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Groton, New London Co, CT First Book of Records 1705-1723
Part Two


FHL Film #4293 Groton, New London Co, CT First Book of Records 1705-1723

  1:252-253 Aaron Stark to Rafe Stoder … by Capt. Daniel Witherell … 6 Jan 1714/5 Signed: Aaron Stark. Wit: Ebenezer
  Jen---, Nathaniel W---, John X his mark Shols. Ack and recd 6 Jan 1714/5.

  1:254-255 Aaron Stark of Groton yeoman for 100L … discharge the sd Edward Yeomans … two tracts of land part of
  200A of land formerly given to Daniel Layn by the town of New London … to Nathaniel -----… Luke Perkins land … Ack:
  15 Sep 1714/5

  1:271 Edward Yeomans of Groton for 4L 5s from Edward Ashby of Groton … newayunk neck … 21 Dec 1714 …
  Signed Edward Yeomons. Wit: Aaron Stark, Nathaniel Weeden.

  1:273? Rafe Stoder of Groton yeoman … for 6L from Aaron Stark of Groton … two lots of land at a place called
  Nowanck neck three and one half acres … 6 Jan 1714/5 … Signed: Ralf Stooder. Wit: Ebenezer Denness, Nathaniel
  Weeden. Ack and Recd: 6 Jan 1714/5.

  1:279-280 Robert Burrows of Groton yeoman to Edward Yeomans … for 5L 10s … three and half acres at Nowaneck
  Neck … Signed: Robert Burrows: Wit: John Packer, Aaron Stark. Ack and recd: 16 Feb 1713/14.

  1:281-282? James Culver of Groton to Edward Yeomans husbandman … for 5L … two lotts of land at a place called
  Nawaunck three and half acres …26 May 1714. Signed: James Cullver. Wit: Aaron Stark, Thomas Parke, Joseph Wells.
  Ack and Recd: 26 May 1714.

  1:287Aaron Stark of Groton yeoman for 2L 5s paid by Nathaniel Weeden of Groton cordwinder … one lott of land
  containing one acre at nowayuck Neck … 6 Jan 1714/5. Signed Aaron Stark. Wit: Nehemiah Smith. Ebenezer Jenness.
  Ack and recd: 6 Jan 1714/5.

  1:293-294 William Stark Junor of Groton … for 180L … from Daniell Elderidge of Stoningtown … sold … 50A lying near
  Mistick River … bounded on the east with Wintrops land bounded on the north with land now in the possession of John
  Cook: bounded on the west with a brook commonly called Culvers brook: bounded on the South with land now in the
  possession of Peter Creary … 3 Nov 1715. Signed: William Stark Juner. Wit: James Packer, John Williams. Ack and
  recd: 3 Nov 1715.

  1:294 Stephen Starke of Groton husbandman for 38L from Bieal Samons of Groton … all the land mentioned … 2 Aug
  1715. Signed: Stephen Stark. Wit: Lydia Smith, Hannah Smith, David Collver. Ack and recd: 14 Aug 1715. The deed
  belonging to ye above written assignment is recorded in Fol: 196.

  1:295 Aaron Stark of Groton husbandman for the sum of 12L from Stephen Stark of sd Groton … assign and make
  over this within written deed and all the land therein mentioned … 5 Aug 1715. Signed: Aaron Stark. Wit: David Collver,
  Abiell X Samons his mark, Lydia Smith. Ack and recd: 5 Aug 1715. The deed belonging to this assignment is recorded
  in fol: 177/8.

  1:298 Articels of agreement indented made concluded and agreed upon the 28 day of February between William Stark
  of Grotton in the County of New London yeoman of the one part and Valentine Wightman of the town county aforesaid
  of the other part as foleth: viz for the settelment of the line betwen us as in these presents soleming expressed for us
  our heirs and every of them do agree to these bounds begening at a walnut tree Crooked standing on the hill marked
  from thence running nor west about nine rod to a oke tree marked on fore sides from thence running westerly on a
  strait line to a ash tree standing by the brook about tow or three rods from the marked maple tree menchened in a
  deed bareing date Jeneary 3rd 1708 being sudderly from the sd maple tree It is furder agreed that the way of two rod
  wide mede in a deed of gift barin date December 6th 1707 is reserved and included in this agreemnt and for as much
  as this line sd runes across corners of both parties land it is agreed by both parties to quit our claimes to each other
  and confirm the abovesaid bounds forever for us and our heirs whereof the parties to these presents have set their
  handes and seals hear unto the 28 day February. Signed: William Stark, Valentine Wightman. Signed, sealed and
  delivered in presents us: Aaron Stark, Moses Fish. William Starke and Valentine Wightman the subscribers personally
  appeared and acknowledged the above written agreement to be their free act and deed before me Nehemiah Smith
  Justice Groton March ye 16: 1714/15. Entered to be Recorded March: 16: 1714/5.

