Freemen of Coventry, CT

Continuation of 1738 List
and later additions

NOTE:  The second page of Freemen of Coventry, page 57 of "Miscellaneous Town Records, Volume 1", includes overflow from the first page - those listed on 28 Apr 1738. However, more individuals were added over time on this second sheet and it is difficult to tell where the original list ends. Some later additions were dated, others were not. To discern many of the later additions from the originals, I noted differences in handwriting, ink, pen, and/or spelling. Sometimes knowing a birth year of some of the individuals helped. I made every attempt to group the persons accordingly in the charts below.

Probable Continuation of 28 Apr 1738
(seems to be same handwriting and pen)

Thomas Edwards Noah Skinner Doc Josiah Rose Samuell Liman
Habakkuk Turner
Joseph Clark Peleg Fuller Abraham Brown Ebenezer Colman John Sarls
Jonathan Shepherd John Roberson Juner Joseph Frink Ephram Brown Ebenezer Heath
Mattha Grover Junr Simeon Rust Stephen Palmer Daniel Hearick
Timothy Lad
Jonathon Porter Richard Davenport Jonathan Brown Doc John Mead Nathall Woodward Junr
Samuell Lely
Joseph Hearick
Ebenezer Stiles Elisha Fitch John Fowler
John Boynton Daniel Rose Junr

Undated Later Addition
(different handwriting and spelling)

Elezer Kingbory
Jabesh Kingsbory
[Jabez Kingsbury]
Daniel Allen Lanord Grover
Elisha Sarles
Nathaniel Lad Junr

Undated Later Addition
(different handwriting and spelling)

George Palmer Thomas Kingsbury Ebenezer Grover Thomas Adams Jur John Sabins
Joseph Liman
Gorsham Palmer Samuel Hearick Jun
Elijah Haman[?] Nathan Strong
John Phine [Fine?] Joseph Clark Richard Halle
Isack Bridgman Jun
Joshua Boynton
Henry Lad [Ladd] James Fitch Aaron Woodward Gersham Colman Samuell Gibbord[?]
John Burnap Benjamen Phelps Recompence Smith Stephen Strong Solomon Grant
Noah Porter Nathan Richardson Seth Janes Ephram Andros
John Holckins
Phinehas Strong Jesse Cook Jethro Turner

Undated Later Addition
(different handwriting and spelling)

Timothy Loomiss
Jonathan Loomiss
Samll Lilee
Samuel Lilly
Moses Boynton Thomas Page
Stephen Root Thomas Edwards [jun?] Ebene Brown Benjamen Jones Jun Absalom Burnap
Joseph Tilden Amos Richardson Junr Thomas Gilburt

Undated Later Addition
(different handwriting and spelling)

Ebenezer Jones Simon Atherton Ebenezer Kingsbury John Parker Joseph Turner
Nathaniel Loomus
William Tailer
Nathaniel Kindrick
Elijah Fuller Solomon Tailer
Jonathan Long Enoch Strong Josiah Woolcot Eliezer Colman Jonathan Jones
Joseph Parker Samuel Hous
Ephraram Roberson Nathan Kidder Joshua Coggashall Junr
Daniel Roberson Joseph Clark Samuel Roberson Benajah Gears
Jonathan King
John Carpenter William Badcock Joshua Tilden Nathaniel Gilburt
Lemuel Long
Ephraim Root

Several Undated Later Additions
(several different handwritings and spellings;
squeezed very tightly into the right margin)

Gideon Southworth Zachariah Loomiss
William Wilson Jacob Liman
Hezekiah Hearick
Robert Turner Joseph Halkins
John Pain
Elisha Carpenter Ebenezer Swetland
Joseph Griswold Samuel Lyman Junr Jonathan Crosby Benjaman Smith Jacob Waters

April 8, 1754 -- Then was made Freeman-
(different handwriting and spelling; squeezed into right margin)

Amos Dorman Lemuel Richardson Amariah Rockwell Ebenezer Root Junr Absalom Kingsbery
Rufus Price Elijah Liman

April 20, 1756 -- Then was made Freeman-
(different handwriting and spelling; squeezed into right margin)

Andrus Crocker Daniel Fowler Amaziah Rockwell Jonathan Richardson Elijah Porter
Elijah[?] Jones


1786 - 1803

This list was transcribed from "Miscellaneous Town Records, Volume 1", Coventry, CT, page 57. This is a large bound volume of copies of the original documents. It is located in the Coventry Town Clerk's office. Per the label, the volume contains the following, but is obviously not all-inclusive: Town Meetings 1713-1782; Freemen 1730-1775; Vital Records 1692-1840 (includes birth dates of some of the founders of Coventry). The original restored documents are held in the Connecticut State Archives at Hartford.

Although the pages within "Miscellaneous Town Records, Volume 1" are quite interesting and contain many documents of genealogical value, the copies are not in chronological order and dates are not noted on each page. Adding to the difficulty in using this book, the pages were re-numbered when restored, but old page numbers are sometimes still visible AND the book has no index. Due to these problems, please do not ask the nice folks in the Coventry Town Clerk's office to look up information in this volume. They will not be able to fulfill your request.

The vital records information within this book was the town source for Susan Whitney Dimock's, Births, Marriages, Baptisms, and Deaths From the Records of the Town and Churches in Coventry, Connecticut 1711-1844, Baker & Taylor Company, New York, 1897. If you need vital records information for your Coventry, CT ancestors, this is the best source at this time.


Transcribed by Jan (Wilson) Ramos 3 Aug 1999 preserving original spelling. When known, I have inserted the contemporary spelling of surnames within brackets [ ] to facilitate searching with your FIND feature. I have also done this with the full name when the original doesn't resemble the current spelling at all. Illegible or hard to read letters and names are indicated with [?].

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