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FHL Film #4293 Groton, New London Co, CT
First Book of Records 1705-1723
Part Four


FHL Film #4293 Groton, New London Co, CT First Book of Records 1705-1723

  1:14 Joshua Abell, Simon Huntington Junr, Samuell Gadger of Norwitch, Daniel Bruster, Caleb Hobbs (or Fobes) of
  Preston yeomen … for 18L … by Robert Allyn of New London yeoman … 100A … we have in partnership … on the
  east side of the great river with in the bounds of the towne of New London excepting only our brother John Allyn share?
  which a seventh part the Land is bounded as followeth: 4 Apr 1698. Signed: Joshua Abell, Simon Huntington, Samuell
  Gadger, Caleb Hobes, Daniel Bruster. Wit: Richard Bushnell, Caleb Bushnell. Ack: 26 Aug 1700 by John Tracy Justice
  of peace. Recd: 26 Feb 1707/8.

  1:24-25 George Gear late of new London but now of New Groaton for 14A of land paid by my son Robert Gear of the
  same town … sold … certain parsalle of upland swampland and medow land lying and being with the towhship of new
  Groton aforesd … taking in the sawmill and running as the brook rus to an ash stump more eleaven acres …
  northeasterly line of the 100A granted me by the town of new London … the above sd George Geer doe reserve for my
  own use …. 20 Jun 1706. Signed: George G Gear his mar. Wit: Robert Ally, John Weekes. Mr. George Gear personally
  appeared and Ack … 23 Feb 1707/8. Recd: 3 Apr 1708.

  1:24 George Gear late of New London but now of New Groton in the County of New London in the Coloney of Coneticut
  in New England for 14a … to Robert Gear … taking in the sawmill …excepting one acre of land by the aforesaid mill
  which acre of land I the above sd George Geer doe reserve for my own use … 20 June in the 15th year of the reign of
  our soverain Lady Queen Ann and in the year of our Lord God 1706 … Signed: George G Gear his mark. Wit: Robert
  Allyn, John Weekes. Ack: 23 Feb 1707/8. Recd: 3 Apr 1708.

  1:24 Robert Gears of Groaton … for 14a of land paid by my father Georg Gear of the same County and Coloney …
  west bounds of my land and Capt. Wetherlies northwest corner … Signed: Robert Geere. Wit: Robert Allyn, John
  Weekes. Ack: 23 Feb 1707/8. Recd: 3 Apr 1708.

  1:29 George Geres late of Groton in the County of New London in the Coloney of Coneticut in New England for 14a …
  to my son Isaac Geres the one halfe of the land I purchased of Eliezer Hbell? Being 130a with half the addition of other
  land that joynes upon it to the northward … equally divided & the sd Georg Geres the one half and my son Isaac Geres
  the other halfe … 23 Jun 1708 Signed Georg G. Geres his mark. Wit: Samuel Noten?, Lydiah Smith. Ack: 23 Jun 1708.
  Recd: 25 June 1708.

  1:61? John Gadger of Norwich … have sold … to Andrew Davis of Nlondon … 50A … east side of New London River
  abutting southerly on the Land wch was originally Mr. Blinmans by a swamp … with the land of sd John Gadgers wch
  was formerly part of the land of William Taylor … common land the sd John Gadger for my self … 29 Oct 1691. Signed:
  John X Gadger, Elizabeth T. Gadger. Wit: John Birchard, Samuell Birchard. Ack in Norwich 20 Jun 1692. Recorded 7
  Dec 1709.

