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The USGenWeb Project Fairfield County, Connecticut
Cemeteries of Fairfield County, Connecticut


Many thanks to Coralynn Brown for contributing these records.

Feb. 13, 1677-8. The townsmen according to town act Feb 12, 1676, and by town order have laid out one acre of land on the west end of John Beers his home lot for the use of a burying place, bounded east with John Beers, his home lot and common land, South, West, and North with common land.

This was the place which is now, and for more than a hundred years has been commonly called the Congregational Burying Ground. When laid out it was, doubtless, intended for all the people of the town, but many years afterward, when the Episcopal Church was established, another place was laid out which has always been called the Episcopal Burying Ground. Both of these grounds are well filled, and but seldom in these days is a new grave made in them. To walk through them and read the insciptions is something like a visit to the hearthstones of long remembered kindred, where the house is left vacant. (more, which I did not copy--cb).

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-Part 4-

Here lyes Buried ye Body of
Mrs. Martha Thompson, wife to Deacon John Thompson, who departed this life Febry 7th Anno Dom, 1740, in ye 63d Year of his* age. (*sic)

Here lyes buried the Body of
Deacon John Thompson, Esq., who departed this life July ye 20th, 1765, in ye 85 Year of His age.

Here lyes ye Body of
Samuel Tompson, Son of Mr. Ambrose & Mrs. Anne Tompson, Who Departed this life, Feby 19th, Anno Dom 1749-50, in ye 29th Year of his age.

Here lyes ye Body of
Mrs. Sarah Thompson, Wife to Mr. Ambrose Thompson, Who Departed this Life Mar 23d, 1730, Aged About 71 Years.

Sacred to the Memory of
Lieut. William Thompson, Who fell in battle, bravly fighting for the liberties of his country in the memorable action at Ridgefield, on the 27th of April, 1777, where a handful of entrepid Americans withstood some thousands of British troop till overpowered by numbers, he fell a victim to the British tyranny, and more than savage cruelty in the 35th year of his age. He lived greatly beloved, and died universally lamented, and his body being removed from the place of action, was here deposited with military honors.
Relettered in 1864.

In Memory of
Capt. William Thompson, who died at sea, Dec 14, 1812, aged 47 years.
Also of
Edward, son of Capt. William & Mrs. Phebe Thompson, died, Sept. 30, 1815, aged 10 years.

Isaac, son of Mr. Willam & Mrs. Mehetable Thompson, who departed this Life Aug. 20th, A.D. 1775, aged 7 years 5 months.
Ye young, ye gay, attend this speaking stone,
Think on his fate and tremble at your own.

In memory of
Phebe, widow of the late Capt. William Thompson, who died April 27, 1844, in the 80th yr. of her age.

Mary Thompson, daughter of William & Phebe Thompson, died Oct 28, 1860, age 69.

Miss Huldah Tibbals, died Oct. 22, 1823, aged 58 years.
The soul of a sister is gone
To brighten the triumph above;
Exalted to Jesus' throne,
And clasped in the arms of his love.

Abraham Tomlinson, died April 1821, aged 88 Years.

Anna Tomlinson, relect of Abraham Tomlinson, died May 5, 1827, Aged 85.

In Memory of
Anna Tomlinson, daughter of Abraham & Anna Tomlinson, who died July 28, 1799, aged 17 years.

In Memory of
Sarah Tomlinson, daughter of Abraham & Rebecca Tomlinson, who died March 24, 1813, in the 53 year of her age.

Bathsheba Tomlinson, died Aug. 27, 1815, aged 87.

Here lyes Buried ye Body of
Lieut. Agur Tomlinson,
Died March 5, 1727-8 in ye 70 year of his age.

Here lies Intered the Remains of
Agur Tomlinson, Esq., who departed this Life, February the 15th, A.D. 1774, in the 53d year of his age.
You pas with melancholy state
By all these solemn heaps of fate,
And think as soft as sad you treat above
the Venerable Dead,
Time was like you Life possess'd
And time will be when you shall rest.

Doct. Charles Tomlinson, died July 10, 1830, aged 55.

Sarah H Tomlinson, Wife of Dr. Charles Tomlinson, Died March 1, 1858, aged 77.

Charles Hill, son of Charles & Sarah Tomlinson, died Jan 19, 1814, aged 5 mos. & 5 ds.

In Memory of
Mr. George Tomlinson, who was born June 29, 1796, and died June 19, 1824.

