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PALMER CEMETERY-PART I.  Preston, New London, CT
Location: North part of town, not far from Griswold line on the farm of  William Melgey.
Recently a right of way was set up through the Smullen property.

In memory of Dea. Warren Andrews, who died Aug. 13, 1848, AE 67  The Righteous- - -
In memory of Honer, wife of Dea. Warren Andrews, who died Sept. 21, 1841,AE 64

Avery, James M., born Dec. 1, 1821, died Mar. 9, 1874
Fitch, Eliza B., his wife, born Feb. 7, 1823, died Mar. 10, 1908
Avery, Emily F., daughter of James M. & Eliza B. Avery, died April 17, 1862, aged 17y. & 3 mos.
Avery, George F., son of James M. & Eliza B. Avery, died March 7, 1864, aged
17 yrs & 8 mos. Unassigned 18th Conn.
Avery, James H.,  born June 20, 1843, died June 5, 1918
Belden, Sarah J., his wife, born Jan. 6, 1842, died June 15, 1905
Avery, Charles M., died May 12, 1894, AE 52 Yrs
A member of the 18th Conn. Vols., Co. C.

In memory of Asa Barnes,  who died June 21, 1839, in the 42  year of his age
       No sickness, sorrow nor pain
       Shall ever disquiet him again
       For death to his spirit was gain
       Since Christ now his life hath taken
Barnes, Asa P., son of Asa and Nancy Barnes,  died Nov. 28, 1833, AE 3 years
In memory of Mrs. Lucy Barnes, wife of Mr. Jesse Barnes, who died Dec. 19, 1808, in the 45th year of her age.
       My flesh shall slumber in the ground
       Till the last trumpets joyful sound
       Then burst the chains with sweet surprise
       And in my Savior's image rise
In memory of Mr. Ezra Barnes, who died Sept.17, 1846, Aged 79
In memory of Judith Barnes, Consort of Ezra Barnes, who died March 14, 1814,  aged 40 years
       Father, I give my spirit up
       And trust it in thy hand
       My dying flesh shall rest in hope
       And rise at thy command
In memory of Hannah Barnes, wife of the late Ezra Barnes, died Oct. 9, 1863, aged 84
Barnes, John T., died May 15, 1898, Aged 81 yrs & 6 mos
In memory of Mary Barnes, who died Jan. 9, 1832, Aged 13 years
Barnes, Cyrus P., died Dec. 6, 1882, aged 82 years
Barnes, Olive P., died May 27, 1883, aged 69 years
Barnes, Anna, died Dec. 4, 1897, aged 93 yrs
Barnes, Chester M. born June 6, 1826, died April 24, 1918
Palmer, Lucretia L, wife of Chester M. Barnes, born March 20, 1839, died September 6, 1918
Barnes, Everett P., son of Chester M. Barnes, born March 2, 1857, died December 23, 1927
Zabriskie, Mary B, wife of Everett P. Barnes, born Dec. 15, 1860, died Nov.19, 1887
Hyde, Susie Belle, wife of Everett P. Barnes, born March 24, 1870, died (No death date)
Barnes, Erva L. (No birth or death dates)
Barnes, Kinney H., born in Preston March 29, 1824, died in Montville June 10, 1898
Carver, Emeline, wife of Kinney H. Barnes, born in Plymouth, Mass. April 7,
1822, died in Montville, Conn. Jan. 14, 1880
        She was a loving wife and mother, a devoted Christian and always made home happy
Barnes, Anna Maria, daughter of Miner & Lucy Barnes, died Oct. 22, 1854, aged 22 years
In memory of Miner Barnes, who died Nov. 10, 1834, aged 49 years
In memory of Lucy, wife of Miner Barnes, who died April 15, 1835, aged 41 years
Barnes, Harriet S., wife of Dr. E. J. Barnes, 1834 - 1922

In memory of Nathan Benjamin, who died Dec. 5, 1851, AE 49 Yrs.
In memory of Hannah, wife of the late Nathan Benjamin, died Jan. 20, 1864, aged 56
This stone is erected to  the memory of Mrs. Eunice A., wife of Elijah
Benjamin, who died Nov. 25, 1836, Aged 30
       Hark, hark my young friends to a mournful sound
       The arrows of death here fly thickly around
       Here one of your number though late in youthful bloom
       Lies mouldering to dust in the silent tomb.
Also of three infant children of Elijah and Eunice A. Benjamin
       Sleep lovely infants take thy rest
       Within the arms of Jesus blest
       Sleep till a resurrection day
       Clothes thee in immortality