  1:74 Jonathan Starr of Groton for 20L paid by Hester Allyn of Groton … 28A … eastward of land in the possession of
  Walter Budington … Joseph Bayly … Thomas Bayly … 10 Apr 1710. Signed: Jonathan Starr. Wit: William Latham,
  Andrew Lester. Ack and recd: 10 Apr 1710

  1:115 The names of those that drew lotts at Nawayunk & ye number of ye lots July 4th 1712
  Capt. John Avery ye fourth teer thirty second Lott …
  Jeremiah Geer the Lot in ye the teer …
  George Geer second teer thirth third Lott …
  Widow Allyn ye second teer ninth lot …
  Nicholas Street sixth teer tenth lot
  Robt Allyn 3rd teer eleventh lot
  Robt Geer second teer eleventh lot
  Thomas Bennat forth teer twenty sixth lot

  1:118 The names of those that drew lots a Nawayunk
  Isaac Geare second teer nintenth lot
  Capt. Parke fourth teer 24th lot
  John Allen 4th teer 30th lot
  Samuel Parke 6th teer 2nd lott

  1:120 George Geare of Groton yeoman for love good will and affection which I have and do bear towards my sone
  Jeremiah Geare of the town abovesd husbandman … the one half of all my housing lands orchards and homestead
  that I am now in possession of … bought of Eleazer ???bell … 130a together with the half of the land adjoining thereto
  northerly as I have given the other half of the same to my son Isaac Geare by deed may appear … 10 Jan 1709/10
  signed: the mark of Georg G Geare. Wit: James Morgan, Ephraim Woodbridge, Moses Fish. Ack: and Recd 25 Jul

  1:120-121 George Geare of Groton yeoman for love which I bear unto my grandson Oliver Geare do give … now in the
  possession of my son Jeremiah Geare who is the legal father of sd Oliver … 59a … at the age of 21 years … 10 Jan
  1709/10 Signed the marke of Georg G Geare. Wit: James Morgan, Ephraim Woodbridge, Moses Fish. Ack: and Recd
  25 Jul 1712.

  1:127 Groton, January 23rd 1712/3 a … second devisions lotts att Nowayunk Nack is as followes; … The names of
  those that drew lots in the second Devision
  p. 128
  Jno Allyn first teer fifty eighth lot
  Nicholas Street first teer sixtyninth lot
  Jeremiah Geere first teer fifty second lot
  p. 129
  Hester Allyn widow second teer eight lott
  Capt. John Parke second teer sixth lott
  Samuel Park first teer thirty ….
  Robert Geare first teer ….
  p. 130
  Robert Allyn second teer seaventh lott
  Entered to be Recorded July 16: 1714
  Mr. George Geer first teer third lott
  p. 131
  Samuell Parke second teer sixty sith lot
  Entered to be recorded Dec 26 1715

  1:144 Thomas Bayley yeoman of Grotton for 5L 5s from Nehemiah Smith Junior of Grotton husbandman … two lotts at
  nowayank neck … 3a … first division fourth teer of lotts and the thirteenth lott second division … second teer …
  fourteenth lott of that teer … the previledges of the Pequet Indians only excepted … 9 May 1713. Signed Thoms X
  Balle his mark. Wit: Edward Yemons, Aaron Stark, Jeremiah Geer. Ack: 9 May 1713. Recd. 9 May 1713.

  1:150 Jeremiah Geer for 5L 5s from Nehemiah Smith Junr. of Groton husbandman …sold … two lotts of land
  nawayanck neck … 3A and half … 4 Jul 1713. Signed Jeremiah Geer. Wit: John Pules * his mark. Lydiah Smith, Marg
  Kinnicum B her mark. Ack: and Recd: 4 Jul 1713.

  1:150-151 Robert Geer of Groton yeoman for 3L … from Nathaniel Parke of sd town and Collony: thirteen of wch mony
  was paid to Comfort Davis the other twenty in hand recd on securety given the resaile wherof the sayd Robt. Geer doth
  ack. And there upon aquit the sd Nathaniel Parke … sold … a certaine house and six acres of land with sd house
  situated in the township of Groton aforesd and is a part of a farm belonging to
  sayd Geer’s farm joining southerly with land belonging to Capt. Daniel Wetherly the sd six acres is … 18 Aug 1712.
  Signed Robert Geere. Wit: John Prentts, John Plumbe. Ack: 18 Aug 1712. Recd: 19 Aug 1712.