Gideon Tomlinson, was born in Stratford, December 31, 1780, and died at Greenfield, Oct 8, 1854.
He was admitted to the Bar and commenced the practice of Law at Greenfield in 1807; was successively a member of the State Legislature; Speaker of the House of Representatives; Member of Congress, Governor of the State of Connecticut, and United States Senator; at the close of the last named term of office he voluntarily retired to private life. Amiable and upright, and affectionate husband and fond father, happily exemplifying Christian pierty in life, and dying, supported by the hope which it inspired.

Sarah, the beloved wife of Gideon Tomlinson, died December 25, 1842, in the 56 year of her age.
Her affectionate kindness, enlightened mind, good principals, sincerity & many endearments & virtues, made her worthy of love, respect & confidence. The loss of her endeared society was deeply felt and lamented by her bereaved husband, but he drived comfort from the hope and evidence that, while she realized the decay of her body & mourned for their darling son, in devout submission to the will of God, she was mercifully brought to exercise faith & trust in Christ.

Jabez Huntington Tomlinson,
the beloved, loving & only son of Gideon and Sarah Tomlinson, was born June 28, 1818, and died of consumption April 21, 1838 in New York, where he had recently arrived from Charleston with his deeply afflicted parents.
The remembrance of his promising and improved talents amiable dispostion, sound judgment, exemplary virtues and endearing deportment, is warmly cherished, while his patience in a long sickness and the disappointment of earthly expectations, his solicitude for the happiness of others; penitence and faith, hope and trust in God afford consolation, under the mournful & trying dispensation of an all-wise just, merciful and holy Providence.

In Memory of
Mrs. Hannah Tomlinson
Consort of Capt. Gideon Tomlinson, & Dautr. of Colo. Jabez Huntington, of Windham, Who departed this Life, December ye 26, 1762, in ye 27th Year if Her Age.

In Memory of
Capt. Gideon Tomlinson, Who departed this Life Januaray the 19th, 1766, in ye 35th Year of His AGe, He was an officer in ye army & fought in ye battle at ye Narrows; was at ye Taking Ticonderoga, Crown Point, La Callette and Montreal.

In Memory of
Miss Hannah Tomlinson, who was born Jan 16, 1783, and Died April 2, 1827.

Huldah Tomlinson, Born May 1, 1766, Died Sept 16, 1844.
Blessed are those servants whom the Lord when he cometh shall find watching.

In Memory of
Dr. Hez. Tomlinson, A.M., a learned and eminent Physician, who departed this Life on the 12th day of May, A.D. 1781, in the 34 year of his Age.
He lived much esteemed and died greatlly
Vain World, farewell to you.
Heaven is my native Air,
I bid my friends a short Adieu,
Impatient to be there.

In memory of
Anna, the Daughter of Dr. Hezekiah & Mrs. Sarah Tomlinson, who deceased July 2, 1781 in the 3d year of her age.
Happy the Babe
Who's priviledged by Fate
To shorten labor
And lighten weight.

In memory of
Jabez H. Tomlinson, Esq., who died January 14, 1849, age 89.
He was highly respected as a patriotic officer of the revolutionary army and an experienced, able and upright legislator and magistrate; and deservedly honored and beloved as a friend, huband, father & Christian.

In memory of
Rebecca Tomlinson, the Wife of Jabez H. Tomlinson, who was born on the 3 day of Dec. 1761, & died on the 1 day of Jan. 1823, deeply & justly lamented by her afflicted husband & bereaved children.
Let those who delight to cherish the rememberence of her unwearied and constant affection, imitate the pious example of one, whose active and unshaken faith in the Divine Redeemer, affords just ground of confidence that she has gone to possess an inheritance incorruptable & eternal in the heavens.

In Memory of
Capt. Joseph Tomlinson, who departed this Life Oct 5th, 1774, Aged 50 years.

In Memobyr of
Elizabeth Tomlinson, Relict of Capt. Joseph Tomlinson, who died July 28th, 1809, aged 80 years.

Mary Tomlinson,
Born Jan. 27, 1772, Died Dec. 19, 1861, Ninety Years.
We know that when he shall apear,
we shall be like him,
for we shall see him as he is.

In memory of
Mrs. Mary Tomlinson, Consrot of Capt. Gikdeon Tomlinson, Who Departed this Lief, June ye 7th, 1758, in ye 26th Year of Her Age.

