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Film #5593 Stonington, New London Co, CT
Deeds 1664-1714, Book 2, Continued

  Film #5593 Stonington, New London Co, CT Deeds 1664-1714. Book 2 continued.

  2:248 [copy] Whereas Robert Parke Late of New London Deceased by his Last will and Testament bearing date the 14
  May 1660 made the within named William Parke his eldest son, Executor to the sayd will unto whome (After his debts
  payd And funeral discharged) gave unto the sayd William Parke his sonn his whole estate onely Reserving fiftie pounds
  for Samuell Parke An other of the sonnes of the sayd Robert if the sayd Samuell Comes personally to demand the sayd
  fiftie pounds within seven years After the Date of the sayd will. And whereas it is farther expressed in the sayd will that if
  the sayd William Parke shall desire and see Cause to Accept of but twoo third parts of the whole estate of him the sayd
  Robert As well in Lands, as other Estate he the sayd Robert did give And bequeath unto his sonn Thomas Parke or to
  Any of his children Att the Choyce of the sayd William Parke his Sayd executor to be payd either in Lands or goods,
  Allsoe Att the Choyse of him the sayd William wherefore Now Know yee That out of the Love, And brotherly Affection
  which I the sayd William Park doe beare towards The Sayd Thomas Parke my sayd brother, As Allsoe in Consideration
  of his Acquittance Release or discharge to be sealed And subscribed by him the sayd Thomas Parke And Dorothy his
  wife, unto me the sayd William Park (as executor to the Last will of my sayd father Robert Parke Deceased, the sayd
  Release bearing Date with these presents of All their Right title And Intrest of and in and to All Lands Chattells goods or
  Any other Estate unto him the sayd Thomas given, or that hee or Any of his might Anywayes expect by vertue of the
  sayd will or otherwise. I The Sayd William Parke doe by these presents for my selfe my Heirs Executors quitt claym,
  unto the sayd Thomas Parke my Brother his heirs And Assynes All my Right Title And Intrest that I the sayd William
  Parke have, of in And to All the Land Contayned in This within written Deed together with the Appurtenances thereof.
  To have And to hold to him the Sayd Thomas Parke his Heirs And Assignes forever: In witness whereof I the Sayd
  William Parke have hereunto putt my hand and Seale the 14 Mar 1664. Signed: William Parke. Wit: George Denison,
  James I Morgan his marke. The Above written Instrument was entred 4 Aug 1697 Pr me John Stanton Recorder.

  2:249 [copy] Know all me by these Presents that whereas Peter Blatchford of New London have sold a parcel of land
  containing 100A … on the head of Mistick River unto Roger Burlingham And Thomas Griffin, as by a deed bearing date
  16 Feb 1656 for the sum of 40L … and for securities of the sayd payment the sayd Land was mortgaged by them the
  sayd Roger Burlingham and Thomas Griffin part of the sayd purchase being payd the sayd Land by vertue of the sayd
  mortgage fell into my hands, as by the same mortgage more fully appeareth … Peter Blatchford for 40L and an --- old
  mare & Coult And fower pounds, part of which is in hand payd by William Park of Roxburie the residue by him the sayd
  Parke secured to be payd … surrender up unto the sayd William Parke All my Right, Title and interest …. Any such
  further Act or Acts that shall or may be for the more full compleating Confirming or for making The Affore granted
  premises unto the William Parke his Heirs And Assignes or otherwise Repay the Bill. In witness whereof I the Sayd Peter
  Blatchford have hereunto putt my hand And seale the 29 Oct 1661. Signed Peter P Blatchford his marke. Wit: Robert
  Howard, Nott: publ:???? Ralph R Hull his marke. The Above written was entred in Stonington booke of Records August
  the 6th daye Anno Domini 1697 Pr me John Stanton Recorder.

