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547. WH Sat Nov. 3, 1792: At a legal convention of the Fellows of the Connecticut Medical Society of Middletown on the second Tuesday of
October, 1792. The following Gentlemen were returned Fellows from the several County Meeting of the Connecticut Medical Society, for the
ensuing year, viz. Hartford County: Eliakim Fish, Elisha Tudor, Lemuel Hopkins, Samuel
Flagg, [Josh?] Hart.
New-Haven County: Leverett Hubbard, Lucas Munson, William Gould, Elnathan Beach, Jared Potter.
New-London County: Theophilus Rogers, Samuel Mather, Thomas Coit, Joshua Downer, Phillip Turner.
Fairfield County: James Potter, Thaddeus Betts, Hosea Hurlbert, James Clark, Amos Mead.
Windham County: John Clark, Elisha Perkins, Elisha Lord, Albigence Waldo, Isaac Knight.
Litchfield County: Seth Bird, Samuel Orton, Samuel Woodward, Seth Hastings, Samuel Rockwell.
Middlesex County: Thomas Mosely, John Ely, John Osborne.
Tolland County: Ichabod Warner, Jeremiah West, Joseph Parker.
The following Gentlemen were chosen officers for the ensuing year, viz.
Leverett Hubbard, President. Eneas Munson, Vice-President. John Osborne, Treasurer. Jared Potter, Secretary.

548. WH Sat Nov. 3, 1792: Albany, October 18. Yesterday was brought to town, and lodged in goal, Jacob Valentine, the person charged with the murder of an Indian chief, some time since, at the Oswego falls ­and for whose apprehension the supreme executive of this state had, by
proclamation, offered a reward of 500 dollars. He denies his having murdered the Indian, but says he killed him in his own defense—and that
at the time he was apprehended, he was on his way to deliver himself up for trial. He was taken in the state of Vermont, by Mr. Jonathan Russel of Herkemer county, whither he had pursued him from Upper to Lower Canada, and across the Lakes. Mr. Russel, when in Upper Canada, applied to Gov. Simcoe for permission to apprehend the said Valentine, if in the province, which was readily granted.

549. WH Sat Nov. 3, 1792: Albany, October 18. Yesterday arrived here from Philadelphia, on their rout to the Gennesee country, where they
intend forming a settlement on the lands owned by Robert Morris, Esq. several families of German emigrants, in all 74 persons. They appear to be of that class of citizens, which are the most wanted in, and will add the most real value to, a new country—to wit, industrious and judicious farmers and mechanics.

550. WH Sat Nov. 3, 1792: Thursday, the twenty-ninth day of November inst. is appointed as a day of Thanksgiving, throughout this state.

551. WH Sat Nov. 3, 1792: Windham, November 3. We hear that Jonathan Sturges, Esq. has accepted his appointment as one of the Judges of the Superior Court—to take his seat next spring—and to hold his seat in Congress till that time.

552. WH Sat Nov. 3, 1792: Died, at Hebron, the 20th inst. Mrs. Phebe Buell, wife of Capt. John H. Buell, and daughter of Ephraim Hubbell,

553. WH Sat Nov. 3, 1792: Those who have in their possession the following books, belonging to the subscriber, are requested to leave
them at the Printing-Office, viz. Stern’s Sentimental Journey, Goldsmith’s Essays, Marinontel’s Moral Tales, Chesterfield’s Advice.
Eliph. Dyer, jun.

554. WH Sat Nov. 3, 1792: The hon. court of probate, for the district of Plainfield, have allowed the term of six months from the 2d day of
October inst. for the creditors to the estate of John McCartey, late of Canterbury, deceased, to bring in their claims. Those who neglect to
bring them in by said time, will be debarred a recovery. Olive McCartey, Adm’x. Canterbury, Oct. 30, 1792.