In Memory of
Mrs. Mary Tomlinson, Relect of Augur Tomlinson, Esq., who died June 23d, 1802, in the 79 year of her age.

In Memory of
William Agur Tomlinson, an eminent Physician who Departed this Life on the 20th day of August, A.D. 1789, in the 27th Year of his Age. He lived much esteemed and greatly lamented.
Christ, my Redeemer lives
And freely I can trust
My naked soul into his hands
When parted from its dust.

In Memory of
Mary Alace, the Daughter of Agur Tomlinson, Esq., and Mrs. Mary his Wife, who died October 8th, A.D. 1771, Aged 5 years and 1 month & 5 other infant children of the above Parents, Who lie here interr'd.
Sleep lovely Babes and take your perfect rest,
God called you home because he thought it right.

In memory of
Phebe Tomlinson, widow of Dr. William Agur Tomlinson, who died March 11, 1842, Aged 76 years.

Here lies Hid in this Grave the Body of
Mrs. Rebekah, the amiable Consort of Abraham Tomlinson, Esq., who Departed this Life on the first Day of Noembr 1774, in the 39th year of her age.
I have been what thou art now,
and are what thou shalt shortly be.
How Loved thou valued once,
avail me not to whom
Related or by whom begot,
a heap of Drift alone
Remains of me, 'tis all I am,
and all that you must be.

In memory of
Rachel E., widow of John Tomlinson, who died Sept.21, 1841, aged 74.

Susan Tomlinson, wife of William A. Tomlinson, and daughter of Joseph & Susannah Walker, died May 5, 1826, aged 33 years.

In memory of
Mr. Stephen Tomlinson, son of Capt. Joseph & Mrs. E. Tomlinson, who departed this Life Oct. 27, 1774, Aged 25 Years.

Susan Walker, daughter of William A. & Susan Tomlinson, died Sept 23, 1822, aged 1 year & 6 months.

William A. Tomlinson, died in New York, Dec. 19, 1837, in the 49th Year of his age.
Mark the perfect man,
and behold the upright,
for the end of that man is peace.

Susan Walker, Wife of Wm. A Tomlinson, died May 5, 1826, age 33.

Susan Walker, daughter of Willam A & Susan Tomlinson, died Sept. 23. 1822, aged 1 year & 6 months.

Eliza Russell, wife of Wm. A. Tomlinson, died Sept. 13, 1862, age 74.

In Memory of
Mr. Zacharish Tomlinson, who Departed this Lifeon ye 15th day of April, Anno Domni, 1768, in ye 75th Year of His Age.

Here lyes ye Body of
Mrs. Hannah Tomlinson, who departed this life, Oct. 5th, 1740, in ye 37 year of her age.

Elijah Uffoot, died March 28, 1814, aged 68 years.

Here lies the Body of
Lieut. Samuel Uffoot, who died Dec. ye 30, A.D. 1746, in ye 77 year of is Age.

In Memory of
Mrs. Abigail Ufford, wife of Mr. Samuel Ufford; who died Dec. 3. 1817, aged 73 years.

In memory of
Anne, Wife of Elijah Ufford, Who died April 24, 1810, aged 62 years.

In memory of
Alice Ufford, wife of William Ufford, who died Oct. 27, 1819, aged 36 years.

In Memory of
Benjamin Ufford, who died March, 1810, aged 68 years,
And of his wife
Elizabeth, who died July 1824, aged 78.

Betsey Ufford, Died August 20, 1837, Aged 25 years.

Catharine Ufford, Died Oct. 21, 1866, Aged 85 yrs & 6 mos.

In Memory of
Caty, wife of Benjamin Ufford, who died Sept. 22, 1831, in her 61 year.

Henry Ufford, Died Nov. 30, 1831, age 44 Yrs. 4 mo.

Hannah Jerome, His Wife, Died January 23, 1863, Aged 84 years.
"Be thou faithfull unto death,
and I will give thee a crown of life."

Julia, Wife of Hezekiah Gold Ufford, Died May 5, 1864, age 76 yrs.
"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God."

Isaac Ufford, Died Dec. 18, 1836, age 52 years.

Phebe Dayton, wife of Isaac Ufford, Born Aug 8, 1785, Died Aug. 11, 1872.

Louisa J., Daughter of Henry J. & Lucy L. Ufford, died April 13, 1863, aged 15 yrs. & 6 mo.
Too fondly loved,
Too early lost.

