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Windham County Connecticut
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Military Records

Windham County, CT

T he Record of Connecticut Men in the Military and Naval Service During the War of the Revolution 1775 – 1783

Edited by Henry P. Johnston, A.M., under authority of the Adjutant-General of Connecticut

Hartford 1889

Revolutionary Records of the State:

In the compilation of the following Military and Naval record of Connecticut in the War of the Revolution, as called for by Act of the General Assembly approved April 13, 1887, various sources of information have been sought and examined. The original and official manuscripts bearing upon the history of that interesting period are, and long have been, in a more or less dispersed condition – a fact true of the records of all the Thirteen States – and in some instances the greater part has been either lost or destroyed. In the case of Connecticut, while certain gaps occur at intervals in the continuity of her Revolutionary Papers, the more valuable portions have fortunately been preserved and are deposited in permanent and accessible archives. Of this material, the State herself retains a considerable proportion, the Departments of the General Government at Washington contain much, and the remainder has passed by gift and purchase into the keeping of individuals, Societies, and Libraries throughout the country. For convenient reference the documents may be classified as follows:

1. The original minutes of the proceedings of the General Assembly of Connecticut, covering the period of the war, on file in the office of the Secretary of State, Hartford.
2. The original minutes of the proceedings of the Governor and Council, or Committee of War, covering the period of the war, on file in the State Library, Hartford.
3. Pay-rolls of the Connecticut Regiments in the Continental “Line” for certain years, and scattering pay-table accounts of State troops and militia, together with individual accounts, bound in twelve volumes, on file in the office of the State Comptroller, Hartford.
4. Thirty-eight bound folio volumes, marked “Revolutionary War,” covering a period of ten years or more from 1774, and containing numerous original rolls, letters, accounts, resolutions, petitions, town-lists, and similar material, unbound, on file in the State Library.
5. Rolls, letters, and various documents bearing on the service of Connecticut troops, on file among the papers of General Washington in the Department of State, Washington, D.C.
6. Forty-seven bound folio volumes, containing company and regimental muster and pay rolls of the regiments of the Connecticut “Line,” together with numerous militia rolls and miscellaneous papers, and the large mass of applications for pension, on file in the Pension bureau, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C.
7. The “Trumbull Papers,” consisting of twenty-two bound volumes, containing the official correspondence of Governor Jonathan Trumbull of Connecticut during the entire period of the war, inclusive also of many rolls and miscellaneous documents, in possession of the Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston.
8. Various Revolutionary papers, military and naval, in possession of the Connecticut Historical Society, Hartford.
9. Forty or more Orderly Books, kept by Connecticut officers during the war, containing general, division, brigade, and regimental orders issued in camp and on the march, in the possession for the most part of individuals and Societies.
10. Miscellaneous letters, rolls, maps, diaries, and other papers in the hands of descendants of Revolutionary soldiers, individuals, and collectors, or deposited in Libraries and State and Town archives.

Supplementing these documents, and included among the authorities on which this work is based, must be mentioned the mass of original letters and papers which have found their way into print in such publications as Force’s “American Archives”, the volumes issued by Historical Societies, magazines, genealogies, monographs, and Town historians.


Arrangement of the Rolls:

The several rolls and lists in the following pages, compiled from the foregoing records, have been arranged chronologically according go the description of the service in which the troops engaged. Thus, after the first alarm, the Continental soldiers are classified in the order in which they were called out, then the State troops, and finally the Militia, with special lists following.

1. The Lexington Alarm. –The first lists in the record, grouped under the head of the “Outbreak of the War,” include the names of the men who, under the provocation of the moment, marched to the relief of their Massachusetts neighbors in the Lexington Alarm. Some explanation of the nature of this service appears in the introductory text on pages 3 and 4. It will be observed that the forty-eight towns from which the companies set out represent, with three exceptions, the eastern and central counties, which were then the thickly settled sections of the State, the nearest to the point of danger, the best prepared for an emergency, and the most accessible in case of alarm. It may also be noticed that the four thousand townsmen who responded to the Lexington call were a representative body, largely descendants of original settlers, including all elements in the different communities, -- judges, pastors, lawyers, physicians, farmers, mechanics, sailors, laborers, -- and that as a list of a respectable number of the main inhabitants of the State in 1775, which may be utilized in historical and genealogical researches, a peculiar interest attaches to it. Following in their proper place are the names of men engaged in the Ticonderoga enterprise.

2. Continental Troops.—Next in order have been arranged the rolls of the Connecticut quota of that part of the Revolutionary forces known as the “Continental” troops, which constituted the body of Washington’s army in the field throughout the war. They stand first in importance, as explained on page 34, and as appears from their military history in the text introductory to the subdivisions A, B, C, and D, under which they have been classified. After the Lexington Alarm the State raised eight regiments, which were adopted as Continental, to serve to the close of the year 1775. She furnished eight for the year 1776, and eight, with a large additional quota, for the three years’ term from 1777 to 1781. Thereafter, from 1781 to 1783, the numbers were reduced by consolidations. The rosters of these troops form a large portion of the record (page 33 to 370), and with the exception of some of the rolls for 1775 and the greater part of those for 1776, are believed to be substantially complete. In view of the importance of the campaign of 1776, it is to be regretted that the rolls of seven of the Continental regiments for that year are missing. The names of very many of the men, however, appear on the rolls of 1775, when they served their first term, or on the rolls of 1777, when they re-enlisted for three years or [sic] the war, or again on the rolls of State troops and militia in the subsequent years. In the absence of these lists the number of officers and soldiers that entered the Continental service from Connecticut during the war can only be approximately estimated, but it may be placed at about fifteen thousand.
3. State Troops – Under this heading appear a certain number of regiments which were neither Continental nor militia, but were raised mainly in the early part of the war, to act as reinforcements for the army in the field, for limited terms. Organized by authority of the State or the Governor, with the officers’ commissions signed by the Governor, they were designated as State troops, and at different periods rendered considerable service.

