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     Film #5593 Stonington, New London Co, CT
Deeds 1664-1714. Book 2
Part Three

  The deeds are very difficult to read. I am only posting names that I am researching.

  Film #5593 Stonington, New London Co, CT Deeds 1664-1714.
  Book 2

  2:22 8 Oct 1656 Robert Parke of Mistick have sould unto John Bennitt of Mistick 4A for a house lott by my … Signed
  Robert Parke the mark of Wit: Alce Parke mark of, John Russell Ent 15 Sep 1681

  2:62 Know all men by these presents that I
  Robert Fleming of Stoningtown in the Cou
  of New London in the Collony of Conecti-
  cot doe by these presents give grant Ali-
  enate pass away and make over to my son in
  law Thomas Rose all the Land of the east
  side of the brooke that cometh out of John
  Bennit his Land, which is part of that my Land
  I bought of Aron Starke: to him the sayd
  Thomas Rose his heirs executors administrators
  and assigns forever; to have and to hould possess &
  enjoy; without Lett hinderance or molestation
  frome me my heirs Executors administrators
  or assignes, or from any other person, or persons
  from by or under mee; or by my Consent
  or approbation: and to the true performance
  hereof I sett to my hand and seale this
  eighth day of Decembr: one thousand six
  hundred seventie fouer. Signed: Robert Fleming
  Signed sealed and delivered in the
  Presence of us
  George Denison
  Nathaniell Chesebrough
  Robert Fleming owned this deed to bee his own
  proper act and deed before us this
  8th of Decembr: 1674; Tho: Minor, Tho: Stanton
  This Act with the Acknoledgment: Comitionrr:
  of the same was Recorded January the 21 1674
  by me John Stanton Recordr:

  2:66 [copy] Layed out unto Capt: Denison many years
  since by Mr. Bruin? And Mr. Minor and Good-
  man Morgin three hundred
  Akres of Land more or Less by vertue
  of a grant bearing Date Februarie 1653
  Bounded as followeth: on the west with
  a fresh brook Called Pequitt Brook; bounded
  towards the South with a highway sixteen Rods
  wide between Capt: Mason and it: Bounded
  towards the North with Land given to John Gal-
  lop untill it comes to the Eastermost Angle?
  of the sayd John Gallops Land Runing by
  the heade of John Gallops Land: Norther
  ly to A white oack tree marked on four
  Sides standing by A Little Run on the North
  end of the ould Meeting house hill, from
  thence running Eastward to A Black oack
  marked with four notches, and from there
  aboute six or eight Rod where was a Stake
  from thence Southerly to a Rock with A
  small stone called the Black= mores head
  neer to A great white oack marked on the
  east side of the aforesaid hill and from
  thence westerly to A white Oack marked on
  four sides which was Mr. Richesons corner tree
  on the west side of the sayd hill neer a Line
  Placed by the horse path which went by the old
  meeting house
  as witness our hands
  James Morgin I his mark
  Aron Stark A his mark
  Recorded by the Desier of Capt.
  Denison: according to the Law of possessions I
  say the 8th of September 16 1674 John Stanton Land Recorder
  also being according to an Act of the town bearing
  date August the 6th 1674

  2:66 At A Countie Court held at New London 3d: of June 1679: whereas
  Mr. Thomas Minor And Aron Stark, in their petition annexed
  Disowne the incerting of their names in the Record whereof
  the Above written is A Copie And have given oath Against
  it. It is ordered by this court that the sayd deposition bee alsoe
  Recorded underneath, or in the margent of the sayd Record
  this Above written is an Act of Court held at N:L: June ye 3: 1679
  Attest: Jno: Richard Clercke
  This Above written Act of Court was entred in Stonington booke
  of Records this 22th of June 1679 Pr me Jno: Stanton Recorder.

