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The USGenWeb Project Fairfield County, Connecticut
Darien, Fairfield County, Connecticut

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Charles of Norwalk m. Kna(--) Elizabeth Scofield of Darien, December 2, 1839
Jeremiah of Darien m. Cynthia Hawley of Ridgefield, (January 6, 1838)
Sarah of Darien m. Enos Weed of New Canaan, April 1, 1821
Sarah, of Darien m. Benjamin Little of Darien April 26, 1841
Joseph of Newburgh, NY m. Mary Dibble of Darien, November 27, 1834
Ira of Norwalk m. Hannah Ann Weed of Darien, June 22, 1831
Betsey of Darien m. Samuel Hoyt of Stamford, November 19, 1820
Charles A. of Darien m. Polly Tuttle of Darien, August 1, (1830)
George S. of Darien m. Julia Ann Wilmot of Darien, April 19, 1840
Julia of Darien m. Carmi Betts of Norwalk, October 6, 1834
Sally E. of Darien m. William H. Bates of Darien, November 7, (1830)
William H. of Darien Sally E. Bates of Darien, November 7, (1830)
Antoinette m. Henry L. Weed of Norwalk, April 25, 1837
Betsey, Mrs. of Darien m. Nathan Lockwood of Norwalk, March 6, 1821
George S. of Darien m. Easther Mary Weed of Darien, September 25, 1848
Holly of Darien m. Abigail Scofield of Darien, January 27, 1822
John J. m. Caroline Selleck, December 19, 1842
Allen H. of Wilton m. Betsey Marvin of Wilton, November 16, 1847
Carmi of Norwalk m. Julia Bates of Darien, October 6, 1834
Ezra A. of Darien m. Catharine Waterbury of Darien, March 25, 1832
Hannah of Darien m. Pilsey Webb of New York, March 24, 1823
Eliza Ann m. Leander Cook, December 28, (1830)
Harriet of Darien m. Smith Mills of Darien, September 15, 1837
Nathan R. of Darien m. Mary Wiseman of Providence, RI, February 14, 1843
Daniel m. Anna Davenport, June 4, 1851
Ann Maria of Norwalk m. Nathan Nash Jr. of New Canaan, December 22, 1836
George J. of Darien m. Harriet Reed of Darien, February 21, 1841
Aaron B. of Darien m. Angeline Wilmot of Darien, April 4, 18(--)
Benire of Norwalk m. Lavina Leeds of Darien, November 23, 1836
George of Darien m. Mary J. Gilligan of New Canaan, February 18, 1850
Sarah of Darien m. William Wood of Westport, (September) 10, (1837)
Wm. H. of Darien m. Frances Amanda Wood of Darien, September 29, 1844
Betsey Ann m. Charles A. Scofield, November 16, 1842
Abram of Darien m. Phebe Scofield of Darien, January 23, 1825
Austin G. m. Sally Ann Howe, April 27, 1826
David of Darien m. Catharine Holmes of Darien, April 21, 1835
Harriet of Darien m. Smith C. Sammis of Darien, November 28, 1824
Nehemiah of Salisbury m. Mary Hoyt of Darien, June 22, 1840
Nelly of Darien m. Lewis Cook of Darien, October 2, 1825
Phebe of Darien m. Rufus Weed of Darien, February 23, 1831
Wm. of Portage, NY m. Sarah Mather of Darien, May 30, (1830)
Seymour of New Canaan m. Mrs. Mary Rogers of Darien, May 6, 1851
John C. m. Elizabeth McKenzie, September 8, 1845
Leander m. Eliza Ann Bixby, December 28, (1830)
Lewis of Darien m. Nelly Clark of Darien, October 2, 1825
Emeline of Norwalk m. Peter L. Waterbury of Darien, March 8, 1841
Abigail H. of Darien m. Jerome Hoyt of Stamford, September 23, 1838
Anne m. Ebenezer Cressey, May 16, 1842
Caroline E. m. Luther S. Scofield, October 26, 1840
Ebenezer m. Anne Cressey, May 16, 1842

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