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John and Nathaniel Parke's Probate Records

Film #1311924 New London CT Probate Records Item 2 Book A and Item 3 Book B
  Book B Index
  Parke, John Inv 208, Bond 219, Dev 228
  Parke, Nathll. Inv. 298, Divi 431, bond 527, Inv 569

  p. 208 Parke, John Inv ….
  May ye 29 1716 The Inventory of Capt John Parke of Preston Deceased
  The one hundred and thurtey acors of land and housing whare the above mentioned John Parks father lived togather
  with all the other building and fencings and orchart upon the same …. Capt James Avery Leuit Daniel Brewster and Mr.
  William Parke made oath to the above apprizement in a Court of Probate 12 Jun 1715. Ebn. Avery of Groton admr. On
  the estate of capt. John Parke late of Preston … recd: 4th book of wills folio 26-28, 12 Jun 1716.

  p. 219 Parke, John Bond
  Administration bond of Ebenr. Avery with James Avery and Daniel Brewster as securities in the sum of $2000 upon the
  estate of Capt. Jno. Parke was signed 12 Jun 1716.

  p. 228-229 Parke, John Division
  1 Nov 1716 to divide the estate of Capt. John Parke late of Preston Decd. To the Widow & according to the Distribution
  made of sd Estate …
  the widos thirds of the Old farme on which Deacon Thomas Parks in his Lifetime Dwelt, the South end of that farme …
  further we set out for the Widow 6A and a thirde of an accor on the Great Plaine It being the South part of that Lot
  called to Sixteen Accors … bounded with Land now in the possession of Thomas Parks to sd Pacatannock Brooke also
  set out the widows thirds of the hundred accors Called the new Pasture … Likewise set out for the widows thirds of the
  house on the abovesd farme the westend of sd house both Loer Rome & Uper Romes Devided & set our for the
  Widows thirds of the South farme on wch Capt. Parke Dwelt on whilst he lived …
  money due from Christopher Tracy, Thomas Park, Nathaniel Richards, John Dean …
  p. 230-231 Divided and set out to the four Children of his Eldest Abigail Avery Deceased … bounded on land of
  Thomas and Eliezer Parke … land of Capt. Daniell Brewster & the widow Winter … near the widow Mary Parkes Land
  … to the third of a suite cloathes given Nathaniel Parke …
  p. 232 Divided and set out to his Daughter Dorothy Avery one third parte of the Reall Estate as followeith :… bounded
  northerly with the third set out to the widow out of sd farme Easterly with land belonging to Robert Parke & Wm. Parke
  partly …

  p. 298 Parke, Nathll.
  A true Inventory of the Estate Reall and personal of Mr Nathaniell Parke Late of Groton Deceased taken by us the
  subscribers whose names are under written, this 22d day of January 1718. …
  To a house & 6 accors of Land lying & being in Groton at ------
  The above Inventory taken by us Subscribers, William Park, Roburt Geere
  Robert Geer one of the apprizers of this Inventory appeared in a Court of Probate held in New London Aprill the 7th
  1718 and made Oath that he made a true apprisment of the Estate of Nathaniel Parke late of Groton Deceased as it
  was presented to him by the wodow according to the best of his Skill.
  Sarah Parke appeared in the abovesd Court and made Oath that Shee gave in unto the apprisers a true acct of the
  Estate of her sd Deceased husband to the best of her knowledge & if any thing further appear to be his Estate ut is
  Considerable it Shall be added to this Inventory.
  William Parke appeared in a Court of Probate held in New London June the 10th 1718 and made Oath that he made a
  true and just apprizement of the Estate of Nathanile Parke late of Groton Deceased.
  Recorded in the fourth Book of Wills on fol 81 Aprill 7th 1718 Pr George Denison Cler.

  p. 431-433 Nathaniel Parke
  A Division of the Estate of Nathanl. Parks of Groton decd.

  To Nathaniell Parke his share in ye mill
  His share in the homested
  To a maire
  A bed with furniture

  To Joseph Parke his portion
  His share in the mill …

  Ezekiell Parke His Portion
  His share in the mill att
  His share in the homested att …

  John Park His Portion
  To a lot in the volunteer township
  His sheare in the mill

  The two youngest sons Portion
  Isaac and Jacob Park theyer shere in the mill att
  Land att the mill attt

  Feby Beman hur Portion
  To an iron pot att
  Hur Part in the mill
  Fower Pounds hur father Gave hur …

  Margrit Spicer hur Portion
  To a loome and tackling att
  Hur share in the mill att
  Three pounds hur fathr Gave hur …

  The widows part
  The wearing apparill all
  A bed and furniture att
  …hur part in house and land …
  hur part in the corne mill

  We the Subscribers who ware appointed by the Honoured Court of Probate to make a distribution of the Estate of
  Nathaniell Parke of Groton Deceased to the widow and children the which wee have done as you may see by Thayer
  acquittances under Thayer hands with submission wee subscribe. Signed: Thomas rose, William Parke, Roburt Geer.
  Recorded in the fourth Book of Wills fol. 194 July 21st 1721. Pr C. Christophers Clerk

  p. 527 Admin. Bond of Jacob Parke, Robert Geere, John Allyn Junr in the sum of L500 upon the Estate of Nathaniel
  Parke deceased was figured 28 July 1724.

  p. 569-570 Parke, Nathll. Inv
  Groten August ye 25 1724 a true and a perfect inventory of the Estate of Nathaniel Parke Late of Groten Deceest …
  The above Inventory Taken by us the Subscribers under Oath. Edward L Spicer his mark; Nathll X Bellows his mar.
  Sarah Parke Administrator on the Estate of Nathll. Parke Late of Groton Deceased appeared before a Court of Probate
  held in New London Jany 12th 1724/5 and made solemn Oath that she hath made a True presentment of the sd Decsd.
  Estate to the Apprizers according to the best of her knowledge and if any thing more hearafter it is Considerable
  appear to be his Estate she will ad it to this Inventory.
  Test Richd. Christopher Clerk. Recorded in the 5th book of Wills for New London District Folio 60 Jany 15th 1724/5. Pr
  Richd. Christopher Clerk



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