  1:303-304 Aaron Stark of Groton for 33L 10s paid by Thomas Baley of Grotton … a certain tract of land containing 60A
  … to Lt. Samuell Avery and joining the east side of sd Avery land which he bought of Mr. Woodbridg … 29 Apr 1714 …
  Signed: Aaron Stark. Wit: James ----, Gershom ---- Ack and recd: 29 Apr 1714.

  1:306 Ephraim Collver of Groton … 28L … from Abiel Stark of Groton husbandman … land that was my fathers
  Ephrems Collers of Groton … 28 Jan 1715/16 … Signed: Ephraim Collver. Wit: Aaron Stark, Lydia Smith. Ack and recd:
  28 Jan 1715/16.

  1:306 Mary Collver of Groton … for 8L … from Abiel Stark of Groton husbandman … sold … all my right title interest in
  the estate that ever was my fathers Ehrems Collver of Groton deceased in the Collony of Connecticut … 3 Feb
  1715/16. Signed Mary M Collver her mark. Wit: Nehemiah Smith Junr, Lydia Smith. Ack and Recd: 3 Feb 1715/16.

  1:307 Samuell Rogers, John Rogers, of New London and Samuell Beebee of Southhold on Long Island have least out
  to Aaron Starke of Groton …tract of land in Groton near his now dwelling house bounded on the northward the sd
  Starks own land and on ye south with land in the possession of ye widow Walsworth and Eastward with the line which
  he ye sd Aaron Stark and his brother Stephen agreed upon to be ye line between them and on ye westward corners
  with two oaks marked: this land wee have leased out to sd Aaron Stark for five pounds the year wch he doth ingage to
  pay yearly to either Samuell or John Rogers aforesd in currant money of new England till such time he can purchas ye
  sd Land of us ye said Samuell Rogers: John Rogers and Samuell Beebee aforesd: we having engaged to ye sd Aaron
  Starke that whensoever he shall pay unto us twenty shillings the acre upon receit thereof we will give him a deed of
  sale of sd. Land to him & his heirs forever and if we should decease before the accomplishment of the payment hereof
  we do by these … 21, 6m, 1712. Signed: Samll. Rogers, John Rogers, Aaron Stark. Wit: John Wood, John Rogers Junr,
  Hannah Starke.

  1:307 we being witnesses to these on the other side of this paper do testifie to the truth of it that Aaron Starke of
  Groton came to the now dwelling house of John Rogers Senr of New London and there did --- and bargain for sd land
  mentioned in sd lease with Samuel Rogers now deceased and wth sd John Rogers an dsd Starke that his name should
  be entered in the --- with the sd Rogers they not knowing but yt when he should come to see how they had disposed of
  their parte he might have assented to do ye like and we have signed to sd instrument likewise but not knowing wether
  he would or no it was agree sd Starke should pay ye rent to one of ye sd Rogers yt he having --- and bought their part
  out --- the lease appears: And we were desired both by sd Stark and sd Rogers to be witness --- their signing sealing
  and finishing the sd instrument between ye three as witness our hands this 13 of Feb 1715/16. Signed John Wood,
  Hannah Stark. Ack and Recd? 13 Feb 1715/16.

  1:310 Be it known … the subscribers do … acknowledge that we have received our full parts of shears of all ye estate
  that was our father Aaron Starks of Groton deceased … and acquit all our right title claim or demand whatsoever of or
  unto the estate of our sd father Aaron Starke and to every part therof unto our brother Aaron Stark of said Groton …
  29 May 1716. Signed: John Stark Aabiel Stark, Joseph Collver, Sarah Stark. Wit: Samll. Fox, David Collver. Ack and
  recd 29 May 1716.

