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Voluntown, Connecticut Deeds

  Film #5881 CT: New London Co.: Voluntown
  Detached Grantor and Grantee Index
  Culver, Edward, 15, 34
  Culver, Joseph, 16
  Culver, Ephraim, 25, 57
  Geer, Ezra, 69, 70
  Geer, Joseph, 15, 155
  Griswold, Matthew, 23, 30, 52
  Larkin, Edward, 146
  Parke, Benjamin, 294
  Parke, John Adam, 19, 100, 221
  Parke, James, 297
  Parke, James Jr, 75
  Parke, Joseph, 159
  Parke, Nathaniel, 46
  Parke, Richard, 19, 100, 221
  Parke, Robert of Groton, 46, 82
  Parke, Robert Jr., 83
  Parke, William, 283, 311
  Stark, Aaron, 69, 106
  Stark, Abiel, 141
  Stark, John, 69
  Stoyel, John, 76, 100-102, 106, 108, 126, 127, 134, 176
  Thomson, Robert, 292
  Thompson, Samuel & Hannah, 158
  Tracy, Daniel, 10, 36
  Tracy, Solomon, 4, 56, 140
  p. 19 John Shaw of Westerly & Colony of Rhod Island was a volunteer under the Command of Capt. James Avery in the
  Narragansett war with the Indians, know yea yt I do give grant Alienate sell make over & Confirme my whole right title
  interest claime which I have or shall have unto or in the Township Granted unto the volunteers by the Genll Court of
  Conecticutt, unto Henrey Stephens of Stonington, in the consideration of forty shillings money already received in hand
  27 Mar 1711. Signed: John Shaw. Wit: Mary Denison, Samuell Denison. Ack. In Stonington 28 Mar 1711. Recd: 3 Jul

  p. 24 John Packer of Groton coopper, for 6L 14s by John Williams of Norwich all my right title & interest of
  Lands of Lands lying & being within ye Township of Voluntown in particular the 138th Lot and is ye eighth lot in ye
  Twelfth tear Containing 100A 21 March 1714/15. Signed: John Packer. Wit: Richard Bushnell, Elisabeth Bushnell.
  Ack. In Norwich 21 Mar 1714/15. Recd: 21 Mar 1714/15.

  p. 25 Ephraim Colver of Groton yeoman for 5L 10s paid by Isaac Herrington of Norwich Husbandman 80A
  9th lot in ye 7th tear 5 Mar 1714. Signed: Ephraim Colver. Wit: Samuell Avery, Aaron Stark. Ephraim Colver the
  subscriber personally appeared & acknowledged the above written instrument to be his free act & Deed before me
  Nehemiah Smith, Justice, Groton, 5th 1713/14
  Entred ye 22d day of August 1715.

  p. 27 Lands laid out for common use
  One Thousand acres lyeing at the south end of the Township, and is in length from the west to the east four miles, and
  in breadth from the North to the South one hundred and Twenty-five rods. Beginning att two white oake trees at Fishes
  Brook and runs north by the Brook one hundred and Twenty five rodds, Then East four miles, Then south one hundred
  and Twenty five rodds, Then West four miles the line which is Stonington East line. Laid our March 29th 1706 Pr James
  Avery, John Prentts, Manasah Minor.

  p. 36 26th lot is first in the 3d tear. Lands belonging to Daniel Tracy, his heires & assignes one hundred & Thirty
  acres, more or less

  p. 46 55th lot Lands Belonging to Nathaniel Park his heires & Assignes Eightty-one acres more or less

  p. 46 56th lot Lands Belonging to Daniel Kellsey

  p. 46 57th lot Lands Belonging to Roburt Park his heires & assignes Eightty-eight acres, more or less:

  p. 56 87th Lot Lands Belonging to Liut. Solomon Tracy his heires & assignes Eightty acres, more or less

  p. 69 124th Lot. Lands Belonging to Aaron Stark: his heires & assignes one hundred & twenty-two acres, more or
  less, beginning att a white oake tree, thence running west one hundred & twenty-two rodds to a white oake tree marked
  on four sides and is in length, from the South to the North, one hundred & sixty rodds. Laid out March: 1706 Pr James
  Avery, John Prentts & Manassah Minor. Entred July: 1706.

