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The USGenWeb Project Fairfield County, Connecticut
Cemeteries of Fairfield County, Connecticut


Many thanks to Coralynn Brown for contributing these records.

Feb. 13, 1677-8. The townsmen according to town act Feb 12, 1676, and by town order have laid out one acre of land on the west end of John Beers his home lot for the use of a burying place, bounded east with John Beers, his home lot and common land, South, West, and North with common land.

This was the place which is now, and for more than a hundred years has been commonly called the Congregational Burying Ground. When laid out it was, doubtless, intended for all the people of the town, but many years afterward, when the Episcopal Church was established, another place was laid out which has always been called the Episcopal Burying Ground. Both of these grounds are well filled, and but seldom in these days is a new grave made in them. To walk through them and read the insciptions is something like a visit to the hearthstones of long remembered kindred, where the house is left vacant. (more, which I did not copy--cb).

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-Part 3-

In memory of
Mrs. Elizabeth Abigail Judson, who died Aug. 31st, aged 38 years;
Also their Daughter
Betsey Judson, who died Sept 21st, aged 15 years;
Also their Son
David Judson, who died Sept 3d, aged 8 months;
All in the year 1803.

Elizabeth Ann Mills Judson, daughter of Roswell & Sarah Judson, died March 12th, 1806, aged 22 months & 11 days.
Alas! how transient all our earthly store;
Today we bloom tomorrow are no more.

H.T. Judson, M.D., Died Feb. 23. 1851, age 50.

Nancy T. Judson, died Sept. 27, 1864, age 69.

Sarah Judson, died April 18, 1859, age 83.

Miss Hannah Judson, Daughter of Mr. Abner & Mrs. Hannah Judson, died Septr 17, 1795, Aged 21 years & 5 months.

In Memory of
Mrs. Hannah Judson, formerly Wife ot Mr. Abner Judson, Who departed this Life May ye 15, A.D. 1777, in the 41 Year of her Age.

In Memory of
Helen Judson, wife of Aaron Judson, who died May 26, 1825, aged 56 years. Also of
Edwin Judson, son of Sidney I. & Mary Ann Beardsley, who died Sept. 25, 1825, aged 5 months.

In Memory of
Isaac Judson, son of Mr. Abner & Mrs. Hannah Judson; Who died July ye 26, 1772, Aged 4 years & 6 months.

In memory of
Abner Judson, son of Mr. Abner & Mrs. Hannah Judson, Who died May 17, 1764. Aged 2 months & 17 Ds.

Here lyes Buried ye Body of
Joshua Judson, who departed this Life, Nov. 27, Anno Domni, 1735, in ye 58th year of his age.

Here lyes the Body of
Capt. James Judson, Esq., Who dyed Feby ye 25th, 1721, Aged 71 yrs.

Here lyes ye Body of
Mrs. Rebeckah Judson, Who Dyed Nov. ye 5th, 1717, Aged 62 Years.

In Memory of
Isaac Judson, who died Nov 5, 1831, Aged 46 years.

Here lyeth the Body of
Mr. Jeremiah Judson, Who died in the 79 year of His Age, May 15, 1700

Here lyes Buried ye Body of
Mr. Jeremiah Judson, who departed this life, Decem. 11th, 1759, in ye 26 Year of His Age.

Here lyes Burried ye Body of
Capt. Jeremiah Judson, Who departed this life Feb 9, 1734, aged 63 years.

Sacred to the memory of
Joseph Judson, and Sarah, his wife: Joseph died Oct 8, 1690, aged 71 years.
Sarah, died March 16. 1696. aged 70 years. Joseph came from England when 13 Years old in 1634 with his father Wm., and two brothers and resided in this Town:
The old monument being so effaced by time as to be scarcely ledgible his descendants have erected this to perpetuate his momey, in the year 1812.

In memory of
Lewis Judson, son of Stiles & Charry Judson, who died Mar. 25, 1837, aged 21.

In memory of
Charity Judson, daughter of Stiles & Naomi Judson, who died Feb. 26, 1817, aged 29 years.

In Memory of
Lewis Judson, Son of Stiless & Naomi Judson, who died July 9, 1815, aged 25 years.

In memory of
Naomi, wife of Stiles Judson, who died June 4, 1850, age 91 yrs.

