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CONNECTICUT, Part II.," by Samuel Orcutt.
(Published by the Fairfield County Historical Society, 1886) pp. 1087-1095
In memory of Mrs. Marcy Babit, the Wife of Mr. Abiel Babit, who died April the 30th, A.D. 1787, aged 23 years 7 months 4 Days.

Her blooming cheeks, her sparkling eyes,
Here every comely feature lies
Defaced by death my friends come see,
For soon your case will be like me.

In memory of  Stephen Babbit, who died Sept. 10, 1830, aged 81 years.
In memory of William R. Babit, Esq., who died at Indiana, Aug. 21, 1817, aged 25 years.
Mrs. Sarah Babit, relict of Mr. William Babit, died Jan. 16, 1814, aged 90 years.
In memory of William Babit, who with humble submission yeilded to the King of Terrors Novr 16th, 1790, aged 70 years.
Rebecca R. Baldwin, Wife of Alonzo Baldwin, Died Oct. 14, 1844, AE. 25.

Sacred to the memory of
Charles Baldwin, Aged 14 years. Born in New Orleans, Decr. 9th, 1833.
Drowned in Monroe, May 29, 1847.

I shall go to him, but he shall not return to me.


Ebenezer Beach Died Nov. 15, 1805, AE 55 yrs.

Abi, his wife died May 2, 1828, AE 68 yrs.

William Beach Died April 22, 1861, AE 77 yrs.
 In memory of Hezekiah Beach Who died March 28, 1804, in the 47 year of his age.
David Beach Died June 3, 1859, AE 50 yrs. 8 mo. & 4 mos.
In memory of John Beach, who died March 25, 1805, Aged 87 years.
William Beach Died April 22, 1861, AE 77 years.
 Phebe, Wife of Thomas Beach, Died July 20, 1856, AE. 80.
Anner, wife of Capt. George Beard, Died May 24, 1841, AE. 85.
 Agur Beardsley Died Sept. 6, 1851, AE. 72

In memory of Mrs. Lucy Beardsley, Wife of Agur Beardsley, who died March 10, A.D. 1812, in the 29th year of her age.

Sylvia, wife of Agur Beardsley, Died June 18, 1859, AE, 79.

In memory of Ebenezer Beardsley, Esq., who died Aug. 7, 1834, Aged Aged 63. 

Maria, wife of Ebenezer Beardsley, Died Oct. 1865, Aged 72 years.

Elisha Beardsley Died Dec. 25, 1852, AE. 48.
In memory of Elisha H. Beardsley, Who died March 14, 1840, aged 66.
 In memory of Patience P. Beardsley, Wife of Mr. Elisha H. Beardsley,
who died Feby. 20, 1818, in the 41 year of her age.
Ezra Beardsley Died Aug, 20, 1863, AE. 88 years.

Eliza, wife of Ezra Beardsley, Died Mar. 30, 1877, AE. 80 yrs.

 George Lucius, son of Elisha Ezra & Laura Ann Beardsley, Died Sept. 15, 1854, AE. 9 years.
This stone is erected in memory of Mr. Israel Beadslee,* who departed this life September 30th, AD. 1797, in the 64th of his age.

* so written in stone.

 In memory of Lemuel Beardslee, who departed this Life Octo 26th AD. 1789;
In the 26th year of his Age.

Attend ye Youth, as you pass by,
As you are now so once was I,
As I am now soon you must be,
Prepare for death and follow me.

Miss Lucy Beardley, ** Daughter of Mr. Israel Beardsly, died Nov. 7, 1813; aged 41 years.

The sweet rememb'rance of the just
Shall flourish when they sleep in dust.

** Do.

Catharine, daughter of Hall & Rebecca Beardslee, died Sept. 8, 1798, in the 5 year of her age.
and of their daughter, Catharine Beardslee, who died Sept. 8, 1798, in the 5th year of her age.
James E., son of Webster B.; Eliza H. Beardsley, died June 27, 1875,
Aged 2 years 11 m. 25 ds.
Lulu, Daughter of Louis W.; Mary B. Beardsley, died April 3, 1883, AE. 1 yr. 4 mo.
Mrs. Mehitable Beardsley, wife of Mr. Elisha Beardsley,
died May 14, 1816, in the 81 year of her age.
Prudence Marietta, daughter of Elisha H. & Patience Prudence Beardsley,
Died April 5, 1813, aged 14 years 4 months & 10 days.
In memory of Mr. Roswell Beardsley, who died Sept. 13, 1822, Aged 40 years.
Theodore D. Beardsley, Born April 8, 1825, Died Sept. 3, 1873.