  2:249 Know all men by These presents That I the within named William Parke for good Considerations me thereunto
  moving hath given … unto Thomas Parke my Brother Living or inhabiting in A place called or known by the Name of
  Mistick neer New London his Heirs & Assignes All my Right Title and intrest Claym And Demand of in And to all the
  Lands Contayned in this within written Deed … 23 Mar 1664. Signed: William Park. This Assignement here indorsed
  was signed sealed & delivered Pr sayd William Parke in presence of Robert Howard Nott: publ:, Robert Howard Junior
  The above written assignement was entered in Stonington Booke for Deeds August the 6th day Anno Domini 1697 Pr
  me. John Stanton Recorder.

  2:280 [copy] Jacobus Lamontex Aged fiftie twoo years or thereabouts And John Rexaxall Aged Sixtie years or
  thereabouts Testifieth And declare that wee being Traders and Trading Amongst the Natives of the Country was well
  Acquainted with them that Lived by the Sea Cost, before the English Lived Among, as Nianticks, Pequitts And
  Naragansetts, And have been often in these here banks? Mistick And Pawcatuk. And doe testifie And declare that the
  Indeans Called the Pequitts did Live And improve on the East side of Pawcatuck River before the English did Conquer

  2:280 The Persons above Named Appeared the 16th of July 1668: And made oath to what is Above written before me.
  Signed: John Allyn Justice. The Above written testimonies was entred Aprill the 25: 1699 Pr me John Stanton Town

  2:280 The Testimony of Aron Starke Aged Sixtie five yeares or there Abouts testifieth and sayth that we being souldiers
  under Capt: John Mason with many more when wee went Agaynst the Pequitts Indeans wee being Landed in the
  Naragansett Country where many of the Naragansetts Came Armed and tendred themselves to goe with us in that
  Cervise Agaynst the Pequitts wherein they was Redily Accepted And marched with us through part of the Naragansett
  Country until they Came within four or five miles of Pawcatuck River where wee made A halt: where Nenecraft And
  Miantinomye with many others did declare unto our Commanders that wee were come into the Pequitt Country And
  therefore did Advise them to bee verie Carefull of themselves Least they Should be destroyed.
  Aron Stark And Jacob Waterhouse Appeared this 11th of June 1673 and made oath to what is Above written before me
  John Allyn Justice. The Above written deposition was entred in Stonington Records Aprill the 25: 1699 Pr me John
  Stanton Town Clarke

  2:280 These testifie that in the yeare 1665: Sr Robert Carr one of his majesties Commitioners being Att my house Att
  Naragansett where was Suckquanch And NemeCraft Sachems who being then in discourse with Sr Robert Carr the
  sayd Sachems did declare to Sr Robert Carr in my hearing that one Sosor An Indian which had sold A Tract of Land
  unto some persons of Road Island lying on the East side of PawCatuk River called Synamacack Now in the Town of
  Faversham? Had noe power nor Right to sell the same he being noe Sachem but An inConsiderable fellow, Sr Robert
  Carr Asked them to make sale of the same, they Answered they had peague? Given them by Road Island men to
  Confirm his Right to be good and they were willing to gett something if they Could as well as Soso, but it was All but A
  delution. Major Rcd: Smith Appeared before us the subscribers being of his majesties Counsell For this his Dominion
  and made oath to what is Above written Boston March 3d: 1686/7. Signed: Wait Winthrope, Rd: Wharton.
  The Above written was entred in Stonington Records Aprill the 25: 1699 Pr me John Stanton Town Clark.

