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Transcribed by Geri Ryerson K., Jan 2003
In grateful memory. We miss you, Geri.


Abel, Elijah, son of Mr. Samuel, of Norwich, and Grizzel Burr,
dau. Capt. Nathaniel, Dec. 31, 1761. +

Adair, James, and ______ Carter, June 3, 1744. [sic]

Adair, James and Ann McCarty, Oct. 18, 1744. + §

Adams, Nathan, and Mary Hubbel, Feb. 11, 1756. +

Adams, Nathaniel, and Ann Silliman, Oct. 3, 1739.

Adams, Stephen, and Sarah Finch, Oct. 17, 1727.

Allen, David [son of Lt. Gideon^^], and Sarah gold [dau. of Mr. John], Oct. 11, 1789. +

Allen, David, Jr. of Mr. David, and Sarah Hull, dau of Mr. Cornelius, Nov. 11, 1768.

Allen, Ebenezer, son of Gideon, and Deborah Bennet, dau of John, Nov. 12, 1731.

Allen, Elnathan, and Sallome Knot, Dec. 28, 1751.

Allen, Lieut. Giedon, and Mrs. Jane Dimon, Aug. 10, 1749. +

Allen, John, of Comp., and Sarah Bennit, dau. Deliverance, March 23, 1739.

Allen, Mr. John, [son of Mr. Gideon], and Mifs Abigail Jessup [dau. of Mr. Edward], Jan 17, 1750 1.+

Allen, Joseph, son of Gideon, and Rachel Bennit, dau. of John, March 26, 1724

Allen, Samuel, son of Eben, and Eunice Nichols, dau. of Benjm, Jan. 17, 1757.

Andrew, John, son of John, and Sarah Couch, dau. of Simon, Oct. 28, 1730.

Andrews, Daniel, and Sarah Silliman, Feb. 8, 1741.

Andrews, Eben, and Sarah Sturgis, dau. of Peter, Jan __, 1746.

Andrews, John S., son of Daniel, And Euncie Lyon, dau. Ephraim, Feb. 4, 1764.

Annable, Anthony, and Sarah Middlebrook, dau. Jonathan, Jan. 16, 1748 9. +

Arthur, Rev. Thomas, of New Brunswick, and Miss Sarah Burr, of Fairfield, Sept. 16, 1746. +


Baker, Benj., and Mary Avery, Aug 14, 1718.

Baker, James, and Thankful Coley, March 13, 1755

Baker, Samuel, and Sarah Barlow, Feb. 28, 1754.

Baldwin, Gabriel, son of Jared, and Sarah Summers, dau. Zacariah, May 2, 1788.

Banks, Benj. and Ruth Hiat [before Aug, 1706].§

Banks, Benj. Jr., and Mary Treadwell, Nov___, 1729. §

Banks, Benj. Jr., and Ellen Bradley, 2d, June 20, 1744.

Banks, Daniel, [son of Gershom], and Hannah Thorp, dau. Mr. Nathan, Dec. 10, 1761.§

Banks, Gershom [son of Benj. 3d], and Mary Perry [dau. Joseph ], Feb. 14, 1752. +

Barlow, David, son of Samuel, and Susanna Hubbart, dau. Zachariah, Dec. 27, 1743.

Barlow, David, son of Samuel, and Ester Sturges, dau. Jeremiah, Nov. 29, 1750.

Barlow, George, and Mehetible Staples, Apr. 1, 1722.

Barlow, Jabez, and Elizabeth Hunt, March 1, 1743 4 +

Barlow, Nehemiah, son of Geo., and Jemima Turney, dau. Thomas, Jan. 25, 1751.

Barlow, Samuel, son of Saml, and Eunice Bradley, dau.of Daniel, Aug. 2d. 1731.

Barlow, Samuel, son of Saml, and Esther Hull, dau. Nathaniel, Aug. 7, 1744.

Bartlet, Mr. Nath., and Mrs. Eunice Russell, June 13, 1753.

Bartram, David, and Mabel Johnson, Dec. 14, 1730.

Bartram, Eben, and Eliz, Williams, May 15, 1728.

Bartram, Eben, Jr., and Mary Burr, dau. Capt. John, Nov. 1, 1759.

Bartram, Job, son of Eben, and Jerusha Thompson, dau. David, Nov. 18, 1762.

Bartram, Job, son of Eben and Abigail Starr, widow of Daniel, Jr., dau. Wakefield Dibble, of Danbury, Nov. 7, 1774.

