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WILLIAM PETIG, one of the thrifty and energetic young business men of the city of Rockville, Tolland Co., Conn., is the popular and accommodating proprietor of the Union market, and a manufacturer of all kinds of fancy meats and toothsome sausages.

Mr. Petig was born July 11, 1863, in Lippe-Detmold, in Germany, a son of Frederick and Louisa (Grote) Petig, the former of whom was a well-known in his native section. In 1842 he joined the military service in Germany, and later served for fifteen years in the police service, a part of the time as captain. He died when William was but eight years of age, leaving his widow with five boys, Frederick, Simon, George, William and Herman, all of whom remained in Germany, except William and his youngest brother.

After the death of Frederick Petig, an uncle, William Grote, took William to his home in Greiz, in Saxony, and there he went to school and was treated as a son, in time being taught by this uncle his trade, that of a butcher. In 1881, after becoming thoroughly instructed, he started out on his own account and worked at his business through Germany, and was in Amsterdam when he made the decision to try his fortune in the great land across the Atlantic. His uncle had trained him to be economical and he was possessed of sufficient means to pay his way, and in February, 1886, he sailed from Amsterdam, on the Holland line steamer, "Leedamm," and fourteen days later reached the great city of which he had thought and heard so much. Perhaps the greatest handicap the young German found in the strange city was his inability to either understand or to speak the language, and for a few days he was unable to obtain work, but at length an inquiry at Castle Garden
induced him to go to Rockville, where he was immediately employed by a fellow-countryman, Louis Stamm, and with him he continued at his trade for one year.

The language still was puzzling him and Mr. Petig endeavored to learn it in every way possible, succeeding so well that few speak or write it any more fluently now, but in those days it was very discouraging. After another few months in New York, he returned to Rockville, again entered the employ of Mr. Stamm, a year later engaged with Benjamin Weigle, in a market on West Main street, where he continued until in October 1889, when he made a trip to Germany and visited his family. He returned in the early part of 1890, came again to Rockville and again worked for his last employer, leaving there for the market of P. Kernan, on Market street, where he was employed until February, 1891, when he went into the business for himself, buying out the market of August Burke, on Windermere avenue. There he commenced his
business, although a few weeks later he removed it to Village street and in 1892 bought out the whole business of Benjamin Weigle, on West Main Street. In June, 1897, Mr. Petig, still prospering, bought out John Grote, in the Union market on Ward street, also the property, and he has since carried on a most thriving business. Mr. Petig not only deals in all kinds of meats, but is a manufacturer of fancy meats, making a specialty of fancy bologna sausages.

The marriage of Mr. Petig occurred Dec. 10, 1890, in Rockville, to Miss Margaret Schaffer, who was born in Eisenach, Saxony, July 1, 1871, a daughter of John Schaffer, who had come to the United States when she was but twelve years old, and the family had settled in New Britain. The children born to this union are: Lizzie Louissa, Frederick William, Henry Frederick, Lillian and Rosa. Politically Mr. Petig does not belong to any party; he is a member socially of the Turner Society; of the German Reading Club; the Sons of Herman; the Singing Society; the Royal Arcanum, and the Maccabees, taking an active interest in all of them. With his family, his religious connection is with the German Lutheran Church, where they possess the esteem of all. The energy and perseverance he has shown have been ably seconded by his most estimable wife, and it is with satisfaction that they regard the great advance they have made in the past years, their honesty and fair dealing have gained the confidence of the public.


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Linda D. Pingel - great-great granddaughter of Cyrus White of Rockville, Ct.

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