4. The Militia. – The third distinctive class of troops was the standing Militia of the State, whose rolls, so far as preserved, are arranged, like the preceding, in chronological order. Here again several serious gaps occur in the list, which is a special misfortune from a historical point of view, inasmuch as the militia represented the greater part of the male population of the State. The rolls here published, however, represent a fair proportion of the regiments and men that were called into active service. From the return, as given on page 447, for the year 1782, it may be inferred that the number of effective militia varied during the years of the war from twenty-two to twenty-five thousand.

5. Miscellaneous Rolls. – The closing pages of the work contain such portions of the Naval record of Connecticut as have been preserved among the documents, also unclassified lists of minutemen, volunteers, independent companies, and individual officers and soldiers, and copies of the Pension lists as published in Congressional and Government documents at various periods since the war.

The number of separate names in the following lists, as arranged in the Index, reaches a total of twenty-seven thousand eight hundred and twenty-three. In a few cases, probably, through different spelling of names, the same individual has been entered more than once. On the other hand, it is to be observed that in numerous cases the same name represents different individuals. Thus in the Lexington Alarm list, the William Lyon, of New Haven, could not have been the WILLIAM LYON of WOODSTOCK, nor Lieut. William Adams, of the Fourth “Connecticut Line” for 1777-81, be either of the privates of the same name in his regiment. In the Index, however, these five individuals count only as two – William Lyon and William Adams. The identity of others, owing to the absence of a “residence” column in many of the rolls, cannot always be distinguished.



The Men who Marched from the Connecticut Towns “for the Relief of Boston in the Lexington Alarm,” April, 1775:

From the Town of ASHFORD:

(in alphabetical order by name, rank; number of days in service)

Abbot, Philip, Private; 16
Allen, Daniel, Sergeant; 10
Allen, David, Private; 15
Birchard, Phineas, Private; 1
Boutwell, Jacob, Private; 21
Briggs, Ephraim, Private; 24
Bugbee, Amos, Private; 16
Chaffee, Francis, Private; 3
Chaffee, Jonathan, Private; 16
Chapman, Joseph, Private; 9
Chapman, Thomas, Junr, Private; 5
Cinnel, Jeremiah, Private; 16
Dana, Jacob, Private; 26
Davison, Asa, Private; 10
Davison, Asa, Junr, Private; 16
Davison, Thomas, Private; 16
Dimock, Benjamin, Private; 16
Dimock, Timothy, Private; 10
Eastman, Joseph, Junr, Private; 16
Eastman, Peter, Drummer; 10
Eldridge, Daniel, Private; 10
Eldridge, Hezekiah, Private; 10
Farnham, Asa, Private; 10
Fisher, Orcutt, Private; 11
Fitts, Daniel, Private; 10
Grant, James, Private; 12
Hale, John, Private; 20
Hale, Samuel, Private; 10
Hendy, Caleb, Junr, Private; 16
Hill, Squier, Sergeant; 10
Holmes, Samuel, Private; 21
Howard, Nathaniel, Private; 10
Humphry, Abel, Private; 6
Huntington, Thomas, Physician, sent after the Company; 6
Kindal, Amos, Private; 10
Knowlton, Stephen, Private; 16
Knowlton, Thomas, Captain; 10
Kyes, John, Private; 10
Kyes, Solomon, Private; 11
Lyon, Asa, Private; 14
Mane, Thomas, Private; 10
Marcey, Reuben, Lieutenant; 10
Marcey, Zebediah; Private; 4
Mosely, Samuel, Corporal; 16
Old, James, Private; 1
Payn, Noah, Private; 1
Perry, Obadiah, Corporal; 7
Preston, John, Junr, Private; 10
Robins, _____, Sergeant; 25
Rogers, Moses, Private, 5
Russell, John, Corporal; 10
Russell, John, Private; 5
Rust, Benjamin, Private; 1
Smith, Abijah, Private; 16
Smith, Simeon, Lieutenant; 6
Smith, Solomon, Private; 10
Southworth, Thomas, Private; 16
Squier, Daniel, Private; 10
Squier, Ephraim, Private; 16
Sumner, _____, Ensign; 11
Sumner, Clap, Private; 11
Sumner, James F., Sergeant; 6
Tiffany, Simeon, Private; 7
Tucker, Timothy, Private; 8
Walker, Ebenezer, Junr, Ensign; 10
Walker, Samuel, Private; 10
Walker, Stephen, Private; 15
Walker, William, Private; 10
Warner, Eleazer, Ensign; 8
Watkins, Jedediah, Private; 6
Watkins, William, Private; 16
Watrous, William, Private; 10
Whiting, James, Private; 10
Whiting, Thomas, Private; 20
Whitmore, William, Private; 8
Whitney, Joseph, Junr, Private; 10
Willson, Jacob, Private; 14
Wing, Thomas, Private; 8
Woodward, Amos, Private; 16
Works, Joseph, Junr, Private; 6