  1:154 Robert Parke of New London yeoman for 14L … by Hugh Stone of New London … three score acres in New
  London … Signed Robert Parke. Wit: Jonathan Tracy, Mary Tracy. This land being taken off the west end of a tract of
  land formerly granted to Mr. Simon Broadstreet Nov 28, 1704. Signed: Robert Parke Ack: 11 Mar 1712/13. Jonathan
  Tracy Justice of Peace. Recd:

  1:156 John Barnard schoolmaster for 5L to Nehemiah Smith Junior of Grotton husbandman … sold … 2 lots in
  Nowayank nack 3A and a half … second devision of sd neck … 11 May 1713. Signed: John Barnard. Wit: John Parke,
  David Collver, Lydiah Smith. Ack and Recd: 11 May 1713.

  1:166 John Shools of Grotton yeoman … for 5L … from Nehemiah Smith Junior of Grotton husbandman …. Two lotts of
  land called Nowayanck neck containing 3 and half acres … Signed: John Shools. Wit: Aaron Stark, William Stark Junr,
  Thomas Parke. Ack and Recd: 9 May 1713.

  1:168 Groton April 14 1713 Then received of Elizabeth Wicks widow and adminintratrex on the estate of John Wicks
  late of sd Groton deceased the sum of thirteen pound fourteen shillings and eight pence monies wch I except of in full
  for the debt wch was due to me from sd John Wicks and doe freely give to the sd Elizabeth Wicks the Remand that is
  due to me as witness my hand Robert Geere. Recorded 3 Mar 1714.

  1:173 George Geere of Groton … yeoman … formerly given to my Loving son Isaac Geere of ye same Groton … the
  one halfe of my farme I now live upon in sd Groton as may appeare by a deed given … 3 Jun 1708 and now the same
  (by mutual agreement) being divided between my son Jeremiah and my sd Son Isaac and the south part thereof falling
  to my sd son Isaac by sd division … for ?? shillings pr annum & the keeping of one cow for my use all which to be done
  for me during my naturall life and more especially for & in ye consideration of the Love good will & fatherly affection …
  to the land of Thomas Rose … excepting only what I have formerly sold to Petter Spiser … 15 Jan 1713 …. Signed
  George Geer his mark. Wit: Nathaniel Eldrige>, Joseph Bee? [unreadable]

  1:174 George Geere of Groton … yeoman … formerly given to my Loving son Jeremiah Geere of the same Groton
  aforesd the one halfe of my farme & now live upon In sd Groton as may appeare by a deed given under my hand
  bareing date 10 Jan 1709/10 and now the farm (by mutuall agreement) being divided between my son Isaac and my sd
  son Jeremiah and the north part thereof falling to my sd son Jeremiah by sd division … for Love good will … and in
  consideration of what my sd son Jeremiah Geere had secured to be allowed and payd to me and my wife during our
  naturall Lives (by an instrument now in the hands of Capt. Richard Bushnell of Norwich) wherewith … satisfied &
  contented & doe therefore aquit … Jeremiah … all the one half of my sd farme … as it is now divided … Mr. Pickets?
  land … Mr. Thomas Roses land formerly Mr. Robert Allyn Land … Norwich corner tree standing near sd Roses now
  dwelling house and from thence westerly to Mr. Pickets land now in the possession of Mr. Samuell Wipples … 12 Mar
  1713. Signed George X Geere his mark. Wit: Jonathan Starr, Samuell Lester, Andrew Lester. Ack and Recd: 12 Mar

  1:174-175 George Geer, Isaac Geere & Jeremiah Geer his sons all of the town of Groton …(by mutual agreement) an
  annuall maintenance to be paid unto him ye sd George Geere & his wife Sarah during their naturall life [unreadable] …
  that the farme we now live [unreadable] … shall provide a suitable roome or roomes in sd house … one full yeare from
  the date hereof and further that he … the dwelling house by division shall have ye little house wch stands …
  [unreadable] Signed George X Geere his mark. Wit: Nathanel Giddings, Joseph Lee. Recd. 18 Feb 1713/14.