Here in the Hope of A joyful Resurrection, sleeps Mary Augusta, The Wife of Theodore D. Beardsley, Born Aug. 31, 1829, Departed Nov. 14, 1853.

Emma Jane, Wife of Theodore D. Beardsley, Died June 18, 1864, AE. 31 yrs.

Susan Maria, daughter of Cyrus H. & Maria Beardslee,
died Sept. 25, 1832, aged 6 years & 5 months.
 Julia Ann, daughter of Charles & Elizabeth A. Bennett, Died Sept. 1, 1854, AE. 8 yrs.
Elizabeth, wife of Samuel Bennett, Died March 13, 1849, AE. 39.
In memory of Mr. Eben Blackman,
who departed this life March 13th, AD. 1797, in the 36th year of his life.
Mr. Elijah Blackman died Oct. 23, 1803, in the 47th year of his age.
This monument is erected by the heirs of Abraham Dunning & Ebenezer Blackman.
 In memory of Mr. Gideon Blackman,
who departed this life April 13th AD. 1801, in the 42d year of his age.
In memory of Capt. Samuel Blackman,
who departed this Life Feb. 10th, AD. 1801, in the 75th year.

Is death at distance? No.
Time wasted is existence us'd--is life,
How blessings brighten as they take their flight.

Harriet A., Daughter of Selim & Eliza Booth, Died May 20, 1862, AE. 21.
John E., son of Selim & Eliza Booth, Died April 11, 1869, AE. 25 yrs. 8 mo.
Nancy E. Booth Died April 17, 1868, AE. 60.
Elizabeth M. Bostwick, Born Aug. 4, 1826, Died April 27, 1880.
In memory of Mrs. Kepzibah Botsford, wife of Abiel K. Botsford, Esq., & daughter of William & Amarillis Clark, who died Jan. 25, 1819, aged 19 years.
In memory of Abner Cable, who died Feby. 21, 1840, aged 80 years.

Ann, Wife of Abner Cable, who died Feb. 28, 1836, aged 73.

In memory of Agur Cable, who died Dec. 8, 1844, aged 60 years.

In memory of Julia Cable, Wife of Agur Cable, who died Oct. 17, 1861, AE. 73 years & 2 mo.

 In memory of Mr. Ezra Cable,
who departed this life Sept. 9th 1806, in the 24th year of his age.
Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Charity Carpenter, who died Dec. 16, 1821, aged 57 years.
Charles Frederick, Son of Charles B. and Betsy M. Clark,
Died Oct. 30, 1841, aged 3 yrs, 7 mo. & 10 days.
In memory of Frederick Clark, who died Sept. 30, 1840, AE. 59.

Mary Ann, wife of Frederick A. Clark, Died Aug. 22, 1848, AE. 41.

In memory of Mr. Elnathan Clark, who died July 28, 1820, aged 47 years.
In memory Harmon Clark, who died Feb. 16, 1835, AE. 55 yrs. 6 mo. & 26 ds.

Maria, Wife of Harmon Clark, Died Oct. 24, 1869, AE. 70.

 In memory of James Clark, who died Sept. 25, 1848.
Precious in the sight of the Lord, is the death of his saints.

In memory of Nancy, wife of James Clark, who died Feb. 15, 1827, AE. 58.
Blessed are the dead, who die in the Lord.

Capt. James Clark, died July 18, 1812, in the 85 year of his age.
Jesse T., Daughter of George W. & Hattie D. Clark, Died Mar. 19, 1879, AE. 5 yrs. & 5 mos.
John Clark, Died March 22, 1878, AE 74 yrs.

Sally M., wife of John Clark, Died Feb. 14, 1875, AE. 63 yrs.

Julia A., wife of Cornelius Fowler, only daughter of John & Sally M. Clark, Died July 1, 1868, AE. 22 years. Also and infant son, AE. 3 weeks.
In memory of Mary, wife of John Clark, who died Sept. 15, 1839, aged 31 years.
Also of an Infant son, aged 1 mo.
In memory of Lucy Ann, wife of John Clark, & daughter of Roswell L. & Mary Sherwood, who died Nov. 27th, 1834, in the 24 year of her age.
John T., son of William A. & Ruth M. Clarke, Died Jan. 6, 1878, aged 37 years.
Lottie M., daughter of Wait & Mary J. Clark, Died Feb. 2 1863, AE 4 yrs & 4 mos.
Lottie, though art gone but not forgotten.
Georgianna W. Daughter of Wait & Mary J. Clark.
Died Oct. 19, 1854, AE. 3 yrs. & 6 months.
Marietta, wife of Stiles M. Clark, Died Oct. 7, 1872, AE. 22 yrs.
 In memory of Matson Clark, who died July 6, 1831, aged 34.
In memory of Nathan Clark, who died Dec. 17, 1816, in the 83 year of his age.

