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Transcribed by Geri Ryerson K., Jan 2003. In thankful memory.

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Lamson, Mr. Joseph, and Mrs. Alithea Wetmore, July 26, 1747.

Lane, John, and Sarah Hull, Nov. 5, 1735.

Lee, Enos, son of William, and Joanna Guire, dau. Luke, Oct. 1, 1740.

Levet, Jacob, and Catee Gold, Oct 18, 1742. +

Lewis, Ebenezer, son of Chas, and Betty Godfree, dau. Lewis, Feb.__, 1763.

Lewis, Feb. 1763.

Lewis, Jonathan, [son of Mr. Lothrop], and Sarah Osborn, [dau. Capt. John], Jan. 10, 1754. +

Lewis, Mr. Lothrop, and Sarah Wakeman, July [26] 1727. +

Lewis, Sturgis, and Ann Burr, Oct. 10, 1752. +

Lockwood, John, son of John, and Abigail Morehouse, dau. Gideon, Feb. 8, 1731.

Lockwood, Joseph, of Fairfield, and Agnes Money, of Ireland, Nov. 1, 1737.

Lyon, Abell, and Sarah Olmsted, May 11, 1757.

Caleb, son of Samuel, and Abiah Parruck, dau. John, Aug. 24, 1738.

Lyon, Daniel, and Sarah Jennings, Aug. 7, 1718.

Lyon, David, and Martha Hurlbert, June 12, 1746.

Lyon, David, son of Nathan, and Hannah Sanford, dau. Eph., Sept. 19, 1756.**

Lyon, Ebenezer, and Ellen Fanton, Jan. 9, 1717.

Lyon, Joseph, of Reading, son of Nathan, and Lois Sanford, dau. Ephraim, May 21, 1761.**

Lyon, Peter, son of Nathan, and Abigail Sherwood, May 10, 1753.

Lyon, Samuel, son [blank], and Mary Davis, dau. John, May 8, 1718. §

Samuel, and Elizabeth McLane, May 12, 1759.

Lyon, Timothy, son of Danl., and Meriam Hall, July 1, 1752.


McDonald, John, and Elizabeth Fraser, Feb. 21, 1758. +

Hugh, and Ann Speers, Feb , 1727.

Daniel, and Sarah Lee, dau. William, Nov. 30, 1748.**

Mallery, John, and Elizabeth Adams, Apr. 15, 1735.**

Levi, son of Ebenezer, and Sarah Annable, dau. Anthony, Aug. 3, 1772.+

Mead, Stephen, and Rachel, Sanford, Oct 31, 1751.

Meaker, Danl., son of Jos., and Sarah Johnson, dau. Moses, July 17, 1744.**

David, Jr., son of David, and Hannah Hill, dau. Wilm., Oct. 31, 1744.**

Meaker, John and Margery Lyon, Aug. 9, 1727.

Meaker, Jonathan, and Abigail Parra (c?), Jan. 18, 1731.

Meaker, Samuel, and Abigail Gregory, Aug. 1, 1722.

Meaker, Benjamin, and Catherine Burr, Aug. 20, 1745.**

Ebenezer, Jr., and Elizabeth Jennings, Jan. 30, 1754. +

Peter, son of Ebenezer, and Ann Wheeler, Nov. 1, 1785.

Merchant, Gurdon, and Eleanor Chauncey, Dec. 9, 1747.

Middlebrook, Ebenezer and Sarah, Bulkley, Sept, 20, 1749. +

Middlebrook, Jonathan, son of Jont., and Rebecca Jennings, June 2, 1734. §

Minor, Thomas, of Woodbury, and Tabither Treadwell, of Fairfield, Sept. 4, 1751. +

Daniel, and Abigail Lyon, Jan. 2, 1724.

Morehouse, Danl., of Reading, son of Stephen, and Phebe Curtiss, Dec. 25, 1751.

Gideon, son of Gideon, and Sarah Godfrey, dau. Christopher, Feb. 3, 1742.

Morehouse, Jehu, and Laviinah Row, Mar. 10, 1727.

Morehouse, Joseph, [son of Stephen and Abigail], and Elizabeth Sillman, [dau. Nathanl.], March 26, 1747. +

Morehouse, Samuel, 2d, son of Abraham, and Ruth Wilson, dau. Nathl., July 8, 1741.

