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Soldiers of the King Philip's War
                       From "Soldiers of the King Philips War" by George M. Bodge, Boston,
                       1906.  Transcribed by Cynthia and used here with her permission.

                       Will start out with the roster of officers and gradually as time allows,
                       send out the different  companies in the Massachusetts Bay area which today
                       include Mass.,Conn.,Maine, and  NH.

                       I realize this is very early for many of you but these folks were our
                       early ancestors of descendants who later settled in the Conn River Valley area of
                       Mass,Conn,Vt,and NH. [some later Mass>NH>Maine]
                       I did not change any spelling , if you see [___]after a name, it's my
                       suggestion only.


                       Roster of the Officers of the army of the United Colonies, as organized for
                       the Narraganset Campaign, and mustered at Pettisquamscot,December 19,1675.

                       General Josiah Winslow, Gov of Plymouth Colony,commander in chief
                       General staff:
                       Daniel Weld of Salem, chief surgeon
                       Joseph Dudley of Boston, chaplain
                       Benjamin Church, of Little Compton,RI, aid
                       Massachusetts Regiment
                       Samuel Appleton of Ipswich and Captain of First company
                       Reginmental staff
                       Richard Knott, of Marblehead, surgeon
                       Samuel Nowell of Boston, chaplain
                       John Morse of Ipswich, commissary
                       Officers of the line
                       Jeremiah Swain, First Company, Lieutenant
                       Ezekiel Woodward, Sergeant  (acting ensign)
                       Second company
                       Samuel Mosely, Captain
                       Perez Savage, Lieutenant
                       Third comapany
                       James Oliver, Captain
                       Ephriam Turner, Lieutenant
                       Peter Bennett, Sergeant (acting ensign)
                       Fouth company
                       Isaac Johnson, Captain
                       Phineas Upham, Lieutenant
                       Henry Bowen, ensign
                       Fifth company
                       Nathaniel Davenport, Captain
                       Edward Tyng, Lieutenant
                       John Drury, ensign
                       Sixth company
                       Joseph Gardiner, Captain
                       William Hathorne, Lieutenant
                       Jeremiah Neal, Sergeant (promoted ensign)
                       William Sweet, ensign
                       Calvary company  "troop"
                       Thomas Prentice, Captain
                       John Wyman, cornet (promoted lieutenant)

                      PLYMOUTH regiment
                       William Bradford of Marshfield, major and Capt of First company
                       Regimental staff
                       Mathew Fuller of Barnstable, surgeon
                       Thomas Huckins of Barnstable, commissary
                       Officers of the line
                       Robert Barker of Duxbury, First Co.,Lieutenant
                       second company
                       John Gorham of Barnstable, Captain
                       Jonathan Sparrow of Eastham, Lieutenant
                       William Wetherell, sergeant


                       CONNECTICUT REGIMENT
                       Robert Treat of Milford, Major
                       Regimental staff
                       Gershom Bulkely, surgeon
                       Rev. Nicholas Noyes, chaplain
                       Stephen Barrett, commissary
                       officers of the line
                       John Gallop of Stonington, Captain, First company
                       Samuel Marshall of Windsor, Captain, second company
                       Nathaniel Seely of Stratford, Captain, third company
                       Thomas Watts of Hartford, Captain, fourth company
                       John Mason of Norwich, Captain, fifth company
                          The First and Fifth  Connecticut companies were attached Indian scouting
                        numbering  75 to each.
                       After the battle of "fort fight", the following were sent by Massachusetts
                       to fill in the vacanies
                       caused by loses.   [No assignments given with names]

                       Dr. Jacob Willard of Newton
                       Dr.John Cutler of Hingham
                       Dr. John Clark of Boston
                       CAPTAINS  [ no assignments or towns given]
                       Samuel Wadsworth
                       Joseph Sill
                       Samuel Brocklebank
                       Thomas Brattle
                       Jonathan Remington
                       John Jacob
                       Nicholas Manning
                       Stephen Greenleaf (promoted)
                       Daniel Ring (promoted)


                       From CONNECTICUT to replace "vacanies"
                       Rev. James Fitch of Saybrook
                       Rev.John Wise of Branford
                       from Hartford [Conn] soldiers

                       Capt John Stanley
                       Lieut Joseph Wadsworth
                       Lieut Samuel Martin,sr
                       Zachary Sanford,Serg.
                       New Haven company

                       Capt John Beard
                       Lieut Moses Mansfield
                        Fairfield Company

                       Capt John Sillick
                       Lieut Stephen Barrett

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