Lucy L.,
Wife of Henry J. Ufford, Died April 8. 1861, age 41.
O Mother dear they pains are o'er
Thou ne'er shall sign nor weep no mroe,
Thy spirit dwells among the blest,
In heaven those shall forever rest.
We'e laid thee in they narrow home,
Until the resurrection morn,
Till Christ shall bid the sleepers rise,
To dwell in mansions in the skies.

In memory of
Phebe, wife of Benjamin Ufford, who died Sept. 21st, A.D. 1810, aged 37.

Caroline, their daughter, died Sept. 3d, 1803, aged 1 year & 8 months.

Catharine, Daughter of Benjain & Phebe Ufford, Born Dec. 9, 1801, Died Mar. 21, 1880.

In memory of
Mrs. Susannah Ufford, wife of Samuel Ufford, Jur., who died Dec. 29, 1817, age 43.

In Memory of
Dea. Samuel Ufford, Who was born Feb. 27, 1749, and deceased Dec. 10, 1822; in the 74 year of his age.

In Memory of
Sophia, Daughter of Elijah Ufford, Jun., who died Sept. 18, 1803, aged 1 year & 4 months.

Susannah & Hezekiah.
Children of Samuel & Susanna Ufford.
Susannah, died Dec 23, 1801, in the 4th year of her age.
Hezekiah, died June 3, 1801, in the 4th day of his age.

In memory of
William Ufford, who died May 29, 1848, age 70 yrs.

In Memory of
Abigail, wife of William Ufford, who died Dec. 5, 1848, age 62.

Here lyes the Remains of
Deliverance Waklin, who departed this life in the 57 year of his age, Nov 6, 1707.

Sacred to the memory of
Ann Brasher Walker, who departed this life Jan. 12, 1837, aged 46.

[A Monument]
Joseph Walker, Died Aug.1 2, 1810, Aged 55 Years,
He entered the American Army in the year 1777, & served is country in several grades of office, from Captain to Major General.

Jonathan Otis Walker, died Oct. 27, 1821, aged 36 years.

Mary Ann, Wife of John Otis Walker, Died Nov 23, 1867, Aged 72.

relict of Gen. Joseph Walker, died Oct 20, 1822, aged 70 years.

Joseph Walker, son of Joseph & Susannah Walker, died on the 18th of March, 1803, in the 13th year of is age, of a fracture in his skull, occasioned by a fall from a horse. Jan 10th, 1803.

Here lyes Buried ye Body of
Mrs. Mary Walker, Wife to Mr. Josiah Walker, who departed this Life Jany ye 5th, A.D. 1745, or 6 in ye 24th year of Her Age,

Mrs. Eunice, Relect of Capt. William Walker, died Dec 28, 1832, aged 64 years.

Capt. Willam Walker, died Dec 5th, 1830, aged 62 years.

[A Monument]
Robert Walker, Esq., Died November 7, A.D. 1810, Aged 64 years.
In private life his deportment was in the highest degree exemplary. The urbanityof his manners, the amiableness of his Disposition, and the benevolence of is character, were pre-eminently conspicuous. He was kind, courteous and charitable; ardent in his friendships, and forgiving in his resentments. To his strong intellectual powers, were united a quick discernment, and a discriminating judgment. he was onored with many civil offices, and duties of which he discharged with an unwavering fidelity. He was a firm beliver in Christianity and a poweful advocate for good morals, An affectionate Huband and tender Parent.

Here also lies mingled with the same earth the dust of
Mrs. Margaret Walker, relict of Robert Walker, Esq., who died Feb. 6, 1819, aged 66 years.

[A Tablet of sandstone with slatestone inlaid]
In Memory of the
Honble. Robert Walker, Esq., Who departed this Life, July 13, A.D. 1772, age 68.
He sustained many important offices in civil Life. For many Years before and at the time of his Death, He was one of is Majesty's council for the Colony of Connecticut, one of the Judges of the Superior Court, and a Colonel of the Militia; all which offices he discharged with Fidelity and honor. He firmly believed and Conscientiously Practiced the Christiam Religion; was a kind Huband, a Tender Parent, and faithful Friend.

Mrs. Rebeckah Walker, Relict of Honble Robert Walker, Esqr., died Feby 28th, 1805, in the 89th Year of her age.

Robert Wm Walker, Died May 8, 1852; Aged 59.