  2:66 ???bre the 3d: 1680: Layed out unto Capt. George Denison by vertue
  of an Ancient grant one hundred Acres of Land, Alsoe by
  vertue of A grant bearing date May the 14: 1679 twoo hun=
  dred Acres Layed out tog[crossed out] in all three hundred acres
  Layed out together and bounded as followeth: bounded on the North
  side with the North bounds of the town. Runing westerly with the
  land of the town unto A maple tree marked on fower sides stand-
  ing at the west end A plain by A small brook on the west
  side of A swamp from thence running South Neerest one
  hundred and fiftie rods unto A white oack tree marked on
  fower sides standing upon A baron plain hill which is the
  south west Angle of the sayd Land from thence Run=
  ing east nearest over the sayd hill by severall marked
  trees sixteen score Rods unto A black Oack tree marked
  on fower sides, standing on the west side of A great hill
  from thence Runing North nearest unto the North
  bounds of Stonington laied out & bounded by us in this
  day and according to the date above mentioned with
  Alowance for highwayes.
  Signed: John Fish, Gershom Palmer, surveighors
  The Above written Act of surveighors
  was entered Januarie the 4th, 1680:
  Pr me John Stanton Recorder

  2:79 [copy] We whose names are underwritten Being by the honoured Governor John Winthrope Esqr: and Mr. William
  Parke desired and Injoyned to Run the Line between them at Quaquetoye and to setle bounds betwixt them have
  according to our best skill and our order Run the Bounds therefore following Beginning at A pine stub by Mistick River
  which was formerly marked as the southwest corner of Mr. Blinmans Lott and from there running North North East
  northerly by Mistick River -: twoo hundred Eighty Rod to an Oacken Stub with a heap of stones laid about it; And
  formerly marked And from Mr. Blinmans Southeast Corner being A buntch of maples with A burch tree in the middle of
  the maples, and formerly marked and an heape of stones Layed about it And from thence wee run North North East
  Northerly twoo hundred and eightie eight rod where wee marked A small wallnutt tree, and layed an heape of stones
  aboute it, and marked seven notches on it A Litle within the Indian fence at quahquetoye, And from Thomas Parke his
  Corner tree A white oack at the Southeast corner of his four score Akres of Land formerly marked on four sides and on
  heape of Stones layed About it by the path wee Run twoo hundred and eightie eight Rod, to A white oacke tree marked
  on four sides and EW: and WP: which wee marked as the Corner tree betwixt the Governour and Mr. Park his Land
  which is the whole Bounds of the Abovesayd Mr Park his Land And betwixt the honoured Governor his Land, and Mr
  Park his Land on the North, and betwixt Mr Parke his Land on the South, and Mr John Gallop Senior his Land as
  witness our hands this 27the of May 1675. The east bounds of Mr. Park his land was Run North North East Northerly as
  the other twoo parrellell Lines were May the 27th 1675. Signed: Thomas Minor, John Gallop, Nehemiah Palmer. This
  Act of Surveihors was Entred in Stoningtown Booke of Records May the 29th 1675 Pr me John Stanton Recorder.

  2:79 These presents may certifie All Persons whom it may concern that according to the motion & Act of the Town of
  Stonington & by the Consent of Mr. William Parke the 10 Jun ---- wee whose Names are underwritten assayed to run
  according to the Antient boundaries Appertayning unto Mr. Parke as followeth … from John Benet’s now dwelling house
  … by James Morgan Senior to bee the Antient boundaries layd out by New London Surveighors to Mr. Robert Parke
  and from thence a 150 rods to a wallnutt tree marked on four sides and far back to the black oack tree where we

  2:79 Also layd out the same daye to Mr. William Park 330A of land which was originally granted to Thomas Park &
  Samuel Lothrop bounded on the west by Mr. Robert Parke & land formerly granted to Mr. Richard Blinman …
  acknowledged by James Morgan Senior to be the Antient boundaries formerly layd out by New London Surveighors …
  corner tree of Mr. Robert Parks it being a white oack tree. Signed: Ephraim Minor, John Frinke, Surveighors. Ent: 16
  Jan 1697.