No. I'll repine in death no more.
But with a cheerful gasp resign.
To the cold dungeon of the grave
These dying with 'ring limbs of mine.

In memory of Mrs. Elizabeth Clark, wife of Mr. Nathan Clark, who died Jany. 6, 1817, in the 77th year of her age.

I hear the voice, ye dead arise
And to the grave obey;
The waking saints with joyful eyes,
Salute the expected day.

In memory of Nathan Clark, who died Mar. 31, 1829, AEt. 85 years & 11 months. 

Mrs. Eunice Clark, Wife of Mr. Nathan Clark, who died Oct. 6, 1817, aged 70 years.

 Mrs. Eunice Clark, Wife of Mrs. Nathan Clark.

 William Clarke Died Sept. 9, 1848, AE. 73 yrs.
Amerillus, wife of William Clark, Died Aug. 20, 1864, AE. 85 years.
William A. Clark Died June 8, 1884, AE. 79 yrs. & 8 mos.

Ruth M., Wife of William A. Clark, Died Sept. 25, 1867, AE. 59 yrs.

Here rest the remains of Mr. Zechariah Clark, who departed this Life Octo the 4th, 1785, in ye 84th year of His Age.

In a sure and certain hope of a Resurrection to eternal Life.

 This monument is sacred to the memory of Mr. Elihu Curtiss,
Deacon of the Presbyterian Church in Huntington who died in Faith Novr 2d, 1804, Aged 55.
 Ezra Curtis, M.D. Died March 29, 1810, Aged 66.

 Ruth Ann, His Wife, Died Jan. 22, 1813, Aged 55.

Esther, their daughter, Died Jan. 17, 1825, Aged 37.

George P. Curtis Died March 24, 1856, Aged 73.

 Sarah, His Wife, Died Oct. 2, 1869, Aged 83.

In memory of two children of George P. & Sarah Curtis:
John H. died Sept. 27, 1820, aged 1 year & 8 months.
Henry died Dec. 25, 1824, aged 1 year & 5 months.

John Curtiss, Co. H., 1st Regt., Conn. Cavalry, Died Jan. 14, 1882.
In memory of Rosillee, son of Mr. Zechr T. & Mrs. Betsey Curtis, who died suddenly by the fall of a Rail, Octr 25th, 1803, in the 4th of his age
In memory of Sarah Curtis, widow of Capt. Robert Lewis & Elisha Curtis,
who died Dec. 13, 1840, aged 98. 
To the memory of Mrs. Mary DeForest, amiable Consort of Mr. Nehemiah DeForest, this Monument is Sacred. She sleeps in this bed of Dust, Being removed from weeping Friends, by tearless Death October 17th, AD. 1790, Aged 45.

Vain world farewell to you
Heaven is my native aire,
I bid my Friends a short adieu
Impatient to be there.

 Here lies the remains of Charles DeForest, Son of Nehemiah & Eleanor DeForest, was born Jany, 28th, 1794, and died the 31st day of
In memory of Charles Stevenson, son of William A. & Eliza Dunlop,
who died May 6, 1842, aged 1 yr., 7 mo. & 15 ds.  
 Mabel Dunning, wife of Abraham Dunning, died Mar. 1, 1809, in the 55th year of her age.
 Emily A. Fanton, wife of George Downes, Died Dec. 6, 1884, AE. 53 yrs. 11 mo. & 7 days.
 David M. Fanton, Co. E. 17th Reg. Conn. Vols., Died Mar. 23, 1880.
Mahala L., wife of Henry J. Fanton, Died Aug. 20, 1857, AE. 20 yrs. & 8 mos.
 Munson L. Freeman Died Jany. 12, 1861, AE. 46.

Dearest husband thou has left me
For thy loss I deeply feel,
It is God that had bereft me
He can all my sorrows heal.

Jane N. Freeman Died March 28, 1882, AE. 65 years.

She put her trust in God.

 In memory of Abel French, Esqr., A Revolutionary Soldier,
who died Oct. 10, 1846, aged 81 years.
 Judson W., son of Frederick J. & Caroline French, died Aug. 30, 1845.
 Lucy Adeline, daughter of David O. & Lucinda Gray, died Apr. 4, 1845,
aged Apr. 4, 1845, age 6 yrs. 9 mo. & 27 days.
 In memory of Hepsy French, wife of Abel French, Esq.,
who died Dec. 6, 1820, in her 51 year.
 Mary French, wife of Abel French, Died Sept. 30, 1845, AE. 72.
 Mary G., Daughter of James & Melissa French, Died Dec. 4, 1849, AE. 27 yrs.
David O. Gray, Died Dec. 1, 1882, AE. 80 yrs, 7 mos. 12 ds

Lucinda, Wife of David O., Gray, Died July 23, 1867, AE. 62 yrs. 10 mos. & 23 ds.

