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Following is a lists of resources for Windham. Some of them have volunteers who will do look-up requests, some are websites, and some are online (digitalized) books. Please follow request instructions when requesting a look-up from one of the volunteers.

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  • Records of the Congregational Church in Windham, Conn., 1700-1851 (Hartford: CT Historical Society & Society of Mayflower Descendants in CT, 1943).
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    will do look-ups in this source. You will receive an automatic acknowledgment that your request has been received. If you do not receive the acknowledgment in a day or so, it means I didn't receive your request or your request did not have the correct subject in order to be brought to my attention.
    Request Instructions

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Look-up requests guidelines must be followed:

IMPORTANT: "Windham Look-up" must be the subject. Many volunteers receive 100s of E-mail messages daily from genealogy mail lists, online services, etc.  Most of the time only subject lines are scanned. If it contains nothing of interest for the volunteer, the E-mail may be trashed without being read. Some volunteers have setup E-mail filters which will automatically place E-mail with certain subjects  into specific mailboxes - "Windham Look-up" being one. A message with "Windham Look-up" as the subject, will keep it from getting lost in the shuffle. Thank you!

Limit your lookup request to 1 specific person or a married couple at most. Do not ask for "everybody with X surname or an entire family group, or for hardcopies to be mailed, please [be] advise that The USGenWeb Project volunteers have been asked not to comply with such requests." See the following USGenWeb site, right hand column for Look-up requests rules.

CAPITALIZE all surnames in the message - John SMITH.

Please, inof mesclude dates (at least time frame), spouses, and issue if known. This info may save the volunteer valuable lookup time. Example: not having to spend time looking in 1600s sources for someone living in the early 1800s.

Please, be as specific as possible in your request.

Remember to thank the volunteer!

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