  1:181 John Parke of Preston yeoman … for 5L … From Nehemiah Smith Junior of Grotton husbandman … two lotts of
  land in Groton … at nowayank neck containing 3 acres and a half … 11 May 1713 … Signed: John Parke. Wit: John
  Brinard, David Collver, Lydiah Smith. Ack. By Capt. John Parke of Preston & Recd. 11 May 1713.

  1:199 Robert Allyn of Groton yeoman … for 5L from Nehemiah Smith Junr of Groton … two lotts of land … three and
  one half acres … 31 May 1714. Signed: Robert Allyn. Wit: Edward Yeomons, Lydiah Smith. Ack. And Recd: 31 May

  1:205 Robert Geere of Groton … for 5L 10s … from Edward Yeomans of Groton husbandman … three and half acres
  … 24 May 1714. Signed Robert Geere. Wit: Benja. Star, Christopher Avery. Ack and Recd: [?]

  1:223 Hester Allyn widow late wife to Mr. John Allyn late of Groton deceased and Benjamin Andress, widow Allyns son
  by her former husband Andres: both of Groton … for 5L 10s … from Nehemiah Smith of Groton yeoman … the sd
  Hester Allyn widow and Benjamin Andres her son doth ack hereby and thereupon acquit and discharge the sd
  Nehemiah Smith… sold …. Two lotts of land in Groton at a place called nowayunk neck containing in the first division of
  sd neck: in the second teer: ninth lott, … having obtained the same by a grant from the town of Groton … 2 Jun 1714
  … Signed: Hester E Allyn her mark, Benjamin Andres. Wit: John Champlin, Henry Marow. Ack and Recd: 2 Jun 1714.

  1:250-251 George Geer of Groton for --- from Nehemiah Smith of Groton … --- wayunk neck … three and a half acres
  … 24 Mar 1714/5 Signed: George G Gears the mark of. Wit: John Parke, Josh Welch? Ack and recd: 24&25 Mar 1714.

  1:252 Robert Allyn and John Seabury wit. a deed of James Foreside?? To Edward Yeomans.

  1:279?? Robert Geer of Groton … for 250L … paid by Hopestill Tilor of Preston … house which I now dwell in and all
  my land … near to land belonging to Zachariah Mainor … 112A … 28 June 1715. Signed: Robert Geere. Wit: Joseph A
  Ayres his mark, Luke L Perkins his mark. Ack and recd: 30 Jun 1715.

  1:285 Robert Gear of Groton for 250L paid by Hopestill Tiler of Preston do acquit and discharge forever the house
  which I now dwell: recorded already in another place.

  Articles of agreement made and concluded between Andrew Davis and Comfort Davis respecting part of the tract of
  land they bought of Mr. Livingston … Wit: John Allen, Robert Davis. Signed: Andrew Davis, Comfort Davis.

  1:324-325 Robert Allyn of Groton yeoman for divers good causes … to Thomas Rose of Preston yeoman … any right
  that Robert Allyn had to 100A of land which was given by Mr. John Gager deceased unto his dathter Elisabeth & to her
  heirs which …[unreadable]

  1:336-337 Samuell Parke of New London Cordwinder for 6L sold to Nathaniel Bellus … 40a … 27 Feb 1699. Signed
  Samuell Parke. Wit: Thomas Rose Senior, Thomas Rose Junior. Ack. 27 Feb 1699. Recd: 24 Dec 1716.

  1:365 John Allen of Groton yeoman … for 45L … to Moses Fargo Juner of New London yeoman … near John
  Newburys land containing 20A … 3 Jan 1717. Signed John Allen. Wit: Rolf Stoder, Nehemiah Smith Juner. Ack and
  recd: 7 Jan 1717/18.

