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p.264  John Parke
1:264  Received 21 Nov 1701 by me Grenfield Larabe in the Towne of Norwich ... Brother John Park of Preston ... 9L of lawful mony of New England in ye lew of thirteen pounds six shillings and eight pence in provition pay which is my wife ales her parte of a Layase of fourty pounds given by my father Thomas Parke Senr to his three Daughters and to be payed by my brother John Parke after his decease as appears by a Deed bareing date August the 24 1693 of which sume of nine pounds I the sd Grenfeild Lareby acquit and fully discharge the sd John Parke ... from my wife Ales her parte of 40L above mentioned forever ... 16 Jan 1702.  Signed:  Grenfeild Laribee, Ales Larifee.  Wit:  Thomas Laribee, John Laribee.  This Reseit entered may the 11, 1703 Pr me Jonathan Tracy Recorder

Dority Park 265, Thomas Park 265
1:265  Thomas Parke Senior  of the Town of Preston ... to my son John Parke of the same town and county ... 113A ... near Land of Danell Brusters ... from the widow Parke his house ... William Parke ... NE corner of land bought by John Parke of Nathaniell Parke ... until it comes to land which the sd John Parke purchased of Oanaco ... butteth on Land of Daniell Brewster ... provided that my sd sonn John Parke or his asignes shall after our Decease truly and faithfully pay or cause to be payed unto my three daughters if then surviving viz: to my Daugter Martha to my Daugter Dorothy and to my Daugter Ales, the full and just sum of fortie pounds the current pay of New England ... 24 Aug 1693
Signed: Thomas Parke, Dorithy Parke.  Wit:  John Stanton, Jonathan Tracy.  Ack: 7 Jan 1695 before me Benjaman Brewstar.  Ent:  23 May 1696.

Stephen Gates 267,
1:267  20 Feb 1696 Leut John Morgan of New London ... to Stephen Gates of Preston for 11L ... 80A ... land that is Thomas Rose ... Signed: John Morgan. Wit: Samuell Mason, Elizabeth Mason.  Ack: 30 Mar 1696.  Recd: 5 May 1696.

Stephen Gates 269
1:269  3 Jan 1709 ... house of Joseph Benjamen of sd Preston ... to Pachauge River ... to John Brouns ... Isaac Averell ... Thomas Averill & James Tiler ... Land of Isaack Wheler of Stonington ... Chestnut Hill ... James Pare & Isaack Averill & James Tiler inserted that ye highway should cross their land at the place where it is Laid out.  Layd out by us Caleb Fobes, Ebenezer Witter, Thomas Stanton.  This highway entered 5 Jun 1710.

1:276 Benjamin Parish witness
William Billings of Stonington to Nathaniell Boreman of Topsfield (MA) 120A ... 11 Dec 1704.  Wit:  Thomas Verell, Benjamin Parish.

1:277 Charter
Whereas Christopher Huntington Jonathan Tracy Jonathan Rodd Thomas Tracy Caleb Fobes Hugh Amos Peter Branch Ritchard Cooke have stood seized of a parcel of land ... land abuts on the land of John Parke ...

Francis West now of Stoningtowne ... in the consideration of 50A of Land assigned over unto me by Robart Parke of the Towne of Preston ... sould ... 50A ...  Signed;  Francis West.  Wit:  Danell Mason, John Mason.  Ack: 6 May 1701.  Recd: 19 Jan 1703.

William Denison having some Lands lying within our Towne  which was granted by Stonington ... paying 300L for the sd Land ... Land of Capt. Samuell Mason ... on the land of John Lamb and from thence ... 80A Layed out by us Caleb Fobes, John Parke.  16 Feb 1697.  We the select men of Preston do approve of there survey of the Land above mentioned we have received of Mr. Denison 17L 12s in peces of eight at six shillings and nine pence Pr pece.  Signed:  Thomas Parke, John Parke, Daniell Brewster.  These Bounds entred Feb. 18, 1697.  Pre me Jonathan Tracy Recorder.

Comitty chosen by the Town to Lay out an highway ... Land of John Meach ... John Rude, Leut John Morgan, Robart and William Parke to Pauchaug River ... Joseph Morgan ... southwardly from the metting house on the west end of the Land of Henery Wallbri ... Hugh Amos ... Danell Brester ... Ebenazer Witter ... Pockatannok River.  Signed: Thomas Tracy, John Parke, Caleb Fobes, Danell Brewster.