Bartram, Job, son of Eben, and Eliz. Schudder, dau. Isaac, of Norwalk, Aug. 27, 1776.

Bartram, John, son of David, and Charity Bulkley, dau. Daniel, March 9, 1757**.

Bartram, Joseph, (son of Ebenezer), and Rebecca Squire (dau. Samuel), Nov 7 1754.§

Bates, Elias, and Sarah Platt, Jan. 17, 1734.

Bates, John, son of Nicholas, and Esther Banks, dau. Thomas, June 11, 1752.

Batterman, George, and Eliz. Oysterbanks, Dec. 1, 1752.

Beach, Lazarus, son of John, and Lidea Sanford, June 20,1756.

Beaddle, William, son of Mr. Samuel of the Parish of Great Bursted, Co. of Essex in England, and Lydia Lothrop, dau. Mr. Ansell, of Plymouth, in New England, Apr. 15, 1770. +

Beardslee, Jesse, son of William, and Ruthe Lyon, dau. Danl. Jr., Nov. 26, 1760.

Beardsley, Andrew, and Sara Squire, March 1, 1743 4 +

Bedient, Azariah, son of John, and Phebe Hollibert, Mch, 28, 1756.

Bedient, John, and Mary Morhouse, May 28, 1723.

Beers, Daniel, son of Ephram, and Abigail Dickman, dau. Cornelius, Sept 3d., 1760.

Beers, David, son of Joseph, and Mary Livesay, Nov. 10, 1743.

Beers, James, and Hannah Rumsey, Jan. 20, 1716.

Beers, James, and Olive Bulkley, Aug 5, 1725.|

Beers, Joseph, and Hannah Whitlock, Mch. 1, 1711.

Beers, Joseph, Jr., son of Joseph, and Elizabeth Livesay, Sept. 21. 1738.

Beers, Nathan and Abigail Squire [widow], July 22, 1756.+§

Beers, Samuel [son of James], and Thankful Osborne, [dau of John], Nov. 10, 1743. +

Bell, John, and Eliz. Hide, dau of Doctor, June 10, 1736.

Bennit, Deliverance, and Mary Biggs, March 15 1708.

Bennit, James son of Thomas and Sarah Read, dau. Thos, of Norwalk, Apr. 7, 1762.

Bennit, Thomas, and Mary Rowland, March 17, 1717.

Bennit, Thomas, and Mercy Scofields, Oct 14, 1741.

Bennit, William, son of Isaac, and Hannah Seely, dau. James, July 26, 1731.

Bennit, William, of Compo., and Abigail Hiccock, dau. Benj., Aug.__, 1733.

Bennit, Wm., son of Isaac, and Katherine Hawley, dau. Thos. Dec. 3, 1744.

Betts, Abraham, of Norwalk, and Mary Bedient, of Fairfield, Apr 19, 1753.+

Bibins, Isreal, son of Arter, of Windham, and Hannah Silliman, dau. Capt. Nathaniel, Nov. 9, 1769.

Bixby, Jont., son of Elias, and Martha Hull, dau. George, July 4, 1752.

Booth, Nathaniel, and Mary Foot, Oct 4, 1739.

Bostwick, Saml., son of David, and Sarah Jennings, dau. Isaac, Mar.__, 1756.

Bradley, Daniel, and Mary Fitch, Mar. 1743.

Bradley, Daniel, and Esthr, Burr, June 1724.§

Bradley, David, and Damaris Davis, Apr. 25, 1731.§

Bradley, Francis, and Mary Sturgis, dau, John, Apr. 29, 1719.§

Bradley, Gershom, and Jane Dimon, dau. Moses, Esq., Dec. §

Bradley, Joseph, and Olive Hubbel, June 20, 1724.

Bradley, Joseph, Jr., and Jerusha Turney, dau. Robert, Nov. 9, 1732.

Bulkley, Ebenezer, son of Mr. Joseph, and Hannah Maltbie, dau. Jont., Esq., of Stamford, Dec. 11, 1765.

Bulkley, Gershom, [son of Gershom], and Sarah Banks, dau. Joseph, May 17, 1736.§

Bulkley, Hezekiah, and Catherine Hill, Jan. 4, 1739.

