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Film #5593 Stonington, New London Co, CT
Deeds 1664-1714. Book 2
Part One

  Film #5593 Stonington, New London Co, CT Deeds 1664-1714. Book 2 continued

  2:416 John Park of Preston husbandman … valuable sume paid by John Brown Carpenter … 50A … which I bought of
  Capt. John Stanton … 1 Jan 1692. Signed: John Parke, The marke MP of Mary Parke. Wit: Joseph Cary, Robart Parke.
  Ack: 10 May 1692. Recd: 3 Feb 1708/9.

  2:435 Thomas Parke of Stonington for a valuable Consideration paid by William Benitt Junior … 50A … laid out to him
  the above sd William Benitt by the present surveighors of Land for the abovesd Town unto Mr. William Parke of
  Roxbury Deceased which Grant bareth Date Apriell 7, 1666 … 17 Jul 1708. Signed: Thomas Parke. Wit: Samll.
  Chesebrogh, Samuell Widger. Recd: 16 Nov 1708.

  2:435 Then recd of Hannah Park & Thos. Park both of Stonington … eight shillings upon ye acctt of money Lent unto
  Samll. Park Senr. Baring Date 10 Nov 1705 & 7L 10s upon ye acct. of Samll. Park Senr late of Stonington Baring Date
  6 Nov 1705 money is to my full content & satisfaction wch money Samll. Park Senr & Hannah Park pd unto their Son
  Samuell Park Junr wch they sd was upon … Stonington 26 Feb 1712/13.

  2:435 Stonington 6 Nov 1705 Then Recd of my mother Hannah Parke ye full & juste sume of 8L 12s 2p wch money my
  Mother ???? is obliged to pay to Mr. Joseph Saxton? Itt being a Debt of mine. I say Recd pr me Samll. Park.

  2:435 6 Nov 1705 Stonington. Then Recd of my mother Mrs. Hannah Parke & Brother Thos. Park ye full & just sume of
  three pounds: ten shillings money wch money ye Abovesd Mother & Brother is to pay to Mr. Joseph Saxton for me
  …Samuell Parkes. Recd: 26 Feb 1712/13.

  2: 443 Samuel Parke sume time of Stonnigton Did in the year 1699 receive a deed of my father Samll. Parke now of
  Stonington of the western Division expressed in the said deed. Be it known to all persons that I the abovesd Samuell
  Parke do by these presents relinquish quitt my claime unto and resign up unto my father and Mother all myright
  propertie and intrest in an unto the above sd deed from me … upon the condition here after named: that my father do
  pay or cause to be payed unto me ye sd Samuell Parke 10L … before ye 14 day of this Instant November & that I do
  receive rational satisfaction for ye Labour that I ye sd Samuell Parke have don at ye time aforementioned as it shall be
  Judged by Indifferant men Mutually Chosen by all persons conserned … we Samuell Parke and Hannah Parke and
  Samuell Parke Junior have here unto set ot our hand & seales this 1 Day of November 1705. Signed: Samuell Parkie,
  Hannah Parke her O mark, Samuell Parke. Wit: John Mason, Robart Denison. Ack and Recd: 6 Nov 1705.

  2:443 Samuell Parke Hannah Parke and Samuell Parke all of Stonington … appoint our well beloved friends Robart
  Denison & John Mason both of Stonington … to vallew & apprise the Labour that is Expressed within ye above written
  instrument … bond of 20L … to stand to & abide by ye determination of ye above … Signed: Samuell Parkie, Hannah
  Parke her O mark, Samuell Parke. Wit: John Mason, John Gallup, Thomas Parke. Ack and Recd: 6 Nov 1705.

  2:444 Robert Denison and John Mason Both of Stonington being mutually chosen by Samll. Parke, Hannah Parke and
  Samll Parke Junior to apprise and sett a valuation upon ye Labour that Samll Parke Junr hath done upon ye Land,
  Called y Western Devition given him by his father, with an addition of ten pounds, given by his father avove sd we in
  our apprisall doe determine as followeth: That Samll Parke to pay or cause to be payed unto his son Samll Parke 20L
  … or as money att or before ye 14 day of this Instant November and the determination to be a full and finall issue of ye
  cotents mentioned on ye other side and to this our award, and determination we the sd Denison & Mason have here
  unto sett oru hands this 6 of November 1705. Signed: John Mason, Robart Denison. It is to be understood that we find
  the vallew of ye Labour which Samll Parke hath done is 10L and the 10L above mentioned with and addition, is that
  which his father & mother did vollantarily offer him in our hearing. Signed John Mason, Robart Denison.

