.  Ack: 14 Jul 1709.  Ent: 14 Jul 1709.

Josiah Hains for 75L paid by John and Joseph Freeman of Preston ... 125A ... which was bought in partnership by Joseph Freeman of Preston deceased & ye sd Josiah Hains as appers by a Deed baring date 1692 and now lieth in partnership between John Freeman & Joseph Freeman heirs to ye sd Joseph Freeman deceased & ye sd Joseph Hains ... 21 May 1709.  Signed:  Josiah Hains.  Wit:  Caleb Fobes, Joshua Fobes, Caleb Fobes.  Ack: 18 Sep 1709, Ent: 22 Sep 1709

Geer, Daniell, 258
2:258  The 20 Lot beginning at the south east corner of the 19 Lot and the south west corner of the 20 Lot .... Fifty acres ... 21 Mar 1706.  Layed out by us Caleb Fobes, John Parke survaiers.  Ent. 30 Jan 1709/10.

Whereas Stephen Gates of Preston ... one of the General Proprietors of that Tract of Land which is contained within ye boundaries of ye abovesd town and whereas at a meeting of sum of ye propriators of ye above sd town they did agree to make a division of sum of their Lands to wit fifty acres which ... from John Partrig his bound tree ... rock marked SG ... Signed: Thomas Rose.  Thomas T Geat: his mark, James Smith.

We the subscribers hereunto do consent and alow of what the abovesd persons have ??? Laiing out that tract of Land to Stephen Geats as wittness our hands: Thomas Clark, Charls Williams, Jonathan Tracy, John Rude, Ephreim Minor senr, Joseph Minor senr, Thomas Tracy.

Parke, Samuell, 260-262
2:260-262  Thomas Stanton of Preston for a yoke of oxen and three cowes paid by Samuell Park of Preston ... parcel of Land by estimation 47A ... by John Willke? ... John Wilkersons ... 15 Sep 1709.  Signed:  Thomas Stanton, Sarah Stanton.  Wit:  Jonathan Tracy, Mary Tracy.  Ack: 21 Sep 1709.  Ent: 27 Sep 1709.

Thomas Tracy and Jonathan Tracy of Preston ... yeoman in consideration of two acres of medow to us in hand by Grenfeild Larabe of Norwich ... 3A of upland and madow in Preston in ye Great boge madow ... bounded by Thomas Rood, easterly upon ye madow of sd Tracys and ... Richard Cook ... 23 Jan 1700.  Signed:  Thomas Tracy, Jonathan Tracy.  Wit:  John Brown, Peter Davison.  Ack: 12 Nov 1703.  Ent:  26 Nov 1703.

Capt. John Parke Jr., William Billings, Caleb Fobes & Joseph Geare all of Preston for 18L payed by William Green of Preston ... certain parcel of land  ... on ye high Land east from Capt. Averrys farme so called bounded as followeth ... Ebenezer Williams ... containing 70A ... 16 Jan 1709.  Signed:  John Parke, William Billings, Caleb Fobes, Joseph X Geere his marke.  Wit:  Jonathan Tracy, John Brown.  Ack:  16 Jan 1709/10.  Ent: 19 Jan 1709/10.

2:300 [copy]
Majr. James Fitch & Josiah Standish Thom. Parke Senr Thom. Tracy Joseph Morgan Jonathan Tracy of Preston ... we being implied to purches ye common Land wthin ye bounds of Preston  do give ... unto Gorg Geare Daniell Brewster, Hugh Amos, Joseph Cary, Thomas Parke Junr, Thos Avery, Robert Parke, --- Branch, William Parke, Charls Williams, Nathaniell Park, John Rood, John Parke, Jonathan Rood, John Amos, Mils Standish, Tho. Rose, Ephrim Minor, Joseph Minor Peter Davison, Mr. Treat, Nathanell Tracy, Mical Lambart, Isaac Wheler, John Morgan, Caleb ---is, Josiah Standish Junr, Joseph Here, John Stanton, William Billings, Christopher Hunting---, Solomon Tracy, Tho. Parke Junr, James Smith, Ebenezer Witter?, Steven Geats, John ---wn, Jonathan Tracy Junr, Ebenezer Williams they having all redy payed there part - purches to our good content we do ... an ----all sheare with us in ye common Land purchased by us within ye township of Preston ... 1704 ... whereas it doth appere by record that severall --- have above named have not payed there full proportion to there purches thay --- have an equall shere according to there purches if thay will pay ye remainder of ---- by ye Last of November next to the Town clark then thay shall have an equall ---- all the rest of the purchasers.  Signed:  James Fitch, Thomas Tracy, Thomas Parke, Mils Standish, Joseph Morgan.  Wit:  ----till Tiler H his mark, ---- Richards.  Ack: 1704.  Ent: 3 Jan 1709/10.