William Scott Gray died Nov. 29, 1846, aged 18 years & 9 months.
 Sally Scott, wife of Elish Gray, Died Sept. 26, 1874, AE. 72 Yrs.
 Lucy Griffin Died Sept. 24, 1873, AE. 80 yrs. & 8 mos.
Ebenezer Hack Died April 26, 1835, AE. 64.

Laura Prindle, wife of Ebenezer Hack, Died Aug. 16, 1866, Aged 71 yrs. & 10 mo.

Sarah A., daughter of Ebenezer Hack, Died June 14, 1879, Aged 47 yrs., 5 mo.  
Charles E. Hawley Died Jan. 19, 1863, AE. 48.

Asleep in Jesus. 

Hepsy M., wife of Charles Hawley, Died April 6, 1858, AE. 57.

Oh land of rest for thee I sigh
When will the moments come
WhenI shall lay this armour by
And dwell with Christ at home.

This sepulchral stone is sacred to the memory of Capt. Cyrus Hawley
who fell Victim to the last Enemy Octr 10, 1798, in the 38th Years of his age, who as a Husband,
parent & member of Society merited universal Love & Esteem.

No Medicine nor healing art could Save
From the Dark Borders of the Grave
Nor weeping friends nor prayrs, nor Sighs nor tears
Could stay Deaths Summons or prolong his years
Amidst weeping friends who were deeply penetrated
With the loss of so Dear a Connection.

Mary, wife of Cyrus Hawley, was born Feb. 1, 1770, & died Mar. 20, 1840.

Her surviving children Charles, Jane & Mary Ann,
Grateful to God for his goodness to them
through her, erect this stone to her memory.

In memory of Nancy, Daughter of Capt. Cyrus Hawley, Deceased & Mrs. Polly Hawley,
who died Lamented Augt 24th, 1804, in the 9th Year of her age.

In memory of Elisha Hawley who died May 6, 1843, aged 74 years.

Reader, prepare to meet thy God.

Nancy, wife of Elisha Hawley who died Sept. 21, 1859, AE. 86 yrs. & 10 mo.

In memory of Maria, daughter of Elisha & Nancy Hawley who died June 14, 1832, AE. 30.

Our life how short, a groan a sigh,
We live and then begin to die.

In memory of Augusta M. daughter of Elisha & Nancy Hawley,
who died Dec. 17, 1835, aged 25.

Jesus to thy dear faithful hand
My naked soul I trust.

Eph. Hawley, Jr., who died Jan. 23, 1832, aged 47 years.
Also an infant son of Eph. & Polly Hawley, who died March 29, 1813, aged 2 days.

This stone was erected to the memory of
Hepsa Hawley who died May 28, 1842, in the 80 year of her age.
Eli Hawley Died Dec. 24, 1859, AE. 62.
 Ira Hawley Died Dec. 27, 1856, AE. 47.
 In memory of Mr. Milton Hawley who died Jan. 10, 1819, in the 85th year of his age.

In memory of Hepzibah, wife of Milton Hawley, who died July 17, 1831, aged 97 yrs.

This stone is dedicated to the memory of
Samuel Hawley who died March 5, A.D. 1814, AE. 47.
In memory of Abby Hawley,  relict of Mr. Samuel Hawley,
who died June 11, 1818, aged 39 years.
 In memory of Mrs. Susanna Hawley, Wife of Samuel Hawley,
Who died Jan.10th 1809 in the 39th year of her age.
In memory of Mehitble Andrews, daughter of Samuel Hawley,
who died March 25, 1811, AEt. 26. 
 In memory of Charles, son of Samuel Hawley, who died Feb. 15, 1812, aged 20 years.
 In memory of Charles, son of Samuel Hawley, who died March 26, 1812, aged 18 years.
 In memory of Elijah Hawley, son of Samuel Hawley, who died June 28, 1817, aged 21 years. 

In memory of Urania Hawley, Wife of Elijah Hawley,
who died April 19th, 1790, in the 52d year of her age.

Death rent me from my friends on earth,
Hope wafts me to the sky:
By nature doomed like Kings & Slaves,
Forgotten here to lie.

William H. Hubbell, 2d Conn. Light Battery, Died Sept. 4, 1884.
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