  p. 69 126th Lot. Lands Belonging to John Stark: his heires & assignes one hundred & twenty-six acres, more or less,
  Beginning att a white oake tree, by a Ceder Swamp, thence running east one hundred & twenty-six rodds to a white
  oake tree by a swamp, and is in length, from the South to the North, one hundred & sixty rodds. Laid out March: 1706
  Pr James Avery, John Prentts & Manassah Minor. Entred July: 1706.

  p. 79 A surveigh of Sundrey Tracts of Lands lying eastward of Plainfield now added to ye Town of Volingtown by A
  committee appointed by ye Generall Assembly viz: Liutt John Sprauge and Liutt Joseph Backus. The severall Lots of
  land surveighed by me ye subscriber which ye severall persons hereafter named agree to purchas of sd Committee.

  p. 82 A Surveigh of Two hundred acres of land laid out to Robert Park for his two Sonns (viz) Robert Park & John
  Parks, which lyeth on both sides of Mosups River northward of Richard Williams land and is surveid as followeth it is
  called ye 26th lot Tho it is really two lotts

  p. 106 Aaron Stark of Groton, in ye County of New London for 10L paid by John Stogll of Plainfield all ye one
  hundred and twenty-fourth lot of Land & proprietry ship thereto belonging lying & being in Volluntown 122A 13
  Nov 1717. Signed: Aaron Stark. Wit: Nathaniel Cheesbrough, Sarar Edward. Ack: Stonington 14 Nov 1717 Mr. Aaron
  Stark of Groton personnaly appeared. Entrd: 15 Nov 1717.

  p. 146 Edward Larkin of Westerly in Rhod Island for 10L paid by Nathaniell Gallop of Stonington yeoman all ye
  whole right yt was my honored fathers volunteer right & propriety ship which was granted by ye honorbl Generall
  Assembly of Conecticutt to ye volunteers & my sd Father being one of ye sd volunteers and I do now avouch myselfe to
  be ye true & Lawfull owner of all my fathers right lying & being in ye Township of Volentown 3 Mar 1721/2. Signed:
  Edward E. Larkin his mark. Wit: James Orme?, Jonathan Turner. Ack and Recd: 26 Mar 1722.

  p.230-233 A List of the names of the Volunteers in the old Narraganset War (otherwise called the proprietors of
  Voluntown with the number of the Cedar Swamp lot drawn to each) [no date??][There are more names on this list]

  Maj. Edward Palms No. 146
  Thomas Rose 74
  John Kinne 44
  Nathaniel Park 156
  Aron Stark 72
  John Stark 36
  Solomon Tracy 83
  Robert Park 100
  Thomas Park 91

  Film #5881 CT: New London Co.: Voluntown
  Register of Deeds vol. 1A 1721-1730
  Aron Stark from Thomas Waterman 160
  Aron Stark to William Stewart 161

  1a:160 19 Apr 1726 Thomas Waterman Junr of Norwich for 80L paid by Aron Start of Colchester in ye county of
  Hartford my two lotts in ye township of Voluntown item= 80A which was origonaly Aron Huntlys Lott and is the 11th
  lott in ye fourth teer Item 104A was orig Thuston Reanards Lott 30 Mar 1726. Signed: Thos Waterman. Wit:
  Willum Hide Juinr, Daniel Squier. Ack in Windham 5 Apr 1726 This Deed Recorded April ye 21st 1726.

  1a:161 To all people to whom these presents shall com Greeting Know ye that I Aron Start of Colchester in ye County
  Hartford for 80L paid at ye exicouting of thes presents by Willam Steward of Stonington all my two lotts of Land in
  ye Township of Voluntown from 82A which was origonaly Aron Huntlys Lott & is ye 11th Lott in ye fourth teer
  origonaly Thurston Rainards lott & is ye fourth lott in ye first teer 7 Apr 1726. Signed: Aron Stark. Wit: Jams Minor,
  Sarah Minor, Charls Minor. Stonington Aprel ye 7th 1726 Mr. Aron Starke ye subscriber personally appered & ack. This
  Deed Recorded April ye 27st 1726.



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