Morehouse, Silvanus, son of Abraham, and Mary Hall, dau. Saml., Nov. 3, 1747.

Morehouse, Abraham, and Elizabeth Patterson, Apr. 7, 1736.

Morehouse, Danl., son of Danl., and Mary Sturgis, dau. John, Oct. 17, 1751.

Morehouse, Gershom, son of John, and Sarah Hill, dau. John, Apr. 22, 1725.

Morehouse, Gershom, Jr., and Anna Sanford, Jan. 18, 1749 50. **

Jabez, son of Nathan, and Sarah Ogden, dau of Jos., Sept. 18, 1738.

Nathan, son of Nathan, and Eliz. Ogden, dau. of Jos., Mar. 4, 1740.

Morehouse, Zacheus, son of Gideon, and Abigail Sturgis, dau. John, Dec. 24, 1744.

Morgan, James, and Ann Morehouse, Apr. 7, 1736.

Danl.,, of Fairfield, and Sarah Mackhard, dau. Benj. Fairweather, of Fairfield, July 9, 1741.

Daniel, of Fairfield, and Widow Prudence Curtis, Dec. 29. 1761.

Munger, Benj., son of Jont. of Woodbury, and Mercy Northrup, dau. Deac. Benj., of Newtown, Dec 11, 1759.

Munrow, David, and Sarah Meaker, Nov. 11, 1742.

Murwin, Daniel, son of Thos., and Mary Meeker, Feb. 15, 1740.

Murwin, Samuel, son of Thos., and Abigail Wheeler, July 5, 1722.

Murwin, Thos., and Ruth Morehouse, Aug. , 1717.


Thos., son of Thos., and Rebecca Hull, Sept. 28, 1731.

Benjamin, son of John, and Elizabeth Towbridge, Oct. 13, 1730.

Nichols, Ephraim, son of Ignatius, and Rebecca Gold, dau. Onesimus, July 5, 1741.

Nichols, Ignatius, and Deborah Wheeler, Mch. 27, 1755.

Nichols, John, and Rebecca Sherwood, Dec 1, 1737.

John, and Huldah Nichols, of Stratford, Dec. 25, 1751.

Nichols, Paul, son of Ephraim, and Sarah Middlebrook, dau. of Ebenezer, Aug. 14, 1766. +


Ogden, David, and Abigail Osborn, Dec. 14, 1724.

Ogden, David, Jr., [son of David], and Jane Sturgis, [dau. Solomon], Apr. 5, 1750. +

Osborn, Benjamin, [son of Saml.], and Mary Dimon [dau. Ebenezer], Oct. 16, 1753. +

Osborn, Mr. Daniel. [son of Saml.], and Miss Elizabeth Burr, [dau of Andrew], Jan. 19. 1758. +

Osborn, Eleazer, son of Mr. Eleazer, and Sarah Burr, dau of Mr. Ephraim, June 3, 1764. +

Osborn, Hezekiah, son of Willm, and Ruth Burton, dau. of Solomon, Oct. 18, 1764.

Osborn, Horves, son of John, and Mary Bulkley, dau. of Peter, Feb. 6, 1755.

Osborn, John Jr., son of John, and Abigail Bulkley, dau. of Thomas, Apr. 15, 1741.

Osborn, Jont., son of Capt. John, and Catherine Wheeler, dau of Mr. Jos., Sept. _, 1738.

Osborn, Samuel, and Hannah Couch, Nov. 4, 1724.

Osborn, Seth, son of Samuel and Sarah Lewis, dau. Lathrop, July 12, 1752


Parrit, John, and Sarah Hubbel, Jan. 17, 1752. +

Parruck, Elanathan, son of John, and Mary Hill, dau. William, Nov. 22, 1750.

Parson, Peter, and Lois Morehouse, Mar. 25, 1756.

Jabez, of Wilton, and Hannah Squire, of Fairfield, Aug. 11, 1748. +

Penfield, James, son of Peter, and Ellen Burr, [dau. Ephraim], Apr. 23, 1758.

Penfield, John, son of Peter, and Eunice Ogden, dau. David, Nov. 1, 1770. +

Penfield, Peter, and Mary Ellen, May 28, 1730. +

Penfield, Samuel, son of Peter, and Elizabeth Lewis, Sept. 2, 1757.

Perry, Daniel, son of Mr. Joseph, and Mary Sturgis, dau. Mr. Peter, Oct 8, 1740.