Bulkley, James, [son of Peter], and Elizabeth Whitehead, Apr. 8, 1756+

Bulkley, John, and Martha Kubel, Jan. 8, 1756. +

Bulkley, Jont., son of Peter, and Hannah Hoyt, dau. James, of Norwalk, Jan. 21, 1762.

Bulkley, Moses, and Abigail Sturges, Aug. 29, 1758.+

Bulkley, Mr. Nathan, [son of Joseph and Esther], and Mifs Sarah Perry, [dau. Joseph and Mary], Apr. 15, 1756. +

Bulkley, Peter, son of Gershom, and Ann Hill, dau. William, Apr. 9, 1740.

Bulkley, Peter, son of Peter and Sarah Turney, dau. Thomas, Jan. 1, 1741.

Bulkley, Peter, son of Peter and Hannah Sherwood, dau. John, of Newtown, Feb. 14, 1760.

Bulkley, Saml, son of Joseph and Bulah Henry, dau. Samuel, Sept 2, 1754.

Bulkley, Talcot, son of Capt. Gershom and Esther Bradley, dau. Capt. Daniel, June 19, 1753.

Burr, Abell, son of Joseph, and Sarah Cadwell, dau. Jacob, Jan. 16, 1751.

Burr, Andrew, son of Mr. John and Sarah Sturgis, dau. Mr. Jonathan, Apr. 30, 1719.

Burr. Andrew, and Sarah Stanly, of Hartford, Aug. 6, 1747.

Burr, Daniel, son of Samuel, and Ann Silliman, dau. Nathaniel. Jan. 22, 1756.+

Burr, David, son of Daniel, and Abigail Silliman. dau. John, Apr. 8, 1741.

Burr, Mr. David, [Jr., son of Andrew], and Miss Eunice Osborn, [dau. Mr. Samuel], Dec. 11, 1751. +

Burr, Ebeneazer, [son of Capt. Samuel], and Amelia Silliman, [dau. Ebeneazer, Esqr.], Feb. 26, 1759. +

Burr, Ephraim, and Abigail Burr, [dau. Major Peter], Jan. 1724. 5.

Burr, George, son of Col. Andrew, and Mabel Wakeman, dau. Mr. Jabez, Dec. 30, 1762. §

Burr, Gershom, son of Gershom and Priscilla, of Fairfield, and Eliz., Eliot, 2d dau. Rev. Andrew and Mary, Oct 18, 1801.

Burr, Gershom, son of Gershom and Priscilla, of Fairfield and Susanna Young, dau. of Daniel and Margaret, of Stratfield, [Spt. 10, 1789. +]

Burr, John, of Greenfarm, son of Danl., and Grace Bulkley, dau. Gershom, Nov. 9, 1741.

Burr, Joseph, and Hannah Hide, Mar. 3, 1775.

Burr, Nathaniel, and Martha Silliman, Nov. 10, 1726

Burr, Nathaniel, Jr., Mary Turney, Nov. 23, 1732.

Burr, Nehemiah, son of Capt. Saml., and Sarah Osborn, dau. Eleazer, Apr. 21, 1763. +

Burr, Samuel, and Eliz., Wakeman, June , 1722.

Burr, Samuel, Jr, [son of Saml.], and Eunice Sturgis [dau. Solomon], May. 31, 1753.

Burr, Capt. Samuel, and Mrs. Ruth Bulkley, Mch 14, 1754. +

Burr, Stephen, and Eliz. Hull, dau. Cornelius, June 8, 1721.

Burr, Thaddeus, son of Peter, Esq., and Abigail Sturgis, dau. Mr. Jont., Nov. 26, 1725.

Burr, Mr. Thaddeus [son of Thaddeus Esq.] and Miss Eunice Dennie [dau, Mr. James [m. Nar, 22m 1759, +

Burr, Wm., son of Colo. John and Mary Wakeman, dau. Capt, Joseph, Aug. 4, 1736.

Burr, Wm., son of Colo. John and widow Charity Strong, widow of Joseph, dau. of John Wells, Jr., of Stratford, May. 16, 1744.


Cable, Daniel, son of John, and Sarah Crane, Jan 7, 1739.

Cable, George, and Sarah Shaw, Feb. 17, 1729.

Cable, John, and Ann Davis, Sept. 26, 1733.

Jont., son of John, and Mary Bennit, dau. Thos., Sept. 3, 1728.

