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Groton, New London Co, CT First Book of Records 1705-1723
Part One


FHL Film #4293 Groton, New London Co, CT First Book of Records 1705-1723

  1:3-5 John Rogers Senr of New London … for 18L payd by Sergeiant Samuell Fish of Groton … sold … 90A lying and
  being in the towne of Groton being bounded as follows beginning att the northeast corner of Joseph Rogers land near
  stony brooke on the south side of the brooke … to the southeast corner of Land now in possession of Joseph Wells
  which he the said Wells bought of Samuell Bebee Junr from thence running westerly to Land now in possession of Aron
  Starke: originally Mr. William Tompsons, then running southwesterly twenty three chains to the southeast corner of
  Aron Starkes land and from thence running easterly to the bounds first mentioned … 20 June 1706. Signed: John
  Rogers. Wit: Nehemiah Smith Junr, Lydia Smith, Elizabeth EE Bayley her marke. Mr. John Rogers of newlondon
  personally appeard & acknowledged the above written Instrument to be his free act and deed before me Nehemiah
  Smith Justice. 20 Jun 1706.

  1:13 Samuel Rogers the son of Joseph Rogers now living in Westerle in the Colony of Road Island … for the sume of
  30L … payed by Samuell Fish of Groton … 100A … beginning att a small whit oak with a heap of stones about it near
  the old ston wall which bounds is the northest corner of land in the possession of Samuell Fish which he bought of John
  Rogers: from thence running northerly sixteen chains and … neare Stoney brook one the southside of the brook which
  bounds is the southeast corner of land which said Fish bought of John Rogers … to a walnut stump with stones about it
  which bounds is the northest corner of land in the possession of the widow Walsworth … bounds is the norwest corner
  of land in the possession of the aforesaid Fish which the Samuell Fish bought of John Rogers from thence … 8 Nov
  1707. Signed: Samuell Rogers. Wit: Nehemiah Smith Junr, Andrew Davies, Lydiah Smith. Samuell Rogers of Westerly
  personally appeared and acknowledged the above written Instrument to be his free and volentery act and deed before
  me Nehemiah Smith Jurn. 8 Nov 1707. Recd: 25 Feb 1707/8.

  1:21-22 Samuell Rogers of the town of Westerley in the Coloney of Rhod Island … yeoman … for sume of 21L …
  payed by Ensign William Gallup of Stonington … and for divers other good causes … sold … 112A … in the town of
  Groatton … corner tree of land sold by Mr. Samll. Beebe unto sd Gallup then west by north a mile: … southwest corner
  tree of land sold by Mr. Samuell Rogers of N:London unto ye aforesd Gallup … bounded by Govor Winthroup … 20
  Feb 1707/8. Signed: Samuel Rogers. Wit: Joseph Saxton, John Lewis. The above Samuell Rogers personally appeared
  and ack … 12 March 1707/8. Recd: 20 Mar 1707/8.

  1:29-30 William Stark of Groatan … for the love, good will and affection which I have and doe bear towards my loveing
  friend Valentine Wightman of Kingston in the naraganset Countie in the Colony of Rhoade Island … one house and
  land … in the town of Groaton … 20a … by a run of water by an old Indian path from thence running west by the said
  path and marked trees unto a small red oake tree marked on four sides standing on the top of ye hill neare the old
  path from Newlondon to Stonington from thence running easterly down the hill … 1 Sep 1707 … Signed: William Starke.
  Wit: John Collver, the mark of Stephen S Starke, Alexander Huling. Ack: 15 Jun 1708. Recd: 31 July 1708.

  1:30 Be it known unto all men … I Samuell Rogers of New London … have freely given unto my sone & dafter
  Thiophilas & Elizabeth Stanton of Preston … a tract of land by estimation about 100A lying and being situate nere the
  head of misticke betwixt land of Peeter Crary on the East side of it and land of William Start on the west side of it being
  bounded on ye northwest corner wth a maple tree on the south side of a brooke or run of water which is also William
  Starts northeast corner and so running easterly to a chesnut tree on the north side of said brook which tree is also a
  boundery to said Peeter Crary: then running southerly to a blacke oke tree which is the southeast corner of said land &
  the northeast of land of Joseph Rogers deceased and so running westerly to the said William Start his land: a country
  rode running threw said land: which abovesd tract of land was given me by my father James Rogers now decesed
  which said land was free from all claims morgages or incombrances whatever before the signing & seling hereof. And
  for a more full & ample confermation hereof I the above said Samuell Rogers do hereby Ingage for myselfe my heires
  executors administrators & assigns that the abovesd Theophilas & Elizabeth Stanton … 16 Jul 1703. Signed: Saml.
  Rogers. Wit: James Haris, [paperclip in the way]. Ack: New London 2 Jun 1708. Recd: 18 Aug 1708.