Perry, Daniel, [son of Mr. Joseph], and Sarah Wilson, Jan. 1, 1744 5.

Joseph, Jr., son of Joseph, and Sarah Bulkley, dau of Peter, Nov. 11, 1736.

Perry, Micah, and Grace Sturges, Dec. 8, 1742. +

Perry, Nathaniel, son of Mr. Joseph and Mary Osborn, dau. Capt. John, Nov. 5, 1740.

Phipenny, Nehemiah, son of James of Stratford, and Lidea Davis, dau. Jabez, Feb. 14, 1771.

Pierson, Nathaniel, and Hannah Beers, [dau. Lt. James], Oct 14, 1746. +

Pierson, Timothy, son of Thomas, and Elizabeth Couch, dau. Samuel, Mch. 9, 1756.

Platt, Hezakiah, and Sarah Lord, Mch. 31, 1756. +

Platt, Obediah, and Mary Smith, Aug. 10, 1722.

Platt, Timothy, son of Jones, and Margery Smith, dau. John, Aug. 22, 1728

Pulling, Abraham, and Abigail Beers, Nov. 10, 1743.


Read, John, Esq., of Reading, and Mary Halley, dau. John, of Stratford, Sept. 2 (6 ?), 172 (3?).

Redfield, John, son of James, and Sarah Smith, dau. Benjamin, Oct. 20, 1757.

Roberson, John, and Rheuamah Lines, dau. Benj., May 3, 1762.

Robinson, Jonathan, and Lucretia Thorp. Apr. 12, 1752.§

Rowland, David, [Esq.[, and Deborah Sloss, Dec. 1, 1745.

Rowland, David, Esq., and Miss Elizabeth Hill, [dau. Capt. Thomas], Feb. 14, 1749 50. +

Rowland, John, and Sarah Lyon, dau. Samuel, Dec. 13, 1738

Rowland, Joseph, and Sarah Sherwood, Nov. 3, 1741.

Rowland, Samuel, and Abigail Squier, Aug. 12, 1736.

Rowland, Samuel, son of Andrew, Esq., and Elizabeth, and Sally Maltbie, dau. of Jonathan and Elizabeth, Oct. 20, 1794.

Rumsey, Benjamin, and Isabel Couch, dau. Simon,____ 1729.

Rumsey, David, son of Benj., and Anna Loodle, dau. Mr.

Rumsey, James, of Barnstable, Dec. 26, 1764.

Rumsey, John, son of Robert, and Esther Jones, Mch. 19, 1752.

Rumsey, Joseph, son of Robert, and Sarah Bartram, dau. John, Aug. 16, 1738.


Salmon, Rueben, and Dorothea Foot, Nov. 16, 1752.

Sanford, Daniel, son of Samuel, and Esther Hull, dau. John, Apr. 18, 1758. **

Sanford, Ephraim, and Elizabeth Mix, Oct. 7, 1730.

Sanford, Joseph, and Catherine Fairchild, Feb. 11, 1724 5.

Sanford, Lemuel, and Rebecca Squier, May 12, 1730.

Sanford, Nehemiah, and Elizabeth Morehouse, Mch. 5, 1747. **

Sanford, Samuel, and Sarah Meaker, Jan. 11, 1732 3.

Sanford, Seth, son of Samuel, and Rebecca Burr, dau. Stephen, Apr. 18, 1759. **

Sanford, Zachariah, and Ann Hall, Oct 7, 1736.

Nathaniel, and Rebecca Hubbel, Jan. 14, 1747 8 +

Seely, Nathaniel, Jr., son of Nehemiah, and Abigail Guyre, dau. Like, Apr. 12, 1755.

Sherwood, David, and Sarah Meeker, dau. John, Mar. 16, 1709.

Sherwood, Jabez, and Elizabeth Fillis (Fallow?), Oct __, 1742.

Sherwood, Joseph, and Sarah Osborn, Feb. 17, 1731.

Sherwood, Ralph, and Abigail Gorham, dau. Lockwood, Aug. 21, 1788.

Samuel, Esq., and Jane Burr, Mch. 8, 1722.

Mr. Samuel [Jr., son of Samuel, Esq.], and Miss Rachel Hyde, [dau. John], June 6, 1754. +

Sherwood, William, son of Daniel, and Abigail Couch, dau. Samuel, Jan 5, 1800.