Stiles Judson, Died March 10, 1834, aged 81 years.

Sacred to the memory of
Sarah Judson, Consort of Daniel Judson, Esq., Who died May 30th, A.D. 1808, Aged 77 years.

Here lyeth Burried the Body of
Mr. Isaac Knell, Sen., who departed this life in the 57 year of his age, Nov 2, 1708.

Here lieth the Body of
Lieut. Thomas Knowles, Who Departed this Life, November ye 17th, in the 57th Year of his Age, 1705.

B.L., March 20, 1691

Cornelia Augusta, Daughter of David & Laura Lacy, Died April 24, 1850, age 18 Y'rs & 6 mo.
"Come, dear Saviour take me home."
I long to see thy blessed face.
To hear thy voice and wear thy crown,
The gift of thy free grace.

Short from the cradle to the grave.
Christine S., Daughter of Francis B., & Catharine A. Lacy, Died Aug 22, 1844, age 17 mo. 1 da's.

David Lacy, Born Dec 4, 1785, died Feb 9, 1862, age 76 Y'rs, 2 mo. & 5 d's.

D. Augustus Lacy, Died at Vicksburg, Miss., Oct 6, 1855, age 26 y'rs & 4 mo.
His remains were removed to this place Apr. 7, 1856.
Beneath this silent marble sweetly sleeps
A Farther, friend, and husband, loved.
The memory of whose bright vitrues keep
Fond hearts prepared to meet above.

Little Laura, daughter of D. Augustus & Eliza D. Lacy, born Aug 22, 1852, Died Dec 1, 1860, age 8 Yrs. 3 mo. & 9 d's.
A flower transplanted.

In Memory of
Francis B. Lacy, who died Dec 26, 1847, in the 29th Y'r of his age.

Laura Burr, Wife of David Lacy, Born Apr 25, 1793, Died Nov 5, 1869, Age 76 Y'rs 6 mo. 10 d's.

Peter Laboree, the son of James & Abigail Laboree, died March 11, 1721.

Here Lyes Buried ye Body of
Mary Lamson, Daughter of William & Elizabeth Lamson, Who Departed This life March the 30th, 1727, Aged 2 Years, 3 months & 20 Days.

Jacob Lattin, Son of Benjamin & Mary Lattin, Dec. Noveb ye 23, 1724, Aged 3 months & 25 Ds.

John Hooker, son of Rev. Jackson & Sarah Leavitt, died July 11, 1828, aged 3 yrs. 8 ds.

In memory of
Abram C. Lewis, who died Dec. 9, 1845, age 68 Yrs.

In memory of
Elizabeth Lewis, Wife of Abram C. Lewis, who departed this life Oct. 30, 1804, aged 26 years.

In memory of Two Children of Abram C. & Elizabeth Lewis,
died Sept 12th, 1803, aged 3 years & 5 months.
Charles, died Sept 5th, 1803, aged 1 year & 10 months.
Juliana, wife of Abram C Lewis, died May 16, 1849, age 65.
Edward C, son of A.C. & J. Lewis, died in California, Sept 29.

Here lyes Buried the Body of
Mr. Benjamin Lewis, who departed this life July ye 7th, 1759, in ye 63d Year of His Age.

Here lyes ye Body of
Mrs. Sarah Lewis, Wife of Mr. Benjamin Lewis, Who departed this Life, June ye 8, 1765, in ye 66 Year of Her Age.

In Memory of
Mr. Benjamin Lewis, who departed this life, May 2, 1800, aged 71 years.
O! welcome. welcome, Death.

In Memory of
Mrs. Elizabeth Lewis, Relict of Mr. Benjamin Lewis, who died Oct. 29th, 1802, aged 64 years.

Benjamin Birdsey Lewis, son of Mr. Agur & Mrs. Charity Lewis, died Sept. 13th, 1805, aged 11 months.
Youth's forward slips
Death soonest nips.

Here lies intered the Body of
Daniel Lewis, Son of Mr. Joseph Lewis, who departed this Life, April 9th, A.D. 1775, aged 21 years 11 months & 22 Days.
No gift of Nature, art of Grace,
Exempteth from the burying place,
All must obey the solemn Call,
Before that tyrant all must Fall.