  1:31 Theophilus Stanton of Preston with Elizabeth my wife upon good considerations and more especially in
  consideration of 18L … payd by Joseph Gard of Stonington … Passover unto & confer upon the sayd Joseph Gard …
  a certyn tract of land … 100A … neer the head of mistick River betwixt land of Peter Crarie on the east side of it and
  land of William Start on the west side of it being bounded on the northwest corner to a maple tree on the south side of
  a brooke or run of water which is also William Starts northeast corner: and soe running easterly to a Chestnutt tree on
  the north side of syd brook which tree is alsoe a boundarie to sayd Peter Crarie: then running sowthe by an oack tree
  which is the south east corner of sayd land: & the northeast of land of Joseph Rogers deceased & soe running westerly
  to the syd William Start his land: A Country Road runing through syd land … 16 July 1703. Signed: Samll Rogers. Wit:
  Nehemiah Smith, Alter Boddington. Theophilus Stanton personally appeared and ack: 6 Aug 1703. Recd: 23 Aug 170?.

  1:35 John Nuberry of Groton weaver for a valuable sum of money paid by Isaack Fox of Groton yeoman … sell … one
  messuage tenement of land … being in the town of Groton lying by and partly on the hill west of William Starks be the
  number of acres: more or less which land came to me by the heirship of my wife formerly Elizabeth Stark daughter to
  John Stark late of New London deceased which land lyes undivided between me and my brother Isaack Fox of Groton
  aforesd: that is to say I John Nubery do sell to Isaack Fox … 20 Nov 1708. Signed: John Newberry, Elizabeth A.
  Newberry her mark. Wit: Nehemiah Smith Junr, Andrew Davis. Ack: 20 Nov 1708 and recd: 5 Jan 1708/9.

  1:44 William Starke of the town of Grotton in the County of Newlondon and Collony of
  Connecticut for a vallieable consideration which is eightie pounds currant monie of New England to me in hand
  received of Valentine Whightman of the town county and Collony aforesaid … a certain half of land lying and being
  within the township of the abovesd Grotton … from his the abovesd Whitmans house which he now dweleth in then
  running west northwest nearest to a maple tree which is the southwest corner of the Land which I the above sd Starke
  purchased of John Plaster of Pesqua??? … to a path called the Moheegin path … northerly on the land of me the
  abovesd William Starke and … easterly on the Land of Ephriham Coulver …. 3 Jan 1708 … Signed: William Stark. Wit:
  John Mason, George Wightman. Ack: 24 Mar 1709 William Starke Sener. Recd. 24 Mar 1708/9.

  1:47-48 Know all men by these presents … Samuell Rogers of the towne of Westerle in ye government of Rhoad Island
  … for 20L … payed … a certain tract of land in the town of Grotton … 50A … beginning at a little black oake tree
  marked on 2 sides stands next ye highway neare Mistick River from thence to a black oake tree marked on 2 sides with
  SR on ye north side and from thence west and by north to William Starks Land and so bounded upon ye south upon
  lands in the posesion of Joseph Wells and soe to the first mentioned bounds … convey to Joseph Wells … 25 Sep
  1708. Signed: Samuel Rogers. Wit: George Stillman, John Babcock. Ack: 15 Apr 1708. Recd: 16 Apr 1709.