  2:444 Capt. John Mason & Mr. Robart Denison having given in theire Award as above written and that being read to
  the parties conserned, There being sume Dissattisfaction through misunderstanding, upon further Debat it is mutually
  agreed between both the Parties that for a full Conclution, of all matters between that the above sd Samuell Parke,
  Senor Do pay or Cause to be payed, unto his son Samuell Parke the full sume of 30L in money or vallew of money by
  the 14 day of this Instant November Part of which money is to b epayd where sd Samuell is Indebted in this Town or in
  Groaton; and upon payment of the money abovesd the sd Samuell Do discharge and acquit his Honored father from all
  Ingagements or purpose of Portin what so ever and that this is his free and voluntary agreement we sett to our hands
  and affix our seales this Sixth Day of Novermber 1707. Signed: Samuell Parke Senr. His marke, Hanah Parke her mark,
  Samuell Parke. Wit: Joseph Benitt his mark, Benjamen Springer his X mark. Ack and Recd: 16 Jul 1710.

  2:449 Samuel Parke of Stonington … with Hannah my wife … for natural love and good Will we do bare unto our Three
  sons, Samuell, William and Robart Parke … give … all our right … to that tract or Parcell of Land where we now Live …
  to be devided as followeth, … the Brothers have agreed that if Samuell will have four Rods by Exchang he may: have it
  Samuell Parke is to have the Western Part upon the Conditions hereafter named he said Samll. May not make sale nor
  any Dissposall of any part of said Land without Leave from his father if in his Life Time and my said son Samuell shall
  pay yearly and every year fifteen bushels of good and merchantable Indian Corne during our Naturalll Lives and to
  Keep in the Falle and every winter, Two Cowes well and to find me by cutting and carting halfe the wood for our fire. He
  has Liberty for to cutt said wood on the east side of my Land, and Cart it home when I calle for the same. Also he is for
  to make and Maintain a good sufficentt fence about the orchard which I reserve in my hands together with the Pasture
  we keep fo our use Dureing our Natuarll Life also my said son shall Pay or cause to be Payed, To his tow younger
  Brothers, when they shall attain the age of Twenty one years the full and just sume of 10L of good and lawfull money of
  New England also I give my said Son Samll. One third part of my salt marsh Dureing my Naturell Life, my said son
  Samuell performing all the above written articles, on his part. … And for the Land on the East of said Run of water and
  according to the Bounds I gave to my tow sons above named To witt William and Robart, for to be equally devided
  upon the Conditions as followeth that they said William and Robart each of them Pay or Cause to be Payd to Theire
  two younger Brothers Thomas and Joseph when they shall attain the age of twenty one years the full and just sume of
  five pounds each of them in good and Lafull Money of New England William five and Robart five to pay: they are also to
  pay unto me and to theire Mother every year during our Naturell Lives fifteen bushel of Marchantable Indian Corne and
  slso they the above named William and Robart each and for to keep the Spring Winter and Falle: well Two Cowes and
  to fence their parts against the Pasture and to find us with one half of our fire-wood by cutting and carting home when
  we call for it. They are for to have the two thirds of my salt marsh during my Natural Life and they my said sons may not
  sell nor allinate any Part of their land during my Life without my consent first had and obtained. I also reserve my
  Lessor orchard for my use during our Naturalll Lives, my said two sons William and Robart performing on theire parts
  all the above written articles then the said Eastern lands according to the bounds shall be and remaine to them and
  theire heirs as abovesaid and in Testimony hereunto we sett or hands, and seales this the 8 Mar 1698/99. Signed:
  Samuell Parke and seal, Hannah O Park her mark and seal. Wit: John Williams, Marcy Benit her W mark. Ack: 8 Mar
  1798/9. Recd: 16 Jul 1710.

  2:453 mutually agreed before signing that I Samuell Parke … reserve to my use one acre of land out of my son
  Samuells part and my mind is this my gift to my said son that he having three children now left motherless that my said
  son do no ways wrong them of their right in these lands also I reserve one acre in each of my two sons parts William
  and Robert Parke … Signed: Samuell Parke, Hannah Parke her mark. Ack: by Samuell Parke, William Parke, Robert
  RP Parke his mark. Dated in Stonington 8 Mar 1698/9/ Wit: Mary Benit, her W marke, John Williams.