Mr. Robert Walker, Who Departed this Life, April ye 1st Anno Domni, 1743, in ye 75th Year of His Age.

In memory of
Mrs. Abigail Walker, the beloved Consort of Mr. Robert Walker, Junr., Who departed this Life June 25th, 1769, in the 25th year of her Age.

Joseph Walker, Son of Robert Walker, Esqr., by his wife Rebeckah, who died the 8th day of May, A.D. 1752, aged 9 years, five months & 27 Days.

Capt. William Walker, died in the service of the United States at Burlington, Vt., Dec 31, 1812, aged 29.

In Memory of
Anna Wells, Wife of James Wells, who died April 9, 1831, aged 77 years.

Two Children, daughters of Nathan and Mary R. Wells,
Catharine Jane, died March 1, 1806, aged 16 days.
Mary Ruggles, died Sept 2, 1813, aged 2 years & 5 months.

In Memory of
Mrs. Charity Wells, ye daug of Mrs. Comfort Wells, and Sister to the wife of Jabez Curtis. She Departed this Life July 29th, 1783, in the 42d Year of her Age.

Here lyes Buried the Body of
Mr. David Wells, Who Departed this life April 25th, Anno Domni, 1742, Aged 43 Years.

In memory of
Hannah Wells, who died April 19, 1806, aged 55 years.

Mrs. Hepsa Wells, wife of Mr. John Wells, died Sept. 9, 1815, in the 26 year of her age.

Nathaniel B.,
their son, died August 30, 1815, age 8 weeks.

In memory of
Mr. Isaac Judson Wells, Who Departed this Life, April 19th, 1772, in ye 62 Year of his Age.

Mr. Isaac Wells, died Feb. 27, 1814, in the 62 year of his age.

In Memory of
James Wells, who died August 2, 1821, in his 74th year.

Here lyes Buried ye Body of
Capt. John Wells, Who departed this Life February 17th, Anno Domni 1735, Aged 59 Years.

Here lyes Buried the Body of
Mr. John Wells, Who Departed this Life February 8th, Anno Domni, 1753, in ye 40 Year of his Age.

In Memory of
Mrs. Comfort Wells, Wife to Mr. John Wells, who departed this Life, February 9, 1790, In the 73 Year of her Age.

In memroy of
Mr. John Wells, Son of Mrs. Comfort Wells and only Brother of the Wife of Jabez Curtis & beloved friend of Phebe Gorham, who Departed this Life, Jany 14th, A.D. 1789, in the 41st Year of his Age.

Here lyes Buried ye Body of
Mrs. May Wells, Widow of Capt. John Wells, Who Departed this life Jany 6th, Anno Domni, 1743, Aged 64 Years.

In memory of
Mary Wells, Relict of Benjamin Wells, who died May 24, 1796, aged 68 Years.

Mrs. Molly Wells, wife of Mr. John Wells; died Jan. 29, 1814; aged 46.

In memory of
Nancy Wells, who died Nov. 29, 1835, in the 60 year of her age.

Mrs. Eunice Wells, relict of Mr. Nathan Wells, died April 12, 1816, aged 87 years.

In memory of
Lieut. Nathan Wells, Who Departed this mortal life on the 20th of May, Anno Dom. 1776, in the 49th year of his Age.
Think of your friend lies buried here,
And view your transient state;
Bestow at least one pious Tear,
And with Submission wait,
E'er long this melancholy scene,
Shall on your hearse attend;
With haste employ the Space between,
To make of God a Friend.

In Memory of
Miss Phebe, Daught of Mr. Stephen & Mrs. Mary Wells, Who Departed this Life, Sept. 9, 1775, in the 10th Year of her age.

In memory of
Mr. Samuel Wells, Jr., who departed this life, Sept. 9th, 1804, aged 39 years.

In memory of
Lieut. Stephen Wells, who departed this life April 4, 1799; in ye 58 year of his age.

In memory of
Mr. Thomas Wells, who departed this Life, Sept. 23d, 1791. In the 74th year of his Age.

Here lyes Buried ye Body of
Mr. William Wells, Who departed this life Nov. 1, Anno Domni, 1745, in ye 30th Year of his age.