  1:60 To the Sheriff of New London County his deputy or to the Constable of New London Groton or Constable of
  Stonington Greeting --- Wheras Mr. John Arnold of new London blacksmith Received Judgment against Samuel Rogers
  of Westerly in the Colony of Road Island before the County Court held in New London aforsd on ye first day of June:
  1708 for the Sum of 5L Chas for false impaisonment, and 1L 17s and 2p Chas for Cost of suit as appears of record
  wherof Execution remaining to be done --- These are therefore in her majesties name to Require and Command you
  that of the goods chattels or lands of the said Samuel Rogers within your precincts you cause to be Levied (and the
  same being disposed of or appeared as the Law directs) payd & satisfied unto the said John Arnold the afforsd Summs
  being six pounds seventeen shillings and two pence in the whole with fees and for want of such goods chattels or
  Lands of ye said Samuel Rogers to?? By him Shewn unto you or found within your precincts to the acceptance of the
  said John Arnold for the satisfying the aforesaid sums you are herby commanded to take the body of the said Samuel
  Rogers, and him commit unto the keeper of the goal in the county aforsd within the said prison wch is likewise herby
  commanded to receive the said Samuel Rogers, and him sesly? To keep until he pay unto the said John Arnold the full
  sums above mentioned and be by him released and also satisfie your self, herof faile not, and make due returne of this
  writt with your doings therein, dated in New London the 27th: day of decembr in the seventh year of her majesties
  Reign anno domini 1708. Signed George Denison County Clerk. Groton Aprill: 11th: 1709 this Execution served upon a
  peace of Land: of Samll. Rogers neer Leut. Samll Fishes: John Weekes, Deputy Sheriff. Recorded in the second book
  of Records for N:London County on fol:45 October 1st: 1709. Pr Georg Denison Cort Clerk Entered to be Recorded
  November 5th: 1709.

  1:60-61 A survaie on a tract of land belong to Samll Rogers of Westerly in the Collony of Road Island the sd Land is
  taken by execution for Mr. John Arnold of new London: and for him seazed by John Weeks deputy sheriff: Aprill the 11:
  1709 the Execution bares date December: 27th: 1708 the Execution and Cost of Court and cost of the same is 8: 3: the
  land to answer the sd mony was valued under oath by Deacon James Morgan and Gershom Rice as appears by yt
  hand: was at ten shilling pr acres the land to answer this charge butted and bounded as follows: beginning att the
  northwest corner of a grate --- black oak tree marke on the north side SR thence west sixty rods: to two walnut trees
  marked with a heap of stones about one of them thence south forty four rods to a young whight oak … markt on sides
  … with common land west with sd Rogers his land being sixteen acres and fourty rods wch ansers the above sd charge
  this land lies In Groton some what westward of Joseph Wells hous and not far from Lieut Samll Fishes. In the Collony of
  Conectcott= Pr me John Plumbe. Aug: 26th: 1709. Recorded in the 2nd book of Records for New London County on
  Fol: 45: Octobr the 1st 1709. Pr George Denison C. Clk. Entered to be Recorded November 5th 1709.

  1:72 William Stark of the town of Groton … for four pounds currant monie of New England payed by Valentine
  Weightman of the above said … 4a … bounding on the land of the William Starke … land of Ephraim Cullver Deceased
  ... 14 Feb 1710 … Signed: William Starke. Wit: Aaron Stark, Aabiel Stark. Ack: Mr. William Starke 8 Mar 1709/10. Recd:
  8 Mar 1709/10.

  1:72 Vallintine Waitman of Groton … for valuable consideration to me payed in hand by William Starke of the
  abovesaid … 4a … beginning at the corner which I the said Whitman bought of William Starke formerly John Plaisters
  … 10 Feb 1710 … Signed: Valentine Wightman. Wit: Aaron Stark, Aabiel Stark. Ack: 8 Mar 1709/10. Recd: 8 Mar

  1:77 Aron Starke of Groton … for 5 pounds silver money of Boston … to Samuell Avery … a certain tract of land lying
  in that tract of land granted to those persons who were vollenteers in the last war with the Narraganset Indians … in the
  town of Vollentowne and in the 69th -?-?-?- 122a … 22 Mar 1709/10 Signed Aaron Stark. Wit: James Morgon Junr,
  Wm. Latham. Ack: 22 Mar 1709/10. Recd: 28 Mar 1709/10.

  1:86-87 William Stark and Isaac Fox all of Groton … that the bounds hereafter in this writing mentioned shall forever …
  the bounds of the land of John Starke deceased now in the possession of the said Isaac Fox … this is our mutuall and
  finall agreement and determination: we have hereunto sett our hands & seals in Groton aforsd this [blank] day of
  [blank] in the ninth year of her majesties reign anno domini 1710. Signed William Starke, Isaac Fox. Wit: Valentine
  Wightman, William Stark Juner. Recd. 20 Dec 1710.