  2:86 [copy] Wee whose Names are underwritten being appointed by the generall
  Court houlden at Hartford may the 14: 1674: Layed out unto Mr.
  Roger Plaisted fower hundred Acres of Land; lying on the East
  side of Pawcatuck River, and formerly was granted to Mr. Rawson
  or his assignes; Bounded as followeth: with A Red oack on Pawcatuk
  River opposite to A Cleft Rock on the west side of the River, the
  tree being marked on fower sides and from thence Runing upon
  A South line nearest one mile and fortie Rod to John Badcoks fence?
  on the south side of A Little fresh brook; from thence seven chains
  west to A Salt Cove: and from John Badcoks on an East Line one
  hundred Rod and three Rod to a Red Oack marked on fower sides
  R:P: And from thence North nearest to a white oack tree formerly
  marked on fower sides: R:P: and A:R: and from thence running
  west nearest to the Red oack tree formerly mentioned, opposite
  to the Cleft Rock on the west side of the River; being bounded
  on the west by Pawcatuck River highways excepted: Alsoe
  to make up the full sum of fower hundred Acres: is layed
  out fiftie Acres of medow Lying on the south end of Omegansett
  medow: Bounded as followeth: from A forked dead tree before
  Crandalls dore? upon A south east and bee east line neerest To
  A Maple tree marked R:P: which is Isack Wheelers Corner
  tree: seventie two Rod, and from thence south west nearest
  one hundred and twentie Rod to A hollow maple tree marked
  on fower sides and R:P; and from thence to the end of the Ceder
  swamp twentie Rod: Bounded on the east by Wheelers land south
  by the Ceder Swamp; west by Crandalls land Northward
  to the fore mentioned forked dead tree: witness our hands
  twentie third of may one thousand six hundred seventie five.
  Signed: Tho: Minor
  Mathew Griswold
  Entered in ye pub: records of the Colony of :
  Conecticott lib: D: fo: 36 this 24 of May 1675:
  Pr: John Allyn Sec:
  And entred in Stonington booke of Record November the 11th
  1677. Pr: John Stanton ReCordr:

  2:87 [copy] Thomas Park junior of the town of New London … with Mary his wife … for a valuable sum of money &
  goods in hand payd by Thomas Holbrook of Brantrey in the Massachusets Collony … 100A … consisting of upland
  fresh medow Land & Swampy land … in Stonington … being granted by the Town of Stonington unto him the sd
  Thomas Park & Layd out by the surveighors & recorded on the Town Booke … 28 Aug 1674. Signed: Thomas Park,
  The mark of M Mary Park. Wit: Jacob Nash:, William Chard: The 3 Dec 1677 Thomas Park Junior and Mary his wife
  owned this deed … before me Tho: Minor … Tho: Holbrook alsoe promiseth to return or burn the former deed. This
  Deed above written was extracted out of the original being diligently compared therewith and entred in Stonington
  Booke of Records 18 Dec 1677: Pr me John Stanton, Recd.

  2:88 [copy] Know All men by these presents whome it may
  Concern that I Edward Larkin of Stonington in the
  Collony of Conectiott having A parcel of Land lying
  in the town Abovesayd And upon the southside of A
  Brook Called by the Indeans Chechechuesutt the middle
  of ye Brook as it now runs being the Northerly Bounds therof
  And Bounded upon the west upon John Fairfeilds Land
  And on the south upon the Commons And Bounded on the
  East upon Thomas Bells Land which parcel of land of
  Judgt to Amount to the Number of fiftie Acres more
  or Less being butted And Bounded as is Abovesayd. I
  the Abovesayd Edward doe by these presents well and
  make over my whole Right title therein or thereunto with
  the preveledges thereunto belonging unto John Babcok
  of the same town, onely Reserving the benefit of A
  Drift or Cart-way theron that land upon that Side ad=
  joyning unto John Fayrfeilds Land containing one pole or
  Rod Broad through the Land for the free use And bene=
  fit of me and my heirs for ever not thereby damnifying the
  Abovesayd John Babcok upon his other Land. I say sould
  by me Edward Larkin from me … 6 Mar 1676/7.
  Signed: The mark of W Edward Larkin, The mark of I Lidia Larkin.
  Wit: James Pendleton, John Stanton.
  This Deed Above written was owned by Edward Larkin
  And Lidia his wife to bee their free Act and deed be=
  fore me this 6 Mar 1676/7. Tho: Minor Commr. And entred in Stonington Booke of Records this 28 Dec 1677 Pr me
  John Stanton Recorder.