In memory of Amy, wife of David Brainard, formerly of old Haddam, CT., who
died July 10, 1853, in the 75th y of her age
       Believing that her Savior lives
       And that she shall live also

In memory of George P., son of Erastus & Sally Brewster, who died Augt. 24,
1805, aged 1 year 10 mos.
In memory of Mrs. Sally Brewster, Consort of Erastus Brewster, who died June 2d 1805,
Aged 23 years
       Farewell my friends, I bid adieu
       To this vain world and things below
       Yet I do hope at last to rise
       And dwell with God above the skies
Sacred to the memory of Esther, wife of Erastus Brewster, who died Aug. 11, 1826, Aged 38
Sacred to the memory of Erastus Brewster, who died Aug. 21, 1832, Aged 58
Brewster, Judah, 1773 - 1829
Brewster, Lucy, 1776 - 1862
Brewster, Nabby, dau of Judah and Lucy Brewster, died Sept. 26, 1791, in her 2d yr.

Barnes, Nancy, Wife of Charles Buttolph, died Feb. 21, 1875, Aged 78

Clark, Capt. Elijah, died Sept. 18,  1799, in his  35th year
Clark, Mrs. Eunice, widow of Capt. Elijah Clark, daughter of John Morgan,
Esq., Jan. 14, 1772 - May 12, 1851
Clark, Clarissa, died Aug. 25, 1836, aged 55
Clark, Caroline, of Norwich, daughter of Capt. Elijah Clark and Eunice, his
wife, died Oct. 9, 1799, in the 3d yr. of her age
Clark, Ebenezer, died March 16, 1805, aged 74
Clark, Mrs. Dorcas, relict of Mr. Ebenezer Clark, died July 19, 1832, aged 87
Clark, Eunice, wife of Mr. Ebenezer Clark, died May  26, 1777, in her 43d year
Clark, Capt. John, died April 30, 1798, in his 58th year

Congdon, Daniel, died Oct. 9, 1847, aged 30
Congdon, Betsey Irene, his wife, died May 24, 1843, aged 26
Congdon, Samuel, son of Absolom and Mary Congdon, died July 16, 1816, aged 23
Congdon, Mary, wife of Absolom Congdon, died March 110, 1817, aged 60
Congdon, Ellen I, daughter of George W. and Catherine Congdon,  died June 6,
1847, aged 1 yr. & 11 mos.

Here lies the body of Mr. Stephen Cook, son to Capt. John Cook & Sarah, his
wife,       He departed this life in hopes of a better, Oct. ye 8th  1776, in ye 23d year of his Age
     How lov'd how valu'd
     Once avails thee not
     To whom related
     or by whom begot
     A heap of dust alone
     remains of thee
     'tis all thou art
     & all them all shall be
     Life how short   Eternity how long
Cook, Cyprian, died in Preston, 1808, aged 40 years
Park, Elizabeth, wife of Cyprian, died 1797, aged 29 years
Cook, Rueben, born Sept. 12, 1779, died Aug. 6, 1879
Cook, Wealthy, wife of Rueben Cook, born Nov.15, 1789, died Aug. 6, 1879
In memory of Mr. Isaiah Cook, who died Feb. 10, 1803, in the 62d year of his age
      Is thy fair book of life divine
      My God inscribe my name
      There let it fill some humble place
      Beneath the slaughtered lamb
In memory of Mr. Daniel Cook, who died augt. 13, 1796, aged 53 years
      Thus launched from life's ambiguous shore
      Ingulf'd in death appears no more
      Then undirected to repair
      To distant world's, we know not where
In memory of Mrs. Sarah Cook, Relict of Capt. James Cook, who died Feby 23d
1812, in the 95th year of her age
Here lyes the body of  Mr. James Cook, who departed this life June 9th, 1778,
in ye 62d year of his age
      Earth's highest station
      And in here He lies
      And dust to dust
      Concludes her noblest song
Here lies interr'd the body of Mrs. Rebekah Cook, the late Consort to Mr.
James Cook, Jr., She died Novr 28th AD 1748, in the 27th year of her age
Here lies ye body of Mr. Nathan Cook, son to Capt. James Cook & Sarah , his
wife. He departed this life in hopes of a better, June 25th 1777, in the 21st year of his age
       Hear by my state this you may see
       by death arrested all will be
       as you are now so once was I
       Prepare your self
       for you must die
In memory of Mr. Elisha Cook, who died Nov. 8th 1793, in the 44th year of his age

