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Guidelines for Town Coordinators


If you are coordinating a New London County town page, or considering "adopting" one, obviously you have a special interest in that town.  Your interest in the town probably will lead you to search for wonderful materials and links for your site, and this will happen naturally and spontaneously.  However, because the town pages are official USGenWeb sites, there are specific requirements.

     Please note:  You do not have to create and maintain a separate web page to be a town coordinator.  If you have a special interest in an available town and you do not want to create and maintain the site on your own, let me know and we'll work something out as co-coordinators.

USGenWeb Project
Requirements for County & Town Coordinators

1.  USGenWeb LOGO.  One of the approved USGenWeb logos   must be displayed prominently on your home page. Please note that USGenWeb and CTGenWeb should appear with capital and lower case letters as shown.   The USGenWeb does not require inclusion of the CTGenWeb approved logo (shown above), but it's encouraged to identify your site by using the official logo.

2.   LINKS TO THE COUNTY,  STATE,  &  NATIONAL USGenWeb SITES.  Each page of your town site should include a link back to the New London County CTGenWeb ,  the CTGenWeb page, and the USGenWeb.  These are the same USGenWeb requirements for County Coordinators. 

3.   UPDATING YOUR TOWN PAGE.  Please check your page periodically for broken links, and make sure that your copyright date at the bottom of the page reflects the current year, ie. 2002-2010, Copyright 2014,  or 2014 with your name.

4.  CONTACT INFORMATION ON THE PAGE.   Your name and current e-mail address must appear on your main page, and you should  report any change in your e-mail address to the County Coordinator.  Whether or not you choose to participate in the USGenWeb Project annual elections, your current contact information on your web page is required by the USGenWeb Project.

5.   SUBSCRIBE TO THE CTGEN MAILING LIST.  All County Coordinators and Town Coordinators  must be subscribed to the official state list for the CTGenWeb Project.  Please make sure that the County Coordinator has your correct e-mail address so the State Coordinator can subscribe you to the list.   This is where all important announcements are made and CTGenWeb business is discussed.  If you are a current Town Coordinator and are not yet subscribed, please send an e-mail message to CTGEN-L-request@rootsweb.com with only one word in the body of the message:  subscribe  . 

6.  THE USGENWEB PROJECT.  The USGenWeb Project was organized in 1996 as a network of genealogists around the country. Please learn about your organization by visiting "Information for Current & Prospective Volunteers" at The US GenWeb Project  .  You'll want to pay particular attention to the section dealing with Copyright.  Only a few New England  USGenWeb county sites  have Town Coordinators.  As a town coordinator, you are entitled to participate on official Project lists and vote in the USGenWeb Advisory Board Elections.  Your voting e-mail address does not have to be the same as the e-mail address displayed on your town site.  If you are interested in participating the USGenWeb Project elections, the State and Assistant State Coordinators will need your voting e-mail address.
7.  WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU LEAVE THE USGENWEB PROJECT?    If you become too busy to continue maintaining your town page, please notify the county coordinator.   We hope that you'll allow your information to continue to be used on the town site.  If your town site is housed on an outside server (not the CTGenWeb domain), let's talk about how to handle the transition.  If you decide to make your official USGenWeb town site a personal genealogy site, Your must remove the USGenWeb name and logos from any site that is no longer a part of The USGenWeb Project.  We hope that you'll allow us to copy your town information to remain on the New London County CTGenWeb site. 

Guidelines  & Suggestions

1.  HOW SIMPLE OR ELABORATE SHOULD YOUR PAGE BE?    Although I hope that your page will continue to evolve as you find new "goodies" to share, it can be as simple or elaborate as you want to make it...you're the one who will be maintaining it.   I would first look over the New London County site so you won't be putting a lot of effort into duplicating features (although you may want to link to the County site for items of particular interest).  As County Coordinator my  goal and expectation is that every town page include at least  information on where to write for vital records.

2.  QUERIES.   If you decide to offer a message board or guestbook, please be sure it is maintained.  

3.  WHERE SHOULD YOUR PAGE BE HOUSED?  There are several options. If you  would like to coordinate information for a town but without creating and maintaining a separate web page, I'll be happy to list you as the town coordinator on the town page, and add links and information as you send it to me.   If you want to create and maintain a site of your own, you  may shop around and house your town page with the server of your choice. CTGenWeb has its own domain server effective 2008.  With the approval of the State and County Coordinator, space may be available on this server for your town site.

4.  DESIGN.  Each town has it's own character and geography, and it's fine to create a page that  reflects the personality of the town.  Because it is a public site, it's recommended that you avoid garish colors or elaborate graphics or animations that will be difficult for some users to download.     Please get written permission to use any material or graphics that may be copyrighted, and be sure to give credit due for the source.  You'll find Volunteer information, including Copyright information, on this USGenWeb page.

5.  CONTENT.  Again, this can be as simple or elaborate as you want to make it.  You may  include transcriptions, photographs,  links to relevant sites (be sure to check and maintain your links, or let me know to update links if I'm maintaining your town page).  Although anything  transcribed to the site remains the property of the contributor, I hope that you will consider allowing your contributions to remain with the USGenWeb Project  should you decide  to relinquish your role for any reason. 

6. UPLOADING FILES .  If you are housing your town site  http://www.ipswitchft.com/Products/ws_ftp_pro/

RootsWeb Domain

If you already host a USGenWeb site on RootsWeb and have lost the password and FTP information to update your site, you may go to this page at RootsWeb to ask for help:   http://passwordcentral.rootsweb.ancestry.com/

Also, GeoCities is NO MORE, so if you or anyone you know had a GeoCities page, it needs to be uploaded to another domain.

Thank You!

Thank you for your interest in the New London County, Connecticut GenWeb Project.  Your interest and your efforts will benefit others immeasurably!

Pat Sabin
New London County CTGenWeb County Coordinator

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