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Film #5593 Stonington, New London Co, CT
Deeds 1664-1714, Book One
 Part One


  Film #5593 Stonington, New London Co, CT Deeds 1664-1714.
  Book 1

  1:13 July ye 5th 1666 Thomas Parke Senior had libertie
  granted him to chuse, take or refuse his town grant ..
  of one hundred acres of land within the precincts of the
  last addition to the town and this was voated by the ma-
  jor part of ye town attest Jos Stanton Recorder.

  1:20 7 Apr 1668
  At a Publick town meting it was passed by voat and
  Given and granted unto Mr. William Park one hundred
  Akres of Land equivalent unto to her Inhabitants
  And to take it by turn after former grants are

  1:23 21 Jan 1683??
  At the same meting it as unanimously consented
  Unto by voat
  That whereas the surveighors have through incon-
  siderateness, by not perusing the town Records
  Layed out unto Thomas Parke Junior some land
  Without the 8 mile ??? Contrarie to the intent
  of the town of joint? great? Reason The town doth protest agaynst
  there laying out that Land, to Thomas Parke
  and doe order the surveighors to lay out
  Capt. Denison & his son there Land according
  to there grants as doth appeare upon record
  x attest Jno Stanton Rerd.

  1:25 13 Aug 1688
  It was alsoe voated that Capt. Denison shall have fiftie
  Akres of Land more added unto his hundred and fiftie
  Akre grant to make it up two hundred Akres
  this was done for Peace sake and to the end that
  the matter of difference betwixt the sayd Capt.
  Denison and Thomas Parke may bee finally by these
  meanes composed and that hee might take it in quantitee
  though not in qualitie and the sd Denison declared
  the place of his siting to begin at the Chestnut? tree
  And for ???? between Thos. Parke and the Chestnut?

  1:27 John Mason son of Mr. Samuell Mason was Born
  the 19th of August 1676
  John Mason son of Capt. Samuel Mason Deceased the 20th of
  March 1704/5.

  1:41 The 30th November: 1670: the towne have voted that his answer under written should be recorded and reccd to
  John Randell.

  1:41 In answer to ye request of John Randell desireing to be admitted an inhabitant of our towne. The towne declares
  that they and shall admit him an Inhabitant of our Towne always provided he shall freely attend the Laws of this Colony
  and the orders of the Towne, as we our selves are bound to do.

  1:58 on the 22 of March 1664
  by the order of the town was Layed
  out one hundred and fiftie Acres of Land
  unto Aaron Stark of Southertown, as followeth
  The Length of it east & be South: The cross
  line south & be west: with a freshit running
  through it, with the medow belonging thereunto
  this sayd Land lieth neer the head of Thomas
  Parkes Land
  [all crossed out]

  1:62 [copy] y May ye 4th 1665: B
  Know all men by these presents that I Robert
  =Parks of Mistick for good and valuable
  consideration doe give grant bargaine and sell
  unto John Russell of Mistick a parcel of
  Land adjoining to John Bennet butting upon the
  sayd Bennett and part upon paucatuck highway
  and likewise upon Mr Parks his own land upon
  the North line twoo Rod beyond the great
  Roks; and upon the west part upon the pond
  and part upon his own land, and the other
  part Butting upon Mr Parks South; and the
  sayd John is to build an house upon the
  same ground and to fense all exept -----
  agaynst Bennet and hee the sayd Robert
  is to mayntayn it both him and -----
  executors forever, and the sayd Robert
  alsoe Binds his heirs executors &assigns ----
  ever that the sd John Russell shall ----
  =ly and peaceablely Injoy all the said
  named purchased ground without moles
  =tation according to ye true Intent and
  meaning hereof. Here unto I set my ----
  in the presens of Thomas Parks …….Robert Parks
  William Sanders
  Ales Parks:
  This is a true and exact ----
  =ken out of the originall -----
  Mr Park his own hand -------
  his prementioned land was Recorded -----
  Bennet on ye 3th day of July, 1665 ----
  to show by a firm deed of -------
  Jno Stanton Rec:r

  1:64 December ye 28th [1665]: At publicque Towne meting
  it was ordered and concluded that Goodman ---
  and Aron Start; shall have Instruction into the ---
  of Mr. Noyses Rate. And see that the severall ----
  habitants doe bring thear proportions in unto
  Nehemiah Palmers house for Mr. Noyses -----
  and this to bee ----------------

  1:66 March the 28th 1666 At the same towne meting was granted
  unto Major Mason 100A of land
  according to our former act, and order of voat?
  by way of equal proportion unto those who ------
  their lotts.
  The Major Mason has this day in the towne meeting
  pitched?? at or neer Cauiissattuck???

  1:90 31 Jan 1667 100A layed out to Thomas Parks Junior

  1:101 21 Mar 1666 100A layed out to Mr. Thomas Parks

  1:102 Thomas Park of Stonington have sould and …. 100A within ye bounds of Stoneington … granted by the Towne
  of Stoneington unto my Brother William Park of Roxebery the which said tract I bought of my Brother the said tract with
  all privileges … to John Ashcraft 14 Mar 1669/70. Signed: Thomas Parke. Wit: John Fish. Recd: 15 Apr 1670

  1:104 [copy] Know all men by these Prsents that I Thomas Parke of Stonington have sould unto Isack Wheeller of the
  same towne and by these presents sell … 100A of land given me by the towne of Stoneington with all priveledges … 22
  Mar 1669/70 Signed: Thomas Parke? Wit: John Fish, Thomas Parke Junior. Recd: ?? Apr 1670.