Capers, Wm., of St. Helena, S.C. and Abigail Burr, dau. Gershom & Pricilla, of Fairfield, blank. ++

Chambers, Thomas, of Newtown, and Mary Balmore, of Fairfield, Oct. 11, 1742. +

Chapman, Dennie, son of Mr. Danl., and Desire Lovel, Oct 4, 1750.

Chapman, James and Abigail Sherwood, Mar. 4, 1779.

Clinton, John, and Elizabeth Beacher, Nov , 1746.

Clugstone, John and Elizabeth Rowlandson, Mar. 24, 1747 8. +

Clugstone, Samuel, son of John, and Deborah Mallery, dau. Jont., Feb. 11, 1758.**

Coley, Daniel, and Sarah Lanford, Apr. 16, 1754.**

Coley, David, and Mary Hide, Dec. 16, 1740.

Coley, Gershom, son of Saml., and Abigail Hull, dau. Ebenezer, Nov. 15, 1748.**

Coley, John, son of Saml., Mercey Gregory, dau. Benj., July 22, 1728.

Coley, Jont., son of Peter, and Lucy Sturges, dau. John, Dec. 6, 1739.

Couch, Ebenezer, son of Samuel, and Ann Crane, dau, Jonathan, May 18, 1731.

Couch, Saml., son of Saml., and Eliz. Sturgis, dau. John, Sept. 13, 1726.

Couch, Capt. Simon, son of Mr. Simon, and Abigail Jennings, dau. Mr. Joshua, May 18, 1721.

Couch, Simon, son of Mr. Simon, and Abigail Chapman, dau. Mr. Dennie, Nov. 25, 1779.

Couch, Stephen, son of Mr. Thos., and Ann Edmond, dau. Mr. Robt, Jan 29, 1784.

Crofoot, Daniel, of Reading, and Avis Adams, blank.,

Crowfoot, John, son of Daniel, and Esther Sanford, dau. Ebenezer, June 16, 1756.

Curtis, Matthew, of Newtown, and Abigail Thompson, of Fairfield, Dec. 5, 1959.
[NOTE: Says 1959 but this has to be an error. Prob. 1759. --grk.]


Darling, Benjamin, and Mary Hide, Jan 6, 1725 6
Darling, David, son of John, and Sarah Morehouse, dau. John, Dec. 4, 1756.§

Darling, Dr. Joseph, of Fairfield, and Mrs. Aurelia Mills, of Ripton, Mar. 24, 1784.

Davis, Jabez, and Rebecca Rowland, Aug. 3 1726.

Davis, James and Hannah Thorp, July 16, 1729.§

Davis, James and Sarah Morehouse, Oct. 3, 1755.

Davis, Joseph and Elizabeth Smith, Jan. 11, 1733.§

Dennie, Mr. James, and Mrs Eunice Sturges, Apr. 13, 1731.

Dimon, Ebenezer, and Catherine Sherwood, Aug. 19, 1810.

Dimon, John, and Eliz. Wheeler, May. 10, 1727.

Dimon, Moses, Jr., and Grace Dimon, Nov. 13, 1754. +§

Dimon, Wm., son of Mr. Ebenezer, and Esther Sturges, dau. Mr. Solomon, Jan 3, 1765. +

Disbrow, Caleb, son of Thos., and Sarah Davis, dau. Samuel, Nov. 19, 1740.

Disbrow, Joseph, son of Thos and Abigail Meaker, dau. Jno., Oct. 27, 1731.

Disbrow, Nathan son of Thos, and Weight Scribner, dau. Thos, Nov. 21, 1738.

Disbrow, Thos., and Abigail Goding, Oct. , 1708.

Disbrow, Thos., Jr., son of Thos., and Jane Sherwood, dau. Isaac, Aug. 4, 1741.

Downs, David, and Eliz. Rowland, Jan. 3, 1733 4. §

Duncombe, Charles, son of Wm., of Barleyard near Joinghoe in ye Co. of Bucks, and Eliz. Hubbart, dau. Zachariah, Mar. 10, 1744 5.


Eliot, Rev. Mr. Andrew, of Fairfield, son of Rev. Mr. Andrew, D.D. of Boston, and Mrs, Mary Pynchon, of Cambridge, dau. of Honorable Joseph Pynchon, of Boston, July 19, 1774


Fairchild, Abraham, and Rachael Scribner, Nov. 7, 1742.

Fairchild, Andrew, and Abigail Hill,. Apr. 26, 1752.

Fairchild, Gershom, son of Alex., and Mary Knap, dau., Moses, Nov. 19, 1754.