In Memory of
Mr. George Lewis, who died Nov. 13, 1815, in the 81 Year of his age.

Mrs. Mary Lewis, wife of Mr. George Lewis, died May 24th, 1814, Aged 76 Years.

In Memory of
Jerusha Lewis, wife of Stephen Lewis, who died Feb. 12, 1838; in the 86 year of her age.

Jerusha, daughter of Mr. Stephen C. & Mrs. Hannah Lewis, died Nov 4, 1814, aged 7 months.

Here lyeth ye Body of
Hannah Lewis, the Daughter of Mr. E.L., Who Departed this Life in ye 3 Year of her age, April 10, 1700.

In memory of
Mr. Joseph Lewis, who died Oct. 7, 1797, in ye 77 Year of His Age.

In memory of
Rebecca J., daughter of Abram C. & Juliana Lewis, who died Feb. 14, 1835, age 9 years 8 months.

In memory of
Sarah Lewis, the beloved Consort of Mr. Joseph Lewis, who died Feb. 20th, 1789, in the 63 year of her age.

In memory of
Stephen Lewis, who died July 18, 1839, aged 91 yrs.

Charlotte A.,
only Daughter of Benedict & Marilla Lillingstone, Died July 6, 1861, age 24 yrs. 3 mo. & 16 Ds.
This is ground
which no rude footstep should impress.

Mary H., Wife of David W Lillingstone, Died Oct 13, 1863, age 22 yrs. 2 mo. & 11 Ds.
Tread softly stranger.

In memory of Four Infant children of
Ezekiel & Hannah Lovejoy.
They died in the year of 1793, 1794, 1795 & 1805.
Little Carrie

In memory of
Ezekiel Lovejoy, who died April 20, 1837; aged 77 years.

In memory of
Clarissa Lovejoy, relict of Ezekiel Lovejoy, who died March 31, 1839, aged 46 years.

Theodora, daughter of Ezekiel & Clarissa Lovejoy, died Sept. 27, 1824, aged 3 years & 7 months.

In memory of
Mrs. Susannah Lovejoy, wife of Capt. Phineas Lovejoy, who departed this life, April 6th, A.D. 1806, age 76.
Behold and see, you who pass by,
As you are now so once was I;
As I am now so you must be,
Prepare for death and follow me.

Capt. Phineas Lovejoy, died Sept. 21, 1812, in the 81 year of his age.
Farewell, my offspring, left on shore,
You soon must pass this dangerous deep;
Where all our ancestors are gone before;
I hope in heaven we all shall meet.

The Grave of two sisters, only children of DeForest and Catharine Maria Manice, died in New York of scarlet fever.
Catharine Maria, born in New York, Jan 26, 1828, died Feb. 11, 1830, aged 2 years & 16 days.
Mary Anne, born in Hartford, Jan. 6, 1826, died March 8, 1830, aged 4 years 2 months & 2 days.

In Memory of
Samuel McAlister, born 1803, Died May 12, 1852
And also
Harriet, his wife, Born 1783, Died Sept 13, 1863.

Samuel Ufford McAllister, Aged 10 yrs., 1843.
A blighted flower,
A bud of fairest promise nipped
In early morning hour.

Abijah McEwen, Esq., died Dec 1, 1812, aged 70.

In memory of
Mrs. Catee, the virtuous and beloved Consort of Abijah McEwen & Daughter of Agur Tomlinson, Esqr., who departed this Life in a glorious prospect of a better; December 28th, A.D. 1774. age 28.
O just beloved and lost, O ever dear!
Thy memory still shall prompt the tender tear
With every virtue, every Grac adorn'd
Whatever in life is Loved, in Death is mourned.

Charles McEwen, Died January 6th, 1836, Aged 56.

Sarah McEwen, wife of Charles McEwen, died Sept. 17, 1847, aged 68.

Wm. Wallace, son of Charles & Sally McEwen, died Aug 25, 1815, aged 4 years.

George V.T. McEwen, Died Sept 10, 1882, Aged 63 years.

Jane Elizabeth, daughter of Charles and Sally McEwen, died Novbr. 16th, 1804, aged 10 months.

Jerusha McEwen, Died April 6, 1839, aged 82 years and 7 months.

