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Windham County Connecticut
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"Windham’s Bi-Centennial 1692-1892; A Memorial Volume of the Bi-Centennial Celebration of the Town of Windham, Connecticut, containing the historical addresses, poems, and a description of events connected with the observance of the two hundreth anniversary of the incorporation of the town, as held in the year 1892." Published by the Committee, Hartford, CT, 1893

The Collection of Relics:

At the time of the Bi-Centennial the press of Connecticut and neighboring states made note of event in interesting reports. The following appreciative comment of the Norwich correspondent of the New York Sunday Tribune is worthy of preservation, especially for its account of the very valuable collection of relics, whose articles are of course still to be found scattered among the families to whom they are credited in the list elsewhere printed in this volume: “Norwich, June 11, 1892 (Special to the Tribune).—At the celebration at Windham Green this week in the town of Old Windham’s 200th birthday anniversary a collection of ancient relics and family heirlooms was displayed in the Old Windham Bank that was never equaled by a similar private exhibition in the history of Connecticut. Two rooms in the building were lined with antique articles, all of which belong to residents of the town and are invaluable. Notable in the collection were immense full-length family portraits, 150 years old, whose canvas was time-stained and split in half a dozen places. The central portrait was not less than six feet tall. It depicted a lady of the old-fashioned type in the most highly starched pose, and in her lap a babe only a trifle less wooden of posture. It is an interesting fact that the infant in the picture became the mother of a respected citizen of Old Windham, who is still living at the age of ninety-two years. Another valuable heirloom was the continental uniform of Captain Larrabee, torn by the bullet with which he was desperately wounded in an Indian fight near Lake Champlain, in New York. A great old chest, exquisitely carved, that had not a nail mark in its frame, and was black with age, bore on its front the date, indented with a knife, 1696. There were a hundred other things almost equally precious. The village of Windham is rich in history. Most of its stately houses were built before the Revolution and are famous for their historical or legendary associations. In the Staniford Tavern, which is now the private home of the Elderkin family, Washington was quartered on several of his visits to Eastern Connecticut. The place was old when it sent troopers to join the Continental Army, and the French contingent of Washington’s Army came there, led by gallant noblemen. The old sign of the Staniford Inn, belonging to the time of the British regime, is still as good as new, and swings above the door of the Old Windham Hotel, which is almost as old as the Staniford Tavern. An equally interesting relic is a wooden and highly-painted image of Bacchus, the property of A.E. Brooks, of Hartford, that was mounted at the Staniford Tavern. It was carved by prisoners of war, taken from the British vessel Bomrig, in Long Island Sound, in the Revolution, who were confined at the time in the Old Windham Jail. There is only one other figure of the kind in the country.”
(NOTE.—The statement that the Staniford Tavern is “now the private home of the Elderkin family”, is an error on the part of the “Tribune”
correspondent. The old Staniford Tavern was torn down, and the residence now occupied by Thomas Ramsdell was built on the same site.


Windham’s Bi-Centennial 1692-1892; A Memorial Volume of the Bi-Centennial Celebration of the Town of Windham, Connecticut, containing the historical addresses, poems, and a description of events connected with the observance of the two hundreth anniversary of the incorporation of the town, as held in the year 1892." Published by the Committee, Hartford, CT, 1893

The Exhibition of Relics

The Exhibition of Relics.

(On the day of the Bi-Centennial Celebration, a display of Relics was made in the old Windham Bank building. Following is a list of the articles exhibited, with the names of the persons who loaned them.)

