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257. WH Sat Sep 6, 1794: By the New-Haven paper of Wednesday, it appears, from the report of the committee, that the putrid fever had greatly abated in that city, one only having died with that disorder from the 26th July to the 2d of September; from the 19th July to the 26th, seven died.

258. WH Sat Sep 6, 1794: On the 20th of June the forces under Gen. Wayne, which had then been joined by 15 or 1600 mounted Kentucky volunteers marched forward towards the Maumee towns. A considerable body of British under Simcoe, were believed at this time to be with the Indians, on the route the army was to take, and yet we are at peace with that faithless nation. (Phil. Paper.)

259. WH Sat Sep 6, 1794: For Sale, a second hand Chaise, in good repair. Enquire of Jonathan Brooks. Wanted, a Boy 12 or 13 years of age, to tend in a small family. Enquire as above. Windham, (Scotland Society) Sept. 4, 1794.

260. WH Sat Sep 6, 1794: Please to Take Notice. The subscriber would once more respectfully inform the public and his old customers in particular, that he shall directly set up the colouring of Scarlet. Those Ladies and Gentlemen, who wish to favour him with their custom, may depend on having their cloaks and waistcoats a scarlet, equally good to that imported. He likewise flatters himself, that none will have their expectations [blasted?], but may depend on having their cloth drest with as great dispatch as heretofore, by the public’s humble servant. George Barnham.
A likely lad is wanted, as an apprentice at said business, at the age of 14, 15 or 16 years.
Willington, Sept. 1, 1794.

261. WH Sat Sep 13, 1794: Died.
At Russell, (Massachusetts) on a journey for his health, Maj. Ebenezer Whiting, of Norwich.
At St. John’s, Mrs. .Fanny Ba[chas?], and at Poltney, (Vermont) Mr. David Johnson, both late of this town.
At Hudson, occasioned by the fall of a stick of timber, at the raising of a building, Mr. Ebenezer Backus, of Norwich.

262. WH Sat Sep 13, 1794: The subscriber hereby gives notice to his creditors, that he shall prefer his petition to the General Assembly to be holden at New-Haven on the second Thursday of October next, to be exhonerated and discharged from all his debts, upon his delivering up all his estate into the hands of commissioners, for the benefit of his creditors; when and where they are hereby notified to attend and shew reasons, if any they have, why his petition should not be granted. Richard Cady. Canterbury, Sept. 10, 1794.

263. WH Sat Sep 13, 1794: Office of Inspection. Windham, 8th Sept. 1794. Notice is hereby given to all persons within the County of Windham, who are desirous of selling wines and foreign distilled spirits by retail, that the Licences requires by the act of Congress of the United States, entitled, “An act laying duties on Licences for selling wines and foreign distilled spiritous liquors by retail,” are prepared and ready to be delivered by me, at my said Office of Inspection, in Windham, on application therefor, and payment of the duty required in and by the act aforesaid. And all persons are cautioned against selling foreign distilled spirits and wines by retail, on or after the first day of October next, without License, as they would avoid the penalty of Fifty Dollars. Edmund Badger.

264. WH Sat Sep 20, 1794: [The following article is unclear as to where the event occurred, it is sandwiched between articles about New-London and Windham.] Effects of Jealousy. At ten o’clock on Monday night, the cry of murder was heard in the house of James Hart, in this city; some people immediately ran into the house, and found Hart and his wife extended on the floor, to appearance with their throats cut; physicians soon arrived, and on examination found the wounds on the neck of the man to be merely superficial incisions; but the throat of his wife was cut in a most shocking manner; the incision began from the left Mastoide muscle by the first stroke, and extended to the os Hyoides; a repeated stroke from the right ear met the left incision and opened the os Hyoides into the wind pipe; the third stroke was a stab, which separated the right external Jugulars, which emitted near four quarts of blood, - fortunately neither of the two Carotid arteries were separated, and her wound is supposed not to be mortal. Hart, the supposed perpetrator of the horrid act, is committed to prison for trial, at the
Superior Court which sits in this city on Tuesday next.

