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Windham County Connecticut
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Windham County Probate Records by Manwaring

A Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records

Compiled by Charles Manwaring
Vol. 1 & 2, 1904
Vol. 3, 1906

People from Windham mentioned:


ABBY, John, Windham. Died December, 1700. Invt. [English pounds]118-13-03, reported 4 September, 1701, by Joshua Ripley and Jonathan Crane. Windham, the 10th of December, 1700. The will of John Abbey [sic] was that his wife should enjoy the house and homestead, and the meadows that are already laid out, with the moveables, during her life, and to dispose of it to her children as she shall see cause. And the rest of the unlaid out land to be divided equally amongst his children, and not to be sold away from my family, not any of the lands; and the thirty acres adjoining to Goodman Bingham’s and Goodman Larrabee’s land to be at my wive’s dispose, and to give deed and to make sale of, according to law. Witness: Robert Hebard, Sen., John Reed, Senior, both of the same town. Windham, 8 April 1701. The said Robert Hebard and John Reed gave oath that they were present when John Abbey, that is decd., did give this direction to make his will as is above written; and when it was read to him, he said just so he would have it. Before me, Joshua Ripley, Justice. 4 September, 1701: Hannah, the widow of John Abby, exhibits will and inventory. 22 November, 1701: Will now accepted, but as there was no executor appointed, Adms. to Hannah Abby, the relict, with the will annexed. Bonds, [English pounds]50.


ABBY, Samuel, Windham. Died March, 1697. Invt. [English pounds]58-08-00. Taken 9th May, 1698, by Joseph Carey and Jeremiah Ripley. Legatees: The Relict Mary, daughter Mary, age 25 years, Samuel 23, Thomas 20, Eleazer 18, Ebenezer 16, Marcy 14, Sarah 13, Hepzibah 10, Abigail 8, John 7, Benjamin 6, Jonathan 2 years of age. July 1699 The Prerogative Court held in Hartford for Probate of Wills and granting Administrations: Exhibit of Invt. Adms. to Abraham Mitchell, who had married Mary, the Relict of said Abby. Rec., [English pounds]60. Dist.
File: Samuel Abby’s Estate, 1 August 1699: To the widow relict Mary, to Samuel Abby, to Thomas Abby, to Ebenezer Abby, to John Abby, to Benjamin Abby, to Jonathan Abby, to Elizabeth Abby, to Mary Abby, to Marcy Abby, to Sarah Abby, to Abigail Abby, to Hepzibah Abby. 18 December, 1700: There was presented to this Court a Dist. of the Estate of Samuel Abby by Abraham Mitchell, who married the Relict and became Adms. of the Estate.


ALLYN, Joshua, Sen., Windham. Died 27 December, 1699. Invt. [English pounds]109-15-00. Taken 8 January, 1699-1700, by Joseph Hall and Samuel Storrs. 18 December 1700: Adms. to John Allyn, eldest son, who gave bond with John Arnold, Sen., of the same town. 26 July 1703: Dist. to the widow, to John, to Gideon Allyn, and to the daughters; by Lt. Shubael Dimock, Lt. John Fitch and Jonathan Crane, distributors.


BAKER, Samuel, Windham. 7 June 1715: This Court grant letters of Adms. on the estate of Samuel Baker, late of Windham, deed., unto Abigail Baker, widow, and John Huntington, son-in-law.


BLOYS, Richard. 5 August, 1746: Richard Bloys, a minor, 18 years of age, son of Richard Bloys of Killingly decd., on the 1st day of August, 1746, at New Hartford, made choice of Joseph MacIntire of New Hartford to be his guardian. Recog., [English pounds]300.


DIMOCK, Timothy, Ashford. Invt. [English pounds]56-07-00. Taken 26 May, 1718, by Daniel Fuller and Joshua Kendall. 8 July, 1718: Adms. granted to Abigail Dimock, widow.