  1:372 Jeremiah Gear of Groton … for 12L 15s … to John Williams of Norwich shopkeeper … 25A in Groton part of the
  farm of late belonging to George Gear of Groton and now in the occupation of Jeremiah Gear … bounded by Isaac
  Gear’s land … 3 Jun 1718. Signed: Jeremiah Geer. Wit: George Denison, Davis? Marough. Ack and recd: 11 Jul 1718.

  1:373 Hopestill Tylor Junr of Preston … for 500L paid by Robert Geer of Groton … sell all my land which I purchased of
  him sd Geer some years ago … 24 Mar 1717/18. Signed: Hopestill Tyler. Wit: John Allyn, Delilah? Allyn. Ack and recd:
  24 Mar 1717/18.

  1:374 These may signifie to any that I Mary Parke Relick of Thomas Parke of late deceased have payd unto my son
  Samuell Parke for his portion two hundred acres of Land lying in the towne of Groton & one hundred acres of land lying
  in the township of Stonington & my husbands share of all the Common land in Preston: and his share of the Volontere
  plantation and a horse & severall other things with he hath excepted to his good satisfaction and content as wittness
  my hand the mark (Mpa---) of Mary Park. Wit: Thomas Rose, John Park, John Smith. We do hereby give up our Right
  and Title to said land: Eleazer Parke. February 28th 1707/8 Entered to be Recorded October ? 1718.

  1:411-412 John Alline Senr. Of Groton … sd John Allyn for 14L … from Luke Perkins Junr. Of Groton … six acres and
  three quarters … adjacent to John Nuberys land … the other tract of land containing 3A not far from the said
  mentioned tract and adjacent to land which the sd John Allyn sold to Moses Firgoe … 13 Apr 1719. Signed: John Allyn.
  Wit: C. Christophers, Sarrah Christophers. Ack and recd 30 Apr 1719 & 18 Jun 1719.

  End of 1A Then starts 1B on p. 415

  1:431-432 Moses Fergoe of Groton yeoman for 55L from John Allyn Junr. Of Groton … near John Nuberys lands
  containing by estemation 20A … 20 Feb 1719. Signed Moses A Fergoe, his marke. Wit: Joshua Raymond, Luke
  Perkins Junr. Ack and recd: 20 Feb 17118/19.

  1:440-442 George Geer late of the towne of Groton …now residing in the towne of Preston for 150L paid by my two
  sons Robert Geer of Groton & Thomas Gates of Preston … 100A in Groton … all that parcel of land which was taken
  by an execution from my son Jeremiah Geer the 19 Apr 1718 bounded by Mrs. Whiples land … land of Thomas Roose
  formerly Mr. Robert Allyns lands … Rooses dwelling house … excepting only 25A with the dwelling house standing
  thereon which is bounded … Mr. Whiples land … to Thomas Roose … 21 May 1718. Signed: the mark of Georg X
  Geer. Wit: John Brown, Josiah Burys. Ent and recd 20 May 1718, 29 May 1718.

  1:442-443 We Samuell Gager, Joshua Abell & Simon Huntington of Norwich & Daniell Bruster and Caleb Fobes of
  Preston all in ye County of New London and Jeremiah Riple of Windham in ye couty of Hartford … acquit claim unto the
  heirs of Robert Allyn of Groton all our right … all ye land that was given unto us by our Honrd father Mr. John Gager of
  Norwich deceast … abovesd Robert Allyn & their heirs … 1719. Signed: Joshua Abell, Simon Huntington, Samll. Gager,
  Daniell Bruster, Caleb Fobs, Jeremiah Riple. Wit: John Brandn, Robert Gears, Jonathan Williams. 25 Apr 1719. 13 Jan
  1719/20. 7 Jan 1719/20.

  1:446-448 Isaack Gears of Groton for 6L 10s from James Packer of Groton … two lots of land Nowannuck Neck …
  three and half acres … 20 Aug 1719. Signed Isaack Gears. Wit: Robert Gears, John Allyn. Ent and recd: 24 Aug 1719.