Thomas Gates 1:287,
Leut Benjamin Brewster of the Town of Norwich ... for 25L paid by Thomas Gates of the Towne of Stove in the countie of Middlesex in the colony of Masechusets ... Land of Danell Brewster ... 11 Jul 1692.  Norwich 12 Jul 1692 ack.  Wit:  Richard Bushnell, Christopher Huntington, Nathan Brewster.  Ent: 27 Mar 1697.

Salmon Treat 1:303
Hugh Amos of the town of Preston for 80L ... 100A ... to Salmon Treat Clargiman of sd town of Preston ... sd tract of Land is by me sd Hugh Amos given to the wife of Henry Walbridge called Anna Walbridge both of them now living in Norweich .. which I do intend shall be my last will & testament ... land of John Starkwether ... 3 July 1701.  Signed:  Hugh Amos X his mark, Henry Wallbridg, Anna Wallbridg.  Wit:  Caleb Fobes, John Safford.  Ack: 3 Jul 1701.    Ent: 9 Jul 1701.

Wit: Mary Tracy 315 [copy]
Wit: Miriam Tracy 315,
1:315  The deed of Hugh Stone from Robart Parks
To all Christian people to home these presents shall come I Nathaniel Parke of Shelter Island in the province of New York Yeoman ... for 15a of land in Norwich at the mouth of Shawtucket river to me in hand by Robart Parke of New London ... three score acres of Land lying within the Bounds of New London Bounded ... parts of the land which William bought of Mr. Simon Brodstreet at the west end ... Signed Nathaniell Parke.  Wit: Thomas Tracy, Jonathan Tracy.  18 June 1701  Nathaniell Parke ack the above written ...

Know all men by these presents that Robart Parke of New London for 14L payed by Hugh Stone of ... assigne and make over my hole right and interest in and unto the above written deed from me my heires ... Signed: Robart Parke, Wit:  Mary Tracy, Miriam Tracy.  Preston January 14: 1701 Robart Parks appeared and acknowledged ...

1:327 Wit: Jonathan and Mary Tracy.

Thomas Gates 331
Wit: Miriam Tracy 331
Tracy, Jonathan 331,
1:331  Joseph Cary of Windham of Herford county, CT ... for 4L in silver mony ... by Thomas Gates of Preston ... all my right in or single share in the undivided Land contained within the aforesd township of Preston ... 14 Jan 1702/3.  Signed Joseph Cary.  Wit:  Jonathan Tracy, Miriam Tracy.

Joseph Cary of Windham Hertford county for 4L in silver mony paid by Thomas Gates of the Town of Preston ... part or single share in the undivided Land ... Signed: Joseph Cary.  Wit:  Jonathan Tracy, Miriam Tracy.  Ack: 14 Jan 1702/3.  Ent: 26 Jan 1702/3.

Jonathan Parke of the town of Preston for 10L paid by my unkle Robert Parke of New London ... 50A in Preston it being south parte of the farme which the sd Jonathan Parke purchased of Frances West ... Robert Parke ... Robart Parke lately purchased of Frances West ... 10 Jul 1702.  Signed:  Jonathan Parke.  Wit:  Samuell Standish, Benajah Bushnell.  Ack: Norwich 11 Jul 1702.  Ent:  13 Jul 1703.

Tracy, Jonathan 349 Thos Tracy 349
1:349  Articals of agreement between Hugh Amos and Caleb Fobes and Thomas Tracy and Jonathan Tracy with respect to deviding of sum swamps which was originally Leut Lefingwells and Thomas Tracy boath of Norwich and now wee who are above named are the proprioters of sd swamps and have devided them as followeth Hugh Amos Hath fower acres in ye east end of ye pine swamp and nine acres in the cranbary swamp and Caleb Fobes hath all the swamp above the bridg which is fourteen acres which is an acar more than his proportion upon which account Thomas Tracy hath and half wide of upland by the swamp all ye Length of Caleb Fobes Land below the bridg and three quarters of an acer of medow by the swamp at the North side of the plain and a pece of upland at the west end of the swamp the width of the swamp beginning at a whit oak standet marked and from thence westerly to a walnut tree tenn rood and eleven foot and from thence sowwest eight rods to the brook and all the sd swamp belongs to sd Thomas Tracy it being five acres all the swamp below the bridg it being fower acres and half and three acres in the pine swamp bounded east upon Hugh Amos on the south side of the swamp with a pine tree marked II and on the North side with a mapell tree marked II and Caleb Fobes doth ingage to allow said Tracy a hiway upon his Land to the sd swamp and Jonathan Tracy hath thirteen acres in the pine swamp bounded esterly upon Thomas Tracy on the North side with a pine tree marked IT and on the south side with a mapell tree marked IT.  John Amos, Caleb Fobes, Thomas Tracy, Jonathan Tracy.  This boundaries entered January 25 1703/4.  Pr me Jonathan Tracy Recorder.  And the sd highway through Caleb Fobes Land is to be acre and half wide by the swamp side.