From the Town of CANTERBURY:

(in alphabetical order by name, rank; number of days in service)

Adams, Asher, Private; 19
Adams, David, Private; 19
Adams, Ebenezer, Private; 18
Adams, James, Private; 8
Adams, John, Lieutenant; 7
Backus, Elisha, Private; 17
Backus, Timothy, Private; 6
Bacon, Abner, Lieutenant; 8
Bacon, Benjamin, Captain; 6
Baldwin, John, Private; 19
Barston, Samuel, Private; 8
Bassett, Nathaniel, Private; 18
Bedlock, Shubel, Private; 19
Bradford, Joshua, Private; 14
Brown, Daniel, Private; 18
Burges, Joseph, Lieutenant; 8
Buswell, Thomas, Private; _ [unclear, looks like 3 or 8]
Butt, Ebenezer, Private; 8
Butt, John, Private; 17
Butt, Joseph, Corporal; 10
Butt, Samuel, Corporal; 8
Butt, Sherebiah, Captain; 7
Carver, Gideon, Private; 8
Clark, Nathaniel, Private; 5
Clark, Theophilus, Quartermaster; 20
Cleaveland, Aaron, Junr, Private; _ [unclear, looks like 3 or 8]
Cleaveland, Timothy, Junr, Private; 9
Cleveland, Aaron, Captain; 20
Colburn, Samuel, Private; 7
Davenport, Joseph, Corporal; 17
Dimock, Joseph, Corporal; 7
Downing, Jonathan, 3d, Private; 18
Downing, Levi, Clerk; 16
Downing, Stephen, Ensign; 7
Ensworth, Gideon, Private; 19
Ensworth, Roswell, Private; 18
Evans, Andrew, Private; 8
Fish, Joseph, Private; 18
Foster, William, Sergeant; 19
Gilden, Richard, Private; 17
Goodell, Moses, Sergeant; 7
Henry, Samuel, Private; 4
Herrick, Robert, Private; 19
Hewet, Increase, Corporal; 8
Hibbard, James, Private; 15
Hide, Isaac, Junr, Private; 8
Hide, James, Private; 18
Hyde, Benjamin, Private; 5
Jewett, Benjamin, Junr, Private; 16
Jewett, Ebenezer, Private; 8
Johnson, Obediah, Lieut. Colonel; 7
Justin, Charles, Private; 19
Kingsley, Ebenezer, Private; 14
Leach, Elisha, Private; 8
Lyon, Ephraim, Ensign; 10
Mainerd, Reuben, Private; 15
Monroe, Josiah, Sergeant; 8
Morse, Charles, Private; 6
Payne, David, Private; 8
Ransford, Richard, Private; 15
Ransom, David, Private; 18
Raynsford, Joseph, Private; 8
Reed, Abijah, Corporal; 16
Shaw, William, Private; 7
Spalding, Sampson, Private; 19
Spaulding, John, Private; 19
Stevens, Darius, Private; 18
Stoddard, Jamuel [sic], Private; 19
Tyler, Nathaniel, Drummer; 18
Waldo, Cornelius, Drummer; 8
Waterman, Jedediah, Lieutenant; 8
Winchester, Andrew, Private; 8
Wright, Samuel, Private; 8


From the Town of KILLINGLY:

(in alphabetical order by name, rank; number of days in service)

