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The USGenWeb Project Fairfield County, Connecticut

CONNECTICUT, Part II.," by Samuel Orcutt.
(Published by the Fairfield County Historical Society, 1886) pp. 1087-1095

Arnold Hurd Died July 17, 1870, AE 74 years.

Minerva, wife of Arnold Hurd, Died Nov. 7, 1856, AE. 58.

Edwin C. Hurd, Born July 4, 1825, Died Dec. 16, 1879.
Roswell Hurd, Died Jan. 26, 1867, AE. 74 yrs. 4 mos. & 18 yrs.

Alsey, wife of Roswell Hurd, Died June 5, 1859, AE. 62 yrs. 8 mo. & 16 Days.

In memory of Abigail Betsey, daughter of Roswell & Alsey Hurd, who died April 25, 1838, AE. 13. yrs. & 9 mo.
In memory of Mr. Elnathan Hurd who died Sept. 19, 1813, in the 61 year of his age.
Grandison Hurd Died March 29, 1871, aged 80 years.

Nancy Cable, wife of Grandison Hurd, Died March 15, 1875, aged 82 years 7 mo. & 15 Days.

Capt. Samuel L. Hurd Died May 30, 18??*, AE. 100 yrs. 3 mo. & 10 ds.

* date unreadable

In memory of Elizabeth Ruth, wife of Capt. Samuel L. Hurd, who died July 5, 1816, AE. 94. 

Lucia, Wife of Capt. Samuel L. Hurd, died April 1, 1854, AE. 94.

In memory of Saml Ambrose Hurd, son of Capt. L. & Mrs. Elizabeth R. Hurd, he died Nov. 9th, 1804, aged 2 years & 11 months.

In memory of Eliza, wife of Rev. Daniel Jones, who died Oct. 13, 1833, aged 30 years.

Thy spirit lives; but lo thy dust
Must sleep beneath this humble clod,
Till the last day in which the just
Will rise to live & reign with God.

Sarah J., Wife of Philip Jones, Died Feb. 25, 1859, AE. 23.
Betsey Judson, died June 10, 1868, Aged 77 years.
Levi Judson Died Sept. 20, 1871, Aged 87.

Eliza, wife of Levi Judson, Died Aug. 25, 1854, AE. 59.

In memory of Nancy, Dau. of Andrew & Charlott Judson, who died May 18, 1821, aged 12 years 10 mo. & 16 days.
Permelia, wife of John E. Judson, Died Sept. 20, 1848, AE. 21 yrs.
 Charles E., son of John E. and Julia Judson, died Aug. 25, 1852, AE. 2 yrs. & 8 mos.
In memory of Bulah Lewis, who died March 11, 1816, in the 25th year of his age.
Frederick Lewis, died Oct. 23, 1824, aged 74 years. 

Sarah, wife of Frederick Lewis, died Oct. 23, 1829, aged 78 years.

Polly Lewis, died Nov. 14, 1825, aged 32 years.
Daniel Lewis, died Aug. 26, 1881, Aged 95 years.
Anna Lewis, Died Oct. 30, 1870, Aged 86 years.
Sally, Wife of Daniel Lewis, died June 20, 1864, AE. 60 yrs.

Asleep in Jesus.

There is rest in heaven, Emeline, wife of Daniel Lewis, Died Oct. 1, 1843, AE. 37
 George H. Lewis, Co. F 20th Regt. Conn. Vols., Died Mar. 25, 1881.
Henry Lewis Died April 23, 1871, aged 84.
Grace A. Lewis - - - - - - - -
Herman Curtiss, son of Ezekiel & Betsey Lewis, died Feb. 22, 1809, aged 7 months & 22 days.
In memory of Legrand M. Lewis, Esq., who died April 29, 1808, In the 39th year of his age.

While life prolongs its precious light,
Mercy is found and peace is given
But soon! Ah soon approaching night
Shall blot out every hope of heaven.
But in their silent realms of light,
Shall peace and hope no more arise!
No future morning light the tomb,
Nor day-stars gild the darksom skies
The trump shall sound the dead awake
From the cold Tomb the slumberes spring
Through Heaven with joy their Myriads rise
And hail their Savior and their King

In memory of Polly Lewis, wife of Agur Lewis, who died Dec. 24, 1821, aged 35.
Mary F. Lewis, 2d wife of Agur Lewis, died June 21, 1848, aged 46.
Two children of Agur & Mary Lewis:
died Sept. 28, 1832, aged 2 years.

John died Oct. 4, 1832, aged 4 years.

In memory of Mr. Samuel Lewis who died Feb. 26, 1806, AE. 77.

Also of Eunice, his wife, who died April 20, 1817, AE. 84.
Died Oct. 27, 1829, Wells Lewis, AE. 82 years.

In memory of Anna Lewis, Relict of Wells Lewis, who died Feb. 22, 1836, in the 83 year of her age.

This monument is inscribed to the memory of Capt. Zechariah Lewis
who departed this life Aug. 22d, 1796, in the 55th year of his age.

