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The USGenWeb Project Fairfield County, Connecticut

Greenwich, Fairfield Co., CT

BY SPENCER P. MEAD, L. L. B. Volume 3, 1675 - 1690. Page 69.

Transcribed by Geri Ryerson K.

SHERWOOD, Thomas, late of Stratford, inventory taken May 6, 1676, by John Curtiss, Henry Wakeling, Thomas Ufford, and John Wels, due to or from Goodman Brooks, Josiah Neblie, Goodman Smith, Samuel Clarke, John Smith, the Smith, Goodman D??pson, Goodman Marvin, Goodman Smith, the Taylor, and John Smith Jr., Witnesses John Smith, Sr., and Jonathan Law, and filed, page 40.

SHOOT,___, late of_____, inventory taken Oct. 3, 1671, by John Cable, and George Squire, and filed Oct. 3, 1671, page 123.

SKIDMORE, Joanna, wife of Thomas Skidmore, late of Fairfield, will dated June 16, 1667, probated in 1677, mentioned her children John Westcott, Daniel, Westcott, Joanna Westcott (wife of John Weed), Abigail Westcott ( wife of Moses Knap), Sarah Baldwin, Deborah Baldwin, a minor, and given in care of Joanna Weed until she is of age, and Samuel Baldwin. Executors her sons John Westcott and Daniel Westcott. Overseers William Ward and John Burr, page 25.

Sarah, late of Fairfield, widow, died fourteen days after the decease of her husband Thomas Skidmore, and on Dec. 10, 1684, letters of administration on her estate granted to Isaac Wheler and Samuel Tredwell, page 145.

SKIDMORE, Thomas, l ate of Fairfield, will dated Apl. 20, 1684, probated Dec. 10, 1684, mentioned his wife Sarah and grandchildren John Higby, who married my wife's daughter, and John Skidmore, legacies to all grandchildren. Executrix his wife.. Overseers Lieut. John Banks, and William Hill, Sr., Witnesses William Hill, Sr., and Cornelius Hull Jr., page 149.
Dec. 10, 1684, Widow now deceased, and letters to Isaac Wheler and Samuel Treadwell, page 148.
Inventory taken Nov. 13, 1684, by Jonathan Morehouse and Joseph Rowland, and filed Dec. 10, 1684, page 148.

SMITH, Henry, late of Stamford, will dated July 4, 1687, died July 5, 1687, probated Nov. 6, 1687, mentioned his children John and Hannah Lorance, and grandson John King. Witnesses Joseph Garnsey and Abraham (continued page 70)

Special thanks to:

Geri Ryerson K, for the untold hours and days transcribing the scanned pages in order to share with the CTGenWeb Project.

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