Adams, Samuel, Private; 7
Aldridge, Jonathan, Private; 7
Anderson, John, Junr, Private; 8
Armsbee, Ezra, Private; 20
Balanchard [sic], Timothy, Private; 1_ [either 13 or 18]
Bass, Jonathan, Sergeant; 7
Bates, Isachar, Private; 6
Baxter, Robert, Private; 6
Bennet, Jedediah, Corporal; 8
Bignall, Peter, Private; 6
Bloss, Amasa, Private; 6
Bond, Benjamin, Private; 6
Bowen, Asaph, Private; 7
Boyden, Elha(n), Private; 7
Brooks, Ebenezer, Private; _ [either 3 or 8]
Brown, Andrew, Sergeant; 7
Brown, Nathaniel, Junr, Private; 7
Buck, David, Private; 3
Buck, Reuben, Private; _ [either 3 or 8]
Buck, Samuel, Private; 6
Burden, Joshua, Private; 20
Cady, David, Junr, Captain; 8
Cady, Elijah, Private; 19
Cady, Isaac, Private; 6
Cady, Isaiah, Private; 7
Cady, Joseph, Captain; 7
Cady, Justin, Private; 6
Cady, Solomon, Private; 19
Camble, Nath(n), Private; 7
Carpenter, Caleb, Private; 18
Carryl, Amos, Private; 6
Clough, Obadiah, Lieutenant; 7
Converse, Benjamin, Junr, Private; 7
Converse, Chester, Private; 7
Converse, Jesse, Private; 6
Converse, Pain, Ensign; 7
Copp, David, Sergeant; 7
Crosbee, Stephen, Sergeant; [no days given]
Cutler, Benoni, Private; 10
Cutter, Zechariah, Private; 7
Danielson, Samuel, Private; 6
Danielson, William, Major; 7
Davis, Samuel, Private; 18
Day, Abner, Private; 8
Day, Comfort, Ensign; 8
Day, Elias, Private; 2
Day, Jonathan, Junr, Corporal; 8
Day, Nathaniel, Corporal; 7
Dike, Nathaniel, Private; 7
Dike, Thomas, Sergeant; 7
Drake, Joshua, Private; 18
Dresser, Jacob, Junr, Sergeant; 7
Eaton, Bridgham [sic], Private; 18
Elliot, Joseph, Captain; 11
Fernon, Zeb(h), Private; 7
Fisher, Berzi(l), Private; 7
Forbes, Daniel, Private; 18
Foster, George, Private; 20
Gay, David, Private; 18
Gould, Will(d), Private; 7
Graves, William, Private; 8
Green, John, Captain; 2
Green, Joseph, Private; 18
Grover, Amasa, Private; 20
Grow, John, Sergeant; 18
Hawkins, Luther, Private; 7
Howard, Ebenezer, Junr, Private; 7
Howard, Jesse, Private; 7
Hulett, Daniel, Private; 7
Hulett, Neh(h), Private; 18
Huse, Pearley, Private; 18
Jacobs, John, Junr, Private; 7
Joslin, Benjamin, Private; 7
Kee, Daniel, Junr, Private; 19
Kingsbury, Jabez, Private; 16
Kingsbury, Oliver, Private; 18
Knight, John, Private; 7
Lawrence, Asa, Sergeant; 11
Lawrence, Elihu, Ensign; 7
Learned, Daniel, Ensign; 7
Learned, Ebenezer, Private; 6
Learned, Henry, Private; 7
Learned, Thadeus, Private; 7
Leavens, Benjamin, Private; 3
Leavens, Darius, Corporal; 20
Leavens, John, Private; 7
Leavens, Penuel, Private; 7
Lee, Joel, Private; 7
Lee, Simeon, Sergeant; 6
Luther, Isaac, Private; 7
Mighill, Eleazer, Private; _ [either 3 or 8]
Moffit, Eleazar, Private; 7
Moffitt, Ishmael, Private; 16
Moffitt, John, Private; 8
Mungan, Jonathan, Corporal; 7
Newell, Benjamin, Private; 20
Nichols, Asa, Sergeant; 7
Packard, Josiah, Private; 18
Parks, Isaac, Corporal; 7
Pearce, William, Private; 6
Perrin, Daniel, Corporal; 7
Perry, Slivanus [mean Silvanus?], Private; 7
Porter, Jonathan, Private; 7
Potter, Benjamin, Private; 20
Prince, Robert, Private; 7
Prince, Samuel, Private; 7
Richards, Stoughton, Private; 6
Richards, William, Private; 18
Richmond, Oliver, Sergeant; 7
Robins, Josiah, Ensign; 7
Robinson, Aaron, Private; 7
Robinson, Benjamin, Private; 20
Robinson, Elijah, Private; 18
Russell, Joseph, Private; 7
Siblee, James, Private; 7
Skinner, Calvin, Private; 7
Smith, Hezekiah, Private; 6
Smith, Solomon, Private; 7
Smith, Thomas, Clerk; 18
Smith, Zachariah, Private; 18
Spalding, Jared, Private; 19
Spalding, Nathaniel, Sergeant; 8
Spalding, Obed, Private; 20
Sparks, John, Private; 8
Spaulding, Samuel, Sergeant; 18
Stevens, Simeon, Private; 18
Stone, Simeon, Private; 7
Talbott, Jared, Private; 7
Thompson, Levi, Private; 7
Tory, Joseph, Private; 4
Tutton, Reuben, Private; 6
Wadsworth, John, Private; 19
Walker, Mathew, Private; 7
Warren, David, Private; 18
Warren, Ephraim, Captain; 7
Waters, Daniel, Leiutenant; 7
Welch, Samuel, Private; 16
Whitmore, Daniel, Private; 6
Whitmore, Joseph, Private; 7
Whitney, Asa, Private; 19
Whitney, Joshua, Junr, Private; 8
Wilson, J___[looks like Jake], Drummer; 18
Wilson, John, Private; 18
Wilson, Jonathan, Corporal; 10
Wilson, Samuel, Private; 18
Wolf, Samuel D., Private; 7
Young, Jonah; Private; _ [either 3 or 8]


From the Town of PLAINFIELD:

(in alphabetical order by name, rank; number of days in service)