265. WH Sat Sep 20, 1794: Windham, Sept. 20, 1794. At the Freeman’s Meeting on Monday last, the following gentlemen were chosen Representatives to represent the town prefixed to their names, in the General Assembly in October next.
Windham, Mr. Shubael Abbe, Mr. Timothy Larrabee.
Lebanon, Mr. Elkanah Tisdale, Mr. Elisha Hutchinson.
Mansfield, Mr. Nath’l Atwood, Mr. Jona. Hovey.
Ashford, Mr. Esek Saunders, Mr. Thomas Huntington.
Hampton, Mr. Phillip Pearl.
Plainfield, Mr. Joshua Dunlap, Mr. William Pierce.
Canterbury, Mr. Moses Cleaveland, Mr. Luther Payne.
Brooklyn, Mr. Ebenezer Scarborough.
Woodstock, Mr. John Fox, Mr. Ebenezer Smith.
Pomfret, Mr. Lem. Grosvenor, Mr. John Trowbridge.
Voluntown, Mr. Samuel Robins.
Sterling, Mr. Lemuel Dorrance.
Killingly, Mr. Samspon Howe, Mr. Silas Hutchins.
Thompson, Mr. Thaddeus Learned.
Hartford, Mr. Sam. Wyllys, Mr. Nathan H. Whiting.
Windsor, Mr. Henry Allyn, Mr. Solomon Griswold.
East-Windsor, Mr. Fred. Elsworth, Mr. Samuel Treat.
New-London, Mr. Marvin Wait, Mr. Jer. G. Brainard.
Norwich, Mr. Joseph Williams, Mr. Roger Griswold.
Colchester, Mr. Henry Champion, Mr. John Isham.
Franklin, Mr. Eli Hyde.
Bozrah, Mr. Nehemiah Waterman.
Lisbon, Mr. Elisha Morgan.
Preston, Mr. Jona. Brewster, Mr. John Wilson.
Stonington, Mr. Lathan Hull, Mr. Elias S. Palmer.
Groton, Mr. Simeon Avery, Mr. Robert Geer, 3d.
Tolland, Mr. Elijah Chapman, Mr. _____ Ladd.
Stafford, Mr. John Phelps, Mr. Jesse Cady.
Somers, Mr. Reuben Sikes, Mr. Abel Pease.
Bolton, Mr. Saul Alvard, Mr. Samuel Carver.
Coventry, Mr. Jeremiah Ripley, Mr. Nathaniel Root.


266. WH Sat Sep 20, 1794: Extract of a letter from the Rev. Dr. Dana, of New-Haven, to his friend in this town, dated Sept. 10, 1794.
“I enclose you a statement of the Yellow Fever in this city. Not one in thirty of those who have been much exposed, have taken the fever. I have esteemed this place as safe as any town in the state through the whole season, with the precaution of not unnecessarily visiting houses where the fever was; indeed I have myself visited the sick, almost without interruption. At present few towns around us enjoy so much health as New-Haven.”
State of the yellow fever in New-Haven, from June 15, 1794, to the 9th of September.
Deaths. Elijah Austin, age 45, (New-York.) Henry Hubbard, 20, (Derby.) Isaac Gorham’s wife, 29. Isaac Gorham’s son, 16. Isaac Gorham’s son, 6. Elias Gorham’s daughter, 8. Solomon Mudge, 29. Elisha Benham, 45. Mr. M’Neil, 30. Mrs. Barber, 29. Mrs. Thompson, 50. Mrs. Griswold, 50. Mrs. Obrien, 19. Mrs. Lacy, 24. The widow Wise, 69. Joseph Smith and wife, each 45. Elias Gill, 20. Mr. Hyde, 17. John Storer, 21. Polly Brown, 17. Mr. McDougal, 35. Mr. Prindle’s child, 8. Mrs. Claridge, 50. Mrs. Dorman, 26. The widow of Joseph Trowbridge, 54. Newman Trowbridge’s son, 8. Ezra Lines’ wife, 34. Mr. Dorman’s child, 8.; Total 29.
Recovered and Convalescents. Polly Phipps, age 18. Dolly Gorham, 18. Miss Punchard, 17. Mr. Luther Fitch, 40. Mrs. Pease, 45. Mrs. M’Kenzie, 56. Abigail Andrews 18. Negro Man. Cushing Smith, 25. Mr. Hulse, 40. John Smith’s daughter, 21. Robert Marsh, 40. Capt. Collis’s daughter, 17. Mr. Miller, 20. Mr. Dorman, 30. Polly Dumuner, 23. Elizabeth Miles, 29. Dr. Enos Munson, 38. George Cook’s wife
and child, Ezra Lines’s child, 7.; Total 21.
Sick, and not arrived at a crisis. David Fanning’s son, age 7. Stephen Herrick, jun. 17. Mrs. Morgan, 45.; Total 3.
Most who have had the Fever on them since the commencement of September, are on the recovery.

267. WH Sat Sep 20, 1794: In our last, we mentioned the death of Mr. Ebenezer Backus, of Norwich, and we then supposed we had undoubted information for the assertion; but that gentleman has since been in town, and positively asserts to the contrary; his testimony is undoubted and having regard for truth, we consider it our duty to declare the publication of his death as premature.

268. WH Sat Sep 20, 1794: Printers will favour the numerous valuable acquaintance of the late Col. Huntington, of Georgia, by inserting this -
New-York, Sept. 12, 1794. Died, the 19th ult. at Charleston, at Mrs. Nott’s, in Church-street, Joseph Huntington, Esq. after a short and severe illness, which he bore with much christian fortitude. He was educated at Dartmouth University, in New-Hampshire, and afterwards graduated at Yale College; since which he has practiced law in Georgia, and lately came to settle in this state. His lady and child have gone to visit their friends in New-England. His father is pastor of the congregation in Coventry, Connecticut, and brother to Governor Huntington.