  2:453 Mrs. Hannah Parke in her husbands behalfe Mr. Samuell Parke of Stonington desire that it may be inserted that
  since his son William Parke named in this wrighting hath and doth refuse for to axcept or to be conserned with any right
  contained therein , the said Samuell Parke doth hereby declare his minde and will is that he shall not be at all
  conserned nor by vertue of anything therein contained, claime any right therein … William Parke denied for to be
  concerned before me Samuell Mason. In Stonington 10 Apr 1699.

  2:453 William Park hath now accepted and assigned and is now engaged to perform all the conditions on his part and
  this above written is now made voide by Samuell Parke and his wife Hannah Parke before me Samuell Mason. Wit: John
  Benet, Ebenezer Williams. Recd: 16 Jul 1710.

  2:453 Samuell Park doth agree for his Part of wood for to bring to his father, and mother eight cord of wood and William
  Parke and Robart Parke do agree for to cutt and cord each of them four cords of wood for their parts before me
  Samuell Mason. Enterd July 16th, 1710.

  2:454 Samuell Parke of Stonington with Hannah my wife … love and good will unto these our sons William, Robert and
  Thomas Parke … land we now live on … William and Robert to pay to their two younger brothers Thomas and Joseph
  when they shall attain the age of 21 5L each also to pay unto me and to their mother every year during our naturall
  lives 15 of merchantable Indian Corne … 23 May 1706. Signed Samuell S. Parke his mark, Hannah P Parke, her mark.
  Wit: John Mason, Ebenezer Williams. Recd: 16 Jul 1710.

  2:460 Robert Parke & Thomas Parke both of Stonington have mutually agreed for themselves … dividing line between
  us. EG rock is William Gallups … 6 Mar 1706/7. Signed: Robert Parke, Thomas Parke. Wit: John Mason, Samuell
  Widger. Recd: 24 Aug 1712.

  2:462 Mr. William Denison of Stonington … for 15L … payed to me by Timothey Starkweather & John Starkweater both
  of Stonington … beginning at John Ayers …28 Jan 1706/7. Signed: William Denison. Wit: Jonathan Tracy and David
  Tracy. Preston 29 Jan 1706/7 ack by William Denison, Jonathan Tracy Justice of Peace. Recd: 26 Mar 1710/11.

  2:462 Timothy Starkweather and John Starkweather both of Stonington agreed to make a devition which we the sd
  Starkwethers purchased of ye Reverant Mr. Noyce of Stonington and Mr. William Denison Junior of Stonington … 29
  Jan 1706/7. Signed: Timohty Starkweather, John Starkwesther, Wit: David Tracy, William Richards. Recd; 26 Mar

  2:467 Robert Parke of Stonington for 260L … paid by Samll Crandall of Little Comton in ye county of Bristoll,
  Massachusetts Bay … 130a … deviding line agreed upon by Robt Parke & Thos. Parke … 2 Aug 1711. Signed Robert
  Parke. Wit: Danll Eldredg, Elnathan Minor. Recd: 23 Aug 1711.

  2:484 Green Hungerford of Haddam in Hartford for 30L …. To Stephen Richardson of Stonington … 38a … & all ye
  land that Mrs. Lydia Chapman of Haddam gave to her daughter Jemima it being a third part of ye lott of land which ye
  said Mrs. Chapman … gave unto her three daughters Mary, Rachiell & Jemima and is yet undevided … Pacquatuck
  River northerly by Isaac Curtice … two Brothers Stephen & Samuell Richardson their land … 13 Feb 1711/12. Signed:
  Green Hungerford. Wit: Thomas Chipman, Gershom Hinkley. Recd: 15 Mar 1711.12.

  2:493 Joseph Lamb now residing in ye town of Colchester in ye county of Hartford … yeoman for 80L payed by John
  Parish of Preston in New London … 100a … bounded by land of William Denison Senr … oake marked T.P. … on land
  of Timothy Starkweather … oake marked T.P. … 24 Jun 1712. Signed: Joseph Lamb. Wit: Richard Bushnell, Elizabeth
  Bushnell. Recd: 7 Nov 1712.

  2:495 William Parke of Stonington for a certain sum of money paid by Anthony Ashbee of Groton … 100a with all my
  house or houseing … south with Hampstids land … west with a brook, north with Nathaniel Bebees … 3 Oct 1712.
  Signed: William Parke. Wit: John Packer, Nathll. Gove. Recd: 11 Nov 1712.