  1:89 Lyed out for Thomas Lambe the tenth day of December 1710; seventy ackers of lande fifty of it is that which the
  towne promised him for his worke about the meting house and twenty ackers which was granted to his father and never
  layed out before now the aforesayde lands was layed out the daye and yere above menchaned upon that hill which
  lieth between Left. John Morgans and Sergt. Willyam Starks beginning at a black oak tree marked … Signed James
  Morgan, Samuell Fish. Voated by the towne of Groton December 26: 1710 as alegt James Morgan moderater. Entered
  to be Recorded January: 2: 1710/11.

  1:101 15 Apr 1712 Aaron Starke of Groton husbandman … to Anthony Ashbey of Groton husbandman … for sum of
  60L … paid by Anthony Ashbey … bounded on land belonging to William Warmoth? Late of sd Groton deceased …
  north upon Isaac Fox and William Starke East upon Capt. Fish his land together with the house and buildings … Signed
  Aaron Stark. Wit: Ebenezer Jenness, Richard Wyatt, George Denison. Ack: 15 Apr 1712. Recd 22 Apr 1712. Richard
  Christophers Assis?? Edward Ashbey brother & heir of ye abovesd Anthony Ashbe deceased hath given me special
  order to under wit ye above written instrument so that it may be ….

  1:104 William Starke Senior of the town of Grotton …. Yeoman for and in consideration of the sum of 15L … paid by
  John Bernard of the said town of Grotton School master … certain tract of land … 6a …. Bounded by Springers brooke
  and south by the Country highway and by Peter Carary’s his land … 3 Jan 1711. Signed William Stark. Wit: John
  Collver, Thomas Parke. Ack: 4 Jan 1711/12. Recd: 4 Jan 1711/12.

  1:105 Valentine Wightman of the town of Grotton … for 25L received of William Stark of the town … certain tract of land
  in Grotton beginning at Ephriham Colvers west corner … land of Ephrham Coulver … easterly bounds of the land which
  I formerly purchased of the abovesaid William Stark … Signed: Valentine Wightman. Wit: Joseph Collver, Stephen
  Starke. Ack: 4 Jan 1711/12. Recd. 4 Jan 1711.12.

  1:106 Articles of agreement made concluded and fully agreed upon the sixth day of December between William Stark
  Senior of Groton … and Valentine Wightman …viz: I William Stark having purchased all the Land lying on the east side
  of the brook with the medow of Valentine Wightman do therefore agree and promise that I will be at equal charge with
  the aforesaid Valentine Wightman for the making a dam for the drounding or seeing of the medow at the place called
  the upen dam and it is forther agreed that the water being damed shall not be let out till the medow is sufficiently
  drounded except it be at sum times between the first of November til the first of may only for the driving of a mill or mills
  that may be erected on the same stream and it is further agreed upon and promised by Valentine Wightman aforesd
  that William Stark and his assignes shall have a passable cart way through my land to the commons: and it is agreed
  upon further and promised by Valentine Wightman aforesd that William Stark his heirs or assignes shall have full
  Liberty of making dames for mill or mills on any part or place of the streem aforesaid and for the due performance
  hereof we bind ourselves each to the other: our heirs and assignes in the penal sum of forty pounds to be well and
  truly paid by the defective party to the party performing in witness whereof the parties to these presents have set their
  hands and seals hereunto the Sixth day of December 1711 Signed Valentine Wightman. Wit: Joseph Collver, Stephen
  Starke. Ack: 4 Jan 1711/12. Recd: 4 Jan 1711/12.

