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Location: North part of town, not far from Griswold line on the farm of  William Melgey.
Recently a right of way was set up through the Smullen property.

Palmer Cemetery-PART II

In memory of Mr. Samuel Palmer, who died Sept. 4, 1819, in the 48th year of his age
In memory of Mrs. Eunice, wife of Mr. Samuel Palmer, who died Nov. 21, 1836, Aged 66 years
In memory of Deacn Jedediah Palmer, who died July 25th 1798, in the 61st year  of his age
      May faithful angels guard my mould'ring dust
      Untill the gen'ral meeting of the just
      Then rise triumphant from the dark side
      To realms of light to love & praise my God
In memory of Mrs. Esther Palmer, Relict of Dea. Jedediah Palmer, who died
Feb. 19, 1801, Aged 58 Years
       God my Redeemer lives
       And often from the skies
       Looks down and watches all below
       Till he shall bid it rise
In memory of Miss Esther Palmer, who died April 4th 1804, in the 26th year of  her age
       Visit the grave be wise and learn
       This fleeting hour to prize
       Nor leave thy souls supreme concerns
       Till morrow's sun arise
Palmer, Timothy, Born May 20, 1783, Died Aug. 18, 1849
Haskell, Betsey B.,  wife of Timothy Palmer, Born Sept. 20, 1807, Died May 2, 1896
In memory of Thomas Palmer, who died April 28, 1845, Aged 42
      And left this world in hope of a better
In memory of Dea. Walter Palmer, who died March 17, 1833, in the 67th year of his age
In memory of Mrs. Martha Palmer, Relict of Dea. Walter Palmer, who died Sept. 3d 1861,
Aged 87 yrs &  6 mos.
      Think not her hopes of Heaven were vainly based
      On the rare virtues thru her long life graced
      She built not on the sand but on the stone
      And rose sublime sustained by Christ alone
In memory of Martha P., Daugr of Walter & Martha Palmer, who died Aug. 7, 1832, in her
19th year
      Lord I commend my soul to thee
      Receive the sacred trust
      Receive this nobler part of me
      And watch my sleeping dust
Palmer, Olive, died Oct. 4, 1866, in the 68th year of her age, Daughter of Walter & Martha Palmer
Palmer, John C., son of William P. & Frances Palmer, died Aug. 4, 1825, aged 9 weeks
Palmer, Jedediah, son of William P. & Frances Palmer, died Aug. 8, 1825, in the
3d year of his age
Palmer, Nancy, died May 14, 1865, in the 73d year of her age
Park, Capt. Moses, died Sept. 19, 1807, aged 52

Standish, Asenath, widow of Morton Standish, died Jan. 9, 1853, aged 60

Slocum, Fanny B., wife of John B. Slocum, died July 26, 1882, aged 87 years

Here lies the body of Capt. Miner Tracy, who departed this life Dec. 7th
1797, in the 54th year of his age
In  memory of Mrs. Hannah, wife of Capt. Miner Tracy, who died Aug. 16, 1825, aged 83 years

Woodward, Clarissa, wife of Caleb Woodward, died May 15, 1888, Aged 90 y'rs

In memory of Mrs. Eliphal, Relict of Oliver Woodworth, and daughter of Capt.
James Cook, died Jan. 25, 1845, in her 92 year

Young, Capt. Nathaniel, Lost at Sea (No birth or death dates)
Clark, Parthenia, his wife, born 1777, died 1849

Jeannette Maloney
March 15, 2000
transcribed from the Charles Hale R. Collection from 1932.

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