Widow Thisbe Fitch, died Feb. 14, 1816, in the 45th year of her age

Gates, Simon H., born Nov.11, 1814, Died March 11, 1883
Barnes, Amy, wife of Simon H. Gates, born June 4, 1813, died Nov. 21, 1880
Gates, Ebenezer W., son of Simon H. & Amy Gates, died Sept. 12, 1842, aged 1 year & 2 mo.
Gates, Mary E., daughter of Simon H. & Amy Gates, died March 24, 1837, aged 8 mo.

Gubbins, John, June 15, 1825 - Feb. 28, 1897
Cook, Mary A., wife of John Gubbins, Dec. 30, 1822 - Feb. 7, 1897

Herskell, Benjamin, died Jan. 6, 1849, age 74
Herskell, Lucinda, wife of Benjamin Herskell, died Dec.16, 1843, aged 59 yrs.
Herskell, Mary F.,  daughter of Benj. & Lucinda Herskell, died Sept. 29, 1909, aged 90 yrs.

In memory of Mary Hewitt, relict of Jonas Hewitt, who died Dec. 2, 1836, aged
92. She was formerly wife of Isaiah Cook

In memory of Mrs., Sarah, wife to Mr. Matthew Huntington. She died Octr 23d
1782, in ye 92d year of her age

In memory of Mr. John Larrabee, who departed this life May 26th 1761, in ye
84th yr of his age
In memory of Rebecca Larrabee, wife to Mr. John Larrabee, who departed this
life March 23d 1758, in ye 75th year of her age
Here lies the body of Mr. Nathaniel Larrabee, who died January ye 6th 1741,
aged 52 years

Palmer, Hollis Hyde and his family are buried at Preston City. He was the
sixth and last owner in direct descent of the Palmer Homestead, 1723 - 1921
Palmer, Charles, Born Sept. 7, 1807, Died March 13, 1889
Hyde, Lucy A., wife of Charles Palmer, Born Oct. 13, 1821, Died Nov. 22, 1909
Palmer, Lydia A., daughter of Charles & Lucy A. Palmer, Died July 25, 1870,
Aged 24 yrs & 9 mos.
Palmer, Martha A., daughter of Charles & Lucy A. Palmer, Died April 2, 1926,
Aged 77 yrs 4 mos & 15 days
Palmer, Edwin, Born in Preston June 15, 1805, died in Norwich Oct. 12, 1901
      With long life will I satisfy Him, and shew him my salvation
Morgan, Harriet N., wife of Edwin Palmer, Born in Preston Sept. 14, 1812,
Died in Norwich Oct. 31, 1881
       Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord
Palmer, Edwin Irving, Son of Edwin & Harriet Palmer, died Sept. 17, 1859,
Aged 15 yrs & 11 mos.
Palmer, William Harrison, Son of Edwin & Harriet Palmer, Born Nov. 2, 1840,
Died Jan. 15, 1841, AE 2 mo & 13 ds
Palmer, Mary Jane, Daughter of Edwin & Harriet Palmer, Born in Preston June
2, 1835, Died in Norwich Oct. 30, 1920
Palmer, Frank, son of Edwin & Harriet Palmer, Born in Preston Nov. 30, 1850,
Died in Norwich June 24, 1936
Crary, Frances, wife of William P. Palmer and daughter of John & Mary Crary,
died June 2, 1842, AE 41
      Strong in the faith which is Jesus Christ
      We are confident I say and willing rather to be absent
      from the body and to be present with the Lord
In memory of Mr. Samuel Palmer, who died May 21st 1761, in the 49th Year of his age
      He left this world in hopes of a better
      The memory of the just are blessed
In memory of Mrs. Sarah Palmer, Relict of Mr. Samuel Palmer, who died Aug.
16th, 1788,  in the 76th year of her age

Jeannette Maloney
March 15, 2000
transcribed from the Charles Hale R. Collection from 1932.

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