  2:504 Thomas Park of Stonington Husbandman … for 150L … from Samuel Crandall of Stonington … sold upon a hill
  called Quakatuk Hill … corner of ye 60A … corner of William Gallup’s land he bought of Robt. Park … dividing line
  between Robt. Park & Thos Park … 4 Feb 1712/13. Signed: Thomas Park. Wit: Robart Park, Nathll. Gove, Robert
  Denison. Recd: 6 Feb 1712/13.

  2:505 ye Honorable Samuell Parke Sener formerly deceased was pleased by way of a deed or will to bequeath unto his
  loving wife Hannah Parke a right unto a tract of Land called The East Divition lying within ye town of Stonington … on a
  hill known by the name of Quaquataug hill … Hannah Parke … for divers good causes … made over unto my son
  Thomas Parke … all my right … 4 Feb 1712/13. Signed: Hannah O Parke her mark. Wit: Robert Parke, Nathll. Gove.
  Recd: 4 Feb 1712/13.

  2:505 … it is mutually agreed between us the subscribers for ourselves … that the dividing line between us on the
  south of Samuel Parke his land shall begin at a Great Rock … letters S.P. I.W. … by Deacon William Parke Deceased
  his deed of gift to his brother Samuel Parke and by his the said Deacon Parke his Will and this is our free and
  vollentary act. We set our hands & seales this the 5 Jul 1700. Signed: Samuel Parke, John Williams, William Parke, The
  marke of Robert RP Parke. Wit: William Denison, John Bennet, John Mason, Sarah Mason. Ack: 5 Jul 1700. Recd: 6
  Apr 1720.

  2:506 Samuell Crandall … for 150L … by Mr. Isaac Tompson of Westerly in Rhode Island … Land on Quaquataug Hill
  bounded by southwest corner of Willm. Gallup’s land he bought of Robt. Parke … deviding line between Robert Park &
  Thos. Park … 13 Feb 1712. Signed: Samuell Crandall. Wit: John Rogers, Amos Hallam. Recd: 13 Feb 1712.13.

  2:511 [copy] Jonathan Tracy of Preston … upon consideration and good causes me moving & more especially since by
  ye providence of God my dear and well beloved son Jonathan Tracy is deceased and died intestate and had not
  obtained any Legall Conveyance of those lands & Improvements which my sd son held in his Lifetime all & Singular
  every part & parcel thereof being given in the Inventory Exhibitted att the County Court holdon at New London as part
  of my sons estate I the sd Jonathan Tracy do hereby give grant Enfeaffe clearly & absolutely alienate & pass over in
  fee simple in true state of Inheritance be they more or be they less as they are bounded sittuate & lying within the
  bounds of Preston the first parcel where the house now stands … bounded southerly on ye land of Caleb Fobes …
  land of Nathaniel Tracy … also 44A more … Obid Cook … part of sd Fobes 100a marked CF and RC … unto my
  deceased son Jonathan Tracys two children Jonathan Tracy and Anna Tracy … provided that Anna Tracy the relict of
  sd Jonathan Tracy deceased shall have full & free improvements and benefits … during the time of her naturall life ….
  21 Sep 1704. Signed: Jonathan Tracy. Wit: Thomas Bradford, William Denison. Recd: 25 May 1713.

  2:538 Isaac Williams to my son John Williams … for 60L … being west of my farm … 20A … joining to ye Gallups … to
  my brother John Williams land … 24 Feb 1713. Signed: Isaac Williams, Sarah S Williams her mark. Wit: John Stark,
  Abigail Stark. Recd: 10 Apr 1714.

  2:540 [copy] 7 Jan 1712 Christopher Champlin of Westerly in Rhode Island for 200L paid by Joshua Lamb Gent. &
  Daniel Nollbrooke blacksmith both of Roxbury in Suffold MA … 700A … in Stonington. Signed: Christopher CC
  Champlin. Wit: Thomas Loyd, Edward Weaver Sen. Suffolk: Boston January 8th 1712. Christopher Champlin personally
  appeared & acknowledged ye above written instrument to his act & deed. Before me Addington Davenport Just. Peace.
  Recd ye day & year above written Two Hundred pounds in full of ye above purchase. Entered upon Record 6 Nov
  1714. Elnathan Minor Town Clerk.


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