  1:312-313 This indenture made this 6 Jun 1716 between Aaron Stark of Groton … husbandman … and John Rose of
  New Sheram? In ye Collony of Rhode Island .. for 140L … sell unto John Rose … 300A whereon he now dwells …
  widow Walsworths land … Capt. Samll Fish’s land and Joseph Wells land together with a parcel containing 40A … 6 Jun
  1726 … Signed Aaron Stark. Wit: Samuell Rothburn, Simon Raye Junr. Ent and recd 7 Jun 1716. The Reason of this
  second acknoledgment which is under written is because the first is not according to our law and custom. Aaron Starke
  of Groton the subscriber personally appeard and acknowledged the above written instrument to be his free act and
  deed before me Nehemiah Smith Justice of Peace: January the 19: 1719:20.

  1:323-324 Robert Creary of Groton for 4L paid by Danll Eldredg of Stonington 10A … 31 May 1715 … Signed Robert
  Crary. Wit: William Stark, Moses Fish.

  1:326-327 William Stark Senior of Groton … for 125L … unto William Stark Junr … 40A … beginning at a bridge called
  by ye name of Springers bridge … 6 Feb 1715/16. Signed William Starke. Wit: Danl. Eldredge. Edward Han Cox. Ack
  and recd: 3 Mar 1715/16.

  1:327-328 Stephen Stark of Groton for sum of 5L 10s … from Capt John Morgan of Groton …. 23 Jan 1715/16. Signed
  Stephen Stark. Wit: James Packer, Samuell Burrows. Ack and recd: 24 Jan 1715/16.

  1:328 William Starke Junor of Groton … for sum of 140L … from Samuell Fish … forty acres … brook called Springers
  brook … by Thomas Parkses land … 28 Aug 1716. Signed: William Stark. Wit: Thomas Parke, Moses Fish. Ack and
  recd: 28 Aug 1716.

  1:332 Groton June ye 27th 1715: whereas we ye subscribers being chosen to lay out to Sergent Will: Starke of Groton
  a tract of land originally belonging to Mr. Morgan of New London: wee having survaid a swamp lying northerly of ye
  contry roade which runs by the meeting house towards mistick: which bounds being as foloweth at the South East near
  the coutry Rode with a walnut tree marked four sides and Stones layd by it and from thens northely twenty eight rods to
  a Great Chesnut tree marked four sides with Stones Layd by it and from thens westerly one hundred rods to a small
  burch tree standing by a prity big rocke and stones layd on it and from thens sotherly thirty six rods to a walnut tree
  standing near sd contry road marked on four sides with stones layd by it and from thens east to ye first bound marked
  walnut tree: the above sd conditions being such that I the sd Starke doo relinquist at demands and claimes of the town
  of Groton: James Morna, James Avery Jun., Nehemiah Smith Junr. Entered to be Recorded January 31st: 1716.

  1:332-333 William Stark of Groton for 25L from Joseph Hadsall of Westerly in the Collony of Rode Island … 40A … 31
  Jan 1716/17. Signed: William Stark. Wit: Aaron Stark, Ephraim Collver. Sergt. William Stark ack. 1 Feb 1716. Recd: 1
  Feb 1716.

  1:333-334 William Stark of Groton for the love good will and affection which I have unto my well beloved son
  Christopher Stark … give …[???A] … Isaac Foxes land …part of his portion to him … Signed: William Starke. Wit:
  Joseph Hadsall, Aabiel Stark. Ack and Recd: 31 Jan 1716/17.

  1:337-338 John Arnold of New London for 17L 10S from William Starke Senor of Groton yeoman … tract of land in
  Groton at a place called Cowhill … 24A …17a originally Samuell Rogers of Westerly and seven acres Joseph Wells
  dyed possessed of … 30 Apr 1716. Signed John Arnold. Wit: James Morgan, Jonathan Starr. Ack and Recd: 13 Apr

  1:340-341 Joshua Hemstead of New London … for 5L 10s from Deacon James Morgan of Groton … nowayunk neck …
  March 1716/17. Signed Joshua Hempsted. Wit: Nehemiah Smith Junr, Thomas Wells. Ack and recd: 20 Mar 1716/17.