  1:114-115 3 Feb 1667 100A laid out unto Goodman Fish as following [cannot read] that Nathaniel Beebe … to William
  Park do hereby acknowledge that … unto John Fish of Stoningtone … to land lately Thomas Parks land being 31 rod
  broade then 20 Rod as aforesaid lately bought by the said Park of Mr. John Winthroup … said land a parte of fortie
  acres as by deed under his hand and seale dated in Oct 1665 lying and ajoyning upon … 6 April? 1668? Signed:
  William Park Wit: Thomas Park, ??? Park

  1:115 Thomas Park of Stoneingtone do hereby acknowledge that I have sould by way of exchange … at Mistick lately
  be Land of Mr. William Tomsons the said land ye said Tomson bought of ye said Park being 31 rods in breadth … sell
  unto John Fish? Bought of Mr. Peter Blatchfield lying on the north of the land of ye said Park and south to land of
  Joshua Hempstead April 1662. Signed: Thomas Park. Wit: William Park, ???rity Park.

  1:116 [copy] Know all men by these presents Thomas Hart
  Inhabitant of Southertowne hath obtained favor of his loving
  friend Amos Richardson of Bostowne to be Securetty for the payment
  of Eleven pounds Mr. John Lawrence or his assignes
  and therefore I Thomas Hart as aforesaid for
  of my Loveing friend Amos Richardson, doth make over unto him all
  my dwelling house and land appertayning to it, situated and bounded
  upon Mistick River on the south side of John Gallops Land and
  to be to hym his heirs or assignes …19 Sep 1660 Signed: Thomas T Hart
  Wit: William Park, John Andrewes.

  1:118 [copy]

  upon the 22 of March 1664:
  Land Layed out for Aron Stark as Followeth beginning att a
  Black Oake in a Swamppie pond and so runeing east south east
  nearest twelve? Score? Rod to a stooping white oake and so runeing
  south southeast nearest a hundred rod to a great blacke Oake
  which was dead marked on ffouer sides and so runeing west
  north west neawest twelve score? rod to a greate white oake tree
  marked on ffouer sides, and so winding north north east near=
  est a hundred rod to the affore said blacke oake in the swamp=
  pie pond, all which land above spesiffied amounteting to A
  hundred and fiftie Ackers, highways excepted.
  Tho. Stanton, John Gallop, Towne Sirvayers

  1:118 For as much as Aron Stark hath bin remis in not recor=
  ding his paper of the boundaries of this land above men=
  tioned, we have veiwed his bound markes and reained?
  them Exactly as they were then layed out and have recorded
  them againe for him as you may goe above only the day
  then if not layd out we cannot remember but re??
  it to the Towne booke of records: this first of March 1669/70
  the day when this was first Layd out is as above written
  the: 22: of March: 1664:: as apeares in the second
  leafe of the Towne booke Tho. Stanton

  John Gallop
  This grant? of land above written was Recorded
  the 13th of July 1670 Pr me Thomas Minor Recorder

  1:123 [copy]
  Know all men by these presents that I Aron Starke of
  New London heare by sell bargin Allinate pass away
  and make over unto Robert Flemen of Stoneington
  my whole right in my tract of Land in Stoneington
  ------- tract of Land being one hundred and fifty
  ackers as according to grant and bounded as in the Re
  cords in the booke of Records in Stoneington the said
  Tract of Land with all Privledges appurtenances be
  Longeing there unto and binde my selfe heiers & Exe
  cutors Administrators assignes that the sayd Robert
  Flemen he his heiers Executors Administrators Assigns
  shall quietly and peaceably Improve, poses and Injoy
  the sayd bargained premises with out molestation from
  me or any other maner of person or persons whatsoever
  as Desposting Title unto which deed of sale &
  sett to my hand and subscribe in the day and yeare as
  followeth: September the: 26: 1670.
  Signed: The marke of Aron A Starke
  Witness: John Fish
  Sarah Starke S: her marke
  This deed was owned and delivered by these Mr.
  Thomas Minor Comr.
  21: November: 1670
  Sealed and delivered In the
  Pr sense of the witnesses.
  This deed above written was Recorded the 22:
  Day of November: 1670: Pr me Thomas Minor, Recorder

  1:132 Michall Lambert and Elizabeth Start was
  married in Stonington Aprill 19th: 1688: Pr. Mr. Samuell
  Mason Justice of the Peace & entered
  Aprill 28: 1688 Pr Mr. John Stanton Recorder.

  1:139 The mark ??? belonging to the horse? of
  Robert Park Junior is A halfe Cross on the
  under side of the neer ??? & an halfe peney on
  the foreside of the o???? Sept: the 29: 1697

  1:141 Robert Parke and Tomson Brum
  ly were married Januarie the 17th
  daye 1698 Pr Capt. Mason Assist:
  Robert Sonn of Robert Park
  was born Februarie the 2d: 1699
  [several births for Samuel Parke]

  1:146 Sarah Parke wife of Samuell Parke Junr
  departed this life the 21 of Febly 1697
  Samuel Park Junr & Elizabeth Peddey were
  married ye 22 of Febry 1695 at Stonington
  by Capn Samuell Mason Assystint …

  1:149 Samuell son of Frances West was borne ye 10 of Aprell 1700
  Joseph son of Frances West was borne ye first day of October 1701

  1:150 Major Samuell Mason deceased the 30 Mar 1704/5

  1:158 John Randall and Mary Baldwin m. 25 Nov 1706
  by Nehemiah Pallmer Justis of Peace
  Petter Randall and Elizabeth Polley m. 27 Nov 1706
  by Ephraim Minor Justis of peace

  1:176 Sarah Daughter of John Lamb was borne
  ye ?th of June 1720.


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