  2: 282 [copy] Know all men by thes presents that we William Startt and Ephraim Culver of New London in the Colony of
  Conetticot by our? Joynt consent and upon good and matuer Considaration and in Pticular in considaration of the full
  and just sum of seavan pounds in centr? ??---?? three poundes to William Startt reseved of Owin Carte and Petar
  Blachford to my good Satisfaction and fouar Poundes to Ephraim Culver reseved of Owin Cartte and Petar Blachford to
  my good Satisfaction we ????------???? Afoarsaid consideration we the above said William Start and Ephraim Culver
  have and by this ????? ded bargaine make and thereby sell unto the said Owin Carty and Petar Blachford a sartain
  grants of land containing by estimation about twenty acres be it moar or less lying and being near and ajoyning unto
  our Owne lands with in the bounds of Newlondon and near unto the old Path betwixt Newlondon and Stonington
  bounded as fooloeth beginning at a beach tree marked on fowar sids standing on the east side of a run of wattar by an
  olde indan Path from thence running westerly to southwest by the hill by the said olde indan Path and marked trees into
  a Small read oak tree marked on fouar sides standing on the top of the hill near the olde path from Stonington to
  Newlondon from thenc runeing eastarly down the hill upon a tract lyne into a Chesnut tree marked on fouar sides
  standing by a small pond now the brooke and so from thence to the nearest part of the brook which said brook from
  thence is the bounds of the said land or the easterly side until it meets with the first beatch tree whear we began the
  which parsall contained in the afoarsaid boundaries be it moar or less with all the privilidges and apartainances
  thereunto belonging or apartaining wee the afoarsaid William Start and Ephraem Colver doe freely fully clearly and
  absolutely give grant sell par??? Alieneatt in ????? and conferm unto the afoarsaid Owin Carty and Petar Blatchford
  as their owne proper property the Same to have and to hold ??? poses and injoy Forevar. To them thear heiars
  executors administrators assigns from us our heirs executars or assigns and that they or any of them may and shall
  forever hearaftar ?? poses injoy and improve the afoarsaid land to thear own particliar benefit and behoove without
  any let hindarance molestation or direction by or from us ouar heiars executors or assigns or any other pson or psons
  by from or undar us or by o?? means and we the abovesaid William Start and Epharam Colver Doe Covenant promise
  and ingage to give a moar full and ampall deede when evar neede shall reqeiar and wee lawfully caled thear unto and
  in confermation hearof we have hear unto signed our hands and sealls this 5 of Octobar 1691 and moar- I: Owin Carty
  and Petar Blachford do ingage that Wiliam Start and Ephraim Culver shall have the usesall? of the land. Signed:
  Epharaim Culver, William Startt. Signed Sealled and delivered in presents of wittnises: Samuell Packer, Aron Stark. Mr
  William Stark and Epharaim Cullver appeared and personally acknolidged the above written deed befoar mee: Samuell
  Mason Asstnt. Newlondon March 23 1698/9. Entared upon recard Febarary 20: 1701 by me Nehemiah Palmer

  2:283 [copy] Know all men by thes presents that I Owin Mccarte of Newlondon in the county of Newlondon in the colony
  of Conetticot do asigne ovar and delivar up all my intrest and all the intrest and right belonging to my brothar in law
  Petar Blatchford of Salim in the County of Salim in west Jersi by vertue of an order from him bearing date Septembar: 9:
  1699 I say I do make over all our right as above said in a tract of land as it is bounded in the within written deed with all
  the priviledges and apartainances thear in contained and thear unto belonging unto Nicolas Lind of Charlstown with all
  all the housing trees fencing and improvements that ar upon it in witnis whear of I have hear unto set my hand.
  Stonington Septembar 27: 1699. Signed: Owin O Macarte his mark. Testes: Jorgis Madowell, William Stark.
  Owin Macarte parsonally appeared and acknolidged this the above written to be his act and ded Stonington Septembar
  27:1699. ???? Nehemiah Palmer Justice of peace. Entared upon record by me Nehimiah Palmer recordar.