Dr. John Betts McEwen, born in Stratford, Mar 31, 1808, and died in New York October 7, 1867.

Maria Catharine McEwen, Dau. of Mr. Abijah & Mrs. Catey McEwen, who died April 7th, 1772, Aged 5 months.

In Memory of
Ruth McEwen, wife of Samuel McEwen, who died June 22d, 1836, Aged 55.

Sacred to the Memory of
Sally McEwen, Wife of Samuel McEuen, who died Oct 20, 1802, age 23 and of their
Daughter, who died Oct 17th, 1802, age 17 hours.

In memory of
Samuel McEwen, who died March 2, 1849, age 74.

In Memory of
Mr. Timothy McEuen, who died March 2, 1849, age 74.

In Memory of
Mr. Timothy McEuen, who died Feby 9th, 1788, aged 84 years.

In Memory of
William S. W. McEwen, who died Aug. 17, 1833, Aged 34.

In Memory of
Caroline Elizabeth, daughter of William S. & Sarah M. McEwen, Who died Sept. 4, 1828, age 13 Months.
This lovely bird so young and fair,
Called hence by early doom,
Just come to show how sweet a flower,
In Paradise would bloom.

In Memory of
Samuel Curtiss, son of William S, & Sarh M. McEwen, who died July 6, 1836, age 7 yrs.

Wm. Samuel, son of Abijah & Mary Ann McEwen, died Oct. 14, 1845, aged 7 years.

In Memory
George McCune, Son of Mr. Timothy & Mrs. Abigail McCune, who Departed this Life April aye 6th, 1768, in ye 16th year of His Age.

Here lies inter'd the Body of
Mrs. Abigail Mceune, Wife of Mr. Timothy McEune, Who died Aut. 17th, 1775, in the 66th year of Her Age.

Jane Mills, Died April 12, 1849, age 37.

Mr. William Morehouse,
died of consumption, Sept. 11, 1832, aged 34 years.
Farewell my dear husband, he's gone
And we are destined for a while to part
I am left for to weep and to mourn -
The wound has sunk deep in my heart.

To the Memory of
Mary Mumford, daughter of B.M. & Harriet Mumford, of New York, died 31 July 1814, aged 1 year & 29 days.

Here lyes Buried the Body of
Mr. Howkins Nichols, Who Departed this Life Sept. ye 13th, 1757, Aged 29 Years, 11 months & 28 Days.

Here lyes Buried the Body of
Mr. Jonathan Nichols, Who departed this Life November ye 6th, 1760, in ye 73 year of His Age.

In Memory of
Mrs. Susan Nichols, who departed this life, Janry 13th, 1792, In the 35th year of her Age.

Josiah Nicols, June 25, 1692 [Aged] 39 y.

Here lyes Buried the Body of
Richard Nichols, Who departed this life, Sept. ye 20, 1756, in ye 78 of His Age.

In Memory of
Mr. Silas Nichols, who departed this Life Jany. 13, 1792, in the 55 Year of his age.

[A Monument]
Sacred to the Memory of
Mrs. Ann Nichols, wife of George K. Nichols, and daughter of Jabez H. Tomlinson, Esqr., born on the 23d day of January, 1785. She died deeply lamented, on the 26 day of February, 1812, aged XXVII
She was a dutiful Chld,
an affectionate Sister,
a constant Friend,
a love Wife, and a tender Mother.
Possessing an elevating and descriminating mind, She gratefully embraced the religion of Jesus, and living in the exercise of the Christian Faith, she resigned this life with a well founded hope of a blessed immortality, though the divine Redeemer.

In Memory of
Mr. George K. Nichols, who was born Dec.26, 1775; died Sept 1, 1821, near Natchez, where his remains were buried.
An amiable and generous heart,
enlivened by the love of the divine Redeemer,
endeared himself to his numerous friends and relatives.

Elizabeth Huntington Nichols was born on the 3d day of February, 1809, and died on the 9th day of July, 1812.
She was a lovely child.
She was committed to our care,
and we watched over her with the tenderest affection,
but we loved her, perhaps, too well,
and she was taken from us in mercy.

Here lies the body of
Josiah, Son to Mr. Thomas & Mrs. Sarah Olcott, who died May ye 3rd, 1747, in the 10 year of his Age.