  1:115 The names of those that drew lotts at Nawayunk & ye number of ye lots July 4th 1712
  Capt. John Avery ye fourth teer thirty second Lott …
  Widow Wallsworth second teer twentieth lot …
  Aaron Stark second teer fifteenth lott
  Isaac Fox third teer ninth lot
  Jno Culver Junr. Second teer twenty eighth lot
  Jno Culver third lot lover point
  Joshua Hempsted fifth teer fifth lott …
  Will. Stark Junr fifth teer fourteenth lot
  Tho. Lamb second teer thirt: sixth lot …
  Wm. Stark second teer eighteenth lot
  Isaac Lamb first teer thirty fifth lot
  Stephen Stark fifth Lot in third teer …
  Joseph Culver fourth teer fourteenth lot
  James Culver third teer tenth lot
  Joseph Culver Junr. 4th teer thirty first lot
  David Culver second teer sixteeth lot
  Valentine Whitman second teer twenty sixth lot

  1:118 The names of those that drew lots a Nawayunk
  widow Culver fourth teer sixteenth lot …
  Isaac Geare second teer ninteenth lot
  Samuell Lamb first teer 15th lot

  1:127 Groton, January 23rd 1712/3 a … second devisions lotts att Nowayunk Nack is as followes; … The names of
  those that drew lots in the second Devision
  Aaron Stark first teer twenty ninth lot
  p. 128
  Jno Culver Junr first teer forty sixth lot
  Joseph Culver Second teer tenth lot
  Joseph Culver Junr first teer twenty fourth lot
  James Culver first teer twentieth second lot
  William Stark Junr first teer ninth Lot …
  Jno Allyn first teer fifty eighth lot
  Stephen Stark first teer fifty fifth lot
  Nicholas Street first teer sixtyninth lot
  Jeremiah Geere first teer fifty second lot
  David Culver first teer thirty second lot
  Ephraim Culver’s Estate first teer twenty fifth lot
  p. 129
  Samuel Lamb first teer forty third lot
  Hester Allyn widow second teer eight lott
  Thomas lamb second teer twenty sixth lott
  Capt. John Parke second teer sixth lott
  Widow Walworth first teer eighteeth lott
  William Stark second teer fifty second lott
  Samuel Park first teer thirty ….
  Robert Geare first teer ….
  p. 130
  Robert Allyn second teer seaventh lott
  Entered to be Recorded July 16: 1714
  Mr. George Geer first teer third lott
  p. 131
  Samuell Parke second teer sixty sith lot
  Entered to be recorded Dec 26 1715
  Valentine Wightman second teer fifty eighth lot

  1:133 Samuel Rogers Senr and John Rogers Senr both of New London and Samuell Beby of New York now resident in
  said new London for 51L to Capt. Samuell Fish of Groton … 100a … woolpit hill … mixey swamp … Aaron Starks
  dwelling house near the house … widow Walworths line … land that said John Rogers sold to said Fish on the north
  with land now in possion of William Stark and Aaron Starke on the west with Rogeres land and on Land where Stephen
  Starke now dwells on the south partly on said Stephen Starke and on said widow Walworth and partly on said Fish’s
  land … 21 Nov 1712 …Signed Samll Rogers, John Rogers, Samuel Beebee. Wit: Robart Burrows, David Fish. Ack: 21
  Nov 1712. Recd. 21 Nov 1712.

  1:136-137 William Starke of Groton … yeoman for 60L … by Capt. Samuell Fish of Groton … 90a … at a place
  commonly known by the name of woolpit hill … tract of land the said Samuell Fish bought of John Rogers … Misey
  Swamp … partly on Wellses land … with land of Joseph Gards … Starkes land … 4 May 1713. Signed: William Starke.
  Wit: Nehemiah Smith Junr, Lydiah Smith, Edward Ashby … Ack: 4 May 1713. Recd: 4 May 1713.

  1:140-141 William Stark of Groton … yeoman … for 40L … paid by John Starke of Groton … certain tract of land … by
  Valentine Wightmans house … maple swamp … land now in the possession of the widow Culver … except four or five
  acres joining to Culvers land about … 19 Dec 1712 … Signed: William Starke. Wit: Peter Avery [or Crevy?] Moses Fish.
  Sgt. William Starke Ack 29 Dec 1712. Recd: 29 Dec 1712.

  1:142-143 Aron Stark of Groton … yeoman … for 5L 10s from Edward Yeamons husbandman … sold … two lotts of
  land in the township of Groton at a place called Nowayanknack containing by estemation three acres and half … the
  one lott in the first devision of sd Nack In the second teer of lotts being the fifhteenth lot the other being in the second
  division of said Nack in the first teer of lotts it being the twentyninth lott … free of all incumberances whatsoever the
  preveledges of the Pequite Indians only Excepted as aforesd … 28 Feb 1712/13. … Signed: Aaron Stark. Wit: Andrew
  Davis, Nehemiah Smith Junr, Lydiah Smith. Ack: 28 Feb 1712/13. Recd: 28 jan 1712/13.