1:355 More boundaries

Peter Davison of the Towne of Preston ... for 5L ... paid by Samuell Parke of the said Towne ... one hole sheare of the sd Towne comanag ... 20 July 1704.. Signed: Peter Davison.  Wit:  Jonathan Tracy, Mary Tracy.

1:376 11 Dec 1704
Wit: Benjamin Parish

1:377 5 Apr 1704
Wit: Jonathan Tracy, Mary Tracy

FHL Film #5381 CT: New London: Preston Deed books 1-3 (1687-1722)
Second Book of Records
No larkin

Joseph Branch m. Zerviah Tracy 1714
Check Jacob Cady m. 1724 Lydia Webber m. 1770 Dorothy Lamb Morgan

Geer, Joseph, 55, 134, 196, 198
Geer, Daniell, 36, 152, 200, 202, 258
Josiah Haines 258
Mikel Lambert, 112
Parish, Benjamin 468
Parke, John, 7, 55, 122, 154, 208, 388, 442
Parke, William, 45, 47, 61
Parke, Ezekiel, 94, 95, 166, 409, 411
Parke, Nathaniell 100
Parke, Robart, 98, 138, 219
Parke, Samuell, 108, 260, 262
Parke, Eleazer, 386, 409
Parke, Thomas, 388
Parke, Joseph, 458
Parke, Mary, 464
Rose, Thomas, 110, 232, 234
Tracy, Nathaniell, 3, 27, 100, 224,226, 246, 247
Tracy, Jonathan, 31, 38
Tracy, Jonathan Senr, 118, 160, 181, 224, 226, 236,
Tracy, Thomas, 184, 186, 192, 224, 226, 236, 238, 240
Tracy, David, 466, 467
Salmon Treat 102, 217
Samuel & Elizabeth Treat

Tracy, Nathaniell, 2:3 witness

Parke, John, 2:7
Joseph Morgan of Greenwich in Fairfield CT son of Joseph Morgan late of Preston deceased and administrator of his estate as also my mother Dorothy Morgan widow and relick ... for 19L paid toward the payment of the portion by us payable by Capt. John Park of Preston ... seven and a half acres ... land Joseph Morgan deceased bought of Mr. Thomas Parke Senr and Robart Parke ... by land of Robart Parke ... 18 Apr 1705.  Signed:  Dorothy D Morgan her mark, Joseph Morgan.  Wit:  Ebenazer Witter, Peter Davison.  Ack:  14 Apr 1705.  Recd: 2 Nov 1705.

Jonathan Tracy of Preston for a sertain tract of Land within the bounds of Preston ... 44A ... confirm to Peter Branch of Preston all my right in fower parcels of land contained in a deed baring date 14 Mar 1687 which deed is in partanership between Hugh Amos, Thomas Tracy, Peter ranch, Jonathan Tracy and Jonathan Rudd which is yet undivided ... 30 May 1704.  Signed: Jonathan Tracy.  Wit:  Nathaniell Tracy, John Ritchards.  Ack: 6 Apr 1705 Leut. Jonathan Tracy.  Recd: 28 Nov 1705.

2:15  Wit: Jonathan Tracy & Nathaniell Tracy

Tracy, Nathaniell, 2:27 [skipped a page in filming]

Geer, Daniell, 36
2:36  Gorg Gere of New London doe give unto my son Daniell Geare one hundred acres of land Lying in the Towne ship of Preston which I purchased owenaco Bounded as followeth the first fifty acres of it buting on the west upon Land of Jonathan Geare and on the east upon Land of Hugh Amos and the other fifty to make up the complement of one hundred acres Lying to the Norwest of the other fifty also abuting upon Jonathan Geres and on the west until it comes to a white oak tree marked on fouer sides from thence esterly to a walnut tree by a swamp joyning to Hugh Amos this hundred acres of land Laied out fifty of it by Caleb Fobes the other fifti by John Morgan by order from Oweneco all which hundred acres of Land I give to my son Daniell as aforesd ... 14 May 1698.  Signed;  Gorg G Geare his mark.  Wit:  Grace Christophers, John Mayhew.  Entred 21 Jan 1705/6.