Andrews, Abel, Private; 10
Backus, Andrew, Captain; 19
Barnet, James, Corporal; 17
Bennet, John, Private; 7
Bottom, Joshua, Ensign; 7
Bradford, Anthony, Private; 7
Clark, Benjamin, Private; 7
Cliff, Waterman, Captain; 7
Clift, Lemuel, Private; 18
Cobb, John, Private; 17
Cole, John, Private; 19
Cook, Jared, Private; 8
Cutler, William, Private; 7
Dean, Francis, Junr, Private; 17
Downer, Elisha, Sergeant; 18
Eaton, Ebenezer, Corporal; 4
Fox, Jesse, Private; 18
Gallup, John, Corporal; 7
Hale, Nathaniel, Junr, Private; 18
Hall, Stephen, Junr, Private; 7
Harris, James, Private; 7
Head, henry, Private; 7
Jones, Asa, Private; 17
Kingsbury, Stephen, Private; 7
Megregore, John, Sergeant; 17
Parke, Elias, Sergeant; 18
Pearce, Abel, Private; 7
Philips, Asa, Private; 18
Pope, Elnathan, Private; 17
Sabins, Israel, Private; 18
Shaw, Thomas, Private; 18
Shepard, Abraham, Ensign; 7
Smith, Luther, Private; 7
Spalding, Amaziah, Private; 17
Spalding, Barzilla, Private; 17
Spalding, Champion, Private; 18
Spalding, Curtis, Private; 7
Spalding, Francis, Private; 7
Spalding, Jacob, Private; 8
Spalding, Joseph, Junr, Sergeant; 7
Spalding, Oliver, Private; 7
Spalding, Philip, Junr, Private; 17
Spalding, Timothy, Private; 7
Stafford, Samuel, Private; 7
Stoddard, Joshua, Private; 7
Sunderland, Samuel, Private; 17
Tracey, Richmond, Private; 16
Underwood, Israel, Private; 7
Underwood, Timothy, Private; 17
Welch, John, Private; 7
Wheeler, Ephraim, Private; 8
Wheeler, Jonas, Private; 8
Wheeler, Josiah, Private; 17
Whipple, Jonathan, Private; 17
Woodward, Elias, Private; 7


From the Town of POMFRET:

(in alphabetical order by name, rank; number of days in service)

Abbot, William, Junr, Private; 9
Adams, Abner, Lieutenant; 9
Allen, Joseph, Private; 9
Allyn, Abner, Private; 9
Allyn, Abner, 2d, Private; 9
Allyn, Asa, Private; 9
Avery, Stephen, Junr, Private; 20
Bacon, Nehemiah, Private; 9
Baker, Jonas, Private; 9
Baker, Joseph, Doctor; 4
Baker, Stephen, Private; 9
Ballard, Daniel, Private; 20
Barber, William, Private; 20
Barret, Amos, Private; 9
Bowman, Joseph, Junr, Corporal; 20
Bowman, Walter, Private; 20
Brown, Stephen, Private; _0 [probably 30]
Cady, David, Private; 20
Cady, Nahum, Private; 9
Carpenter, Oliver, Private; 20
Chandler, Jos., Sergeant; 9
Chandler, Philemon, Private; 20
Clark, Abel, Private; 9
Coates, John, Private; 9
Cotton, Thomas, Private; 9
Covil, Benjamin, Private; 20
Coy, Nathaniel, Private; 1
Craft, Edmund, Private; 20
Cresey, Ebenezer, Private; 20
Cummins, Joseph, Private; 9
Davison, Paul, Private; 20
Downing, Abijah, Private; 15
Dresor, John, Corporal; 20
Durkee, Benjamin, Sergeant; 19
Dwight, Daniel, Private; 20
Eaton, Ebenezer, Sergeant; 9
Farman, Abraham, Private; 20
Fasset, Amaziah, Private; 9
Flyn, Lemuel, Private; 43
Fuller, John, Private; 8
Goodale, Cornelius, Corporal; 9
Goodale, Edward, Corporal; 9
Goodale, Richard, Private; 4
Goodell, Caleb, Private; 9
Goodell, Thomas, Private; 9
Green, Nathaniel, Private; 43
Griggs, Stephen, Private; 9
Grosvenor, Asa, Private; 6
Grosvenor, Moses, Private; 4
Grosvenor, Oliver, Private; 4
Grovernor, Thomas, Lieutenant; 20
Herrick, Ephraim, Private; 9
Holbrook, Ebenezer, Private; 6
Holmes, Jonathan, Private; 5
Ingalls, Lemuel, Private; 9
Ingalls, Thomas, Private; 9
Ingolls, Zebulon, Captain; 9
Jones, Thomas, Private; 1_ [either 13 or 18]
Kimball, Libius, Private; 9
Legg, Reuben (Segg?), Private; 43
Osgood, Apleton, Private; 9
Phillips, Jeremiah, Private; 9
Pike, Asa, Clerk; 9
Pike, Willard, Private; 17
Putnam, Israel, Lieut. Colonel. His name does not appear upon this list, but is recorded in a separate account for services “in the Lexington alarm for the relief of Boston, from April 20th to May 1st, being 10 days.”
Read, Cyrel, Private; 20
Rowe, Isaac, Private; 20
Sabin, Elihu, Private; 16
Sabin, Nathaniel, Private; 20
Sanger, Jonathan, Private; 20
Sawyer, John, Private; 20
Segg – see Legg
Sessions, Robert, Private; 9
Sharp, Daniel, Private; 9
Shaw, Joseph, Junr, Private; 20
Spencer, James, Private; 9
Sterns, Levy, Private; 20
Stevens, John, Private; 9
Stone, Thomas, Private; 4_ [either 43 or 48]
Stowell, Elisha, Private; 9
Trowbridge, William, Private; 9
Tuttle, Elijah, Private; 6
Vose, Lemuel, Private; 1_ [either 13 or 18]
Watson, John, Junr, Fifer; 19
Watson, William, Private; 20
Weld, John, Lieutenant; 9
Waldo, John, Sergeant; 9
Wheeler, John, Private; 20
Whitmore, Richard, Private; 9
Whitney, Joseph, Private; 20
Williams, John, Private; 4
Williams, Stephen, Private; 6


From the Town of WINDHAM:

(in alphabetical order by name, rank; number of months; and days in service [Note: where there is only one number, it indicates days only])