Articles; Loaned By

Carved Oak Chest, (date 1696); Mrs. Warren Elliott
Wooden Canteen; Mrs. Warren Elliott
Iron Candlesticks; Jairus Smith
Silhouettes of Mr. and Mrs. Jairus Smith, Sr.; Jairus Smith
Alfred Avery Burnhan, (portrait); Mrs. Ardelia Burnham Smith
Washington’s Courtship, (portrait); Mrs. Andrew Frink
Mr. Moses Abbe, (portrait); Mrs. Andrew Frink
Mrs. Talitha Waldo Abbe, (portrait); Mrs. Andrew Frink
Coverlet; Mrs. Charles E. Spencer
Coverlet; Mrs. Charels Larrabee, Jr.
Indian Relics; Thomas C. Waterous
Watch – Owned by the Rev. Charles Larrabee, a Huguenot pastor, who escaped with a portion of his flock from the south of France, during the massacre which followed the revocation of the Edict of Nantes, Oct. 16, 1685, and landed at Baltimore, Md. Thus it has been in this country over two hundred years.; Charles Larrabee, Sr.
Coat of Arms, (Larrabee); Charles Larrabee, Sr.
Miss Julia Ripley, (portrait), Artist Mr. George Cushman; Charles Larrabee, Sr.
Painting; Miss Ida Spafford
Sampler, (by Mrs. Martha Perkins Johnson, date 1773); Miss Ida Spafford
Hand Fire Screen; Miss Ida Spafford
Capt. George A. Fisher’s Sword; Miss Ida Spafford
Silver Spoons, (date 1790); Miss Ida Spafford
Coverlet; Miss Ida Spafford
Old Newspapers, one published in Norwich at the time of Washington’s death, and containing an account of the funeral services; Miss Ida Spafford
Suit of Clothes, sword and sash, worn by Captain Adam Larrabee (then lieutenant) while he was engaged in the attack at La Colle, Canada, under General Wilkinson, March 30, 1814. During this engagement, he was shot through the lungs, the bullet hole being visible in the coat and vest; Henry Larrabee.
One Volume Josephus; Henry Larrabee
One Volume Lectures on the Scriptures (two hundred years old); Henry Larrabee
United States Census, (date 1820); Henry Larrabee
Circular Arm Chair; Henry Larrabee
Silver Spoons; Mrs. Julia Frink Arnold
Silver Knee Buckles, (one hundred years old); Mrs. Julia Frink Arnold
Toasting Iron; Mrs. Julia Frink Arnold
Two brown Satin dresses, (one hundred years old); Mrs. Henry Page
Two Tortoise Shell Combs; Mrs. Henry Page
Two Galashes, (seventy-five years old); Mrs. Henry Page
Half dozen sermons, preached by Parson White in 1760; Mrs. Henry Page
Cards of Invitation to the balls at the old Staniford Tavern; Mrs. Henry Page
Spinning Wheel; Mrs. Henry Page
Silk Embroidery, (framed by Miss Maria Stoddard); Mrs. Henry Page
Chair, with circular arms, (seventy-five years old); Mrs. Henry Page
Zaccheus Waldo and wife, Esther Stevens Waldo, (portrait), taken on one canvas; Mrs. Henry S. Walcott
Mrs. Mary Abbe Taintor, (portrait); Mrs. Henry S. Walcott
Samuel Huntington Perkins, (portrait); Miss Charlotte Elderkin Clark
Nancy Perkins Converse, (portrait); Miss Charlotte Elderkin Clark
Tortoise Shell Comb; Miss Charlotte Elderkin Clark
John Staniford, (portrait); George Challenger
Duke of Marlboro, (portrait); George Challenger
The Nativity, (portrait); George Challenger
George Washington, (portrait); Mrs. Mary Lathrop Ramsdell
John Lathrop, (portrait); Mrs. Mary Lathrop Ramsdell
Coat-of-arms, (Lathrop); Mrs. Mary Lathrop Ramsdell
Bacchus, God of Wine, (Painting) Artist George B. Baldwin; Guilford Smith
Chauncey F. Cleaveland (painting); Mrs. Helewn Cleaveland
Chester Hunt, M.D. (painting); Mrs. Delia Hunt Hebard
George Washington, (painting); Mrs. Fanny Hawkins
The Seasons, (painting); Mrs. Fanny Hawkins
Martha Washington, (copy of an oil painting at the Capitol); Mrs. Delia Hunt Hebard
View of Windham in 1815; Dr. Frank E. Guild
View of Windham, (oil), 1830; Dr. Henry Gray
Zaccheus Waldo, (portrait); Mrs. Sarah Bingham Lathrop
Nancy Waldo Bingham, (portrait); Mrs. Sarah Bingham Lathrop
Goddess of Liberty (Artist of these three, Samuel L. Waldo, a pupil of Benjamin West, London.); Mrs. Sarah Bingham Lathrop
Samuel Gray, (portrait); Dr. Henry Gray
Charlotte Elderkin Gray, (portrait); Dr. Henry Gray
Rev. Ebenezer Devotion, (photo); Mrs. Francis Devotion Lathrop
Martha Lathrop Devotion, (photo); Mrs. Francis Devotion Lathrop
Jonathan Devotion, (portrait); Mrs. Francis Devotion Lathrop
Duke of Marlboro, (portrait); Mrs. Francis Devotion Lathrop
Duke of Cumberland, (portrait); Mrs. Francis Devotion Lathrop
Coat-of-arms, Devotion; Mrs. Francis Devotion Lathrop
Judge Ebenezer Devotion, (portrait); Gerald Waldo
Mrs. Ebenezer Devotion and child, (portrait); GeraldWaldo
Devotion Brothers – three-John, Jonathan, Ebenezer; Gerald Waldo