Sherwood, William, Son of Wm., and Abigail, and Maretta Sherwood, dau. Abel and Mary, Apr. 17, 1825.

Sherwood, William, son of Wm and Abigail, and Esther Hill, dau. Jabez, and Sarah, Sept. 11, 1832.

Silliman, Daniel, son of Robert, and Sarah Burr, dau. John, Mch. 13, 1754.

Silliman, Mr. Ebeneazer, and Miss Abigail Selleck, Oct. 8, 1728.

Gold Selleck, son of Ebeneazer, Esq., and Martha Davenport, Jan. 21, 1754.

Silliman. Colo. Gold Selleck, of Fairfield, at Stonington, and Mrs. Mary Noyes, of New Haven, May 24, 1775.

Silliman, Joseph, son of Capt. Nathaniel, and Christian Hubbell, dau. Mr. Richard, Oct 14, 1762.

Nathaniel, and Hannah Booth, May 2, 1723.

Silliman, Robert, and Ruth Treadwell, Oct. 20, 1715.

Silliman, Mr. Robert, and Mrs. Mary Morehouse, Dec 14, 1756.

Silliman, Samuel, [son of Nathll] , and Elizabeth Burr, [dau. of Samuel], Jan 21, 1756 +

Silliman, William, son of Gold Selleck, Esq., and Anna Allen, dau. Dr. John, Sept 22, 1774. +

Smedley, James, and Jane Sturgis, Oct 20, 1731.

Smedley, James, and Mary Dimon, [widow] Jan. 4, 1747-8 +

Smedley, Samuel, son of Colo. James, and Esther Rowland, dau. David, Esq., Apr. 9, 1771. +

Smith, Benjamin, and Sarah Gray, Jan 1, 1730. §

Smith, Eleazer, Jr., son of Eleazer, and Lucey Sturgis, dau. Eleazer, Nov. 14, 1752.

Smith, Nehemiah, Son of Eleazer, and Rebecca Meeker, dau. Joseph, Oct , 1747. **

Samuel, son of John, and Mary Winton, dau. John, Nov. 10, 1737.

Spalding, Mr. Asa, [son of Benjamin, and Deborah of Plainfield], and Miss Grace Rowland, [dau. Samuel, of Fairfield], Sept. 4, 1755. +

Squire, Benjamin, son of John, and Elizabeth Whitehead, dau of Nathaniel, Feb. 2, 1749.

Squire, George, son of Samuel, Esq., and Irena Hays, dau. Mr. Abraham, Nov. 7, 1781.+

Squire, John, son of Mr. Samuel, and Deborah Smith, Feb. 24, 1747.

Squire, John, son of Mr. Samuel and Lydia Jarvis, widow of Isaac, of Norwalk, June 10, 1762.

Squire, Joseph, son of Capt. Joseph of Fairfield, and Sarah Eliot, dau. Rev. Andrew, D.D. of Boston, Oct. 5, 1778.

Squire, Nathaniel, and Sarah Higgens, Jan. 20, 1723.

Squire, Samuel, Jr., son of Lieut. Samuel, and Abigail Maltbie, dau. Jonathan, Feb. 27, 1743.

Stalker, John and Mary Morhouse, dau. Daniel, July 10, 1746.

Staples, Thaddeus, son of Thomas, and Sarah Sherwood, dau. Capt. John, Apr. 24, 1753.

Staples, Thomas, Sr., and Deborah Rowland, May 24, 1723.

Stephens, Nathan, of Danbury, and Phebe Lyon, of Fairfield, Jan. 31, 1733 4. +

Sterling, William, and Abigail Patchen, ___, 1714.

Sturges, David, [son of Peter], and Mary Beers, [dau. James], Nov. 5, 1741.

Sturges, Jeremiah, son of Seth and Mary, and Maria Shelton, Dau. Rev. Philo and Lucy, Nov. 18, 1807.

Sterges, Samuel, [son of Mr. Peter], and Ann Burr, [dau. Andrew, Esq.], Jan 17, 1739 40. +

Sturges, Samuel, son of Capt. Samuel and Widow Abigail Hill, Jan. 9, 1771. +

Sturgis, Benjamin, and Sarah Adams, Feb. 9, 1715.

Sturgis, Benjamin, 3d, son of Benjamin and Rachel Darling, Dec. 10, 1746.

Sturgis, Daniel, Jr., son of John, and Ruth Guyre, dau. Luke, Dec. 11, 1752.