555. WH Sat Nov. 3, 1792: Strayed or stolen from the subscriber, a chestnut coloured Horse, with a white streak in ___ face, a natural
trotter, about 14 hands high, three years old last spring, high carraige, and good courage, shod before when he went away. However will
take up said horse and thief, and secure the thief in any goal in this state, ___ give information to the subscriber, shall receive for the
horse and thief Ten Dollars, and for the horse only, a generous reward and all necessary charges paid by Anderson Martin. Lebanon.

556. WH Sat Nov. 10, 1792: Madrid, June 7. This day the celebrated William A. Bowles, was hanged at the common place of execution. At the
gallows, he said he died contented, as the principal end which induced him to enter on the Indian business was in a great measure answered,
viz. To raise dissentions among the savages; and concluded, he thought that all the powers concerned therewith ought to thank rather than to
persecute him: -- and had no doubt that if he had continued with them a few months longer, he could have set them cutting the throats of each

557. WH Sat Nov. 10, 1792: Thursday, the 15th of November, is appointed as a day of public Thanksgiving throughout the state of New-Hampshire; and Thursday the 29th, is appointed for the same purpose, throughout the commonwealth of Massachusetts.

558. WH Sat Nov. 10, 1792: For Sale. A Farm lying in Windham, first society, containing about one hundred and fifty acres, with a
dwelling-house and new barn thereon. Said Farm is well proportioned with wood, plowing and mowing, with a valuable orchard, containing about 100 trees, that bear well, and lies about four miles from Windham town, and is the same Farm on which Capt. Asa Robinson now lives. Also a piece of most excellent wood-land, lying about half a mile from the aforesaid farm, and opposite the house of Capt. Aaron Geer, and is the same land formerly owned by Capt. John Fitch, deceased. Also, about twenty odd acres of Land lying in the westerly part of Scotland society, and lying northerly of the dwelling-house of Mr. Asa Robinson, and is the same land formerly owned by Maj. Hez. Huntington. For further particulars, enquire of Joshua Lathrop, or Thomas Lathrop, of Norwich. Norwich, Nov. 6, 1792.

559. WH Sat Nov. 10, 1792: Boots & Shoes. Tuck-leg Boots, and Shoes made in the neatest manner, by the subscriber at his shop in Mansfield; where every favour will be gratefully acknowledged. Wanted, one or two Journeymen, at the above business, who are good workmen. Amasa Stowell. November 5, 1792.

560. WH Sat Nov. 17, 1792: The principal chiefs of the Cherokees except those of the 5 lower towns, have given notice, that the 5 lower towns
are for war, and every other part of the nation for peace with the United States, and there are daily proofs of the truth of both.

561. WH Sat Nov. 17, 1792: The creditors to the estate of Mr. Abraham Dewey, late of Lebanon, in the district of Windham, deceas’d, are hereby notified to exhibit their several claims against said estate to the subscribers, executors of his last will, or either of us, within six
month, being the time limited for that purpose, by the Hon. Court of Probate, for said district; such as neglect, will be debarred of any
recovery. Alpheus Dewey, Fremon Dewey, Ex’rs. Lebanon, Nov. 14, 1792.

562. WH Sat Nov. 17, 1792: Strayed from the subscriber some time last summer, a dark brown yearling heifer. Any person that will take up said Heifer, and return her to me the subscriber, or inform me so that I can have her again, shall have a generous reward, paid by Phinehas Flint. Hampton, Nov. 9, 1792.

563. WH Sat Nov. 17, 1792: Strayed from the subscriber, a one year old red Heifer, no mark; also six calves, one of which has both ears cut
off, and one of them is a bull. Whoever will return them to the owner shall be well rewarded for their trouble and expense. William Durkee.
Hampton, Nov. 6, 1792.

564. WH Sat Nov. 24, 1792: Notice is hereby given, that the hon. court of probate, for the district of Plainfield, have allowed seven months
from the 4th day of September last, for the creditors to the estate of Mr. John Inman, formerly of Providence, but late of Canterbury,
deceased, to exhibit their claims to the subscriber for settlement, within said time, those who neglect, will be debarred. Stephen Butt,
Ex’r. Canterbury, Oct. 26, 1792.

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