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617. WH Sat Feb. 2, 1793: Died, at Southampton, in Virginia, the 25th of October last, Doctor George Badger, of this town, in the 23d year of
his age.

618. WH Sat Feb. 2, 1793: Notice is hereby given to the creditors of the estate of Capt. Joseph Raynsford, late of Canterbury deceased, that
eight months from this date, is allowed by the court of probate for the district of Plainfield, for said creditors to exhibit their claims
properly attested. The subscribers will attend on said business at the late Dwelling house of said deceased in said Canterbury, on the second
Mondays in February, March, April and May next. No accounts will be allowed after said eight months from this date. Joseph Raynsford, David
Raynsford, Adm’rs. Canterbury, January 1, 1793.

619. WH Sat Feb. 2, 1793: Lost in the road between Boston and Lebanon, some time in the month of November last, about 3 ½ yards of new fine light coloured Coating, and about 2 ¼ yards of ribbed Delure, with some T wist; whoever has found the same and will give information to the printer hereof, shall have a reasonable reward for his trouble. January, 1793.

620. WH Sat Feb. 2, 1793: Taken up the 26th of January inst. by the subscriber, a large sorrel Mare, with an old halter on her head, has a
white strip in her face. The owner, proving property and paying charges, may have her again, by applying to Sam’l Spencer. Windham, Jan. 31, 1793.

621. WH Sat Feb. 2, 1793: Kingston, (Jam.) Oct.8. Extract of a letter from a gentleman who was a passenger in the Maria, James, from this
port. “About nine o’clock on Sunday morning, the 24th of June, we fell in with a large island of ice, covered with snow; it was about 200 feet
high, two miles and a half in circumference, and distant from the shore near 270 miles….Cape Race being the nearest island. When we first saw it, it was 5 or 6 miles a head, and we could perceive little else than snow; but as we approached its magnificence grew upon us; and when we were abreast of it, about five o’clock, and within a mile, it exhibited an appearance so awfully beautiful, that my pen is inadequate to the

622. WH Sat Feb. 2, 1793: Anecdote. As a country gentleman in London was reading a newspaper in a Coffee-House, he said to a friend who sat next to him, I have been looking some time to see what the Ministry are about, but I cannot find where those articles are put, not being used to the London papers. ­Look among the robberies, replied the other.

623. WH Sat Feb. 2, 1793: The commissioned and staff officers in the fifth regiment of militia, are requested to convene at the house of Mr.
Jonathan Hebard, innholder, in Windham, on Monday the 4th day of February next, at 10 o’clock in the morning, for the purpose of
arranging the regiment conformably to the late laws of congress and this state. Each Captain is requested to bring an accurate roll of his
company. Zephaniah Swift, Lt. Col. Com’t. Windham, Jan. 23, 1793.

624. WH Sat Feb. 9, 1793: Knoxville, December 29. On Saturday the 22d instant, a party of Indians went to the house of Mr. Richardson, in
Jefferson county, on Little Pigeon, 25 miles from this place, and killed Mrs. Richardson, Mrs. Foster, Mrs. Schull & two children with Tomahawks and a warclub: the latter of which they left in the house; robbed the house, and went off. It appears that they had laid in wait upon a hill which overlooked Richardson’s door, many hours, and took the opportunity of his absence, of only half an hour, to massacre his family.

625. WH Sat Feb. 9, 1793: Phildadelphia, Jan. 26. The following unfortunate event took place a few days ago, near Middletown in Monmouth
county, in New-Jersey. A young man from New-York, named Adams, went late in the evening with a companion, to a house where lived a girl to whom he paid his addresses. Finding the Family asleep, they agreed to disturb the poultry house by way of giving a jocular alarm to the owner. Mr. Morrel, who was in bed in the dwelling house, upon hearing the noise, got up and suspecting thieves instantly discharged a musquet, loaded with heavy shot towards the poultry house, and unfortunately shot Adams thro’ the heart, who instantly expired. What rendered this accident still more affecting was Adams being a suitor of Mr. Morrel’s wife’s sister.

626. WH Sat Feb. 9, 1793: Philadelphia, Jan. 26. Capt. Henly, who was supposed to be killed, at the time his party was attacked and defeated
on the Cumberland path, is now a prisoner at Will’s town, in the Cherokee nation.

627. WH Sat Feb. 9, 1793: A pick pocket being noticed stealing a gentleman’s handkerchief, as he was entering the Haymarket theatre, had
the consummate impudence as well as presence of mind, to say, “with your leave, Sir, I’ll use your handkerchief,” and actually applying it to his nose, returned it to the owner with a polite bow and thanks. The gentleman burst out a laughing at the novelty of the incident, and
suffered the fellow, for his address, to escape.

628. WH Sat Feb. 9, 1793: Windham, February 9. The Rev. Samuel Peters, late of Hebron in this state, (reputed author of the history of
Connecticut,) is shortly going from England to Quebec, in character of Episcopal Bishop of Canada.

629. WH Sat Feb. 9, 1793: Pomfret, Feb. 6, 1793. “This day, the Rev. Oliver Dodge, was ordained to the pastoral care of the Catholic Reformed _____ Church and Society of this place. An excellent sermon was preached by the Rev. Daniel Foster of new Braintree. The public services of the day, were performed with the greatest decency, dignity and propriety, and a numerous and respectable audience manifested a becoming joy and hilarity upon the happy and auspicious occasion.”

630. WH Sat Feb. 9, 1793: The Merchants and Traders of the county of Windham, are requested to meet at the house of Lieut. John Jeffords,
inn-holder, in Brooklyn, on Monday the 18th inst. at nine o’clock in the morning, for the purpose of adopting an uniform system of trade, for the mutual benefit of themselves and their customers. Canterbury, Feb. 1, 1793.