  1:143 we Samuell Rogers, John Rogers both of New London and Samuel Beebee of Southard on Long Island have
  freely given granted & bestowed upon our friend Stephen Starke of Groaton … certain tract of land … the said
  Stephen Starks dwelling house standing on ye sd land which sd land is bounded on ye west with ye line that is between
  the sd Starke and his brother Aaron Starke which sd line on the westward end of this land is the eastward line of land
  that ye sd Aaron Starke hires of the sd Samuell Rogers John Rogers & Samuell Beebee … land now in possession of
  widow walsworth … to his sd brother joynes upon ye land now in the possession of ye abovesd widow walsworth and …
  that the sd Starke shall neither sell, exchange or any other way alienate the sd land with ye consent of his wife and one
  of us either Samuell or John Rogers during our life time and with this consideration we have given granted … Signed:
  Samll Rogers, John Rogers, Samuel Beebee. Wit: John Wood, John Rogers Junr, Aaron Stark. Ack: 21 Nov 1712. Recd
  21 Nov 1712.

  1:143-144 These presents are to signifie to all persons that we whose names are underwriten to wit Samuell Rogers,
  John Rogers both of New London in the Colony of Conecticut and Samuel Beebee of Southhold on Long Island have
  freely given granted and bestowed upon Stephen Starke of Groton in the Colony of Conecticut a highway of ??????
  through ye land we have least out to his brother Aaron a Long on ye south side to ye end of sd land being bounded on
  ye widow walworth’s on the south & on ye north with our sd land least to his sd brother Aaron we give it to him ye sd
  Stephen & his heirs forever as witness our hands and seals this 21 of ye 9 mo 1712 witness Robart Burrows, Marg [or
  Mary??] X Burrows her marke. Signed: Samuell Rogers, John Rogers, & Samuell Beebee. Ack: 21 Nov 1712. Recd: 21
  Nov 1712.

  1:144 Thomas Bayley yeoman of Grotton for 5L 5s from Nehemiah Smith Junior of Grotton husbandman … two lotts at
  nowayank neck … 3a … first division fourth teer of lotts and the thirteenth lott second division … second teer …
  fourteenth lott of that teer … the previledges of the Pequet Indians only excepted … 9 May 1713. Signed Thoms X
  Balle his mark. Wit: Edward Yemons, Aaron Stark, Jeremiah Geer. Ack: 9 May 1713. Recd. 9 May 1713.

  1:144-146 Robert Creary of Groton husbandman … for 30L from William Starke … 40A … adjacent to the County
  Roade … Springers Brooke … by Joseph Gards land … this tract of parsel of land said Robart Creary sold for to pay
  centaine debts of his fathers Mr. Peter Creary deceased … [year and day blank] 1712 … Signed Robart Crery, Peter
  Crery. Wit: Daniel Eldsey, John Stark. Ack: 2 Jun 1712. Recd: 2 Jun 1712.

  1:146-147 Thomas Bennet late of New London now of Groton mason to Nehemiah Smith Junr yeoman of Groton for 5L
  5s … two lotts of land place called Nawayunk nack … 3A and a half … 13 Feb 1712 … Signed: Thos. Bennet. Wit:
  Andrew Kinicum, Henry Gordon, Elesabeth Kinicum O her mark. Ack: 14 Feb 1712/13. Recd. 14 Feb 1712/13.

  1: 148-149 Stephen Starke of Groton yeoman for 5L from Edward Yeomans of Groton husbandman … sold … two lotts
  of land at the place called Nawayunk neck … 3A and a half … 30 Mar 1713. Signed: Stephen A Stark his marke. Wit:
  Nehemiah Smith Junr, Lydiah Smith, Margret M Palmes her marke. Ack: 30 Mar 1713. Recd: 30 Mar 1713.

  1:149 Samuel Fish of Groton yeoman for love and good will for my loving son Samuell Fish Junr of the same towne …
  give … certain tract of land … Lieut. John Fanings land … by John Fannings house … 140A … 1 Jul 1712. Signed
  Samuell Fish. Wit: Daniel Eldredg, John Starke. Ack: 1 Jul 1712. Recd: 1 Jul 1712.


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