Fairfield, John, son of John, of Durham, and Martha Allen, dau. Dr. John, Feb. 17, 1773.

Fairchild, Peter, and Hannah Betts, Nov. 7, 1751.

Fairchild, Thos, and Mary Hall, Sept. 22, 1737.

Fairchild, Thos., son of Alex, and Rachael Sherwood, dau. John, June 17, 1753.

Fayerweather, Benjamin, and Elizabeth Beach, Jan. 7, 1741 2. +

Fitch, Hezekiah, son of ye Honble Thos., Esq., of Norwalk, and Jerusha Burr, dau. Colo, Andrew, Sept. 21, 1767. +

French, Gamaliel, of Stratford, and Sarah Redfield, of Fairfiled, Aug. 7, 1749. +

Frost, Joseph and Andria Couch, dau. Samuel, Aug. 27, 1724.

Frost, Joseph, Jr., [son of Joseph], and Esther Dimon, [dau. of John] , Oct. 19, 1747. +


Galpine, Samuel, of Woodbury, and Ann Sherwood, of Fairfield, Feb. 4, 1745 6. +

Gibbs, Thomas, of Milford, and Hannah Allen, of Fairfield, Mch. 24, 1742-3. +

Gilbert, Eben, son of John, and Prudence Burr, May 12, 1756.

Gilbert, John, and Jemma Williams, June 29, 1721.

Gilbert, Joseph, son of John, and Lois Bradley, Oct. 8, 1744.

Gilbert, Thaddeus, son of John, and Deborah Winton, dau. John, July 7, 1741. §

Godfrey, Christopher, and Margery Sturgis, Feb. 11, 1711.

Godfrey, David, son of Christopher, and Mary Siliman, dau. Danll., June 24, 1738.

Godfrey, Nathan, and Martha Couch, June 11, 1747.

Godfrey, Stephen, son of Christopher, and Elizabeth Lewis, June 11, 1739.

Gold, Aaron, son of Onessimus, and Rebecca Scudder, dau. Peter, of Huntington, L. I. Jan. 27, 1761.

Gold, Abel. [son of Mr. Samuel], and Ellen Burr, [dau. Capt. Samuel], Dec. 19, 1754. +

Gold, Abram, son of Mr. Samuel, and Eliz. Burr, dau. Capt. John, Jan 1, 1754.

Gold, Samuel, and Esther Bradley, Dec. 7, 1716.

Gold, Thomas, son of Mr. Hezekiah, and Anna Smith, dau. Samuel, Feb 13, 1755** [Feb. 20 Church Record].

Gorham, Job, of Barnstable, and Bethiah Freeman, of Fairfield, Nov. 24, 1735. +

Gorham, Joseph and ____ Lockwood, May 11, 1715.

Gorham, Joseph, and Deborah Barlow, Jan. 18, 1725. 6.

Gray, Hezekiah, son of Samuel, and Abigail Waterbury, dau. Capt. David, Apr. 24, 1760. ||

Gray, John, and Hannah Scribner, Sept. 19, 1730.

Gray, John, son of John, and Rhuamah, dau. Saml., [sic] Aug. 7, 1759**

Gray, Nathan, son of Isaac, and Mary Hollibert, dau. Gideon, July 24, 1735. ||

Gray, Samuel, son of Henry, and Ellinor Sturgls, dau. Christopher, Oct. 24, 1734.

Gray, Stephen, son of John, and Sarah Ferry, dau. Ebenezer, Sep. 3, 1758.

Gray, William, and Abigail Coley, Dec. 23, 1714.

Gray, William, and Elizabeth Meaker, Oct. 11, 1716.

Gray, William, son of William, and Sarah Disbrow, Jan. 25, 1742.

Green, Ebenezer, and Elizabeth Gilbert, Mar. 24, 1748.

Guyre, Eben., son of Luke, and Sarah Beers, dau. Ephraim, Apr. 20, 1743.

Guyre, John, and Sarah Brinsmaid, Nov. 23, 1750.

Guyre, Luke, son of Luke, and Elizabeth Bedient, dau. John, April. 14, 1757.


Hall, James, and Abigail Beers, Apr. 3, 1755.

Hall, Mr. Lyman, and Miss Abigail Bull [dau. Thaddeus, Esq.] May 20, 1752. +

Hambleton, Benjamin, and Hannah Bulkley, dau. Daniel, Apr. 6, 1754.