FULLER, Thomas, Windham. Invt.[English pounds]238-14-06. Taken by Robert Moulton and Thomas Durke. Will dated 27 November, 1716. I, Thomas Fuller, plowright, of Windham, being aged, do make and ordain this my last will and testament: Imprimatur: I do will and bequeath, after my funeral charges and all other my debts and dues in right or conscious are paid, I do will and bequeath unto Martha Fuller, my wife, during the time of her widowhood, 1-3 part of the income of my lands situate in the township of Windham aforesd., with convenient room for her residence in my now dwelling house. I bequeth unto Martha Fuller, my wife, 2-3 of all my moveable estate, to be at her dispose. I will and
bequeath unto my 5 sons which dwell at Salem Village, each of them 5 shillings, viz., Thomas Fuller, Jonathan Fuller, John Fuller, Joseph Fuller and William Fuller, to be paid by my executor at the end of one year after my decease. And the reason of my giving no more to these of my sons is because I have already given them their portion of my estate. I bequeath unto my loving cozen Sarah Durke, daughter to John Durke, [English pounds]10, to be paid at her marriage, provided she continue to live with my wife or widow until she be married, or provided she do not marry it shall be paid her at 21 years of age. I do bequeath unto my son Stephen Fuller all that tract of land which I purchased of
Deacon Thomas Bingham of Windham aforesd., which land is situate in Windham. Also, I do give unto my son Stephen Fuller 1-3 part of my moveable estate. The land beforementioned, with the buildings thereon, I give to my son Stephen Fuller, his heirs and assigns forever. I do appoint Martha Fuller and Stephen Fuller executors. Thomas Fuller, LS. Witness: George Allyn, Jonathan Abbey, Benjamin Chaplin. 6 May, 1718: Will proven. Thomas Durke to be guardian to Stephen Fuller, a minor 16 years of age, son of Thomas Fuller deceased.


GROSS, Isaac, Windham. Invt. [English pounds]57-09-04. Taken 30 April, 1716, by Joseph Cary and Richard Abby. July 1716: invt. Exhibited by Nathaniel Bassett of Mansfield, the widow having made oath to it before Justice Ripley at Windham. Allowed.


HIBBARD, Robert, Sen., Windham. Invt. [English pounds]264-07-08. Taken 24 May 1710, by Joshua Ripley, Richard Hand, Jonathan Crane and Richard Hendee. 2 October, 1710: Adms, to Robert and Joseph Hibbard. Sarah Hibbard and Abigail Hibbard of Windham, daughters of Robert Hibbard, Sen., decd., have each of them made choice of Jonah Palmer of sd. Windham to be their guardian, which this Court allow and approve. 6 November, 1710: Adms. account allowed and approved. Order to distribute the estate: To the Widow Mary Hibbard, [English
pounds]32-01-00 for her own, and her thirds use of real estate during life; to Robert Hibbard, [English pounds]37-01-10; to Joseph and Nathaniel Hibbard, to each [English pounds]14-00-01; to Ebenezer Hibbard [English pounds]11-00-11; and to Mary Crane [English pounds]17-14-11; to Martha Culver [English pounds]17-00-11; and to Hannah, Sarah and Abigail Hibbard, to each [English pounds]23-00-11. And this Court do appoint Mr. Joshua Ripley, Deacon Joseph Carey and Mr. Samuel Webb distributors. 3 January 1714-15: Jonah Palmer of
Windham, guardian to Abigail and Sarah Hibbard of Windham, before this Court produced receipts proving that what estate of the sd. Minors was put into the sd. guardian’s hands he had delivered and paid unto the sd. minors, now of full age. The Court discharge Jonah Palmer from his trust of guardianship. Record on file (Robert Hebard [sic], Sen., estate): Widow, Mary X. Hibbard: to Robert, to Joseph, to Nathaniel, to Ebenezer, to Jonathan Crane, Jr., and Mary his wife, to Ephraim Culver of Lebanon and Martha his wife, and to Hannah, Sarah and Abigail Hebbard. By Joseph Carey, Samuel Webb and Joshua Ripley.