Adams, Daniel, Private; 1; 0
Baker, John, Sergeant; 1; 0
Bingham, Samuel, Corporal; 1; 0
Burnham, John, Private; 1; 0
Carey, Jonathan, Sergeant; 1; 0
Carey, Levi, Private; 0; 26
Cheeney, Penuel, Surgeon; 1; 0
Fitsgarrold, Thomas, Private; 0; 26
Holt, Benjamin, Private; 1; 0
Hubbard, Zebulon, Private; 0; 9
Kingsley, John, Captain; 1; 0
Kingsley, Jonathan, Private; 1; 0
Kingsley, Salmon, Private; 1; 0
Lillie, Turner, Private; 0; 27
Manning, Dan, Private; 0; 24
Robinson, Elias, Private; 1; 0
Robinson, Levi, Private; 1; 0
Rudd, Nathaniel, Private; 0; 24
Simons, Elijah, Private; 1; 0
Smith, Josiah, Corporal; 1; 0
Spencer, Jeduthan, Private; 0; 27
Waldo, Zacheus, Private; 1; 0
Webb, Jabez, Private; 0; 27
Woodworth, Caleb, Private; 1; 27

N.B.—The following soldiers returned home after the above were draughted out to proceed forward, viz:

Abbe, Hezekiah, Private; 28
Abbot, Philip, Private; 21
Babcock, Joseph, Junr, Private; 28
Backus, Silvanus, Sergeant; 1_ [either 13 or 18]
Badger, Samuel, Junr, Sergeant; 9
Ditto, [sic] , Ensign; 1_ [either 10 or 19]
Badlock, Amos, Private; 18
Baker, Samuel; Sergeant; 0; 4
Baker, Walter, Private; 0; 4
Bass, Joshua, Private; 28
Bennet, Isaac, Private; 10
Bingham, Elias, Private; 17
Bingham, Malteer, Lieutenant; 10
Bingham, Uriah, Private; 0; 4
Bissell, Hezekiah, Lieutenant; 5
Blanchard, Elias, Private; 22
Brown, John, Corporal; 4
Burnap, James, Private; 0; 4
Burnham, Daniel, Private; 0; 4
Burnham, John, Private; 17
Burnham, Joseph, Private; 10
Calf, Stephen, Private; 3
Carey, James, Corporal; 0; 4
Carey, John, 3d, Private; 0; 4
Carey, Nathaniel, Private; 0; 2
Carey, William, Private; 0; 4
Clark, Daniel, Private; 2_ [either 23 or 28]
Clark, Jeremiah, Private; 4
Clark, Stephen, Private; _ [either 3 or 8]
Coburn, Zebediah, [no rank given]; 6
Ditto [sic], as Sergeant; 4
Collins, Josiah, Private; 10
Coy, Joseph, Corporal; 28
Crosby, John, Private; 0; 4
Cummins, Stephen, Private; 9
Cunningham, Robert, Private; 4
Dean, Ephraim, Private; 28
Dean, Thomas, Private; 4
Denison, Daniel, Private; 22
Dodge, Isaac, Sergeant; 10
Durke, Andrew, Private; 10
Durkee, Jeremiah, Private; 17
Durkee, Joseph, Ensign; 2_ [either 23 or 28]
Durkee, Stephen, Private; 15
Farnham, Aaron, Private; 10
Farnham, Reuben [no rank given]; 5
Ditto [sic], as Corporal; 5
Farnham, Thomas, Private; 2
Fisk, David, Private; 18
Fisi, David, Junr, Private; 17
Fisk, Jonathan, Private; 10
Fitch, Jesse, Private; 28
Flint, Eliphalet, Clerk; 4
Flint, John, Private; 4
Flint, Jonathan, Private; 17
Flint, Luke, Private; 9
Flint, Nathaniel, Private; 10
Flint, Samuel, Sergeant; 28
Flint, Silas, Private; 27
Frink, Silas, Private; 4
Fuller, Abijah, Private; 17
Fuller, Daniel, Sergeant; 18
Fuller, Jonathan, Private; 22
Fuller, Joseph, Private; 10
Fuller, Thomas, [no rank given]; 10
Ditto [sic], as Sergeant; 8
Geer, Samuel, Sergeant; 28
Gilbert, Jesse, Private; 28
Greensleet, Joab, [no rank given]; 9