Sarah Olcott, wife of Thomas Olcott, died May 11, 1811, in the 89 year of her age.

In Memory of
Mr. Thomas Olcott, who died May 3, 1795; in ye 82 year of his Age.

Here lies Interred the Body of
Mrs. Sarah Ollcott, the wife of Mr. Thomas Ollcott, who Departed this Life March ye 30th, A.D. 1756, In ye 40th Year of Her Age.

In Memory of
Frederick Olmstead, who died Nov 9, 1826, aged 39 years.

In Memory of
Mary J., wife of Frederick Olmstead, Born Nov 20, 1792, Died Jan. 10, 1882

William Pixlee, son of Frederick and Mary J. Olmstead, died Jan. 21, 1823, aged 17 months.

Mr. Normand Olmstead, died March 28, 1819; aged 43 years.

In Memory of
Marther Osborn, wife of Nathan Osborn, who died Oct. 5th, 1803, aged 54.

Here lyes Buried ye Body of
Mr. Andrew Patterson, Who departed this Life December ye 2d, Anno Domni, 1746, Aged 87 years.

Isaac Patterson, Son of Mr. John & Mrs. Mary Patterson, Died Febry 13th, A.D. 1749, aged 1 year & 8 Months.

Helen T., wife of Edward Patterson, died Feb 4, 1848, age 21 yrs & 6 Mo.
Also their Infant daugher died Jan. 31, 1848, age 2 ds,

Isabella & Helen T., Daughters of Edward and Mary H Patterson, age 5 1/s mo.

Here lyes ye body of
Parthenia Patterson, Daught of Mr. John & Mrs. Mary Patterson, Who died Janry 26th, 1746-7, Aged 16 Years of his age.

In Memory of two Children of Capt. John & Mrs. Mary Peck.
Elizabeth Peck, departed this Life, Janry 30th, 1785, in the 5 Year of her age.
David Brooks Peck, departed this Life, Febry 4th, 1785, in the 2 year of his Age.
Your moans fond parents cease &
Let this hope suffice,
Your babies shall sleep in peace
till Jesus bids them rise.

In memory of
Hannah, wife of Thaddeus Peck, who died Oct 5, 1815, aged 33 years.

In memory of
James Peck, Son of Dean Job & Mrs. Bettee Peck, Who died Octb 8, A.D. 1776, in the 18th Year of his Age.

In memory of
Deacon Job Peck, who departed this Life, September the 9th, A.D. 1782, in the 62d Year of is Age, and also of
Betty Peck, his wife, who departed this Life, December the 21st, A.D., 1780, in the 56th Year of her Age.
Redeemed from Earth & pain
Ah when shall we ascend
And all in Jesus presence reign
With our departed friends.

In Memory of
Mr. Job Peck, who died Feby 3, 1797, in the 44th Year of his age.
Redeemed from earth and pain
O when shallw e assend
And all in Jesus presence reign
With olur departed friends.

In memory of
Mrs. Martha Peck, Wife of Mr. Job Peck. She died Sept. 13, 1798, age 42.

In memory of
Josiah Peck, Junr., who died at St. Christopher's August 27th, 1809, In the 23d year of his age.
Sally Peck, Daughter of Mr. Joseph Peck, who died Sept. 17th, 1809, in the 17th year of her age.
While our departed friends are gone,
To join the church above,
May We Prepare to follow them,
And sing Redeeming Love.

In memolry of
Lewis Peck, Son to Mr. Job & Mrs. Martha Peck, who died June 3, 1796, in the 12 year of his Age.

Alice, widow of Isaac Pendleton, Died Dec 10, 1868; Aged 88 yrs.

Isaac Pendleton, deceased Nov. 10, 1824, aged 46 years.

William Pendleton, Died Sept. 14, 1883, age 78 yrs 9 mos.

J.P., S.P.

Here lyes Buried ye Body of
Mr. David Pixley, Who Died August ye 1st, A.D. 1742, in ye 38th year of his Age.

Memory of
Mr. Peter Pixlee, Who Departed this Life, Aug 2d, 1788, in the 86th Year of his age.

David Pixlee, Son of Peter & Mary Pixlee, died Sept. ye 18, 1751, in his 9th year.

