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Darien, Fairfield County, Connecticut

The USGenWeb Project Fairfield County, Connecticut

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Silas J. of NY City m. Sarah J. Mather of Darien, December 18, 1839
Abraham H. of Collicoon, NY m. Mary Warring of Darien, April 18, 1852
Hellen M. of Darien m. David H. Plumb, Rev. of Berlin, December 6, 1843
Abigail of Darien m. Giles Patterson of Greens Farms, April 7, 1824
Edmund of Ridgefield m. Mary Jane Weed of Darien, November 10, 1839
Hannah of Darien m. Theodore Wilmot of Greenwich, February 24, 1840
Henry F. of Stamford m. Amelia F. Weed of Darien, October 21, 1844
Mary of Darien m. Abraham H. Van Gasbeck of Collicoon, NY, April 18, 1852
Adaline m. Peter Jessup, February 13, 1825
Almira m. Lewis Richards, October 7, 1821
Amey E. m. Wm. W. Weed, June 18, 1835
Catharine of Darien m. Ezra A. Bishop of Darien, March 25, 1832
Charles of Darien m. Caroline L. Harmon of Darien, June 10, 1838
Eliza Ann m. Alvah Wilmot, January 3, 1821
Emma of Darien m. Samuel Stevens of Darien, November 24, 1825
Hannah Maria of Darien m. Charles Darnley of Troy, NY, October 29, 1833
John W. m. Hannah E. Gray, November 25, 1844
Lewes C., Capt. of Darien m. Nancy Shaw of Darien, November 11, (1844)
Mary of Darien m. Benjamin Weed of Darien, (-) 4, 1845
Mary Ann of Darien m. William Kelley of Troy, NY, (1837)
Mary L. m. Robert H. Lockwood, October 22, 1845
Nancy m. George R. Stevens, April 12, 1837
Peter L. of Darien m. Emeline Crabb of Norwalk, March 8, 1841
Polly m. Rev. Samuel B. Hull, October 18, 1824
Sally of Darien m. James McIntire of Darien, January 16, 1825
Sally of Darien m. Josiah Whetney of Darien, November 4, 1829
Sally of Darien m. Isaac Weed of Darien, April 3, 1832
Wm. of Darien m. Hannah Show of Darien, April 30, 1851
George of Darien m. Azuba Wilmot of Greenwich, February 19, 1846
Pilsey of NY m. Hannah Bishop of Darien, March 24, 1823
Alva of NY City m. Mary Weed of Darien, November 4, 1829
Amelia of Darien m. Hanry F. Warring of Stamford, October 21, 1844
Benjamin Jr. of Darien m. Mary Waterbury of Darien, (-) 4, 1845
Charles H. m. Mary E. Shaw, Spetember 29, 1841
Ebenezer of Darien m. Esterh Richards of Darien, October 17, 1824
Enos of New Canaan m. Sarah Andrus of Darien, April 1, 1821
Easther Mary of Darien m. George S. Bell of Darien, September 25, 1848
Eunice A. of Darien m. Philander R. Fairchild of Stamford, November 1, 1846
Finetta Jane of New Canaan m. Samuel Judson of New Canaan, May 16, 1841
Hannah Ann of Darien m. Ira Barnum of Norwalk, June 22, 1831
Henry of Darien m. Rebecca Weed of Darien, November 17, 1824
Henry L. of Norwalk m. Antoinette Bell of Norwalk, April 25, 1837
Hezekiah of Darien m. Polly Weed of Darien, November 25, 1838
Isaac of Darien m. Sally Waterbury of Darien, April 3, 1832
Joseph of Darien m. Louisa Weed of Darien, March 7, 1825
Julia of Darien m. John R. Leeds of Stamford, January 4, 1837
Louisa of Darien m. Joseph Weed of Darien, March 7, 1825
Maria of Darien m. Squier Scofield of Stamford, November 17, 1822
Mary of Darien m. Alva Weed of NY City, November 4, 1829
Mary of Darien m. Frederick Hoyt of Warwick, NY, December 12, 1839
Mary Jane of Darien m. Edmund Warren of Ridgefield, November 10, 1839
Polly of Darien m. Hezekiah Weed of Darien, November 25, 1838
Rachel Ann of Darien m. Henry B. Mather of Darien, March 11, 1849
Rebecca of Darien m. Henry Weed of Darien, November 17, 1824
Rufus of Darien m. Phebe Clark of Darien, February 23, 1831
Sally of Darien m. Darius K. Scofield of Darien, November 14, 1824
Sarah of Darien m. Jonathan Jessup of Greenwich, November 25, 1821
Susan A. of Darien m. Harvey H. Street of Darien, March 13, 1848
Wm. m. Amey E. Waterbury, June 18, 1835
Charles of Darien m. Elizabeth Lee of NY, February 14, 1843
Maria m. Abraham W. St. John, January 28, 1849
Charles E. m. Rosanna Mather, November 5, 1833
Cornelia of Darien m. Henry Morehouse of Darien, November 8, 1841
Eliasph of Darien m. Angeline Lounsbury of Stamford, December 12, 1824
Josiah of Darien m. Sally Waterbury of Darien, November 4, 1829
Marian of Darien m. George Mather of Darien, October 22, 1826
John A. of Long Island m. Caroline Scofield of Darien, November 14, 1836
Harriet of Darien m. Henry Dean of Poundridge, NY, (January) 22, (1829)
Abigail A. m. Jonathan N. Husted, October 6, 1823
Alvah m. Eliza Ann Waterbury, January 3, 1821
Angeline of Darien m. Aaron B. Bradley of Darien, April 4, 18()7
Azuba of Greenwich m. George Webb of Darien, February 19, 1846
James of Darien m. Betsey H. Wood of Darien, August 20, 1843
Julia Ann of Darien m. Geroge S. Bates of Darien, April 19, 1840
Theodore of Greenwich m. Hannah Warren of Darien, February 24, 1840
Mary of Providence, RI m. Nathan R. Byxbee of Darien, February 14, 1843
Betsey H. of Darien m. James Wilmot of Darien, August 20, 1843
Frances Amanda of Darien m. Wm. H. Bull of Darien, September 29, 1844
Isaac of Darien m. Sarah A. Northrop of Darien, June 26, 1836
William of Westport m. Sarah Brown of Darien, (September) 10, (1837)
Hannah m. George Street, May 11, (1828)

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