KATES (CATES or KEATES), John, Windham. Died 11 July 1697, Invt. [English pounds]177-04-00. Taken by Joshua Ripley & Jonathan Crane. Will dated 5 May, 1696. I John Kates of Windham, in the Colony of Connecticut, doe make this my last Will & Testament: I give 200 acres of my Land not yet laid out to the Poor of the Town of Windham, to be Intayled to sd. Poor for their Use forever. I doe also give and Intayle 200 acres more of my Lands not yet laid out to a scoole House for the Use of the above said Town forever. And further I doe give unto the Reverend Mr. Samuel Whiting (Minister of the Gospel), of said Towne, I say I give unto him my Negro Jo., one bed and bedd Clothes, one Chest, and my Wearing Clothes. And further, I do give unto the Church of Windham ten pounds in Money. I doe make Mary Howard my Executrix, and doe give under herr all my Estate not above mentioned, both personal and real. And I appoint Ensign Jonathan Crane and sergt. Thomas Bingham to be Overseers of this my Will. Always provided that if any of my Children should Come over out of England, then my Will is that they, he or shee, should enjoy my Estate notwithstanding what is above exprest. Otherwise to stand Exactly in all Points. The Negro Jo.
an Exception. Jno. X Kates. Witness: Exercise Conant, Sarah Conant. Proven 16 July, 1697. 10 November 1697: Thomas Bingham refuses to serve as Overseer. This Court Considered the Estate given to Persons in England, and required a Bond of Mary Howard, who objected, but agreed not to transact any business relateing to the Estate except with the advice and approbation of Ensign Jonathan Crane. 20 July, 1697: Will Proven. A.W. Parkhurst writes of John Cates, the first settler of Windham, as follows: “Windham’s first settler was John Cates, an English exile. It is only known for a certainty that after a weary wandering everywhere, fearing the king, he came to Norwich, and thence
through an untrodden forest to his final retreat. With a faithful negro attendant, whom he had purchased in Virginia, he dug a cellar in a rocky hillside a little north of the present village of Windham, and in that forlorn spot spent the long winter of 1688-9. That he had silver and gold, subsequent events fully proved; but, miles away from a human habitation, it could at first contribute little to their comfort. Game was abundant, and the faithful Joe was ever on the alert; so the inter wore away happily for the exiles. The proprietors of the tract that had afforded an asylum for the English exile began to take measures for its immediate settlement. Cates came forth from his hiding place, purchased land, and, with his servant, built the first house in the township. Both Cates and the negro were buried near the place of their concealment, and a rough stone, rudely initialed, marked for a time the spot. When the first cemetery was laid out, the body of Cates was removed thither, and a stone, ample for the times, bore the following inscription: In Memory of Mr. John Cates. He was a gentleman, born in England, And the first settler in the Town of Windham. By his last Will and Testament He gave a Generous legacy To ye first Church of Christ in Windham In pate, and a generous Legacy in land For ye support of ye poor, And another Legacy for ye support Of ye school In said town forever. He died In Windham, July ye 16th, A.D. 1697.”


