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Colchester Cemetery Records

I will be posting as I have time, inscriptions in the old burying ground in Colchester, CT. as taken from the NEHGS Register Vol. XLII, for the year 1888. Marilynn Munn Strand

MEMORANDA OF ALL THE INSCRIPTIONS IN THE OLD BURYING GROUND AT COLCHESTER, CONN.  with some notes from the town records by Frank E. Randall, Esq., of New York City.  (the records will be recorded here as they were originally written--mms)

1.  Eunice dau. of Asahel and Rachel ALVORD d. 26 June 1757 ae. 5.
2.  Semer son of Obadiah and Catharine ALVORD d. 12 May 1703, ae. 5 weeks.
3.  Margaret wife of John J. AVERY d. 6 Nov. 1843, ae. 68.
4.  Lydia Ann dau. of Eleazer and Rachel AVERY d. 27 Dec. 1824, ae. 3.
5.  Abigail consort of Pierpont BACON d. 8 Mch. 1800 in 77th yr.
     (3 April, 1751, an agreement for the division of the estate of Miriam, dau. of
      Major Israel and Hannah Newton was executed by the following heirs:
      Mary, wife of John KELLOGG of Colchester.
      Abigail, wife of Perpont BACON of Colchester.
      Israel NEWTON
      James NEWTON as guardian to Asahel NEWTON a minor.
      Hannah, wife of Stephen BECKWITH of Lyme.
      Anstis, wife of John JOHNSON JUN., of Colchester.

6.  Mr. Pierpont BACON who aafter a life of great industry and fidelity and after having endowed a school in Colchester with a fund of 35000 Dollars, died Dec. 30th, 1800, in the 77th year of his age.(Bacon Academy still stands...mms)
7.  In memory of a son of Mr. Asa and Mrs. Comfort BAKER d. 8 Jan. 1790.
8.  Sarah dau. of Abial L. and Sarah BARTHOLOMEW d. 2 Mch. 1832, ae. 7.
9.  James W. BARTLETT b. 8 Oct. 1808 drowned 9 July, 1826.
10.  Betsey BARTLETT b.1 May 1821, d. 5 Jan.1823.
11.  Lucy Ann wife of J.C. BARTLETT of Port Gibson, Miss. d. 6 July 1840, ae 26.
12.  Mary wife of Benjamin BEADLE d 31 Jan. 1781, in 39th yr.
13.  Mrs. Sibbel, wife of Benjamin BEADLE, d. 11 Jan. 1789 in 36th yr.
14.  Mrs. Hannah, wife of Stephen BECKWITH, d. 19 Feb. 1764, in 43rd. yr. (See #5)
15.  Mr. Ezekiel BECKWITH d. 16 Mch. 1818, in 66th yr.
16.  Mrs. Sybil, relict of Joseph BESTER, and formerly the wife of Benjamin ROBERTS,
       d. 23 Aug. 1822 ae.88.
17.  Lieut. John BIGELOW, d. 8 Mch. 1770, in 94th yr.
18. Sarah, wife of Lieut. John BIGELOW, d. 13 Oct. 1754 in 75th yr.
19.  Abigail, the 3rd wife of Lieut. John BIGELOW, d. 1 Aug. 1760 in 58th yr.
20.  Sarah, d. of John BIGELOW, d. 11 Nov. 1744, in 33rd yr.
21.  Jonathan, s. of John BIGELOW, d. 14 Aug. 1739 in 26th yr.
22.  Asa BIGELOW d. 9 Oct. 1754 in 35th yr.
23.  Ensign Isaac BIGELOW d.  11 Sept. 1751, in 62nd yr.
24.  Mr. Samuel BIGELOW, son of Ensign Isaace BIGELOW and Mary, his wife,
       d. 5 June 1745, in 21st yr.
25.  Mrs. Lydia BIGELOW, d. of Ens. Isaac and Mrs. Mary BIGELOW,
       d. 16 May 1745, in 17th yr.
26.  Asa BIGELOW Jun., s. of Asa and Dorothy BIGELOW, d. 18 Sep. 1754 in
      16th yr.
27.  Jonathan BIGELOW d. 13 Jan. 1823, in 83rd yr.
28.  Betty, dau. of Asa and Dorothy BIGELOW, d. 28 Jan. 1752, in 3rd yr.
29.  Delight, dau. of Asa and Dorothy BIGELOW, d. 28 Sep. 1754, in 4th yr.
30.  Deborah, wife of Mr. Elisha BIGELOW, d. 20 Jan. 1773, ae. 42.
31.  Mary, wife of Elisha BIGELOW, d. 11 Jan. 1765, in 30th yr.
32.  Elizabeth, wife of Jonathan BIGELOW, d. 31 Aug. 1821, in 86th yr.
33.  James BIGELOW d. 23 Nov. 1840, in 77th yr.
34.  Ann, wife of James BIGELOW, d. 25 Oct. 1825, ae. 62.
35.  Alice, d. of Jonathan and Elizabeth BIGELOW, d. 13 Dec. 1776, in 11th yr.
36.  Jonathan Jr., s. of Jonathan and Elizabeth BIGELOW, d. 22 May, 1793, in 18th yr.
37.  Austin BIGELOW d. 2 Aug. 1859, ae. 67.
38.  Elizabeth, wife of Aaron BIGELOW, d. 22 Oct. 1845, ae. 36.
39.  Asa Remick son of Guy and Sarah Ann BIGELOW, b. 17 Mch. 1828,
       d. 29 April, 1829.
40.  Susan L., d. of Guy and S.A. BIGELOW, b. 10 July 1831, d. 7 Apr. 1832.
41.  Infant son of Guy and S.A. BIGELOW b. and d.  15 April, 1833.
42.  Henry W., son of Guy and S.A. BIGELOW, b. 15 July 1836, d. 22 Mch. 1838.

Marilynn Munn Strand

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