Sturgis, Ebeneazer, son of Elnathan, and Thankful Perry, dau. Nathanel, Dec. 17, 1761.

Sturgis, Eleazer, and Abigail Osborn, Apr. 23, 1724.

Sturgis, Elnathan, son of John, and Rebecca Turney, Mch. 14, 1733.

Sturgis, Gershom, son of Jerem., and Mary Morehouse (widow), July 30, 1754.

Sturgis, Hezekiah, [son of Solomon], and Abigail Dimon, [dau. Ebeneazer], Nov. 21, 1751. +

Sturgis, Jabel, and Thiah Downs ___ 1752.

Sturgis, Jeremiah, and Ann Barlow, Sept. 1, 1720.

Sturgis, Jonathan, [son of Capt. Samuel], and Deborah Lewis, [dau. Lothrop], Oct. 26, 1760. +

Samuel, son of Mr. Peter, and Elizabeth Sturgis, dau. Mr. David, Nov. 1, 1737.

Sturgis, Seth, son of Benjamin, Jr., and Mary Burr, dau. Peter, Feb. 6, 1761.

Sturgis, Solomon, and Abigail Bradley, Mch. 3, 1725.

Summers, Zechariah, and Martha Burr, Jan. 15, 1765.**


Thompson, John, of Stratford, and Mrs. Mehittable Webb, July 7, 1741.

Thorp, Jabes, [son of Peter], and Ann Sturgis [dau. Peter] , Mch. 7, 1754. +

John, son of John, and Mary Whitlock, widow of Joseph, Sept__, 1760.

Thorp, Nathan, son of John, and Dorothy Osborn, dau. David, May 3, 1738.

Thorp, Peter, [son of Peter], and Abigail Ward, [dau. Moses], April 18, 1754. +

Treadwell, David, and Mary Cogshall, Nov. 4, 1756.

Treadwell, Edward, and Sarah Trowbridge, May 26, 1743. +

Treadwell, Timothy, son of Benjn, and Phebe Foot, dau of John, Dec. 4, 1751.

Trube, Andrew, and Abigail Crane, Sept. 14, 1744.

Ansel, son of Andrew and Isabel Beers, dau. Joseph, Jr., Nov. __,1769.

Tucker, Isaac, and Mary Wakeman, dau. Saml, Jr., June 1, 1764. +

Turney, Abel, son of Mr. Stephen, and Deborah Bulkley, dau. Mr. Isaac, Dec, 26, 1784. +

Turney, David, son of Stephen, and Sarah Gold, dau. Daniel, Oct 4, 1766. **

Turney, John, [son of Mr. Robert], and Esther Gold, [dau. of Mr. Samuel], Dec. 28, 1742. +

Turney, Stephen, and Hester Middlebrook, Nov. 5, 1744.

Turney, Stephen, and Sarah Squire, Dec. 17, 1747. +

Stephen, and widow Ablah Mitchel, dau. Josiah Treadwell, Feb. 9, 1773.

Turney, Thomas, Jr., son of Thomas, and Martha Lyon, dau. Samuel, Dec. 28, 1746.

- W-

Wakeman, David, and Mary Jennings, Feb. 17, 1754. +

Wakeman, Ebeneazer, and Ann Hill, Sept. 4, 1748. +

Wakeman, Mr. Ebeneazer, and Miss Sarah Hanford, May 10, 1752. +

Wakeman, Ebeneazer son of John, and Elizabeth Webb, dau. Josiah, May 3, 1764. §

Jessup, and Esther Dimon, May 29, 1796.

Wakeman, John, [Jr., son of John], and Esther Bradley, [dau. Francis], Oct 3, 1754. §

Wakeman, Joseph, son of Joseph, and Abigail Allen, dau. Gideon, Oct. 31, 1727.

Wakeman, Stephen, and Rebecca Morhouse, Apr. 28, 1727.

Wakeman, Mr. Stephen, and Sarah Jessup, Jan. 11, 1743 4.

Wakeman, William, son of Jabez, and Sarah Hill, dau. Joseph, June 21, 1753.

Wasson, John, son of Robert, of Norwalk, and Elizabeth Bartram, dau. of Joseph, Apr. 18, 1779. +

Webb, Josiah and Hannah Sherwood, Oct. _____, 1750.

Webb, Josiah, and Susanna Disbrow, dau. Thos., Nov. , 1729.