Hawley, Thomas, of Ridgefield, and Elizabeth Gold, of Fairfield, Jan. 13, 1747 8. +

Hendrick, John, and Phebe Col, _____ 1728.

Hide, Dea. John, and Rachel Homes, Apr. 22, 1718. §

Hide, Dea. John and Abigail Adams, Mch. 22, 1737.

Higgins, Abraham, Jr., son of Abraham, and Mary Allen, May ___, 1739.

Hill, Andrew, son of Capt. Thomas and Abigail Lewis, dau. Nathaniel, of Barnstable, Dec. 1, 1763. +

Hill, Daniel, son of Mr. William, and Phebe Beach, dau. Mr. John, Oct., 31, 1748.

Hill, Daniel, son of Mr. Willam, and Elizabeth Lane, April ___, 1752.

Hill, Ezekiel, and Elizabeth Morehouse, June 3, 1750.

Hill, John and Esther Bulkley, Jan 27, 1729.

Hill, Joseph, son of William, and Abigail Dimon, dau. Moses, Mar. 30, 1731. §

Hill, Nathan, [son of Mr. John], and Eunice Wakeman [dau. Stephen], July 3, 1753. +

Hill, Nathan, son of Mr. John, and Martha Wakeman, Aug. 26, 1765.

Hill, Nathan, son of Mr. John, and Eliz. Whitehead, dau. of Gershom, Dec. _____ 1756.

Hill, Thomas, Jr. [son of Capt. Thos.], and Ellen Sturgis [dau of Mr. Peter], Jan. 20, 1757. +

Hill, William, of Reading, and Rebecca Sanford, Feb. 28, ____.

Hill, William, of Reading, and Hannah Morehouse, Apr. 28, 1725 (over 61).

Hill, William, of Reading, and Mary Ogden, May 6, 1781.

Hobart, Justin, son of Nehemiah, of Hingham, and Hannah Penfield, dau. Peter, Mar. 18, 1762. +

Hobart, Justin and Desire Barr, July 1804.

Hobart, Rev. Noah, and Ellin Sloss, Sep. 22, 1735.

Hodgden, David, son of Wm., and Sarah Lacey, dau. John, June __, 1750.

Holberton, Thos., son of John, and Ruth Wilson, dau. Robert, May 31, 1770.

Hollingsworth, Joseph, and Ann Jennings, Nov. 4, 1734.

Hubbel, David, and Martha Gold, Feb. 5, 1753. +

Hubbel, Gershom, and Sarah Wake__ [Wakeman], Nov. 2, 1756. +

Hubbel, Aaron, son of David, and Mary Burr, dau. Nathll, Nov. 29, 1761.

Hezekiah, son of Richard, and Ann Patterson, dau. William, May 14, 1752.

Richard, Jr., and Penelopy Fayrweather, Dec. 9, 1735, (prob. mistake for 1725).

Hull, Cornelius, and Abigail Rumsey, dau. Robert, Aug, 24, 1731. §

Hull, Daniel, son of Eleazer, and Mary Betts, dau. Stephen, Nov 2, 1748.

Hull, Dr. David, of Fairfield, and Susanna Eliot, of Boston, Nov. 10, 1789.

Hull, Peter, and Ann Dimon, Feb. 22, 1753. +§

Hull, Peter, [son of Nathaniel], and Jerusha Sturgis [dau. Solomon], Nov. 8, 1759. +

Hull, Samuel, son of Samuel, and Joanna Fairchild, dau. Joseph, Feb. 8, 1727

Hull, Seth, son of Eliphant, and Hannah Rumsey, dau. Robert, Dec. 24, 1747. §

Hull, Timothy, son of John, and Ann Gray, dau. John, Dec. 14, 1749.

Hunn, Rev. Nathaniel, and Ruth Treadwell, Sept. 14, 1737. +

Hunt, Edmund, and Abigail (Smedley ? ) [dau. of James Smedley], Aug. 12, 1756. +

Hunt, Jesse, and Sarah Staples, Mar. 22, 1753.

Hurlbutt, Gideon, Jr., son of Gideon, and Hannah Taylor, dau, John, of Norwalk, Nov. 14, 1751.

Hyde, John, son of John, and Abigail Ogden, [dau. David], Jan. 21, 1747 8. +

Jackson, Ephraim, and Martha Couch, Nov. __, 1727.

Jackson, Ephraim, and Martha Blackman, June __, 1730.