[A Monument]
This monument, erected by Robert M. Welman of New York.
Sacred to the memory of his much beloved wife,
Catharine Rebecca Welman, who left his sublunary sphere July 2d, 1804, age 22 years, 7 months and 11 days.
Pause Gentle traveler,
Was her matchles worth
To thee in happier moments known?
Then pour the tide of sorrow forth,
And in her fate lament thine own.
But didst thou not her virtue know,
Still let thy tears her death attend
And mourn that midst a world of wod
Thou wert not lovely Catharine's friend.
Deep the sleep of death! low the pillow of dust.

Catharine M. Wetmore, relict of Victory Wetmore, died Oct. 14, 1859, age 86.

Sacred to the Memory of
Victory Wetmore, Esq., who Departed this life, March 10, 1817; age 50.

In Memory of
Charles Joseph Wetmore, who died the 17 of July, A.D. 1816, in the 37 year of his age.

Rev. Izrahiah Wetmore died Augt. 3d, 1798, in the 70th Year of his age, and 45th of his ministry.

Mrs. Phebe Wetmore, Consort of Revd Izh. Wetmore, and Daughter of Robert Walker, Esq., died Septr. 12th, 1784, in the 45th year of her age.

In Memroy of
Victory, son of the Revd Izrahiah Wetmore, and Phebe Wetmore, his wife, who Deceased Novem 1762, in the 3d Year of his Age.

In Memory of
Rebecca, Daughter of the Revd. Izrahiah Wetmore, and Phebe Wetmore, his wife, who deceased Decr. 1, 1760, Aged about 10 months.
Light as the Summer's dust we take in air
A moment's giddy flight and fall again
Join the dull mass, increase the trodden soil,
And sleep till earth herself shall be no more.

In Memory of
Mrs. Tryphena Whetmore, Dautr of Capt. Hezekiah Wetmore of Middletown (Deceas'd), Who departed this mortal life on the 11th day of July, 1772, in ye 22d year of her age.
The Souls the only thing we have
Worth an important thought,
The soul is of the immortal kind
Ne'er formed of Fir, or Earth, or Wind
outlives ye mouldering corpse & leaves ye globe behind.

Mrs. Charity, relect of Mr. Elnathan Wheeler, died March 6, 1816, in 77 year of her age.

In Memory of
Miss Charity Wheeler, Daughter of Mr. Elnathan and Mrs. Charity Wheeler, Who died May 1st, 1797, in the 28th Year of her Age.

Charles H., died June 17, 1812, age 7 years & 5 months.

Nelson, died June 28, 1817, age 8 years,
Sons of John & Avis Wheeler.
Elisha Wheeler, died Mary 5, 1853, Aged 81 years.

In memory of
Dorothy, Wife of Elisha Wheeler, who died Jan. 12, 1847, age 71 Years.

Here lyes Buried ye Body of
Mrs. Elizabeth Wheeler, Wife to Nathan Wheeler, Who Died Jan. 22, Anno Domini, 1739-40, in ye 51st Year of Her Age.

In memory of
Elnathan Wheeler, Jr.
He died Nov. 1st, 1805, aged 39 years.
The sweet memory of the just
Shall flourish when he sleeps in dust.

In Memory of
Mr. Elnathan Wheeler, who died Feb. 14, 1809, in the 69th year of his age.

Here lyes Buried the Body of
Deacon Elnathan Wheeler, Who Departed this Life, March the 14th, 1761, Aged 58 Years.

Emily Curtis, Daughter of Ezra & Emily Wheeler, Born Oct. 4, 1852, Died Aug. 28, 1872.

Edward, son of Ezra & Emily Wheeler, Died Nov. 10, 1865, Age 1 yr. & 6 mos.

George Wheeler, died July 16, 1835, aged 35, also.

Mary C., daughter of George & Betsey C. Wheeler, died July 29, 1833, age 2 yrs. and 7 mo.

J.W., 1694 [Perhaps Joanna Wheeler, youngest dau. of the 1st Moses]

In memory of
Mrs. Jennet, wife of Mr. David Wheeler and daughter of Capt. Daniel and Mrs. Betsey Booth, who died Oct. 29, 1817, aged 23 years.

Nathaniel Wheeler, died May 19, 1819, age 85.

Mrs. Rachel Wheeler, wife of Mr. Nathaniel Wheeler, Died Sept.15, 1814; aged 81 years.

Here layes the Body of
Nathan Wheeler, Who Departed this life, January the 31, 1723-4, in 119 year of his Age.

Here lyes Buried the Body of
Mr. Nathan Wheeler, Who departed this life Nov. ye 7th, 1765, in ye 86th Year of his Age.

