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The USGenWeb Project Fairfield County, Connecticut
Darien, Fairfield County, Connecticut

Surnames D to H

Charles of Troy, NY m. Hannah Maria Waterbury of Darien, Oct 29, 1833
Anna m. Daniel Bostwick, June 4, 1851
Lucy Ann of Darien m. Alexander B. Holmes of NY, September 24, 1834
Henry of Poundridge, NY m. Harriet Wilcoxson of Darien, (January) 22, (1829)
John m. Fanny Seeley, November 25, 1820
Mary of Darien m. Joseph Annable of Newburgh, NY, Nov. 27, 1834
John m. Charlotte Richards, April 3, 1834
Drusilla of Stamford m. Edwin Finch of Darien, November 30, 1848
Biantha of Stamford m. Isaac L. Hoyt of Darien, December 6, 1846
Philander R. of Stamford m. Eunice A. Weed of Darien, November 1, 1846
Edward R. of NY City m. Mary Jane Raymond of Darien, Dec. 25, 1838
David L. of Darien m. Betsey Mather of Darien, April 8, 1844
Curtis of Norwalk, m. Katherine S. Gray of Darien, September 29, 1833
Edwin of Darien m. Drusilla Ensley of Stamford, November 30, 1848
Hannah W. of Darien m. Thaddeus Perry of Darien, May 31 1840
Frederick S. of Stamford m. Hannah M. Tooker of Stamford, July 28, 1839
Thomas B. of Greenwich m. Sarah L. Hurlbut of Darien, November 28, (1850)
Eliza Jane of Darien m. Sands Selleck of Darien, February 25, 1849
Thomas of Darien m. Susan Husted of Darien, November 14, 1847
Daniel of Rye, NY m. Mary Richards of Darien, November 2, 1829
Mary J. of New Canaan m. George Brown of Darien, February 18, 1850
Mariette of Fairfield m. Bates Hoyt of Darien, February 26, 1852
Samuel B. of Darien m. Mary R. Tuttle of Darien, March 23, 1852
Elizabeth m. Ira Scofield, June 13, 1839
Hannah E. m. John Waterbury, November 25, 1844
Joseph A. of Darien m. Theodosia Selleck of Darien, February 12, 1840
Katharine S. of Darien m. Curtis Finch of Norwalk, September 29, 1833
Ferdinand of Norwalk m. Jane Esther Raymond of Norwalk, Dec. 2, 1849
John of Norwalk m. Rebecca Ritchie of Darien, July 23, 1848
Mary of Darien m. Jacob Lockwood of Darien, February 4, 1821
Phebe Ann of Darien m. Henry Selleck of South Norwalk, Feb. 21, 1844
Sally of Darien m. Samuel Meeker of Reading, January 16, 1825
Caroline L. of Darien m. Charles Waterbury of Darien, June 10, 1838
Cynthia of Ridgefield m. Jeremiah Andrews of Darien, (January) 6, (1838)
Harriet of Darien m. Andrew J. Mills of Darien, March 12, 1848
Alexander B. of NY m. Lucy Ann Davis of Darien, September 24, 1834
Catharine of Darien m. David Clark of Darien, April 21, 1835
John of Darien m. Catharine Seeley of Darien, May 19, 1830
Nancy of Darien m. Lewis Slawson of Darien, October, 5, 1823
Sally Ann m. Austin G. Clark, April 27, 1826
Wm. H. m. Sarah A. Stevens, March 17, 1846
Anne of Darien m. Augustus Thomas of NY, December 25, 1843
Bates of Darien m. Mariette Godfry of Fairfield, February 26, 1852
Eliza of Darien m. Chauncey Street of Norwalk, February 25, 1840
Frederick of Warwick, NY m. Mary Weed of Darien, December 12, 1839
Isaac L. of Darien m. Biantha Fairchild of Stamford, December 6, 1846
Jerome of Stamford m. Abigail Crissey of Darien, September 23, 1838
Mary m. Benjn. Rogers, (January) 23, (1838)
Mary of Darien m. Nehemiah Clark of Salisbury, June 22, 1840
Samuel of Stamford m. Betsey Bates of Darien, November 19, 1820
Samuel B., Rev. m. Polly Waterbury, October 18, 1824
Deborah Ann of Darien m. Shubert Hurlbutt of Norfolk, May 27, 1838
Nancy, wid. of Westport m. Frederick Jarvis of Norwalk, August 23, 1835
Sarah L. of Darien m. Thomas B. Ford of Greenwich, Nov. 28, (1850)
Shubert of Norfolk m. Deborah Ann Hurlbutt of Darien, May 27, 1838
Jonathan N. m. Abigail A, Wilmot, October 6, 1823
Lyman of Stamford m. Sally Ann Scofield of Darien, November 14, 1836
Mary of Darien m. Charles W. Miller of Stamford, November 4, 1850
Stephen of Darien m. Phebe Shaw of Darien, October 7, 1846
Susan of Darien m. Thomas Garland of Darien, November 14, 1847

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