  2:90 John Witter of Westerly for sume of 16L paid by Isaac Wheler of Stonington yeoman … 100A … granted to my
  father Josiah Witter by the town of Stonington and layd out to my father Josiah Witter deceased … bounded by Walter
  Poll?? … William Chesebrough … land formerly layd out to Thomas Parke … Mr. Thomas Wheler … 9 May 1690.
  Signed: John J Witter his mark. Wit: Theophilus Stanton, James Morgan. John Witter ack before Samuell Mason in
  Stonington 9 May 1699. Ebenezer Witter. Ebenezer Witter ack the above written deed before us witnesses: Mary Tracy,
  Miriam Tracy. Preston 25 Feb 1702/3 Ebenezer Witter of Preston appeared and ack. before me Jonathan Tracy Justice
  of Peace. The above written deed was ent. In Stonington book of Records May 28: 1703 by me Elnathan Minor,

  2:93 The testimony of Thomas Parke who testifies that when I lived in Stonington my father implied & Agreed with John
  Benitt to dig a ditch to help drain the pondsland accordingly as it was agreed upon he did it and for his labour he ye sd
  John Benitt ??? Two Acres of Swampy Land that Lyeth Near the East End of the Ponds, from my fathers Mr. Robart
  Parke. This I Can Testifie upon oath: Preston July:29:1695. Signed Thomas Parke Senior. Mr. Thomas Parke Made
  oath to ye above written before me Samuell Mason Assistantt. Stonington May the 4: 1696. The above testimony &
  oath was entred into Record Jany 29 1712/13 Pr me Elnathan Minor Town Clerk.

  2:105 James Avery Senr of New London … to William Parke of Stonington … a certain farm originally Edmund Fanings
  Senr. Deceased … 120A … bounded by Nathaniell Beebee … head of Mistick River … land originally Robert Hempsted
  … 13 Mar 1703. Signed: James Avery. Wit: Jan Faning, Samuell Avery.

  2:125 At a town meeting legally warned May: 14th: 1679
  Capt. Samll. Mason & Capt. Jno. Stanton appointed by the town of Stonington to search ye records of New London and
  to Rectifie & make a settlement of the boundaries between Gover: Winthroup & Deacon Parke …surveighors who went
  with them and Deacon Parke of Roxbury & Deacon Samll. Williams ye last time sd Parke was at sd Stoningtown running
  ye eastern bound of sd Parke his Land, from a white oake tree next to Mr. Jno Gallups Land … corner tree of Mr.
  Robart Parke his Land …22 Mar 1708/9. Signed: John Stanton Senior, Ephraim Minor Senior, John Frinke Senr. Recd:
  23 Mar 1708/9.

  2:126 22 Mar 1708/9 We whose names are underwritten this day being upon a parcel or parcells of land where now Mr.
  Samll Park now Liveth & his Two Sones Robt. & Thomas Parke who were both borne upon sd Land and having viewed
  ye bounds of ye same … Jno Benit Deceased his then Dwelling house stood … Mr. James Morgan Senr. … to be ye
  Antient bound marker Layed out by Now Town Surveighors to Mr. Robt. Parke … together with 50A lying on ye east of
  that land … their claim in due course of Law for the space of thirty four years Past or more: and we doe also hereby
  order ye Town Clerk of Stonington to Enter these upon Stonington Book of Records according to ye Printed Law Tittle
  Possession for ye holding of ye same firm to him ye sd Samll Parke his heirs & Assignes forever as witness our hand ye
  day and date above said. Signed: Elnathan Minor Recorder. Manasseh Minor, Benjamin Hewit, Select Men. Ephraim
  Minor Justice of Peace. Recd: 23 Mar 1708/9.