Here lyes intered The Body of
Mary Wheeler, Who Departed this Life in March the 4th day in the year 1726, and in 17th year of her age.

Here lyes ye Body of
Mrs. Martha Wheeler, Wife to Mr. Elnathan Wheeler, Who departed this life August the 5th, 1764, Aged 64 Years.

In Memory of
Miss Martha Wheeler, who died Aug. 14, 1827, aged 63.

J. W.
February ye 17.
(This stone is at the left side of Moses Wheeler's.)

In Memory of
Capt. Samuel Wheeler, who died June 2, 1815, in the 57 year of his age.

Our Mother Rests.
Betsey Hawley Wheaton, Died Aug. 17, 1872, In Her 85th year.

Anna M., Daughter of David & Jane E. Wheaton, died June 20, 1863, age 16 years & 1 mo.

In memory of
Mary Whippo, who died Jan. 23, 1812, aged 53 years, and of her late husband, Isaac Whippo, who died in New York, July 6, 1807, aged __years, also of their two sons John & Charles.
John died in the Island of New Providence, July 30, 1799, age 17.
Charles went to sea Aug. 1807, at 23 years of age and has not since been heard from.

In Memory of
Mrs. Ephraim Willcockson, Who died July 21, 1806, Aged 78.

In memory of three Children of Elnathan & Sarah Willcoxson.
Isaac, died July 14, 1783, age 5 years.
Elias, died July 3, 1783, age 3 years.
Sarah, died July 12, 1783, age 8 months.

Here Lyes Buried ye Body of
Lieut. John Willcockson, Who Departed this Life, Sept. 12th, Anno Domni, 1748, in ye 65th Year of His Age.

Here lies the Body of
Lucy Willcockson, Daughter of Lieut. Ephraim & Ruth Willcockson, died June 9th, A.D. 1784, in the 28th Year of her age.

Sacred to the Memory of
Mrs. Ruth Willcockson, Consort of Lieut. Ephraim Willcockson, Who departed this Life, July 30, 1801, In the 74th Year of her Age.

In memory of
Ruth Ann, daughter of Col. Ephraim J. & Mrs, Mary Wilcoxson, who died Sept. 22, 1815, aged 6 years.

In memory of
Samuel O. Willcockson, who died June 7, 1804, age 34.

Here lies the Body of
Samuel Willcockson, who departed this Life August 19, A.D. 1783, in the 59th year of his Age.
The Woman's Seed shall bruise the Serpent's Head,
And Christ shall raise his servants from the Dead.

In Memory of
Chester G. Whiting, who died Aug. 19, 1847, age 25 yrs. & 6 ms.

Hannah, wife of Seymour Whiting, Died Sept 25, 1846, age 78 yrs. & 3 mo.

Mrs. Mary Ann, widow of Ezra C. Whiting, Died Dec. 16, 1866, age 67 yrs. 11 mos.
"I shall be satisfied when I awake with thy likeness."

In Memory of
Ezra C Whiting, who died April 10, 1824, in his 32 year; And of 2 infant Children by his wife Mary Ann:
Elbert, died Sept 7, 1819, aged 1 year & 17 days.
Elbert 2d, died Aug. 27, 1821, aged 1 year & 10 days.

In Memory of
Col. Samuel Whiting, who died Feb. 15, 1803, aged 82 yrs.
Also of
Elizabeth, his wife, who died Dec 5, 1793, aged 70 yrs.

In memory of
Seymour Conway Whiting, who departed this life July 26, 1841, aged 74 years.

Here lies Interred the Body of
Mr. Samuel Whitney, who Departed this life December ye 6th, 1753, in ye 66th Year of his Age.

Sacred to the memory of
Mrs. Abigail M. Woodbridge, the amiable Consort of Samuel Woodbridge, Esqr., and eldest daughter of Robert & Margaret Walker, who departed this life, Aug. 15, A.D. 1814, Aged 34 Years.

In memory of
Ruth Wooster, widow of the late Col. Joseph Wooster, who died March 23d, 1801, aged 86 years.



Peter Pixley, son of Mr. David & Mrs. Betsey Curtiss, died May 10, 1817, aged 3 months.
This inscription should have been in the Curtiss families, but was entered in the wrong place.

The date of death of John Hurd on page 221 was 1681, but it is not legible on the grave-stone.

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