Old Saybrook Historical Society
Saybrook Colony Founders Association
Archive Collection

This table is a list of family files and descendant charts assembled by the Old Saybrook Historical Society and the Saybrook Colony Founders Association located in the Frank Stevenson Archive.

Acton x    
Adgate x x x
Allen x    
Andrews x x  
Andus x    
Avery   x  
Babcock x    
Backus x x x
Bagley   x x
Bailey x    
Baldoni x    
Baldwin   x  
Barrell x x  
Bartholamew x    
Bates x x  
Beach x    
Beaman x x  
Beaumont x x x
Beckwith x x x
Beebe x x  
Beecher x    
Belden   x  
Benjamin   x  
Bennett x    
Bill x    
Billard x    
Bingham   x x
Birchard   x x
Birck x    
Bird   x  
Blague x x  
Bliss x x x
Bohn x    
Booth x    
Bowden   x  
Bowers x x x
Bowes   x  
Branch x x x
Brewster x    
Brockway x x x
Bronson x    
Brooks x    
Brown x    
Buckingham x x  
Buckridge x    
Bulkeley x    
Bull x x x
Burchard x x  
Burger x    
Burrows x    
Burt x    
Bushnell x x x
Butterfield x x x
Carter x    
Caswell x    
Chadwick   x  
Chalker x x  
Champion x x x
Chapman x x x
Charles x x  
Chesebrough x    
Chester x    
Child x    
Chisholm x    
Clark(e) x x x
Codman   x x
Cogswell   x  
Collett   x x
Comstock   x  
Cone x    
Cornish   x x
Cory x    
Coulter x    
Cowles x    
Cox x    
Crane x x  
Cryan x    
Dan x    
Daniels x    
Dawes x    
Dean   x  
deMauriac x    
Denison x x  
DeWolf     x
Dibble x    
Dickinson x x  
Doane x    
Dolbeare x    
Doty x x x
Dowrey x    
Drury x    
Dudley x x x
Dunk x x x
DuVernet x    
Edgerton x x x
Elliot x    
Ely x x  
Emerson x    
Endicott   x x
Everest     x
Fairbank x    
Farrington   x  
Fenner x x x
Fenwick x x x
Fitch x x x
Forrest x    
Freeman x    
Frend   x x
Friend   x  
Fuller x    
Gallagher x    
Gallop   x x
Gardiner x x x
Gates x    
Gelpke x    
George x    
Gibbons   x x
Gillam x    
Gillet x    
Gladding x x  
Goodwin x    
Gordy x    
Graniss x    
Grant x x  
Grave x x  
Graves x    
Green   x x
Greenberg x    
Griffin x x  
Grinnell x x x
Griswold x x x
Hale   x  
Hall x    
Halstead x    
Hanchat   x x
Harding   x  
Hart x x  
Harvey x    
Havens x    
Hayden x x  
Headly x    
Hefflon x    
Heiney x    
Hempstead   x  
Hepburn x    
Hickox x    
Higgins   x  
Higginson x x  
Hill x x  
Hinckley x x  
Hippeli x    
Holmes x    
Hooker   x  
Hosmer   x  
Hotchkiss x    
Howe   x  
Howland x    
Hull x    
Huntington x x x
Huntley x x  
Hurlbut x x x
Hyde x x x
Ingham x x x
Ingraham x x  
James x    
Jarvis x    
Jennings x x x
Jensen x    
Jones x x x
Jope   x  
Kelsey x    
Kerr x    
Ketchem x    
Kirtland x x  
Knapp x    
Lake   x x
Larribee   x x
Latham x    
Lay x x x
Lee x x x
Leffingwell x x x
LeMay x    
Lord x x x
Lorey x    
Loveland   x x
Lubbers x    
Lynde x x x
MacArthur x    
Marvin x x x
Mason x x  
Mather x    
Maynard x    
McCall x    
McCormick x    
Merrels x    
Merrill x    
Merriman x    
Milkofsky x    
Miner x    
Mitchell x x x
Molyneaux x    
Morgan x x  
Morse x    
Mosca x    
Mosher x    
Mulvihill x    
Munger x    
Muray x    
Murdock x    
Murphy x    
Norton x   x
Nott x x  
Noyes x    
O'Leary x    
Olmstead x x  
Palmer x x  
Parker x x x
Parsons x    
Patrick x    
Patterson x    
Pattison x    
Pease x    
Peck x x  
Pell x x x
Perigo x x x
Perkins   x  
Peters x    
Petty x    
Phelps x    
Platt x    
Platts x    
Plimpton x x  
Plum   x x
Ponds x    
Post x x x
Pratt x x  
Rankin-Scott x    
Ransom x x  
Raymond x    
Redfield x x x
Reed x    
Reney x    
Reynolds   x x
Ripley x    
Robinson x    
Rochette   x  
Rodgers x    
Roe x    
Rogers x x x
Ross x    
Rowe x    
Royce   x  
Rudd x x x
Russell   x  
Sanford x x x
Saye x x  
Seeley   x x
Sele   x  
Shailer x    
Shaw x    
Sheffield x    
Shepard x    
Shipman x x x
Sill x    
Silliman x    
Sizer x    
Skidmore x    
Skinner x    
Smith x x  
Southworth x x  
Spencer   x x
Splain x    
Squires x    
Stankard x    
Stannard x x  
Stanton   x x
Starkey   x  
Sterling   x  
Stevens x    
Stillman x    
Stokes x    
Stowe x    
Strong x    
Sturges x    
Sugland x    
Sumner   x  
Swords x    
Taylor x    
Teichert x    
Terry x    
Thompson x    
Tiley x    
Tillotson   x  
Tomson x    
Tooker x    
Torrenti x    
Towle x    
Tracy x x x
Trask x    
Tryon x    
Tucker x    
Tully x x x
Uncas   x  
Underhill x x x
Van Epps x    
Vars x    
Vaughan x    
Ventres x    
Wade x x x
Waite   x  
Wallace   x  
Waller   x x
Wallis   x  
Warner x    
Wastoll x    
Waterhouse   x x
Watrous x x  
Way   x  
Webb x    
Webster   x  
Welles     x
Wells x x  
Westall   x  
Wheeler x    
Whidden x    
Whittelsey x    
Whittlesey x x x
Wickhans x    
Wilcox x    
Willard x x x
Williams x    
Willoughby x    
Winslow x    
Winthrop x x x
Wise/Hart x    
Woods x x x
Worthington x x  
Wright x x  
Yale   x  
Young x    
Yungk x    

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