  2:142 20 March 1685 Layed out to John Parke 100A granted to Thomas Rose … Capt. Denison … Signed: John Fish
  Surveighor. Ent. 12 Jun 1685.

  2:142 20 March 1685 Layed out to John Parke 50A being part of 100A land granted to John Stanton … Signed: John
  Fish Surveighor, Gershom Palmer. Ent. 12 Jun 1685. John Stanton Recorder.

  2:142 Know all men by these Presents that I William Marsh of Stonington doe assigne & make over unto John Parke of
  New London all my whole right of a fiftie acre grant of land given to me by the town as appears by the record bearing
  date: August the tenth 1683: … 26 Nov 1684. Signed: The marke of W William Marsh. Wit: John Stanton, Hannah
  Stanton. Ent: 12 Jun 1685.

  2:142 Know all men by these Presents that I John Faning of New London doe assigne and make over unto John Parks
  of New London all my whole right & title of & to a 50A grant of land given by the Town of Stonington as appears upon
  record being granted August the tenth 1683 from me unto the sayd Parks & to his assignes for ever. Signed John
  Faning. Wit: John Stanton, Hannah Stanton. Ent: 12 Jun 1685.

  2:142 3 Mar 1680/1 Henry Elliott had granted him 100A of land of the Town Commons after all other former grants are
  satisfied & his draft of his Lott is the seventh lott viva Copia extracted … Know all men by these presens John Stanton
  Recorder that I Henry Eliott of Stonington do Affirm over unto Thomas Park Senior of New London all my whole right of
  & unto the whole grant of 100A … 2 Dec 1684. Signed: The mark of Henry Elliot. Wit: Nicholas Hollan, John Stanton.

  2:143 March 20: 85: Layd out to Thomas Parke Senior 100A being a grant of land granted to Henry Elliott beginning at
  a black oack tree … which is the northwest corner tree of land formerly layed out to Thomas Parks Senior … layed out
  to Capt. Tomson … Denisons land … and land layd out to John Parke … land formerly layd out to Thomas Parke
  Junior … Signed: John Fish, Gershom Palmer, Surveighors. Ent 9 Mar 1686.

  2:143 March the 20: 1685 Layd out to William Parke 50A being part of 100A granted to John Stanton Junior bounded
  as followeth: southwest corner tree layd out to John Parke … land layd out to John Parke … 16 Mar 1686/7. Signed:
  John Fish, Gershom Palmer, surveighors. Ent. 16 Mar 1686/7.

  2:144 William Parke of Roxburie in MA do sell unto John Gallop Senior of Stonington … 20A … which was formerly
  Thomas Parks and butting upon the land of John Gallop … for 90L … 6, 4m, 1674. Signed: William Parke. Wit: John
  Stanton, Hannah Stanton. Ack: 22 Jan 1684. Recd: 26 Jul 1685.

  2:145 John Parke of Preston have sould unto Hugh Amos of the same town for full satisfaction already received 100A
  of land which I bought of Capt. Mason of Stonington … land layd out to Capt. Prentis and Lieut. Minor … Stonington
  North line … 12 May 1686. Signed: John Parke. Wit: Thomas Parke Junior, James Smith. John Parke ack and recd: 9
  Feb 1687/8.

  2:148 Joseph Gard of Groton … sold unto Lieut. John Ashcroft ye house wherein I Lately Dwelt in Stonington near ye
  head of Mistick River with all my Right … and have already given him peaceable and quiet possession of ye same …
  14 Apr 1715. Signed: Joseph X Gard his mark. Wit: James Springer, William Starke. Ack in Groton 24 Apr 1716. Recd:
  1 May 1716.

