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Windham County Connecticut
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The Windham Herald, Sept. 1791

163. WH Sat Sep 3, 1791: London, July 5. A letter just received from Grand Cairo, the metropolis of Egypt, by the way of Leghorn, says, that
the plague rages there most violently, and has already carried off 120,000 people.

164. WH Sat Sep 3, 1791: Hartford, August 29. About 8 o’clock, on the evening of the 22d inst, Mr. Eliphalet Yeomans, of Lebanon, was stopped in East Hartford, by two highwaymen, who attempted to rob him. As he leaped from his horse one of them wounded him with a knife. Mr. Yeomans knocked one of them down with his cane, then springing to his horse and crying out that he would fire his pistols at them, they took to the woods and escaped.

165. WH Sat Sep 3, 1791: Windham, September 3. The Commissioners appointed to run a boundary line between the states of Massachusetts and Rhode-Island, we are informed have completed that important business.

166. WH Sat Sep 10, 1791: Windham, September 10. We are informed that his Excellency the Governor of this State has appointed the second Tuesday of September inst. for the Freemen to meet and choose a Representative to Congress, in the room of the hon. Roger Sherman, Esq. appointed a Senator.

167. WH Sat Sep 17, 1791: Windham, September 17. The following gentlemen were chosen last Freemen’s Meeting, to represent the towns
prefixed to their names, at the General Assembly, October Session. Windham, Mr. Zephaniah Swift, Mr. Hezekiah Ripley. Mansfield, Mr. Constant Southworth, Mr.s Abner Huntington. Plainfield, Mr. Joseph Shepherd, Mr. Ebenezer Eaton. Canterbury, Mr. Daniel Frost, Mr. Moses Cleveland. Lebanon, Mr. Elkanah Tis__l [Tisdal?], Mr. David Trumbull. Norwich, Mr. Elisha Hyde, Mr. Joseph Williams. Colchester, Mr. Eliph. Bulkley, Mr. John [unreadable]. Lyme, Mr. William Noyes, Mr. Lemuel Lee. Preston, Mr. Jona. Brewster, Mr. Alexander Stewart.
Groton, Mr. Thomas Avery, Mr. Stephen Billings. Montville, Mr. Joseph Chester. Stonington, Mr. Jona. Palmer, jun., Mr. Latham H___ [Hall? Hull?]. Hebron, Mr. Sylvester Gilbert, Mr. Joseph Jones, jun. Bozrah, Mr. Nehemiah Waterman. Franklin, Mr. Nathan Lord.

168. WH Sat Sep 17, 1791: Declaration of the Queen. “I declare, that the King being desirous of quitting Paris with his children, nothing in
nature could have dissuaded me from following him; for, that I will never consent to quit him, my whole conduct for these two years past, has given sufficient proofs. I was confirmed to my determination to follow him, from the confidence and persuasion which I had, that he would never quit the kingdom. Had he been so inclined, all my influence would have been exerted to prevent him. The Governess of my daughter, who had been indisposed for five weeks, did not receive orders for departure till the evening preceeding. She had not even taken any clothes with her—I was obliged to lend her some. She was absolutely ignorant of our destination. The three couriers neither knew the destination nor the object of the journey—they were supplied, from time to time, with money upon the road, and received our orders as we proceeded. The two femmes de chambre did not receive orders till the moment of our departure—One of them; whose husband was in the Palace, had not an opportunity of seeing him. Monsieur and Madame separated from us; and took the road to Mons, only to avoid embarrassment, and to prevent delay from the want of horses upon the road They were to rejoin us in France. We sent out of the Palace by passing through the apartment
of M. Villenquier; and that we might not be perceived, we went separately, and at some distance of time from each other.” (After reading over this declaration to the Queen she acknowledged it to be such a declaration as she intended to make and signed it with us.)
(Signed) Marie Antoniette. [Trononet?], Dufort, Dandee.”

169. WH Sat Sep 24, 1791: Hartford, September 19. On Saturday last, a powder-mill in East-Hartford, belonging to Mr. Elisha Pitkin, jun.
Containing about a ton of powder, accidentally took fire and blew up. Three persons of the names of Evans, Corning, and Brown, employed in
making powder, were instantaneously killed; Mr. Jabez Norton was very dangerously burnt—one man had his arm broken, and several others were slightly wounded, by this unfortunate explosion. The mill, and two adjacent buildings, were entirely demolished, and property to a large amount destroyed.