  1:461-463 3 Jan 1717/18 Robert Allyn of Groton to Jonathan Starr & Chrisopher Avery for love and affection which
  Robert Allyn beareth to his wife Deborah and to the heirs of his body … given unto Jonathan Starr and Chrisopher
  Avery all that Mansion house and messuage wherein the sd Robert Allyn now dwells in Groton… from the old farm
  whereon John Allyn father to the sd Robert Allyn lived and dyed … for and during his natural life and after the decease
  of the sd Robert Allyn then to the use and behoofe of the sd Deborah during the term of her living a widow .. excepting
  only and saving out of such conveyance and … part that might be thereby given to Elizabeth Williams … she having
  received a proportional part of her portion … Signed Robert Allyn. Wit: Bena. Star. C. Christophers. Ent and recd: 3
  Jan 1717/18

  1:550 Ezekieal Park of Preston … for love and affection … brother Jacob Parke of Groton … give … all my right & title
  to ye dwelling house & ye land which belongs to ye house which was my honoured father Nathaniel Parkes which he
  was ye possessor of at his death ye said house & land beforesd belongeth to ye Town of Groton … 22 April 1720.
  Signed: Ezekiel Parke. Wit: Isaac Parke, Sarah Safford. Preston 27 Par 1720 ack and recd May 1720.

  1:592-593 Thomas Parke of Preston yeoman for 42L … paid by Eleazer Parke of ye town aforesd … sold … tract of
  land in Groton … southern most peace of my upland that lyeth in ye plains … land of Eleazer Parke … 7 Jul 1719.
  Signed Thomas Parke. Wit; Thomas Rose, Hannah Parke. Ack 30 Oct and recd: 7 May 1721.

  1:658 25 Apr 1721. We whose names are undr. Written being chosen a Committee to Divide ye Common Land in
  Groton according to a town voate past in Groton 16 Apr 1719 have layed out Jeremiah Geers wood lot unto Danll.
  Eldridge as may appear by record lyeing at Mashuntuckt … side of James Morgan Junr’s Lot … Signed: Nehemiah
  Smith Junr., Samll. Lester, Joshua Bill. Ent: 9 Jan 1721.

  1:662: We whose names are undr. Written being chosen a Committee to Divide ye Common Land in Groton according
  to a town voate past in Groton 16 Apr 1719 have layed out 13 Jan 1725 to Robert Allyn Junr ye remaining part of his
  wood lot having had layed out five acres before at his request in ye survey of his fathers wood lot beginning att a white
  ash … bounded of ye thirty acres formerly bought of ye town by said Robt. Allyn Junrs father … Signed: Nehemiah
  Smith Junr., Joshua Bill, Samll. Whipell??, Nicholas Street. Recd: 7 Jan 1720/1??

  1:687-688 We whose names are under Written being a Committee to lett the Common according to the voat of ye town
  Land in Groton 16 Apr 1719 … have layed out 25 Jan 1721/2 to Nathaniel Parke late of Groton Deceased (his Estate)
  a wood lott … more land laid out to Nathaniel Parkes his Estate to make up with ye before mentioned Land a wood lott
  beginning … down to Capt. John Morgans … Land that was formerly Capt. Daniel Wetherels … land formerly Capt.
  Morgans? Signed: Nehemiah Smith Junr, Nicholas Street, Samuell Lester. Recd: 7 Feb 1722/3.

  1:688 A Surveye of four acres of Swampy Land set out to Robert Gear as part of his Common Right or woodlot which
  lies at the East end of Capt. Wetherels Land bounded as followeth … corner bound of sd Gear’s other land … black
  oak markt W: with stones about it which is sd. Capt. Wetherels north east corner … Signed: Nehemiah Smith Junr,
  Nicholas Street, Samuell Lester. Recd: 18 Feb 1722/3.