Jackson, Francis, son of Gabriel, and Damaris Bennit, dau. Dea. Wm., Aug. 24, 1758.

Jackson, Gabriel, Son of Samuel, and Margaret Hall, dau. Francis, May 24, 1727.

Jarvis, Isaac, son of Isaac, and Lydia Jarvis, of Norwalk, Jan. 20, 1756.

Jecobs, William, and Rebecca Blackman, Jan. 25, 1735.

Jennings, Abel, [son of John & grandson of Joseph & great grandson of Joshua], and Sarah Hollingsworth, Aug. 16, 1758.*

Jennings, Daniel, Jr., and Eunice Burr. dau. Ephraim. Dec 21, 1752.*

Jennings, Greshom, son of Daniel, and Rhoda Sanford, dau. Zachariah, Nov. 18, 1762.

Jennings, Isaac, Jr., and Phebe Staples, July 1, 1731.

Jennings, Jeremiah, and Elizabeth Coley, Dec. 15, 1726.

Jennings, Jeremiah, Jr., son of Jere., and Eliz. Smith, dau. John, Dec. 8, 1762.*

Jennings, John, son of Isaac, and Sarah Winton, dau. John, Jan. 20, 1731.§

Jennings, John, Jr., and Sarah Jennings, Jan. 30, 1745 6.*

Jennings, Joseph, and Abigail Grumman, Jan. 20, 1709.

Jennings, Joseph, Jr., and Elizabeth Bostwick, Aug 30, 1744.

Jennings, Matthew, and Rebecca Morehouse, Feb. 5, 1756.*
Jennings, Moses, [son of Isaac], and Abigail Burr, [dau. Capt. John], Oct. 11, 1759.*

Jennings, Stephen, [son of Mr. Joseph], and Hannah Sturges, [dau. Mr. Peter], Aug, 20, 1741.*

Jennings, Zachariah, son of Zachariah, and Sarah Morehouse, June 1743.

Jessup, Blackleach, and Sarah Stebbins, Feb. 23, 1757.

Jessup, Edward, and Sarah Blackkeach, Dec 7, 1724.

Judson, David, son of Mr. Abner, of Stratford, and Esther Bulkley, dau, Nathan, Esq., Nov. 13, 1783.*


Kellog, Daniel, of Norwalk, and Hannah Fairchild, of Fairfield, Mch. 19, 1750 1.*

King, Richard and Sarah Finch, Oct 28, 1742.

Knap, Daniel, and Abigail Banks, Mch. 5, 1710.

Knap, Daniel, son of Daniel, and Elenor Lyon, dau. Ebenezer, Jan. 9, 1740.

Knap, David, and Anna Meaker, Oct. 24, 1736.

Knap, Ebenezer, [son of Mr. Daniel], and Elizabeth McRae, [dau. Mr. Hugh], Dec. 31, 1750.*

John, son of Mr. Daniel and Hannah Jennings, dau. Mr. Matthew, June 29, 1738.

John, of Weatherfield, and Mattie Gray, of Fairfield , 1731.

Fairfield Co., CT Marriages 1692-1832, L-W >

* Earliest and latest dates, not consecutive.

||| See also Records of Christ Episcopal Church, Stratford, organized 1707, Connecticut Marriages, vol. vii, p. 914.

+ Entries so marked also appear, at least in part, on the Records of the First Congregational Church of Fairfield, organized in 1650, Bailey's Connecticut Marriages, vol. vi, pp. 34-47.

^^The parenthesis and brackets are those found in the copy furnished.

§ Also in Records of Greenfield Hill Church, organized in 1725. Connecticut Marriages, vol. vii, pp. 29-39.
In connections with members of the Greenfield Hill Church, see Records of, printed in the New England Historical and Genealogical Register, vols. 68, pp. 169-175; 266-300; 375-378; vol. 69, pp. 39-49, 127-136; 230-242; 364-379; vol. 70, pp. 33-43.

** Records of the Congregational Church of Redding, formed 1788. Connecticut Marriages, vol. i, pp. 70-76.

++ The Records of the First Congretaional Church of Fairfield, has the following: William Henry Capers of South Carolina and Abigail Burr, Sept. 9, 1789--Connecticut Marriages; vol. vi, p. 44.

Note: I believe this was originally published in the Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine, Vol. 8, No. 2 (March 1922), pp. 164-173; Vol. 8, No. 3 (March 1923), pp. 275-283.

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