170. WH Sat Sep 24, 1791: Last Wednesday Sela_ [either Selan or Selah] Sheldon of Windsor, was tried before the Superior Court, for the murder of his infant child. The trial lasted all day, and the [cause] was finally submitted to the Jury without argument, who soon found a verdict for the prisoner. There was no doubt that Sheldon killed the child, but it was fully proved that he was at the time, as he had before been,

171. WH Sat Sep 24, 1791: New London, Sept. 22. Tuesday night last, a negro man broke into the dwelling-house of Capt. Gabriel Sistarre, of the Great-neck in this town, and stole sundry articles- he then set fire to the house, by placing some brands of fire in the corner of the
kitchen. The smoke alarmed a servant that lodged over the kitchen, who awaked the family; by which means the house, and perhaps several lives were preserved. He was taken into custody last evening.

172. WH Sat Sep 24, 1791: Married, at Norwich, Mr. Thomas Lathrop, Merchant, to Miss Hannah Bill.

173. WH Sat Sep 24, 1791: Died here [Windham], Mr. John Huntington, aged 62.

174. WH Sat Sep 24, 1791: The subscriber respectfully informs his old customers and others, that he carries on the Clothing business in
Windham, first society, at the old powder-mill, where constant attendance shall be given. All gentlemen and ladies who have a mind to
favour him with their custom, may depend on their work being done with neatness and dispatch, and the smallest favors gratefully acknowledged, by their humble servant. Paul Phelps. Windham, Sept. 21, 1791.

175. WH Sat Sep 24, 1791: An active Lad, who has been well instructed, is wanted at this office, as an apprentice to the printing business.

176. WH Sat Sep 31, 1791: Mr. Ebenezer Giles, of Marblehead, a few days ago fell in with a large shell fish, about 15 leagues from Cape
Ann, which he took and brought in with him. It differed in many respects from the turtle—in colour—in the form of its head and flippers—and the lines of partition on the upper shell were raised into ridges, the several parts folding over each other; which makes it, according to Dr. Lister, of the multi-valvia kind. It weighed 712 lb.

177. WH Sat Sep 31, 1791: In a St. John’s (Nova Scotia) Paper of the 6th instant, we observe an Advertisement of Benedict Arnold, for the
Sale of his Property, real and personal, as he intends to leave that Province in a few weeks, having not yet determined to rest from “going
to and fro in the earth and from walking up and down in it.” We also learn, that he hath become so exceedingly unpopular, that the
inhabitants have lately burnt him in effigy.

178. WH Sat Sep 31, 1791: At a Meeting of the Connecticut Society for the Promotion of Freedom, and for the Relief of Persons unlawfully
holden in Bondage, at New Haven, September 5th, 1791. The following Officers were chosen for the Year ensuing. David Austin, Esq.,
President. Rev. Doctor Edwards, Vice-President. Simeon Baldwin, Esq. Secretary. Timothy Jones, Esq. Treasurer. Committee of correspondence. Elizur Goodrich, Esq. Capt. Wm. Lyon, Dr. Jared Porter, Rev. Ben. Trumbull, David Daggett, Esq. Simeon Baldwin, Esq. Committee to solicit and receive donations in their respective Counties. The Rev. Benj. Trumbull, Nathan Fenn, Levi Hart, Doctor Dwight, Timothy Stone, James Morris, Esq. Asher Miller, Esq. The Rev. Charles Backus. The Society were then entertained with an instructive Sermon from the Rev. Doct. Edwards, I which he clearly proved, with forceable arguments, the inhumanity, the injustice, and the ill policy of Slavery, and the Slave Trade, from Matthew vii. 12. “Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do you even so to them.” Simeon Baldwin, Esq. was appointed to deliver an Oration before the Society, in May next, at Hartford. The Rev. Levi Hart, was appointed to preach a Sermon before the Society at New Haven, in Sept. next.

179. WH Sat Sep 31, 1791: The hon. court of probate, for the district of Windham, having allowed six months only from this date, for the
creditors to the estate of Mr. Peter Aspenwall, late of Mansfield, in said district, deceased, to exhibit their claims against said estate, to
the subscriber—Those who neglect to bring them in, by, or within said time, will be debarred a recovery according to law. Constant Southworth, Exr. Mansfield, Sept. 29, 1791.

180. WH Sat Sep 31, 1791: Stuben’s Regulations for the order and discipline of the troops of the United States, to be sold at the
Printing-office. Where may be had Account Books of various sizes.

181. WH Sat Sep 31, 1791: To the Public: But more particularly those who are afflicted with lingering Diseases, Fevers or Coughs, which have a tendency to bring on Consumption. The Subscriber is persuaded, by Experience, that he can speedily relieve them, and cure those Fevers that are called Hectic; and also the Dropsy, Scurvy and scrofulous Tumours; and many other chronic Diseases, if the Patient applies to him seasonably. He likewise practices in all other Diseases in the common Method in general. Those Persons who are labouring under infirmities of Body, and may desire his Opinion and Advise in any of their Diseases, and would wish to have him attend them, are requested to call on him at Mr. Ebenezer Way’s, and they will have strict Attention paid them, by their humble Servant. Wm. Graham. New-London, Sept. 14, 1791.

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