  1:341-342 To all Christian people to whom this present deed of Gift may come William Stark of Groton in ye county of
  New London in Conecticut Collony in New England Senior sendeth Greeting know ye that I ye abovesd William Stark for
  ye good will and kinder affection I bear to my son William Stark Junr and my Granchild Jonathan Stark both of Groton in
  ye County of New London aforesd have fully freely and absolutely given granted aliened ensealled and confirmed unto
  William Stark Jun aforesd a certain tract of land during his naturall life and then to my grandchild Jonathan Stark
  aforesd and his heirs forever laying in Groton and Fuffed? & bounded as followeth (viz) adjoining easterly to Thomas
  Park beginning at a maple tree at a dark swamp running northerly to land adjoining to Joseph Culver and Samuell
  Lamb by ye brook side to a maple tree then running west and by north east upon the brook to a black oake tree
  marked on four sides : from thence running by a l--- of rocks near South about eighty rods the by ye road to the first
  mentioned tr— by ye dark swamp it being thirty acres more or less together with all ye trees wood timber hearbidge?
  Rivers brooks common --- --edges and appurtenances to ye same belonging to him the sd William Stark Junr during his
  naturall life and after his decease to my Granchild Jonathan Stark and his heirs forever: to thear only proper use and
  behooffe and ye sd William Stark aforesd do by these presents declare that he hath a good and lawfull right whereby
  he doth give and make convayence of ye sd land unto ye above sd Will: Stark and Jonathan Stark and his heirs forever
  to be unto --------- estate of inheritance and -------- the sd Will: Stark doth declare the sd premises are free and clear
  as clearly …….. ------ to any part thereof from by or under him or from or by his heirs executors or administrators to the
  sd Will: Stark and Jonathan Stark aforesd his heirs executors administrators he will warrant and forever defend: In
  witness whereof he hath hereunto sett his hand and seal this third day of March In the second year of our Soveran
  Lord George King of great Briton and In ye Year of Our Lord one thousand seven hundred and fifteen sixteen. Signed:
  William Starke. Signed Sealed & delivered in presence of Nehemiah Smith Junr, Hannah Smith. Mr. William Stark the
  subscriber personally appeared and acknowledged the above written Instrument to be his free act and deed before me
  Nehemiah Smith Justice March ye 3the 1715/16 Entered to be recorded March ye 3th 1715/16.

  1:345 James Packer of Groton for the sum of five pounds from Samuell Run---- two lots of land … nawank neck 1A and
  1A … 4 Oct 1715 …Signed: James Packer. Wit: Aaron Stark, John Stark. Ack and recd: 6 Feb 1715/16.

  1:351-352 Andrew Davis of Groton …for love and good will … to my son Comfort Davis of Groton … 1A in the town of
  Groton near the dwelling house of the sd Andrew Davis … 6 May 1717 … Signed: Andrew Davis. With: John Williams,
  Abiel Stark. Ack and recd: 6 May 1717.

  1:355 Joshua Hempsted of New London for 40s paid by Nehemiah Smith Esqr. Of the town of Groton …one lot of land
  by estimation one acre … place called nowayunk neck … 20 Mar 1716/17. Signed: Joshua Hempsted. Wit: Richard
  Crooks, Thomas Wells. Ack and recd: 2 Dec 1717.

  1:356 Samuell Lambe of Groton … for 6L … from Edward Yeomans of Groton … lot of land in nowayunk neck three
  and half acres … 28 Mar 1715/16. Signed: Samuell Lambe. Wit: William Willcocks, Nehemiah Smith Junr. Ack and recd:
  28 Mar 1717/16.

  1:365 Joseph Hadsall of Westerly in the Collony of Rode Island yeoman for 25L from William Stark of Grotton … 40A in
  Grotton … 21 Nov 1717. Signed: Joseph Hadsall. Wit: Hannah Fox, John Lambe. Ack and recd 18 Dec 1717.

  1:369 Josiah Hayns of Groton yeoman for 2L 15S … one lott of land Nawayunk nect one acre … 18 Dec 1717. Signed:
  Josiah Hayns. Wit: Thomas Wells, Isaac Burrows. Ack and recd: ? Mar 1717/18.