Death gives the Christian more than was in Eden lost.
Believe & look with triumph on the Tomb.
In memory of Mrs. Ruth Lewis, wife of Capt. Zachariah Lewis;
who died in full faith of a Glorious Resurrection July 15, 1818, aged 75 years.
In memory of Elizabeth R. Dunning,
daughter of Zechariah & Ruth Lewis, who died Oct. 10, 1841, aged 79.
Francis, Wife of Simon McAaulky, Died March 23, 1860, AE. 45 years.
Sacred to the memory of the Rev. Saml Monson who died 14th May 1814, aged 69 years.

"'Tis done life's struggle now is o'er
Close to my Savior now I cling;
He saves me by redeeming power,
Disarms the Monster of his sting;
The Savior's kind, he takes me home,
Amen! Sweet Jesus Com, Lord Come."

Erected May 1820; by his Son Col. M. Monson.

Sacred to the memory of
Saml M. Monson who died March 11th, 1803, aged 26 Years.

Confined by death to shades of night,
He lives concealed from mortal sight,
Till Jesus from the lofty skies
Shall bid his slumbering dust arise.

Erected May 1820, by his brother Col. M. Monson.

Jane Elizabeth, daughter of James & Rhoda F. Morris, died Oct. 22, 1832, in her 17 year.
In memory of Elisha Beardsley, who died April 6, 1824.
This Monument is Sacred to the Memory of Lt. John Morse, who died February 3d, 1789, In the 79th Year of his Age.
This Monument is Sacred to the Memory of Lt. John Morse,
who died February 3d, 1789, In the 79th Year of his Age.

Also of Mrs. Sarah, his Wife, who died April 29th, 1788, In the 68th Year of her Age.

The day of Life is but a span, an hand breadth tho' it be prolonged to 70 or 80 Years,
yet 'tis soon gone as a tale that is told & we mingle with the dust.

Sacred to the memory of Capt. Joseph Morse, who died 14th Nov. 1795, Aged 75 years.

Also his wife Mehitable, who died 10th Nov. 1795, Aged 77 years.

Give us the wings of faith to rise
Within the veil and see
The Saints above how great their joys
How bright their glories be.

Erected May 1820, by their Grandson, Col. M. Monson.

Selina J. Nichols, Wife of Daniel A. Nichols, Died March 12, 1876, AE. 25 Yrs. & 6 mos.
In memory of John Newil who died Sept. ---, 1821.
Hannah, daut. of Walter & Patty Palmer, died July 28, 1841, AE. 3 yrs, 4 mo. & 24 ds.
In memory of Mr. Elizer Peck who died Sept. 25th, 1805, aged 27 Years.
Adaline, Daughter of Eleazer & Lucy Peck, died Sept. 29th, 1805, aged Eight Months..
Nathaniel L. Proctor Died April 28, 1853, Aged 64.
Celestia, daughter of Henry T. & Aurelia Thompson, Died Nov. 24, 1852, AE. 10.

This lovely bud so young & fair,
Called home by early doom,
To show how sweet a flower
In paradise would bloom.

Frank died May 21, 1855, AE. 22.
David died Apr. 15, 1856, AE. 17.
Sons of Henry & Aurelia Thompson.
Rev. Elisha Rexford, A.M. died April 3, 1808;
In the 71st year of his age, and 44th of his ministry.

He was a faithful, skillful, laborious minister of the gospel. His liberal & unaffected piety;
his devotion to all the offices of the ministry, in the pulpit and out of it;
endeared him to his brethren & to his flock.
His friendly and Social disposition; his amiable & obliging manners;
his virtues, both public and private; rendered him an example,
in all the relations of minister, husband, parent, friend & neighbor; truly worthy of imitation.

Mrs. Lydia Rexford, first wife of Revd. E. Rexford. Died 31st March AD. 1785, AEt. 42.

Lydia, daughter of Revd E. Rexford, by Sarah, his last wife,
Died 8th of June, AD. 1787, AEt 7 months.

Rev. Rodney Rossiter, Rector of St. Peters Church, Monroe,
Departed this life, Nov. 24, 1846.

Adaline, his wife, Departed this life Feby. 18, 1857.

George Rudd Died May 14, 1880, Aged 70 years.

Rachel, Wife of George Rudd, Died Aug. 25, 1882, aged 80 years.

In memory of Andrew Scott, who died April 14, 1776, in the 51 year of his age.

Also his wife Eunice Scott, who died July 14, 1776, in the 46th year of her age.

Andrew W. Scott Died Oct. 14, 1860, Aged 77.
Abigail B. Scott Died March 1, 1875, AE. 78 years.
In memory of William Scott who died Jany. 16, 1824, aged 68 years.

For here we have no continuing city
But we seek one to come.

In memory of Abigail, wife of William Scott, who died Dec. 29, 1823, aged 56 years.

Why should we dread the hour
The cuts from earth,
or fear to press the calm and silent pillow of the grave.
In memory of Mrs. Phylena Scott, wife of Mr. William Scott, and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Milton Hawley, who departed this life March 15, 1786, in the 28th year of her age.

In memory of Phylena Scott, Daughter of Mr. William & Phylena Scott,
who died Nov. 27, 1782, Aged 3 years & 8 months.

