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This guide lists sources of genealogical information available to researchers in Old Saybrook, Connecticut as part of the CTGenWEb and USGenWeb projects. Materials specific to Old Saybrook have been emphasized, most of which are not likely to be found elsewhere in county, state, or national repositories.   First established in 1635, Saybrook Colony encompassed all or parts of the modern day communities of Lyme, Old Lyme, Chester, Deep River, Essex, Westbrook, and Old Saybrook. The town of Old Saybrook as we know it today was incorporated in 1854.


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The Archive Section of the Old Saybrook Historical Society is staffed by a small group of volunteers and maintains a collection of original documents, copies, transcripts, photographs, motion pictures, and maps of historical and genealogical significance.

Files are available on nearly three hundred Old Saybrook families, which vary widely in depth and breadth. Many files contain only a single newspaper article or letter, but other files contain extensive genealogies, family histories, and photographs. The family records are filed alphabetically by surname, and files on ten prominent families occupy boxes of their own in the same section.

Limited searches will be conducted on request as time permits. Staffers will determine whether or not the Archive has any relevant material and, if so, will provide a free estimate of research charges ($10 per hour plus expenses..

The Historical Society also has a library of over 1,200 volumes, on a wide variety of topics of local interest, at the Stevenson Archive.

OSHS Library Genealogy Bibliography:
compiliations, genealogies and family histories, biographies, autobiographies, and other works.




In the 1930's, Charles R. Hale organized and directed a project to record every headstone inscription in the state of Connecticut with funding from FERA and WPA. The complete collection is available at the Connecticut State Library, and the Old Saybrook edition "Headstone Inscriptions: Town of Old Saybrook, Connecticut to 1934" at the Stevenson Archive. A companion volume, "Cypress Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions" gathered by Mrs. Frederic Bebbe, is available at the Archive (Box 14).

Cypress Cemetery - College Street at Ward Place, Saybrook Point
Old Town House Cemetery
Riverside Cemetery - Sheffield Street, across from the Middle School
Saint John's Roman Catholic Cemetery - Old Middlesex Tpk., north of Saybrook Junction
Smallpox Cemetery - Gilbert Road at Schoolhouse Road
Upper [Junction] Cemetery - Main Street at Stage Road
a single plot, Sibel Crane, d. 1793

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Special thanks to Dorothy Swan, Martha Soper, Elaine Staplins, Allison Elrod, Harold Elrod, Suzanna Otto, the Old Saybrook Historical Society, and the Saybrook Colony Founders Association for invaluable assistance in the preparation of this guide.

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