  1:374-375 William Starke of Groton for 6L paid to me by Valentine Whitman, Isaac Lamb, Joseph Colver, John Stark,
  Robert Bures?, Stephen Stark, Joseph Colver Junr, Thomas Lamb, Samuell Lamb, Aaron Stark, Mary Walworth,
  Hannah Burres, James Colver, David Colver, William Stark Junr, Abiel Stark, Christofer Stark, Mary Colver all of Groton
  … an acre and a half of land within the land of the aforesd William Stark at the Burying place and where the meting
  house frame stands in the township Countie aforesd butted and bounded as followeth … tree marked on four sides …
  bounding butting every way on William Starks land aforesaid to have and to hold all …It is to be understood that this is
  for a burying place and meeting house and -------- from it and that the aforesaid William Stark doth reserve to himself
  the convenence of the buring of himself or any of his. Signed: William Starke. Sealed and delivered in presence of
  Ephyraim Collver, Jonathan Collver. Sergt William Stark the subscriber personally appeared and acknowledged the
  above written instrument to be his ----- and deed before me Groton March 24: 1717/18. Nehemiah Smith Junior.
  Entered to be Recorded March 24th: 1717/18.

  1:375 Wee the subscribers Select men of the town of Groton seeing it needful to lay out a private highway to go
  through Conveant Gates and ba— from the dwelling house of Capt. Samuel Fish of sd Groton unto the dwelling house
  of Aaron Stark of sd Groton: we do lay out sd way where it now goeth and hath gon this several years last past: and
  from sd Starks to the Contrey Road where sd path now goes dated in Groton June 1708. Wm. Morgan, John Morgan,
  Joshua Bill, Imos Stark. Entered to be Recorded October 25: 1718. Selectmen.

  1:376-377 John Collver Junr of Groton … for love good will which I have and do bare towards my loving friend Stephen
  Stark of Groton … 8A … on Abial Samons land … Collvers land … 21 Nov 1718. Signed John Collver. Wit: John
  Plumbe Junr, Sarah Edwards. Ack and recd: 11 Nov 1718.

  1:385 William Starke of Groton … for love & affection for his son Christopher Starke … give … north east corner of
  Isaac Foxes land at a stone marked with WS … at the countrey roade that goeth from Newlondon to Stonington …
  about 100 rods eastward from sd William Starks now dwelling house on the north side of sd roade which bound is
  William Starks Junr corner tree … to the corner of his sd sons own land from thence bounded with his own land …
  reserving only that the sd William Starke shall have the premises above menshoned to possess and improve during his
  natural life & if sd William Starks now wife shall outlive him then she shall have the lower roome in the new house and
  one third part of sd land for her maintainance during her widowhood but in case she shall marey again to have nothing
  … 24 Mar 1716. Signed: William Stark. Wit: Ephraim Collver, Jonathan Collver. Sergt William Stark ack and recd 24 Mar

  1:386 William Stark of Groton yeoman do give all right and title to his well beloved son Christopher Stark to have and to
  hold all the above bargained premises … 1717. Signed William Stark. Wit: William Stark Junr. Ephraim Collver. Sgt.
  William Stark ack and recd: 24 Mar 1717/18.

  1:386-387 Deed of Sale shall come William Stark Junr. of Groton … for 60L from Mr. James Packer of Groton Yeoman
  … 11 lots of land at a place called Nawaunck Neck … 11A … originally the lots of Severall Persons hereinafter named:
  vizt; Robert Borrows, Joseph Cullver Junr, Joseph Guard, Hersham Rice, Sergt. William Morgan, Thomas Lamb, Georg
  Goars, John Barnard, Samuell Lambe, Samuell Borrows & Robert Stodder …18 Aug 1718. Signed: William Stark Junr.
  Wit: Samuell Avery, Thomas Mumford, The mark of Josias X Weeks?? Ack and recd: 24 Sep 1718.

  1:394 William Starke of Groton husbandman for 21L 10s … payde by Samuel Davis of Groton … sell … 35A … the
  meeting house to mistick … 3 Nov 1718. Signed: William Starke. Wit: Thomas Chipman, Benjamin B Springer his
  marke. Ack and recd: 6 Nov 1718 & 2 Dec 1718.


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