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200. WH Sat Nov. 5, 1791: Thursday, the 24th inst is appointed as a day of public Thanksgiving, throughout this state.

201. WH Sat Nov. 5, 1791: Zephaniah Swift, Esq. of this town, is appointed to the command of the 5th regiment of militia of this state,
vice Ebenezer Moseley, Esq. who has resigned.

202. WH Sat Nov. 5, 1791: Dyer White, Esq. of New Haven, is appointed a Collector of the Revenue, vice Simeon Baldwin, Esq. who has resigned.

203. WH Sat Nov. 5, 1791: Those who have engaged Wood for this paper, are reminded of their engagement; and those who wish to pay in that
article, may do it if brought soon.

204. WH Sat Nov. 5, 1791: At the Printing-Office may be had, Quarto and common Bibles, Testaments, Watts Psalms and Hymns, Pike’s Arithmetic, American Youth, Schoolmaster’s Assistant, Webster’s Spelling-Books, by the dozen or single; Little Reader’s Assistant, Primers, Bennett’s Letters, Emma Corbett, Life of Gardiner; Compleat Letter Writer, Osterwald’s Theology; Stuben’s Exercise, Statutes of Connecticut, Copperplate Copies, choice Writing-paper, Ink-powder and Cake-Ink, Sealing-wax and Wafers, Slates and Pencils, &tc. Wanted, Tanned sheep-skins, suitable for book-binding.

205. WH Sat Nov. 5, 1791: Wanted, one or two Journeymen Sadlers, for one month, six months, or a year; to whom generous wages will be given. David Avery. Canterbury, Nov. 4, 1791.

206. WH Sat Nov. 12, 1791: Hartford. On Saturday morning last, a child of Mr. Joshua Leffingwell, of this city; fell from a chair in which it
had been fastened, into the fire, and before any person could come to its relief, it was so badly burnt, that it expired about four o’clock in
the afternoon.

207. WH Sat Nov. 12, 1791: Married, Mr. Samuel Johnson, of Canterbury; to Miss Hannah H. Elderkin, of this town.

208. WH Sat Nov. 12, 1791: William Leffingwell, wants to purchase Cotton and Linen Rags, of any colour, for which he will give the highest
price. He has for Sale, Writing-Paper of different qualities—Clothiers’ Press papers—Bonnet-papers—Wrapping-paper—Account Books—Webster’s and Dilworth’s Spelling Books—Primers, &c. Norwich, Nov. 1791.

209. WH Sat Nov. 12, 1791: Notice is hereby given to the creditors of the estate of Mr. Richard Raynsford, late of Canterbury, deceased, that
nine months from this date is allowed by the court of probate, for the district of Plainfield, for said creditors to exhibit their claims,
properly attested. The subscribers will attend said business at the late dwelling-hose of said deceased, in said Canterbury, on the second
Mondays in February, March, April and May next. No accounts will be allowed after said nine months from this date. Benjamin Raynsford,
Eliashib Adams, Adm’rs. Canterbury, Nov. 1st, 1791.

210. WH Sat Nov. 12, 1791: Broke into the enclosure of the subscriber 31st October last, a three year old sorrel horse, with a light mane and tail, three white feet, something lame, and has a bunch on one fore foot, trots and paces. The owner may have him again, proving property
and paying charges. Timothy Allen. Lebanon-Crank, Nov. 9, 1791.

211. WH Sat Nov. 19, 1791: Windham. Died, Mr. Daniel Allen, of this town, aged 90.

212. WH Sat Nov. 19, 1791: All persons indebted to the subscriber by Book, are desired to make an immediate settlement, as they would avoid cost. Ebenezer Devotion. Windham, 15th Nov. 1791.

213. WH Sat Nov. 19, 1791: The accounts of Mr. Luther Kidder, of Windham, are in my hands to collect and settle; all persons indebted to
him, are hereby notified to make immediate payment, or their accounts will be put in suit. Samuel Perkins. Windham. Nov. 19, 1791.

214. WH Sat Nov. 19, 1791: Notice is hereby given, that the real estate of the heirs of Capt. John Philips, late of Quebec, in the province of Canada, deceas’d, non-resident proprietors, will be sold at public vendue, on the premises, in Hampton, in Windham county, on the first
Tuesday of February next, 1792, sufficient to pay their state, town and society taxes, in our hands collect, with incident charges of sale.
Jacob Holt, Amos Ford, Samuel Fuller, jun., Elijah Greenslit, Thomas Grow, jun., James Burnett, Abijah Fuller, Collectors. Hampton, Nov. 7,

215. WH Sat Nov. 26, 1791: We hear from Woodstock, in this state, that on the 11th inst. as Capt. Joseph Franklin, of that town, was passing down a steep hill by the side of a loaded team, by some means he fell down, so that the car wheel passed a-cross his body, by which
unfortunate accident he expired in a few minutes.

216. WH Sat Nov. 26, 1791: Soal-Leather. To be sold, (for one piftareen [pistareen?] per pound) About 40 sides of choice Soal-Leather. Enquire of John Porter, Lebanon-Crank. Nov. 21, 1791.

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