Welles, Mr. Gideon, and Miss Catherine Wynkoop [dau. Mr. Benj.], May 1, 1754.

Wheeler, Abel [son of Jonathan], and Rebecca Whitear [dau. of John], Mch. 27, 1758.+

Wheeler, Benjamin, son of Mr. Timothy, and Mary Middlebrook, dau. Mr. John, Apr. 20, 1749.

Wheeler, David, and Esther Nichols, Mch. 20, 1716 17.

Wheeler, Hezekiah, and Abigail French, Dec. 19, 1754.

Wheeler, Ichabod [son of John], and Deborah Burr [dau. Capt. John], Jan. 1, 1752.+

Wheeler, Jabez and Charity Beach, Dec. 9, 1742.

Wheeler, John, and Abigail Burr, Mch. 22,Will 1692.

Wheeler, John and Lide Porter, of Winsor, Oct. 17, 1712.

Wheeler, Joseph and Deborah Nichols, Dec. 7, 1705. §

Wheeler, Joseph and Abigail Perry, Sept. 10, 1729. §

Wheeler, Nathan, Jr., son of Capt. Jabez, and Abigail Oakley, dau. Jeremiah, Oct. 19, 1775.

Wheeler, Timothy, son of Timothy, and Abigail Burrit, Aug. 9, 1744.

Whitlock, Josiah, son of John and Rachel Knap [blank].

Whitlock, Thomas and Damaris Hide, Jan. 24, 1716.

Whitney, Samuel and Ami Northrop, May 14, 1740. §

Williams, Amos and Eleanor Davis, Jan. 22, 1755.+

Williams, Elnathan [son of David, and Hannah Thorpe [dau. of Peter], Dec. 5, 1753.+

Williams, John and Grizzel Thorp, Sept. 4, 1749.

Wilson, John and Eunice Hide, Feb. 27, 1740.

Wilson, Nathaniel, Jr., son of Mr. Nath., and Sarah Silliman, Feb. 15, 1750.

Wilson, Robert, son of Mr. Nathaniel and Catherine Burr, dau. Capt. John, Sept. 7, 1741.

Willson, Robert, and Sally Sherwood, dau. Albert, May 29, 1807.

Winton, David, son of John, and Elizabeth Squire, dau John. Nov. 16, 1748.

Wood, Lemuel, son of Obadiah and Sarah Whitlock, dau. Thos., June 4, 1760.

Wordain, William, son of Thomas, and Ann Odell, dau. Capt. Samuel, Feb. 13, 1755.

Wynkoop, Benjamin, son of Benj., of N.Y., and Eunice Burr, dau. Major Peter, of Fairfield, Nov. 22, 1730.

Wynkoop, Benjamin, Jr. [son of Benj.], and Grissel Frost [dau Joseph], Mar. 6, 2754. +

Wynkoop, Mr. Cornelius, Jr., of New York, and Miss Abigail Osborn, of Fairfield, Mch, 12, 1758.

Fairfield Co, CT Marriages 1692-1832, A-K

Note: I believe this was originally published in the Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine, Vol. 8, No. 2 (March 1922), pp. 164-173; Vol. 8, No. 3 (March 1923), pp. 275-283.

* Earliest and latest dates, not consecutive.

||| See also Records of Christ Episcopal Church, Stratford, organized 1707, Connecticut Marriages, vol. vii, p. 914.

+ Entries so marked also appear, at least in part, on the Records of the First Congregational Church of Fairfield, organized in 1650, Bailey's Connecticut Marriages, vol. vi, pp. 34-47.

^^The parenthesis and brackets are those found in the copy furnished.

§ Also in Records of Greenfield Hill Church, organized in 1725. Connecticut Marriages, vol. vii, pp. 29-39.
In connections with members of the Greenfield Hill Church, see Records of, printed in the New England Historical and Genealogical Register, vols. 68, pp. 169-175; 266-300; 375-378; vol. 69, pp. 39-49, 127-136; 230-242; 364-379; vol. 70, pp. 33-43.

** Records of the Congregational Church of Redding, formed 1788. Connecticut Marriages, vol. i, pp. 70-76.

++ The Records of the First Congretaional Church of Fairfield, has the following: William Henry Capers of South Carolina and Abigail Burr, Sept. 9, 1789--Connecticut Marriages; vol. vi, p. 44.

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