Ditto [sic], as Corporal; 8
Greenslit, David, Private; 2_ [ either 23 or 28]
Griffin, Benjamin, Private; 22
Hammond, Hezekiah, Corporal; 1_ [either 13 or 18]
Hammond, Josiah, Lieutenant; 9
Hebard, Alpheus, Private; 28
Hill, John, Junr, Private; 22
Holbrook, Thomas, Private; 4
Holt, Abiel, Private; 1_ [either 13 or 18]
Holt, James, Private; 10
Holt, Philemon, [no rank given]; 6
Ditto [sic], as Sergeant; 11
Hovey, Ebenezer, Private; 10
Hovey, Jacob, Private; 0; 4
Hovey, John, Private; 17
Hovey, Jonathan, Private; 10
Hovey, Nathaniel, Private; 10
Howard, John, [no rank given]; 6
Ditto [sic], as Sergeant; 15
Howard, Stephen, Private; 17
Howard, William, Sergeant; 10
Hubbard, Dan, Private; 0; 4
Huntington, Abner, Private; 4
Huntington, James, Private; 4
Jennings, Jonathan, Junr, Fifer; 28
Jennings, Joseph, Private; 4
Jewitt, Ebenezer, Private; 10
Johnson, Andrew, Private; 4
Johnson, Joseph, Private; 4
Johnson, Levi, Private; 0; 4
King, John, [no rank given]; 5
Ditto [sic], as Corporal; 15
Kingsley, Ezra, Private; 0; 4
Kingsbury, Sanford, Private; 0; 4
Kingsbury, Thomas, Private; 28
Larysbee, Seth, Private; 19
Lasel, Josiah, Private; 0; 4
Lathrop, Abner, Drummer; 28
Lathrop, Ebenezer, Sergeant; 0; 4
Linkon, Elijah, Private; 28
Linkon, Samuel, Junr, Private; 4
Luce, Ebenezer, Private; 0; 2
Luce, James, Clerk; 0; 4
Manerd, Zachariah, Private; 18
Manning, Cyrus, Private; 0; 4
Manning, Eliphalet, Private; 0; 4
Manning, Jacob, Private; 4
Martin, Eliphalet, Private; 18
Martin, George, Private; 10
Martin, Luther, Corporal; 28
Martin, William, Private; 18
Maxwell, Joshua, Private; 4
Miller, Benjamin, Private; 4
Moseley, Ebenezer, Lieutenant; 10
Moseley, Flavel, Private; 15
Moulton, James, Junr, Private; 8
Murdock, Eliphalet, Corporal; 4
Neff, Benjamin, Private; 4
Ormsby, Ezekiel, Private; 18
Palmer, Jonah, Lieutenant; 0; 4
Parish, Jacob, Private; 4
Parish, Roswell, Private; 0; 4
Parker, Stephen, Private; 2_ [either 23 or 28]
Perkins, William, Private; 0; 4
Perry, Ebenezer, Private; 10
Richardson, Daniel, Private; 10
Richardson, John, Private; 3
Rindge, John, states in MSS that he marched from Windham in the alarm
Robins, John, Private; 23
Robinson, Abner, Sergeant; 0; 4
Robinson, Eliah, Private; 0; 4
Robinson, Eliphalet, Private; 24
Robinson, Simeon, Junr, Private; 19
Robinson, Thomas, Junr; 0; 4
Rogers, Oliver, Private; 28
Rudd, Jonathan, Ensign; 0; 4
Sawer, Azariah, Private; 4
Sawer, Matthias, Private; 28
Sessions, Joseph, Private; 3
Shaw, Cheeney, Private; 4
Simons, Shubael, Private; 18
Steadman, Thomas, Private; 10
Stedman, James, Captain; 2_ [either 23 or 28]
Stoddard, Samuel, Private; 28
Stubbs, Samuel, Private; 4
Tincker, Nehemiah, Ensign; 9
Tozer, Charles, Private; 28
Upton, Elias, Private; 17
Wales, Nathaniel 3d, Private; 4
Warner, Elnathan, Private; 8
Warner, William, Captain; 5
Welch, Reuben; Private; 9
Wolcott, Elijah, Sergeant; 10
Woodward, Amos, Private; 10
Young, Samuel, Sergeant; 4