631. WH Sat Feb. 16, 1793: Providence, Feb. 9. On Thursday last a Passage Boat belonging to Lodowic Updike, Esq: in passing from Newtown to Newport, deeply laden with Wood, and under a heavy Press of Sail, sunk near the Gull-Rock, when Benjamin Fry, and James Fry, Jun. of East Greenwich, and _____ Cooper, of Newtown, were unfortunately drowned.

632. WH Sat Feb. 16, 1793: Providence, Feb. 9. On Monday last a Man by the Name of James Jaques, of Richmond, in this State, was found dead with a Log of Wood lying across his neck. He had been to bring the Log at a small distance from his house, and the ground being very slippery it is supposed he fell, and injured his Scull.

633. WH Sat Feb. 16, 1793: The Hon. Court of Probate, for the district of Windham having allowed six months from the date hereof, to the
creditors of the estate of Samuel Thomson, Esq. late of Mansfield, deceased, to bring in their claim properly attested. Those who neglect
to make their demands within said time, will be legally barred a recovery. Those who are indicted to said estate, are requested to make
payment without delay. Samuel Thomson, Adm’r.Mansfield, Feb. 4, 1793.

634. WH Sat Feb. 23, 1793: Knoxville, Jan. 13. On Sunday last arrived in town, James Carey, one of the interpreters, the Standing Turkey, the Warrior’s Son, the Big Fellow, George Paris, and George Miller, from the beloved town of Estanaula, and several other Cherokees from Chota, with further confirmation of the sincerity of the overtures of Col Watts for peace with the United States: and on Tuesday they returned from Chota, under an escort to the frontiers.

635. WH Sat Feb. 23, 1793: Knoxville, Jan. 13.
On the 7th of December, a party of the cavalry in service for the protection of Mero district, about eight miles from Nashville, were
fired on by about twenty Indians, who put them to flight, killed John Ankins, who was scalped, and his body much mangled; and shot one horse.
On the 29th of the same month, John Haggard was killed and scalped, about six miles from Nashville, Twelve balls were shot into him. His
wife was killed last summer by the Indians, and he has left five small children in poverty and wretchedness.
The Indians carry on horse-stealing, according to custom, without cessation in that district.
On Monday the 31st of December the Indians drove off 18 head of very valuable horses, from Big Pigeon, Jefferson county, near where
Richardson’s family were murdered, and wontonly killed several cattle and hogs.
Lately arrived at Will’s Town, nine Shawanese, who have passed on to the Creeks and Choctaws, for the purpose of exciting them to go to war with the United States. They are to return through the Cherokee Towns, with an expectation of meeting that nation in full council at Estanaula. They informed the Cherokees, that the Shawanese were determined to fall on the Chicasaws and cut them off, for joining the army of the General St. Clair.

637. WH Sat Feb. 23, 1793: By an account from Savannah, we learn that peace with the Creek Indians is agreed on. A plentiful supply of
provisions and clothing, farming utensils and mechanic tools, were dealt out to them, 5000 bushels of Corn sent by the president of the United
States are stored at St. Mary’s to relieve the wants of that nation, their crops having been cut short.

638. WH Sat Feb. 23, 1793: The hon. court of probate, for the district of Windham, having allowed six months from the date hereof, to the
creditors of the estate of Mr. Joseph Burnham, late of Hampton, deceased, to bring in their claims properly attested. Those who neglect
to make their demands within said time, will be legally barred a recovery. Those who are indebted to said estate, are requested to make
payment. James Howard, Ex’r. Hampton, Feb. 21, 1793.

639. WH Sat Feb. 23, 1793: To be sold, A Farm, in the 1st Society of Pomfret, about one mile from the meeting-house, containing two hundred acres of good land, is well proportioned with pasture, mowing and plow lands, well wooded and watered. For price and particulars enquire of Ebenezer Dresser, and Samuel Sumner, living on the premises. Pomfret, Feb. 18, 1793.

640. WH Sat Feb. 23, 1793: To be Sold, That beautifully situated Farm, belonging to the subscriber, lying within one mile and a half of
Scotland meeting-house, containing about 160 acres of land, well wooded and watered, within one and half miles of three grist-mills and
law-mills, and about half a mile from a maltster and clothier. Said farm is excellent for ploughing and mowing, cuts about 25 loads of hay, is
under good improvement, and has a well within ten feet, and a brook within six rods of the house, that were never known to be dry. The terms
may be known by applying to Eben’r Hebberd. Windham, Feb. 18, 1793.

641. WH Sat Feb. 23, 1793: Came into the subscriber’s enclosure in Nov. last, a two year old Steer, of a lightish red, has a white streak on the back and rump. The owner may have it again, proving property and paying charges. James Howard, Hampton, Feb. 18, 1793.

642. WH Sat Feb. 23, 1793: To be sold at publick vendue, at the sign-post in Lebanon second Society, on the fourth Monday of April next,
for hard money, so much of the real estate of Joseph Barrel, esq. non-resident proprietor, as will pay his town and parish taxes, in our
hands to collect, with the incident charges arising thereon. Seth Collins, Elezer Richardson, Paul Carpenter, Enos Gearey, Collectors.
Lebanon, Feb. 20, 1793.

643. WH Sat Feb. 23, 1793: Albany, Feb. 4. Beware of Counterfeits!! Counterfeit Dollars of the following years, viz. 1775 ­ 1781 ­ 83 ­ 84 ­
85 ­ 88 ­ and 90, are in general circulation in this northern quarter. They are composed of copper plated over with a thin coat of real silver,
and so well executed as to render it impossible to detect the deception without the greatest attention.

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