  2:287 [copy] Thomas Park and Dorothy his wife of Preston for 200L … paid by Ebenezer Williams … fully satisfied …
  sould …. A certain parcel of land lying in a certain place called Cutthungarss near Mistik River butted & bounded with
  Land of Mr. John Winthrops westerly … land of Joshua Hempstead … together with an house and barn … Excepting
  only a certayn piece or percel of the sayd Land being the whole Length of The farm next to Joshua Hemstead northerly
  and one and thirty rods wide which was sould by sayd Thomas Parke to John Fish with a piece or parcel of Land where
  The house of sayd Fish now Standeth it being in estemation about 10A as appears by a deed from sayd Thomas Parke
  unto sayd John Fish … 24 Aug 1697. Signed: Thomas Parke, Dorithy Parke. Wit: Samuell Mason, John Parke. This
  above written deed should have bin made to my Brother William Parke deceased but was neglected. The same Land I
  know was by my sayd Brother passed to his son in law Samuell Williams Sener of Roxbury and I being now desired by
  sayd Samuell Williams and by my Sister Parke and all overseers to my sayd Brothers will Desired for to give to my
  kinsman Ebenezer Williams accordingly I doe. Mr Thomas Parke and Dorothy Ack the above written deed Togather with
  the Reasons under riten Before me Samuell Mason Assisttnt. Stonington Aug: 24: 1697. Recd: 2 Apr 1705 pr me
  Elnathan Minor Recorder.

  2:288 William Parke of Roxburie in the County of Suffolk MA …. To my beloved brother Samuell Park of Stonington …
  formerly my Honored father’s Robert Park Deceased … 100A that square piece of land that was given my father in lieu
  of Some land in Fog Plain which may appeare by Record … 26, 9m, 1680. Signed: William Parke. Wit: Samuell Parke,
  William Williams. Recd: 20 Jun 1699.

  2:346 Thomas Holbrook of Brantree, Suffolk, MA … for 28L to John Lamb 100A … land of Wm. Denison … land of John
  Denison .. west on land of Thomas Park … Signed: Thomas Holbrook His H hand & seal; Jane Holbrook her J hand &
  seal. Wit: Jonathan Bowers, Solomon Raynfford, Jos. Allen. Ack: 19 Oct 1695. Recd: 18 Dec 1704.

  2:347 Robert Parke of Stonington in ye County of New London yeoman … with the consent of his wife Thomson … for
  30L 15s … by William Gallop … certain piece of land lying south from sd Parkes his now dwelling house and parte of
  the farme the sd Parke liveth on … 20A and a half … mear stone marked WG … 27 Dec 1704. Signed: The marke of
  Robert R P Parke. Wit: Manaseh Minor, Josiah Grant. Recd: 15 Jan 1704/5.

  2:357 Samuell Parke of the Town of Preston to Daniell Davison of the Town of ????? of the Massachustts Colloney …
  20L … 100A … northwest corner tree of the land formerly layd out to Thomas Parke Junior … land formerly layd out to
  Captn. Denison … land layed out to John Parke … 6 Jan 1701/2. Signed: Samuell Parke. Wit: Thomas Parke Senr.,
  Thomas Davison, Ezekeill Parke, Dorothy Parke. Recd: 21 Nov 1705.

  2:370 Thomas Parke of Stonington have sould unto Isaac Wheeler of the same town … 100A … given me by the Town
  of Stonington … Eleventh Lott … 22 May 1669/70. Signed: Thomas Parke. Wit: John Fish, Thomas Parke Junr. Recd:
  18 Apr 1670.

  2:370 The deed above written was Extracted from the old book of Records and Entred in the Book of Records this 19
  Apr 1706. Elnathan Minor, Town Clerk.

  2:370 Thomas Parke of Preston … have received of Isaack Wheeler of Stonington … 8L … 22 Mar 1669 … 100A …
  Eleventh Lott … Signed: Thomas Parke. Wit: Jonathan Tracy, Mary Tracy. Ack: 11 Apr 1706. Recd: 19 Apr 1706.

  2:389 13 Dec 1707 … John Legg of Boston and Deliverance Legg widow and relict of Samuel Legg of Boston to
  Fergus McDowell of Stonington … Signed: John Legg, Deleverance Legg. Wit: John Borland, Rogr. Lawson. Ack in
  Boston Jan 1707. Recd: 15 Mar 1707/8.


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