From the Town of WOODSTOCK:

(in alphabetical order by name, rank; number of days in service)

Ainsworth, Daniel, Private; 20
Ainsworth, Darius, Clerk; 5
Allard, Daniel, Private; 5
Allard, Peter, Private; 5
Bacon, Abel, Private; 6
Bacon, Darius, Private; 4
Bacon, Samuel, Private; 4
Barret, Thomas, Private; 5
Bartholomew, Benjamin, Private; 4
Bartholomew, Gardner, Private; 2
Blackmar, Levi, Private; 6
Bowen, Danforth, Private; 1_ [either 13 or 18]
Bowers, John, Private; _ [unreadable]
Brock, John, Private; 17
Brown, Andrew, Private; 10
Brown, Bryant, Sergeant; 15
Brown, Joseph, Private; 7
Brown, Stephen, Lieutenant; 18
Buck, Jonathan, Private; 7
Buckman, Stephen, Private; 4
Bugbee, Samuel, Private; 17
Cabbot, Marston, Private; 7
Cabbot, Sebastian, Sergeant; 7
Cady, Benjamin, Junr, Private; 21
Cady, Nedabiah, Private; 21
Carpenter, Dan, Private; 5
Chaffee, Henry, Private; 5
Chamberlin, Edmund, Private; 5
Chapman, Oliver, Private; 15
Child, Abel, Private; 5
Child, Alpha, Private; 5
Child, Asa, Sergeant; 5
Child, Benajah, Private; 6
Child, Charles, Private; 5
Child, Elisha, Private; 5
Child, Henry, Private; 5
Child, Jacob, Private; 4
Child, Josiah, Private; _ [looks like 7]
Child, Levi, Private; 15
Child, Nathan, Private; 1
Child, Obadiah, Corporal; 5
Child, Samuel, Private; 5
Child, Shubael, Private; 5
Chubb, Prentice, Private; 15
Clark, Asael, Private; 17
Clark, Thomas, Private; 5
Colburn, Daniel, Private; 12
Cook, Jonathan, Private; 5
Cooper, John, Private; 15
Corbin, Amasa, Private; 7
Corbin, Asa, Private; 5
Corbin, Asael, Private; 5
Corbin, Elijah, Sergeant; 7
Corbin, Elkanah, Private; 7
Corbin, John, Private; 6
Corbin, Moses, Private; 5
Corbin, Peleg, Private; 4
Corbin, William, Private; 6
Cummins, Parker, Private; 5
Davis, Hezekiah, Private; 7
Dellbah, James, Private; 1_ [either 13 or 18]
Eddy, Joel, Private; __ [looks like 22]
Eddy, Levi, Private; 19
Elwell, Mark, Lieutenant; 7
Fairbank, Benjamin, Private; 7
Farrington, Henry, Private; 15
Flint, Davis, Private; 5
Flyn, John, Trumpeter; __ [looks like 18]
Force, Ebenezer, Private; 18
Frissell, Benjamin, Junr, Clerk; 5
Frissell, William, Sergeant; 15
Gage, Elisha, Private; 22
Gay, Calvin, Corporal; 12
Glyson, William, Private; 5
Goodell, Asaph, Private; 19
Goodell, Benjamin, Private; 19
Goodell, David, Private; 5
Goodell, Lemuel, Corporal; 11
Goodell, Richard, Private; 4
Green, Barkos, Private; 15
Green, John, Private; 11
Grosvenor, Abel, Private; 5
Grosvenor, Caleb, Junr, Private; 11
Grovesnor, Lemuel, Private; 15
Grovesnor, Seith, Corporal; 15
Hardin, Timothy, Private; 5
Hebard, Daniel, Private; 7
Hide, Asa, Corporal; 15
Holbrook, Daniel, Private; 8
Holbrook, Job, Corporal; 4
Holbrook, John, Ensign; 7
Holmes, David, Surgeon; 14
How, Perley, Cornet [sic]; 10
Howard, Thomas, Private; 5
Howlet, Samuel, Junr, Corporal; 12
Howlet, William, Drummer; 13
Humphry, Benjamin, Private; 5
Jackson, Michael, Private; 15
Keyes, Amasa, Lieutenant; 9
Keyes, Peabody, Private; 19
Levings, Charles, Private; 5
Lewis, Nathan, Private; 22
Luther, Theophilus, Private; 19
Lyon, Amasa, Corporal; 15
Lyon, Amos, Private; 4
Lyon, Benjamin, Captain; 9
Lyon, Daniel, Captain; 6
Lyon, Ebenezer, Private; 5
Lyon, Isaiah, Private; 5
Lyon, Lyman, Private; 5
Lyon, Stephen, Lieutenant; 11
Lyon, William, Corporal; 15
Manning, Ephraim, Captain; 10
Marcey, Asael, Private; 5
Marcey, Jonathan, Private; 5
Marcey, Joshua, Private; 14
Mason, Leonard, Private; 16
Mason, Noah, Sergeant; 6
May, Eliakim, Private; 5
May, John, Private; 5
May, Joseph, Private; 2
McClelland, Samuel, Captain; 8
Mercy, Nathaniel, Captain; 6
Morey, Ephraim, Private; 10
Morris, Asa, Private; 9
Morris, Jonathan, Lieutenant; 6
Morris, Samuel, Private; 22
Morris, William, Clerk; 6
Morse, Evander, Private; 7
Morse, Jedediah, Private; 2
Payne, Amos, Lieutenant; 4
Peabody, Richard, Ensign; 6
Perin, David, Private; 4
Perin, David, Junr, Private; 4
Perin, Isaiah, Private; 5
Perin, Moses, Private; 15
Perrin, Abraham, Private; 8
Plasteradge, Caleb, Private; 5
Powers, Nathan, Private; 15
Ranney, William, Private; 22
Reed, Oliver, Private; 12
Reynolds, Albo, Private; 6
Rice, James, Private; 9
Robbins, Nathaniel, Private; 5
Ruggles, Benjamin, Sergeant; 6
Sabin, Peter, Junr, Private; 9
Saunders, James, Private; 5
Sawer, Joseph, Private; 18
Sharp, Gershom, Junr, Private; 6
Skinner, Stephen, Private; 14
Skinner, William, Private; 2
Smith, Asa, Private; 6
Smith, Benjamin, Private; 18
Smith, Ebenezer, Private; 5
Smith, Robert, Private; 10
Smith, Thomas, Private; 1_ [looks like 15 or 16]
Stoddard, Ebenezer, Private; 11
Stoddard, Ebenezer, Junr, Private; 10
Stone, Isaac, Private; 5
Sumner, George, Private; 5
Throop, John, Private; 6
Toy, Benjamin, Junr, Private; 8
Trusdell, Darius, Private; 9
Trusdell, Jeduthen, Private; 6
Tucker, Stephen, Corporal; 5
Upham, Ivory, Private; 7
Waldo, Albigence, Clerk; 8
Walker, Elisha, Private; 22
Walker, Joshua, Private; - [looks like 2]
Walker, Phineas, Sergeant; 5
Webster, J ___ [looks like John], Private; 7
Weld, John, Private; 19
Weld, John, Private; 6
Wheeler, Leicester, Private; 18
White, Jacob, Private; 15
Whitmore, John, Clerk; 7
Wilder, Asaph, Quartermaster; 10
Williams, Elijah, Private; 4
Williams, Isaac, Private; 10
Williams, John, Private; 5
Williams, Silas, Private; 12
Winter, Ephraim, Private; 6
Woodward, Jesse, Junr, Private; 15
Woodward, Jesse, Junr, Private; 15


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