  2:155 [copy] Know all men Pr these presents that
  I Oanehkor son of Uncas Sachem of Mohegon
  doe sell unto Hugh Amos of Norwich in the Collony
  of Conecticott one hundred & thirtie Acres of land
  And unto George Geer I doe give one hundred &
  thirtie Acres of Land, the abovesayd tract of land joined
  together & lie neare papagwoms??? bounded
  as followeth: … land that was Capt. Masons … land of Christopher Huntingtons …
  11 Dec 1683. Signed: Oanehko his mark. Wit: Samuell Mason, John Morgan. Recd: 12 Jan 1687/8

  2:155 Know all men Pr these presents
  that I Oanehklor Sachem of Mohegon
  doe sell unto George Geer 50A of
  land for full satisfaction allready received
  lying neare or About one mile from the River
  called Pahchoy River … Signed Oanhko his mark.
  Wit: Samuell Mason, John Morgan. Recd: 12 Jan 1687/8.

  2:156 [copy] I George Geer of New London for good reasons moving me hereunto for which I the sd Geer doe by these
  presents give grant & Pass over unto my son Jonathan Geer … 130A of Land lying neer to Pabaopmansk & is
  bounded on the west upon Norwitch bounds & upon the south by Land of Christopher Huntingtons and on the east it is
  bounded upon the Commons and on the North upon the land of Charles Williams & the sayd Geer for me my Heirs …
  1687. George G Geer his marke. George Geer ack before me Samuell Mason Justice of Peace Stonington 12 Jan
  1687/8. Entered 1687/8/

  2:159 John Parke in the county of New London unto Hugh Amos of Norwitch … 150A … for a valuable sum … 30 Sep
  1686. Signed: John Parke. Wit: James Atkins, Thomas Waterman. Recd: 30 Sep 1686.

  2:159 John Parke of the countie of New London sold unto Hugh Amos of Norwitch 100A … land of George Denison …
  30 Sep 1686. Signed: John Parke. Wit: James Atkins, Thomas Waterman. Recd: 30 Sep 1686

  2:188 William Parke in ye county of New London … and his wife now of ye town of Stonington … William Parke & Jane
  his wife for 30L by Robartt Parke of the same town yeoman … all that tract of land house or houseing … parcel of Land
  being yet undevided which I received of my father Parke and mother by virtue of one deed of gift bearing date the 8
  Mar 1698 … 26 Feb 1703. Signed: William Parke, Jean Parke. Wit: Samuell Parke, Thomas Attwoood, Degory Waldren.
  Ack by William Parke and Jane his wife 26 Feb 1702/3. Recd: 14 Par 1703.

  2:246 To All Christian people to whom this wrighting shall come know yee That I Marthy Park widow and Exeketrix of
  William Park of Roxburie in the County of Suffolk in New England Deceased, with the Consent of my Overseers, Doe
  give, grant, Assigne And make over All the Land Contayned in this Deed unto my Sonn in Law Samuell Williams And his
  Heirs Administrators And Assignes as witness my hand And seale this 22 Nov 1687. Signed: The mark of Martha M
  Wit: John Smith, John Whitney.
  The assignemt Above written was entred in Stonington Records 4th August 1697.
  To All Christian People to whome this present shall come Know yee that I Samuell Williams of Roxbury in the County of
  Suffolk in New England Doe by these presents give grant Assigne and make over unto my Sonn Ebenezer Williams of
  Stonington All my Right and interest in Any parcel or All the Lands Contayned in this deed with all the preveledges …
  22 Nov 1687. Signed: Samuell Williams Senior his seale. Wit: John Smith, John Whitney. The Above written
  Assignement was entred in Stonington booke for Deeds August the 4th day 1697 Pr me John Stanton Recorder.


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