269. WH Sat Sep 20, 1794: Died at Chester, Massachusetts, Dr. Eleazer Wales, aged 62, formerly of this town.

270. WH Sat Sep 20, 1794: The civil authority, selectmen, and listers, of the town of Windham will meet at Mr. John Staniford’s, on Tuesday the 23d day of September instant, to make abatements in the list of the Polls of said town.
Windham, Sept. 18, 1794.

271. WH Sat Sep 20, 1794: A fine seat for Mills. To be sold the remains of the Mills lately burnt, belonging to the subscriber, being the best privileges for a grist-mill, and saw-mill of any in Willington, and easily repaired, together with about 30 acres of good land, under improvement, with a small house and orchard thereon. Enquire of Joseph Brown, living on the premises. Willington, Sept. 17, 1794.

272. WH Sat Sep 20, 1794: All those persons who are indebted to me by Book, are once more desired to call and settle their respective accounts with Edmund Badger, of Windham, as I have put my Books into his hands to collect; and unless they are immediately settled, they must expect to be sued without further notice. Nathan Arnold. Windham. Sept. 18, 1794.

273. WH Sat Sep 20, 1794: The hon. court of probate, for the district of Pomfret, hath allowed the term of six months from the date hereof, to the creditors to the estate of Capt. Benjamin Ruggles, late of Pomfret deceased, to exhibit their claims against said estate, to us the subscribers for settlement, or be debarred a recovery according to law. Elisabeth Ruggles, Benjamin Durkee, Adm’rs. Pomfret,
Sept. 2, 1794.

274. WH Sat Sep 20, 1794: Danbury, August 23. The following letter written just before Moses Johnson left this town for New-Gate, was handed us by a correspondent. Danbury, August 17, 1794. My much esteemed wife, Accept of this small token of the unfeigned love and regard I still bear towards one whom I esteem as the best of companions; perhaps it may be the last time you will ever receive a line from your affected and distressed husband. The Superior Court have ordered me into confinement in Newgate prison during life. The idea of being thus
separated from you fills me with infinitely more sorrow than all the horrors of a confinement in a gloomy dungeon. Torn from my loving wife and my endearing family. The sensations I feel are only to be imagined by the mind of one in like circumstances; they are not describable, nor is it in the power of the ablest person in existence to give any lively description of my feelings I can only add that I am innocent of the crime for which I am sentenced to punishment. .Remember that Moses Johnson although separated from you has the greatest affection for you, and remember to pray for your husband. May God bless you and our dear little children, and if we never meet on earth, may we meet in the fair realms of everlasting happiness unitedly to adore redeeming love without separation. I am this moment to go on to confinement. Farewell! Farewell! Moses Johnson

275. WH Sat Sep 27, 1794: Baltimore, September 6. A letter from Nashville in the Cumberland settlement, to a gentleman in Burke county, dated July 14, says, our frontier settlers have been so much engaged in the French Projected attacks on West Florida and Louisiana, as to neglect the motions of the Indians, who have surprised a detachment of the continental troops on Mud river, killed 25 men, and taken about 56 horses. The last murders committed, were but a few days since, and within three miles of this place; a party of the militia are now in pursuit.

276. WH Sat Sep 27, 1794: Alexander Tinker, takes this opportunity to inform his generous Customers, that he expects to leave the town by the 5th of October, and to be absent for six months; therefore he would beg the favour of a settlement with every person that has dealt with him. Windham, Sept. 26, 1794.

277. WH Sat Sep 27, 1794: Notice is hereby given, that the hon. court of probate, for the district of Pomfret, hath allowed six months from the 18th of this instant September, to the creditors to the estate of Ira Metcalf, late of Woodstock, deceased, to bring inn their claims against said estate, well attested, or be debarred a recovery. Those indebted to said estate, are desired to make immediate payment. Their accounts may be settled with me the subscriber, at Franklin, or with Capt. Elias Child, 2d, at Woodstock. Eliphalet Metcalf, Adm’r. Woodstock,
19th Sept. 1794.

278. WH Sat Sep 27, 1794: Broke out of the enclosure of Mr. Benjamin Lathrop, in Windham, on the night of the 24th inst. a three-year-old Mare Colt, dark iron-gray, 13 and a half hands high, trots chiefly. Whoever will take up said Colt, and return her to the subscriber, or give information where she may be had, shall be handsomely rewarded, by Nath’l Linkon, Jun. Windham, Sept. 26, 1794.

279. WH Sat Sep 27, 1794: Wanted to purchase, a likely large two-year old Mule, 13 hands high or more; a mare mule, of a dark colour, would be preferred. Enquire of the printer.


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