Deed, Jonah Palmer;
Deed, (1737)
Record of Deaths, (1751-1814)
Green’s Register, (1796)
Copies of Windham “Herald” (1st issue) March 12, 1791 to 1814
New Testament, printed in London, in the reign of Elizabeth in 1589—with two translations—the Rhemes and the Church of England; Mrs. Francis Devotion Lathrop
Letter—from the church in Wenham to the church in Windham; in behalf of John Abbee and Hannah Abbee, (his wife) recommending them to the watch and care of the church in Windham. Joseph Gerrish, pastor. Dated Wenham, Oct. 29, 1700
Abstract, Capt. William Young’s Company for the defence of New London in 1781
Charter granted by his Majesty King Charles the Second
Version of the Bible with illustrations (pen and ink) by Ebenezer Gray
Sermon, Joseph Lothrop, 1811
Sermon, Cornelius Everest, 1816
Digest of the Laws of the States of Connecticut. (2 Vols.) by Zephaniah Swift, L.L.D.C.A.S. 1823
Diploma, to Samuel Gray from Dartmouth College
Diploma to Samuel Huntington Devotion from Yale College
Commission of Samuel Gray as Commissary General, signed by John Hancock
Commission of Abner Lathrop, signed by George Washington
Sermons, by Rev. Samuel Whiting January 1, 1693, and 1721
Sermons, by Rev. Stephen White, April 14, 1760, April 3, 1764
Petition of Windham and Chaplin, against removing the Courts from Windham
The Epistle of the Apostle St. James, Resolved, Expounded, and Preached upon by way of Doctrine and Use. For the benefit and instruction of all Christian people, and for the help and direction of young practisers in Theology; by John Mayer, Doctor of Divinity. Printed at London, 1629; Mrs. Francis Devotion Lathrop
Warwick Castle; Mrs. Harriett Gray Swift
Edinboro’ Castle; Mrs. Harriett Gray Swift
Bed Curtains of white linen, spun, wove and embroidered in colors by Miriam Webb Ripley, in 1736; Eunice S. Ripley
Silver Tankard, (1747); Eunice S. Ripley
Wedding Dress of white linen, spin, wove and emboidered in colors by Mary Meyers in 1732; John Babcock
Gun; George Lathrop
Horse Pistol; George Lathrop
War Club, (Fejee); George Lathrop
An Old Musket, carried by one Durkee in the French and Indian war, from 1754 to 1759; afterwards was carried through the war of the Revolution by Timothy Kingsley; also carried by his son, Oramel Kingsley at New London in the war of 1812; Captain William Moulton
Sword, (Revolution); Mrs. Mary Wyllys
Sampler, (1742); Mrs. Mary Wyllys
Reel and Flax; Mrs. Mary Wyllys
Blue China from Staniford Tavern; Mrs. Mary Wyllys
Chair of Rev. Samuel Whiting, (1700); Congregational Church of Windham
Chair of Zaccheus Waldo; Mrs. Sarah Bingham Lathrop
Chair of Mrs. Sibyl Backus Lathrop; Mrs. Julia A. Swift
Watch and Shoe Buckles of Judge Ebenezer Devotion; Mrs. Francis Devotion Lathrop
Looking Glass of Col. Eliphalet Dyer, Mrs. Delia Hunt Hebard
Pewter Platters, Porringer and Flagon; Henry E. Staniford
Powder Horn; Henry E. Staniford
Punch Bowl and China from Staniford’s Tavern; Henry E. Staniford
Fancy China Fruit Dishes on Stands, (1767); Mrs. Elisha Avery
Punch Bowl; Mrs. Elisha Avery
Sugar Bowl; Mrs. Elisha Avery
A Small Case of Drawers and Writing Desk, (1772); Mrs. Elisha Avery
An Iron Fife, imported from Germany and used at the battle of Bunker Hill; Mrs. Elisha Avery (daughter of Solomon Loring)
A Tea Pot, in which Tea was made on the sly, at the time of the Embargo; Mrs. A.D. Loring
A Child’s Rocking Chair of solid oak boards (107 years old) made by Zaccheus Waldo for his daughter Nancy Waldo; Mrs. Sara Bingham Lathrop
Water color; Mrs. Charlotte Gray Lathrop
Water color; Mrs. Charlotte Gray Lathrop
Writing Desk, (1620); Mr. Frink Hebard
China breakfast and tea set of Mary Gray (1812); Mrs. Harriett Gray Swift
China plate, subject “Landing of Lafayette in New York” (August 1824); Mrs. Charles E. Spencer
China plate, Subject-“The University of Translyvania”
Carved Image of Bacchus; A.E. Brooks
Call Bell from the Staniford Tavern; A.E. Brooks
First Steam Railroad passenger Train in America on the Mohawk and Hudson R.R. (1831) Copy of an Oil Painting in the possession of the Connecticut Historical Society, Hartford, (2 copies); Mr. William Palmer and Mr. Jairus Smith
Silk embroidery, by Mary Gray; Mrs. Harriett Gray Swift
Silk embroidery, by Sally Allen; Arthur S. Winchester
China Plate, Subject, “The University of Translyvania”; Mrs. Frances Devotion Lathrop

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