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Baptisms by Mr. Bradstreet

The Later History of the First Church of Chirst, New London, Conn.
S. Leroy Blake
Press of the Day Publishing Company
New London  1900
pages 445-447

Baptisms By Bradstreet, in New London

5 Jan 1672/3   'My own child, Anne' [Mr. BRADSTREET]

16 Feb 1672/3  Richard DART's child, Eben-ezer

23 Feb 1672/3  Will DOUGLAS's child, William
               Tobias MENTOR's child, Tobias

26 Mar 1672/3  Thomas PARKES's child, Samuel

23 Mar 1672/3  Mr. CONDY's children: Richard, William, Eben-ezer, Ralph
               Good: HARRIS's child, Joseph

6 Apr 1673     Joseph COIT's child, Joseph

28 May 1673    Robert DOUGLAS's child, Hannah

25 May 1673    Daniel LEISTER's child, Elizabeth

1 Jun 1673     Mr. S. CHESTER's child, Mercy
               James AVERY's child, James

29 Jun 1673    Samuel ROGERS's child, Anna

13 Jul 1673    Mr. MANNERING's chid, Richard

27 Jul 1673    John RICHARD's child, David
               Tho. BOLLES's child, Mary

2 Aug 1673     Tho. BAYLIE's child, Lydia

7 Sep 1673     Mr. Thomas FFORESTER's child, Jonathan

21 Sep 1673    Lydia SMITH, wife of Nehemiah

19 Oct 1673    Mr. HILL's child, Ruth

2 Nov 1673     Daniel COMSTOCK's child, Kensley

25 Jan 1673/4  Laure CODNER's child, Martin

8 Feb 1673/4   Matthew BECKET's child, Jonah
               Abrah DANE's children: John, Joanna

1 Mar 1673/4   Joseph LATHAM's children: Carey, William, Elizab
               George SHERWOOD's child, Katherine
               Hugh HUBBERT's child, Mary

22 Mar 1673/4  Mr. STARRE's child, Jonathan

12 Apr 1674    Eleazer ISSBELL's child, Hannah
               Richard SMITH's child, James

19 Apr 1674    John BALDWIN
               Sarah STALLION, alias ETCHCOMB
               Hannah BRADLEY

3 May 1674     Samuel TUBBS's child, William

17 May 1674    Joseph STANTON's child, Hannah, by his wife Hannah MEADES

26 Jul 1674    Clement MINOR's child, Phebe

9 Aug 1674     Abel MOORE's child, Abel

23 Aug 1674    Andrew LEISTER's child, Andrew
               G. CHAPPELL's child, Sarah
               John DANIEL's child, Hannah

20 Sep 1674    John STEVENS's child, Samuel
               John BORDEN's children, twins: William, Sarah

11 Oct 1674    James MORGAN's child, Hannah

8 Nov 1674     John ETCHCOMB's child, Margaret

15 Nov 1674    Manasseh MINOR's child, Samuel

26 Nov 1674    Mr. HILL's child, Jonathan

6 Dec 1674     Tho. ROBINSON's child, William
               Tho. LATHAM's child, Sarah

31 Jan 1674/5  Robert DOUGLAS's child, Mary
               Hugh MOULD's child, Martha

14 Mar 1674/5  Richard DART's child, Anne
               John STEBBINS's child, Margaret
               John WILLEE's child, John

28 Mar 1675    James AVERY's child, Margaret
               Joshua HEMPSTEAD's child, Mary
               John DYMOND's child, John

25 Apr 1675    Thomas BOLLES's child, Joseph

20 Jun 1675    John CHAPPELL's child, Experience

25 Jul 1675    Tho. FFORESTER's child, Mary

1 Aug 1675     Peter STRICKLAND's child, Elizabeth

8 Aug 1675     Thomas RAYMOND's child, Thomas

29 Oct 1675    Thomas PARKES's child, Thomas

14 Nov 1675    Goodman PRENTIS's children: Thomas, Elizabeth

21 Nov 1675    G[oodman] SPENCER's child, Grace

5 Dec 1675     Johna RAYMOND's children: Joshua, Elizabeth, Anna, Hannah,
                    Mary, Martha, Experience

26 Dec 1675    J. RAYMOND's 'young child', Mehitabel



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