  1:690-692 John Hough in right of his wife Hannah and Jonathan Latemer? In right of his wife Boradel? All of New
  London & Nathaniel Brown? Of Preston by virtue of his Presents??? From G??? Heirs and his wife Phebe of sd New
  London … of a tract of land in sd Groton containing … 200A … formerly granted to Capt. Daniel Wetherel late of New
  London Decd & Lay adjoining Southward from the Land of Robt. Geer and the parties have agreed on a division of ye
  sd Land … Nathaniel Brown his third of the sd Land … joining to sd Robt. Geers Land … John Hough and Hannah his
  wife, Jonath. Latamore & Borodel his wife for quit claim to ye sd Nathl. Brown … 11 Feb 1722/3. Signed: John Hough,
  Jonthn. Lattemer, Hannah Hough, Boradel Lattemer. Wit: Robt. Denison, Solomon Coit. Ack and recd: 12 Feb 1722/3

  1:725-726 George Geer Late of Groton now residing in Preston yeoman for 20L paid by Humphry Avery of Groton …
  all my right unto ye common or undivided land in Groton … 19 Oct 1721. Signed Georg X his mark Geer. Wit: Zebediah
  Getz, Paradgaoct??? Getz. Ack and recd: 19 Oct 1721.

  1:726-729 John Pelton of Groton … carpenter for 260L paid by Joshua Bill … 300A … which was given to Mr. Joshua
  Raymond some time of New London Deceased by ye town of said New London & ye other 200A was also given by sd
  New London to Capt. James Avery of sd New London Deceased & sold by Mr. John Chandler & his wife Mary Chandler
  late of new London unto Mr. John Allyn of Groton Deceased … to land given to Mr. Joshua Raymond … Tree marked
  which Land was taken by Execution from Robert Allyn of Groton & Delivered to ye abovesd: John Pelton … excepting
  80A already sold to Joseph Mallison of Groton … 29 Mar 1720. Signed: John Pelton. Wit: Samll. Edgcomb, Samll.
  Green. Ack 29 Mar 1720 and Recd 17 Jan 1721/2.

  1:750-751 Isaac Parke of Preston yeoman for 4L 2s paid by Jacob Parke of Groton sold … all my right to ye house &
  Land which my Honrd father Nathaniel Parke Late of Groton Decd. Which he did possess of which fell to me as part of
  my portion … 8 Feb 1721/2. Signed: Isaac Parke. Wit: Thomas Woodward, John Parke. Isaac Parke of Preston ack in
  Groton 1 Mar 1721/2. Recd; 1 Mar 1721/2.

  1:765-766 Joseph Perkins of Norwich yeoman for 8L 7s paid by Mary Park of Groton … sold … three and a half acres
  … bounded on land belonging to ye estate of Robert Parke & bounded … with land belonging to Thomas Parkes &
  Eleazer Parke and … land that Peter Davison sold to John Park and as it is bounded … 5 Nov 1707. Signed: Joseph
  Perkins. Wit: Jona: Tracy, Peter Davison. Ack 24 Nov 1707.

  1:767-768 Robert Geer of Groton for 16L paid by John Allyn ye son of Robert Allyn of Groton … sold … first division in
  ye Common & undivided lands … about 20A … (excepting 4A part of ye sd 20A wch ye sd Ger reserves to himself
  having already taken up) … 3 May 1722. Signed: Robert Geer. Wit: Christopher Avery, Humphry Avery. Ack and recd:
  3 May 1722.

  1:783-787 John Allyn for 75L paid by James Smith of New London … 20A … adjacent to lands belonging to Ralph
  Stoder … 14 Feb 1721/2. Signed: John Allyn. Wit: C. Christophers, Sarah Christophers. Ack 14 Feb 1721/2 and recd:
  9 Sep 1722.

  1:840 Whereas the town of Groton 13 Feb 1720/1 vote concerning ye division of ye Town Commons … Patentees
  [include]: Samuel Fish, George Geer, Robt. Gears, Joshua Hempsted. Recd: 15 Feb 1721.


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