In memory of
Mrs. Mary Pixlee, Relict of Mr. Peter Pixlee, who died June 13, 1799, aged 92 Years.

In Memory of
Mr. William Pixlee, who died May 8th, 1800, aged 66 years.

In memroy of
Mrs. Mary Pixlee, Relict of Mr. Peter Pixlee, who died June 13, 1799, aged 82 Years.

In memory of
Mr. William Pixlee, wo died May 8th, 1800, aged 66 years.

In memory of
Bette Pixlee, Wife of Mr. William Pixlee, who died Sept. 27th, 1776, in the 40th Year of her Age.
And also two Children.
Bette, died Sept 28, 1776, in the 8th Year of her Age.
William, died Oct 16, 1776, in the 6th Year o his Age.

Sacred to the Memory of
Mrs. Bathshebah Plant, Relict of Mr. James Plant, late of Branford, who died Jany 5th, 1803, in the 87th year of her age.

In Memory of
Cathrine, wife of David Plant & Daughter of William & Phebe Tomlinson, who was born Oct 9, 1787 & died June 2, 1835.

David Plant, born March 29, 1783, died Oct 18, 1851.

Edward, son of David & Catharine Plant, died May 14, 1826, age 10 months.

Mary, Wife of Henry Plant, Died Nov 7, 1860, aged 38 years.

Mary B., Wife of Henry Plant, Died Nov 7, 1862, age 38 years.

John Henry,
son of David & Cathrine Plant, died Sept. 7th, 1815, aged 1 year & 7 months.

In Memory of
Sarah, wife of Solomon Plant, who died Sept 15th, 1815, aged 68 years.

In Memory of
Mr. Solomon Plant, who died May 20, 1822, aged 81 years.

Justus Plumb, Died March 17, 1845, aged 81.

Huldah, His Wife, Died Sept 19, 1853, aged 88.

In memory of
Rebecca Poore, wife of Dr. Joshua Poore, who died July 8 1838, aged 81 years.

Joshua Poor, M.D., Died 1792, aged 42.

Catharine, Daughter of Joshua & Rebecca Poor, Died Sept 7,1868, aged 80.

In Memory of
Mrs. Charity Porter, wife of Stephen Porter, who died Oct. 12, 1817, aged 63 Years.

In Memory of
Mr. Stephen Porter, who died September 7, 1817, aged 81 years.

In Memory of
Charlotte Prince, widow of William Prince, who died Dec 17, 1841, aged 79 years.

James Prince, Son of William & Grandson of Joseph Prince, of Stratford. Died Aug. 4, 1876, age 88 y'rs 6 mo.

Jerusha, Wife of James Prince, Died Dec 29, 1873, age 82 yrs, 5 mo.

Charlotte Augusta, Daughter of James & Jerusha Prince, Born May 17, 1829, Died July 10, 1833.
Love to her Savior, love to all,
She knew were her last accents.

To the lovely and much lamented
Mary Abigail, Daughter of James & Jerusha Prince, who died September 12th, 1827, aged 3 months and 8 days.

Here lies the Remains of
Mr. Joseph Prince, 4th Son of Samuel Prince, Esq., by Mary his 2d Wife of Sandwich, where he was born April 1st, 1695, and Died here Decem 4, 1747, in the 53rd year of his Age/
Much beloved and lamented.

Her lyes the Body of
Samuel Pitman, Son of Mr. Jonathan Pitman, Deceased, May ye 18th, 1717, Aged 25 years, 3 Mo. & 13 Ds.

Mary Rexford, daughter of Hezekiah & Maria Rudd, died Aug, 17, 1817, Aged 1 year 8 mo.

Mary L. Rexford, died Jan 18, 1869, aged 80 y'rs.

Charles H. Rogers, Died March 10, 1864, age 48 yrs. 2 mos.

Harriet Maria Rogers, relict of T.M. Rogers, daughter of Robert, died Mar. 19, 1847, aged 60 years.

Laura M. Rogers, Born Oct 13, 1855. Died Dec 25, 1880.

Sophronia E. Rogers,
Born June 14, 1854, Died
June 9, 1875.

Thomas Mumford Rogers, aged 63 Years.

