Freemen of Coventry, CT in 1738

April ye 28 1738 --- Which was Freeman's Meeting day
Then all such persons as are already Admitted freemen of this Corporation in Coventry and that now are made so whose
Names are Inrolled In Coventry Book of Records as foloeth---

illegible Joseph Meacham Jus Joseph Strong Jus Peter Buell Cap Samuel Parker
Cap Jeremiah Fitch Dec Thomas Root Natha Rust
[Nathaniel Rust Sr]
David Fuller Georg Hockins
[George Hawkins]
Sar Samuel Hearick
William Davenport Mattha Grover Daniell Badcock
Daniell Edwards
Jeames Badcock
Benjamen Carpenter
Silus Long
Presarved Strong
Humphry Davenport
Sar Donis Meraugh[?] Richard Meraugh[?] Lazarus Manley John Hutson[?] Samuell Damman
Daniell Robeson
Samuell Lues
[Samuel Lewis]
Ebenezer Edwards Ebenezer Sarls
Abner Fitch
Jeremiah Fitch William Edwards Amos Carpenter Joseph Edwards Zachariah Boynton
Benjamen Palmer
Ebenezer Badcock Joseph Strong Jun Eliakim Root John Crane
Isach Bridgman
[Isaac Bridgeman]
Ebenezer Root Thomas Root Jun Banony Barnard
Natha Rust Jun
[Nathaniel Rust Jr]
Mathias Marsh Amus Richardson
Jonathon Fowler Nathaill Nichols
Frances West
Samuell Parker Jun
Phenies Strong
Daniell Badger
Ser John Bisell Benjamen Jones
Nathall Gilbart
[Nathaniel Gilbert]
Samuell Rust
Ser Jeams Smith
Judah Colman Ephiam Colman
John Roberson Thomas Daus
Thomas Porter William Long John Liman
Joseph Clark Daniell Edwards Jun
Nathall Lad
[Nathaniel Ladd]
Joseph Long Juner Ezekell Hearick
[Ezekiel Herrick]
Noah Rust Aron Cady
Jeams Hockins
[James Hawkins]
Jedidiah Carpenter Samuel Root
Ephram Brown
Samuell Garner
Daved Lee Jun
Noah Strong Jeams Parker
Benjamen Badcock
Samuell Daman Jun
[Samuel Damman]
Ebenezer Carpenter John Scripture Jedidiah Carpenter
Moses Strong Daniel Rust John Kingsbury Ebenezer Brown Benjamen Scoot
[Benjamin Scott?]
Aaron Strong Noah Carpenter George Holckins
[Hawkins Jr]
Matthew Belding
Lazarus Manly
George Manly Joseph Grover Elipht Carpenter James White Samuell Woodworth
Joseph Daves
Seth Clark

1738 - 1756

1786 - 1803

This list was transcribed from "Miscellaneous Town Records, Volume 1", Coventry, CT, page 56. This is a large bound volume of copies of the original documents. It is located in the Coventry Town Clerk's office. Per the label, the volume contains the following, but is obviously not all-inclusive: Town Meetings 1713-1782; Freemen 1730-1775; Vital Records 1692-1840 (includes birth dates of some of the founders of Coventry). The original restored documents are held in the Connecticut State Archives at Hartford.

Although the pages within "Miscellaneous Town Records, Volume 1" are quite interesting and contain many documents of genealogical value, the copies are not in chronological order and dates are not noted on each page. Adding to the difficulty in using this book, the pages were re-numbered when restored, but old page numbers are sometimes still visible AND the book has no index. Due to these problems, please do not ask the nice folks in the Coventry Town Clerk's office to look up information in this volume. They will not be able to fulfill your request.

The vital records information within this book was the town source for Susan Whitney Dimock's, Births, Marriages, Baptisms, and Deaths From the Records of the Town and Churches in Coventry, Connecticut 1711-1844, Baker & Taylor Company, New York, 1897. If you need vital records information for your Coventry, CT ancestors, this is the best source at this time.


Transcribed by Jan (Wilson) Ramos 3 Aug 1999 preserving original spelling. When known, I have inserted the contemporary spelling of surnames within brackets [ ] to facilitate searching with your FIND feature. I have also done this with the full name when the original doesn't resemble the current spelling at all. Illegible or hard to read letters and names are indicated with [?].

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