Also of Dillon Scott, son of Mr. William & Abigail Scott,
who died March 5, 1796, aged 3 yrs. & 5 months.

Henry Shelton. Died March 23, 1850, AE. 21 years.
In memory of Jeremiah Shelton who departed this life Oct. 31, 1825, in the 64 year of his age.
Lucy, wife of Jeremiah Shelton, Died Sept. 15, 1861, AE. 95 years & 3 mos.
Smith Shelton died March 23, 1843, aged 48 years.
In memory of Edward, son of Smith and Lucinda Shelton,
who died Sept. 26, 1832, aged 2 years & 6 months.
William Shelton Died Nov. 9, 1874, AE 75 years.

Lucy Shelton, Wife of William Shelton, Died Oct. 17, 1872, AE. 69 years.

Nathan Sherman Died March 23, 1870, AE. 75.

Mary Isabell, Daughter of Nathan & Anna Sherman, Died Feby. 29, 1862, AE. 29.

Anna, Wife of Nathan Sherman, Died Aug. 26, 1854, AE. 59.

Roswell L. Sherwood, Died Oct. 3, 1850, AE. 68.

In memory of Mary, wife of Roswell L. Sherwood, who died April 4, 1833, in the 54 year of her age.
Benjamin Smith Died Feb. 24, 1859, AE. 70 yrs. & 7 ds.
William P. Died Feb. 21, 1881, AE. 3 yrs. 11 mos. 18 Ds.
Theresa H. Died Jan. 11, 1881, AE. 1 yr. 9 mos. 18 ds.
Children of James & Sarah Stone.
In memory of George Wells who died May 1, 1838, aged 53.

In memory of Lydia Wells, wife of George Wells, who died Sept. 1838, aged 52.

To the memory of David Wells, Esq., monument is sacred.
He left his weeping Friends & resigned to death May 29th, 1790, In the 53d Year of his age.

There is no discharge in that war.
O reader come and cast an eye
on this Grave where in I lye.
For death has called and conquered me
And in a short time will conquer thee.

This monument is erected to the memory of
Mrs. Joanna Wells, wife of David Wells, Esq.,
who died Mar. 2d 1800, in the 59th Year of her age.
Mary's Grave.
Mary, Daughter of Legrand L. Wells, Born July 5, 1839, Died May 17, 1850.
In memory of David Wheeler who died Nov. 22, 1824, aged 32.

This truth how certain when this life's o'er
We die to live and live to die no more.

In memory of Nathan Wheeler who died April 11, 1817, in the 70 year of his age.

Eunice, wife of Nathan Wheeler, Died Sept. 17, 1853. AE. 85.

In memory of Mrs. Betsey Wheeler, Consort of Mr. Nathan Wheeler, who departed this Life Decr 22d, 1801, in the 39th Year of her age.
In memory of Permelia Edwards, Daughter of Jonathan & Eunice Edwards,
who died Feb. 1st, 1807, AE. 20 Years.
Mrs. Betsey Smith, Daughter of Nathan & Eunice Wheeler, Did Mar. 1, 879, Aged 76 years.
Samuel Wheeler Died Feb. 12, 1840. AE. 66.
Martha Wheeler Died July 6 1817, AE. 36.
Fitch Wheeler Died on a voyage to St. Croix, Dec. 24, 1838, AE. 36.
Mary L. Wheeler died Sept. 21, 1821, AE. 15.
Julia Ann Wheeler Died Oct. 18, 1832, AE. 22.
Julia A., daughter of Henry S. Wheeler, Died Aug. 8, 1858, AE. 16.
Henry L. Wheeler, Died Jan. 27, 1843, AE. 27.
Betsey, wife of William Wheeler, died April 27, 1807, aged 22 years.
Martha Wheeler, wife of Samuel Wheeler, Esq., died in the 37 year of her age.
Samuel Wheeler, Born July 7, 1795, died Sept. 20, 1880.
In memory of Caroline Eliza,
Daughter of Samuel and Sabra Wheeler, who died Oct. 28, 1846, AE. 18 years & 11 mo. 8 ds.
Betsey, wife of Samuel Wheeler, Jr., died Dec. 15, 1823, aged 26 years.
In memory of William Wheeler, who died March 25, 1843, aged 73 years.
In memory of William Wheeler, Jr., who died Aug. 13, 1841, aged 41 years.

Abigail, 2d wife of William Wheeler, died Aug. 2, 1825, aged 52 years.
David F. Whitlock Died Jan. 22, 1874, AE. 50 yrs. 4 mos.
Ann Eliza, wife of David F. Whitlock, died Jan. 30, 1871, in her 33d year.
Mary E., wife of David F. Whitlock, Died Sept. 20, 1869, in her 43 year.
Charles Henry, Infant son of David F. & Mary E. Whitlock,
Died May 13, 1855, AE. 8 mo. 18 Ds.
In memory of Mr. Charles Wing, who died March 1, 1818, in the 63 year of his age.

In memory of Sally Wing, wife of Charles Wing, who died Dec. 1 1819, aged 24 years.

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