Joseph Geere of Preston ... for 13L 10s ... by James Tiler of the same town ... 3 Jan 1703?  Signed:  Joseph X Geere his mark.  Wit:  Jonathan Tracy, ---- Fobes.  Ack: 16 Jan 1709/10.  Ent: 8 Feb 1709/10.

2:304 [made a mistake and numbered as 384]
John Benjaman of Preston ... yeoman ... for 3L paid by John Tomson ... 10A ... 5 Mar 1709/10.

Parke, Eleazer, 386
2:386  Mary Parke of the Towne of Preston widow to Thomas Park.  I being soale executrix to ye estate of my deceased husband having paid all my husband's debts and paid all my children's portion excepting my youngest son Eliezer as appears by ye severall recaits under their hands and I have Reserved to myselfe ye one half of ye farm that my husband Lived on at ye time of his death with the one halfe of my husbands land that lying in ye plain ajasent to the seader swamp and now I doe by these present truly fully and absolutely give and bequeath to my youngest sonn Eliezer Park those Lands above mentioned to him ... 16 March 1708.  Signed:  Mary M Parke her mark, Samuell Parke, Thomas Parke, Jonathan Parke, John Clark, Hanna Parke.  Wit:  John Parke, John Smith.  Ack:  13 Mar 1710.  Ent:  15 Mar 1710.

Parke, Thomas, 388
2:388  16 Jun 1708 then delivered unto my son Thomas Parke by me Mary Parke of Preston ... widow and Relict of Thomas Parke deceased and as administratrix to his estate I say delivered unto him the one halfe of that tract of Land which the house now stands upon as it is devided between my son Eleazer and him it being the east part of sd Devision in estimation 75A ... but if by the providence of God I should dey before 20 years expired from the date hereof then my son Eleazer Parke is to have the same privelege ... 25A ... and my daughter Hanna Parke her portion which he hath paid which being fifty one pounds one shilling according to the distribution of the cort still ... Signed:  Mary M Parke her marke.  Ent:  15 Mar 1710.

Parke, John, 388
2:388  20 Mar 1706 Land Layed out by us whose names are underwriten unto John Parke 65 acres bounded as followeth ... Land formerly Laid out to sd Parke and from sd tree south ... Signed:  Joseph X Geer his marke.  Caleb Fobes.  This survey entered March 16, 1710.

Parke, Ezekiel, 409
2:409  Thomas Tracy and Jonathan Tracy both of Preston yeomen ... for sum of 7L paid by Ezekell Parke of ye same towne .... 3 1/2A  ... bounded upon ye sd Parke's land ... 10 Apr 1710.  Signed:  Thomas Tracy, Jonathan Tracy.
Wit:  ---- Parrish.  ---- Tracy.  Ack:  20 Nov 1710.  Lebenon 23 Nov 1710 Jonathan Tracy appered and ack. The above written deed.  Ent:  4 Dec 1710 Pre me Jonathan Tracy Town Clarke.

Parke, Ezekiel, 411
2:411  23 May 1706 ... Thomas Parke Senr doth give the shere which was my shere in the Towne Commons to Ezekiel Parke my Granson and Confirm it to him or his forever --- Tracy I desire you for to make a Deed of it a Deed of Gift and to ---- knowledge it for him and record it to him and here by I ingage for to sell --- my hand at any opportunity.  Thomas Parke Senr.  Wit:  Dorithy Parke, ---herth Parke.  Ent:  25 Dec 1710.

Parke, John, 442
2:442  Thomas Larabe of Norwich have for sundry good causes nominated ... well beloved uncle Capt. John Parke of Preston my true & Lawfull attorney ... to see or lett out my house & Land all so to dispose of any part of my estate as he shall think best ... 12 Oct 1705.  Signed:  Thomas Laribe.  Wit:  Thomas Parke Senr, Rebekah Park.  Ack:  12 Oct 175.

John Safford of Preston  for affection & love I doe bare unto my eldest son John Safford all ye Land that I had of Mr. John Stanton of Preston within ye deed of sale baring date 7 Jan 1699 ... 1 Nov 1709.  Signed: John Safford.  Wit:  Joseph Lamb, Hannah H. Safford Junr. Her mark.  Ack:  5 May 1711.  Ent:  9 May 1711.


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