Grenfield Larabe of Norwich yeoman for 3A of upland and madow to me by Thomas and Jonathan Tracy both of Preston ... 2A of madow in Norwich on the norwest corner of the ommock and bounded northerly upon land of Ritchard Cook and easterly upon Norwich Line and westerly upon the land of Jonathan Tracy ... 23 Jan 1700.  Signed: Greenefield Larabe.  Wit:  John Brown, Peter Davison.  Ack: 12 Nov 1703.  Ent:  23 Jan 1705/6.

Thomas Parke Senr of Preston for the incoragement & comfortable settlement of my son William Parke ... give ... 100A my sd sonn now dwelleth on and improveth ... 24 Aug 1693.  Signed: Thomas Parke, Dorithy Parke.  Wit:  John Stanton, Jonathan Tracy.  Ack: 11 Jan 1695.  Entred: 22 May 1706.

Deed of Gift baring date 24 Aug 1693 ... Thomas Parke senir of Preston ... for love and greatfaction which I bare unto my loveing & deutyfull son William Parke of the same town ... part of the land which I formerly purchased of Edward Stallian of New London ... 50A ... joining Robart Parkes ... excepting 9A which I ye sd Thomas Parke do reserve ye use and improvement and benifite ... during the term of my naturall Life and during the term of the naturall Life of Dorithy my wife & att the expiration thereof the sd nine acres to returne and properly to belong to my son William Parke ... Signed: Thomas Parke, Dorithy Parke.  Wit:  John Stanton, Jonathan Tracy.  Ack: 11 Jan 1695.  Recd: 23 May 1706.

William Parke his bounds.  100A layed out to William Parke lying bout his dwelling house ... partly by the land of Robart Parke ... bound mark between the sd William Parke and Robart Parke ... Jonathan Rudd.  The Boundaries entered 23 May 1706.

Geer, Joseph, 55
2:55  At a meeting of Purchaser in Preston it was voted that each purchaser of the common Land in sd towne should have a Lot Layed out to him in sd common Land and at the same meeting it was also voted that Capt. John Parke Ens? William Billings Caleb Fobes and Joseph Geere should be a comity of survayers to Lay out sd Lots and at a meting of ye sd purchasers on ye Land Monday in May 1706 the sd comity made there returne of ye worke for which they were appointed and it was then voted they should have seventy acres of Land for there Labour in Lying out sd Lots and John Brown of Sd Preston was chosen and appointed with ye sd ... south west corner of Ebenezer Williams his lot ... northward from the land of John Partradge and Samuel Sybry of Duxbru Layed out by John Brown, Caleb Fobes surveyors, John Parke surveyors.  Boundries entred 19 June 1706.

William Parke his lot.  26 Mar 1706 then laid out for William Parke a loot bounded as followeth: ... James Tylers land ... Signed William Billings, Joseph X Geere his mark survayers.  Thes bondes entred 16 Dec 1706.

Capt. John Parke of Preston ... 4L 10s ... payed by Ebenezer Witter of Preston ... northwest corner of John Parke his land which he bought of Nathaniell Park ... tract bought of John Parke ... 10A ... 14 Feb 1706.  Signed: John Parke.  Wit: Jonathan Tracy, Peter Branch.  Ack: 29 Apr 1706.  Recd: 5 Dec 1706.

Capt. John Parke of Preston ... 4L 5s ... payed by Ebenezer Witter of Preston ... 5A ... southeast corner of Daniell Brewsters Land  another piece of land formerly purchased of John Parke ... 14 Feb 1706.  Signed: John Parke.  Wit: Jonathan Tracy, Peter Branch.  Ack: 29 Apr 1706.  Recd: 5 Dec 1706.

26 Mar 1706 Laid out for Robart Parke a loot bounded as followeth ... by us William Billings, John Parke survaiers.  Entered 2 Jan 1706/7.

Parke, Nathaniel, folo 100
2:100  Nathaniel Parke his Loot the 16 Loot
March the 20, 1706 Laid out the sixteenth Loot in estimation seventy
acres highways excepted bounded as followeth the North east corner
being red oak tree standing in a swamp it being the southeast corner
of the Land of Ebenezer Williams thence westerly one hundred and fifty
rood to ...signed: Caleb Forbes, John Parke, survaiers
the Boundiries entred Jenenrary 7: 1706/7. Pr Jonathan Tracy Town Clark

Nathaniell Tracy his Loot
The second Loot beginning at a white oak ... entred 7 Jan 1906/7


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