Here Lyes Burried ye Body of
Abigail Rumsey, Daughter of Mr. Bemjmn & Mrs. Rebecka Rumsey, of Fairfield, Who Died Octb 14, 1743, Aged 16 years & 7 months.
Wasting sickness spoiled ye beauteous form
And Death Consigned her to her kindred Worm,
The Day Advances When ye saints shall Rise
With Sprakling Glory to Ascend ye skyes.

Alden Russell,
Died Dec 26, 1863, Aged 77 years.

Sarah A., Wife of Alden Russell, Died Feb. 21, 1865, age 70.
"The morning cometh."

Julia E. Russell, Died Oct 26, 1860, Aged 21 yrs. 4 mos. & 15 ds.

In Memory of
Eliphalet Russell, son of Doct. Wm. & Hannah Russell, who departed this Life March 1776, in the 21 year of his age.

In memory of
Besey Russell, Daughter of Mr. William & Mrs. Jerusha Russell, who died Sept. 28, 1790, aged 1 year & 11 mo.

In memory of
William Russell, son of Mr. William & Jerusha Russell, who died Dec 2, 1792, aged 1 year & 3 months.
Sleep, lovely Babe and take thy rest
God called thee home as he thought best,
Though to thy Parents dear.

From the affectionate deisre of a Father let this Stone remian Sacred to the memory of is son,
James Saidler, Jun., Student of Columbia College, new York, Aged 14 Years & 9 months, who, after three days' illness, died on his arrival here from that city of the Pestilential disease on the 11th day of August 1798.

Here lieth The Body of
Sarah Foot, Wife to D.F. Senior, Who died in the 46th year of her age, March 26, 1704.

Elijah Sharman, died August ye 15th, 1751. aged 9 months.

Mr. Benjamin Sherman.

Mrs. Rebeckah Sherman

Walker, the son of Mr. Enos & Mrs. Abigail Sharman, April ye 6, 1751 in the 19th year of his age.

In Memory of
Charles R. Smith, who died Nov. 3, 1822, age 29.

In Memory of
George Smith, who died Oct. 13, 1822, age 73.

Sacred to the Memory of
Lucy Smith, wife of George Smith, deceased June 26, 1813; atge 53 years.

And of
Sarah Anna, their daughter, who died at Huntington, Long Island, Feb 19, 1785; age 6 months & 4 dys.
Here silence dwells with all her solemn train
And secrecy holds her Court explored by man in vain.

George B. Smith, son of George & Lucy Smith, was killed at Stratford tide mill, Nov 17, 1796, age 15.

Grace, Daughter of L.D. & Julia E. Smith, Apr 20, 1882, Aged 4 years.

Here lies Buried the Body of
Mrs. Charity, wife of Mr. William Southworth, who departed this Life, August 15th, 1773, in the 39th year of her age.
In calm repose her Body lies,
When Christ appears, her dust shall rise.

In Memory of
Mercy, widow of Samuel W Southworth, who died Dec. 24, 1842, age 80 yrs.

In Memory of
Samuel Wells Southworth, who died Aug. 17, 1837, aged 80 yrs.
Also his son
Samuel Wells Southworth, Jr., who die at sea, A.D. 1818, aged 30 yrs,

Sacred to the Memory of
Robert Southworth, who died May 17,1814; aged 29 years.

Also of
Edward Southworth, who died Sept 18, 1815, aged 8 years & 6 months.

In Memory of
Mr. Robert Southworth, who died October 23d, A.D. 1770, in the 22d year of his Age.

Miss Abigail Southworth, daughter of Mr. Samuel W. Southworth, died May 5, 1817; aged 22 years.

In memory of
Phebe Spratt, wife of Capt. Wm. Spratt, formerly the wife of Abijah Curtiss, who died June 28, 1834, aged 79.

Eunecia, daugher of Revd. Stephen W. & Mrs. Eunecia Stebbins; departed this life July 4, 1811; in the 27 year of her age.
Let me but hear my Savious say
Strength shall be equal to the day
Then I rejoice in deep distress
Leaning on all sufficient grace
I glory in infirmity
That Christs own power may rest on me.
When I am weak, then am I strong,
Grace is my sheild & Christ my song.