RUDD, Jonathan, Windham. Invt. [English pounds]121-02-03. Taken 29 April, 1712, by Joseph Cary and Abell Bingham. Know all men by these presents: That we, Nathaniel Rudd, Mary Leffingwell and Abigail Rudd, of Windham, in the County of Hartford, being all the heirs of Jonathan Rudd, of sd. Windham, decd., being met together at Hartford, 5 May, 1712, have by agreement mutually consented to make a settle of sd. Jonathan Rudd his estate as followeth: Imprimis: Nathaniel Rudd and Abigail Rudd afresd. to Jonathan Rudd decd., as well that he held in
partnership with the abovdsd. Nathaniel Rudd, with all other lands to him belonging, to have and to hold to them, their heirs, successors, or assigns forever. This to be their full part of sd. Jonathan Rudd’s estate. Item. Mary Leffingwell is to have [English pounds]35 in the personal estate of the sd. Jonathan Rud as it was inventoried, to be the full of her part of sd. Jonathan Rudd’s estate. In confirmation of the above agreement, and that every party is well satisfied therewith, we have hereunto set our hands and seals on the day of the date aforesd. Nathaniel Rudd, LS., Mary Leffingwell, LS., Abigail Rudd, LS. Attest: Thomas Kimberly, Clerk. This document, made and concluded upon the 16th day of April, Anno Domoni 1712, with respect unto the division of the estate of our loving brother Jonathan Rudd, late of Windham deceased, as with respect to his lands being within the town of Windham and inventoried at [English pounds]77: we have divided sd. land equally between Nathaniel and Abigail Rudd, each of the parts being just [English pounds]35-16-05 after the necessary charges taken out of the inventory. We have also divided to Mary Leffingwell her whole share or part of the sd. estate in bills of credit and moveables, which is [English pounds]35-16-05. Nathaniel Rudd, LS., Mary Leffingwell, LS, Abigail Rudd, LS. Acknowledged 5 May, 1712. Test: Thos. Kimberly, Clerk. 7 November, 1709: Adms. granted to Nathaniel Rudd of Windham, a brother of sd. decd. 5 May, 1712: Exhibit of an agreement touching
the division of sd. estate.


SILSBE, Jonathan, Windham. Inv. [English pounds]200-13-08. Taken 3 December, 1714, by Jonathan Crane and Joseph Cary. 3 January, 1714-15: Adms. granted unto Jonathan Silsby [sic] of Windham, son of the deceased.


SMITH, Elisha, Windham. Invt. [English pounds]207-09-09. Taken 22 July, 1714, by Samuel Webb and William Allen. 2 August, 1714: Adms. granted to Elizabeth Smith, widow of sd. decd. 2 August, 1714: This Court appoint Jonathan Bingham of Windham to be guardian to Esther Smith, about 12 years of age, daughter of Elisha Smith, decd. Recog., [English pounds]70. 2 August, 1714: this Court appoint Ralph Wellock of Windham to be guardian to Seth Smith, 12 years of age, son of Elisha Smith, decd. Recog., [English pounds]70. 1st May, 1716,
Elizabeth Smith, Adms., by her attorney, Samuel Webb, exhibits account of her Adms. Allowed. Order to dist. the estate: To Elizabeth Smith, widow, land, with [English pounds]3-06-04; To Seth Smith, only son [English pounds]58-12-08; To Easter [sic], Martha and Mary Smith, to each of them [English pounds]29-06-04; And appoint Capt. John Fitch, Jonathan Crane and Joseph Cary, of Windham, distributors.


WADE, Robert. 3 September 1696: Inventory of the Estate of Robert Wade of Windham exhibited by Peter Cross. This Court grand Adms. To Peter Cross and Jonathan Ginnings. Also appoint Lt. John Fitch and Ensign Crane to assist in the Management of the Estate.


WALDO, John, Windham. Died 14, April, 1700. Invt. [English pounds]292-07-00. Taken 30 April, 1700, by John Fitch and Jonathan Crane. Will dated 14 April, 1700. I, John Waldo of Windham, do nominate, appoint and ordain my loving son John Waldo, my dear wife Rebeckah, and Thomas Huntington, to make my will or wills, to settle my estate, and make deed or deeds as they shall think meet according to the rules of equity and righteousness, as there shall be occasion, of all my estate, real and personal, that is to be found here and at Chensford or elsewhere. To the confiramation hereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 14th day of April, 1700. John Waldo, Ls. Witness: Shuball Dimmock, John Barnard. Mr. John Waldo acknowledged this instrument to be his act and deed the day and year above written. Before me, Joshua Ripley, Justice of the Peace. 11 November, 1701: Will and invt. Exhibited. 2 Marych, 1702-3: Adms. granted to Rebecca Waldo, widow relict, and John Waldo, son of John Waldo, late of Windham, deceased. Record on file of distribution in 1709 to John, to Edward, to Katharine, to Rebeckah, to Ruth, to Sarah, and to Abigail Waldo; by John Fitch and Jonathan Crane, disributors.


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