Eunice Sophia,
Daughter of Revd. Stephen W, & Mrs. Eunecia Stebbins, deparated this life May 4th, 1806, in the 19th year of her age.
To a tender and benevolent heart,
expanding with those virtues which endear & strengthen every social tie;
She united an apparent submission to God,
& an humble trust in Jesus Christ, which cherish in surviving friends,
the hopes of her blessed immortality.

[A Monument]
John W. Sterling, Born Sept. 4, 1796, Died Feb. 13, 1866, age 69.

[A Monument]
Mary R. Sterling, wife of John W. Sterling and daughter of Daniel & Sarah Judson, Died June 2d, 1838, aged 31 years.

Mary Judson, daughter of John W & Mary R. Sterling, Died Sept 14, 1838, age 7 months.

Here lyes ye body of
Mr. Ephraim Stiles, Aged 69 years, died June ye 21, 1745.

Frances Ives, Daughter of G.W. & S.A. Stow, Died Mar. 1, 1859, age 8 mos. 23 Ds.

Frederick H. Stow, Died July 18, 1872, age 58 yrs.

Susan A. Fairchild, Wife of George W. Stow, Born Aug 12, 1823, Died Dec 6, 1873

Susan Fairchild, Daughter of F. H. & S. B. Stow, Died June 11, 1858, age 11 Years, 3 mos. & 20 Days.

Here lyes Buried ye Body of
Mr. Joseph Strong. Who departed this Life Sept 22, Ann Domni 1741, Aged 24 Years.

Mrs. Priscilla Stratton, died April 11, 1738, aged 86 years.

In memory of two Children of Mr. John & Mrs. Mehetable Thacher.
Anthony, died the 3d of February, 1779, aged 7 days.
Mehetable, died the 16th of July, 1780, aged 30 hours.
Solomon Thomas, Aged about 61 years, Died April 16, 1729

In Memory of
Mr. Abijah Thompson, who died Oct. 5, 1799, in the 62st year of his age.

In Memory of
John Thompson, Who died July 16, 1836, age 73 y'rs.

In Memory of
Alice Thompson, relict of John Thompson, who died May 14, 1862, age 97 y'rs & 8 mo.

Here lyes Burried ye Body of
Mr. Ambrose Thompson, Who Departed this Life Sept 7th, Anno Dom. 1742, in the 92nd Year of is age.
Precious in ye sight of ye Lord is ye death of his saints.

In Memory of
Mr. Ambrose Thompson, who departed this Life the 3d day of May, 1768, in the 86th Year of his age.

In Memory of
Mrs. Ann Thompson, Wife of Mr. Ambrose Thompson, who departed this Life Sept. 22, 1774, in the 86 Year of her age.

Mrs. Bathsheba Thompson, relict of Mr. Abijah Thompson, died Feb 12, 1814, in the 70 year of her age.

Bathsheba Thompson,
died Aug 27, 1815, aged 87.

In Memory of
Mrs. Betty Thompson, wife of Mr. David Thompson, who died Jan, 18, 1800, Aged 44 Years,

In Memory of
Mr. David Thompson, who died April 8, 1800, In ye 82 Year of his age.
Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord.

David Thompson,
died Aug. 4, 1817, Aged 67 years,
And his wife,
Sarah, died Dec 12, 1815; aged 64 years,

Sacred to the Memory of
Delia Thompson, Daughter of John & Ellis Thompson, who died Oct. 5th, 1790, aged 12 years.
She is not lost, but only gone;
To realms of Glory & celestial peace.

Harriet Thompson, Died Sept. 21, 1874, age 89 Y'rs.

Jonathan, son of Ambrose Thompson, Junr., & Ann his wife, Decd June ye 28, 1726, Aged 3 years & 5 mo.

Here lies the Body of
Mrs. Elizabeth, Wife of Mr. Ebenezer Thompson, who died Nov. 28th, 1747, in her 40th year.

Here lyes Burried ye Body of
Mr. Ephraim Thompson, who departed this Life June 18, Anno Domni, 1746, Aged 26 years.

Maria Thompson, widow of the late Enoch St. John, of New Canaan, Died March 3, 1873, age 83 Y'rs.

In Memory of
Mrs. Martha Thompson, the Beloved wife of Mr. David Thompson, who departed this Life January 26th, 1792, in the 74th Year of her age.
She lived much esteemed and died much lamented.

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